The Amalgamated Magical and Mythical Creatures Union Accord

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					OOC note: This was the original Accord presented to the Fae by AMMCU in late 2002.
Unfortunately negotiations never reached the stage of it being signed, despite Bob Smith’s
(who was later granted membership status within the Union) best attempts to negotiate a deal
that was agreeable to both sides. Chimerical War resulted and chaos ensued until Canberra’s
Fae released a powerful chimera-eating Dragon from imprisonment within Black Mountain.
The chimerical population of Canberra dropped dramatically in the following months as the
dragon broke his 30 year fast. Since that time no further mention of AMMCU has arisen.

     The Amalgamated Magical and Mythical Creatures Union Accord
        This Union has been formed to protect the rights of all members. We will act as a
community conscience for fae, chimera, people and all other sentient things. Members of the
Union have agreed to support each other, ensuring that our rights are acknowledged and acted
upon. Members can be identified by a special badge, depicting a talon and a furry paw
joining hands in friendship.

       These are the rules of our Accord.

       1. The right to exist.
             The members of this union have a right to exist, without fear of being
             exterminated. Any who do harm to a member of the union will be subject to
             the same harm.

       2. The right to a free zone.
             A non-hunting zone will be set up within the city that is free from hunters. All
             creatures, even those not currently a member, will be able to exist within this
             zone without fear of being hunted or harmed.

       3. The right to feed.
             Members are allowed to eat anything that looks tasty to them, without

       4. The right to individuality
             Although many of our members belong to a species of importance with a
             proud history, the misdeeds of that species will not be held against the
             individual. We will not be stereotyped by our breed.

       5. The right to proper upkeep.
             If a member is in the service of a Master or Mistress, the member will be
             properly respected, cared for, maintained, and paid appropriately for the work

       6. The right to be a member
             All Magical and Mythical Creatures have the right to join this union, so long as
             they have not breached any rule of the accord in the past. Members will ensure
             that any party attempting to discourage membership within the union will be
             appropriately punished. Members agree to pay the necessary union fees, to
             ensure the continual running of the organisation.
        If any person or thing breaches a rule of the Accord when dealing with a member of
the Union, an action by all members will be taken. These measures may include but are not
limited to:
        -A suspension of all services provided by union members.
        -Vengeance enacted at the same level of the original breach.

                Core Members
                The Hippogriff (President)
                The Sphinx (Treasurer)
                The Phoenix
                The Gryphon
                The Manticore
                The Tennis-ball Monster
                Glasses –of the Messenger Snails
                Alicia, the Dragon
                Assorted Other Magical and Mythical Creatures

       I, the undersigned, whole-heartedly endorse the Amalgamated Magical and Mythical
Creatures Union Accord, and petition the rulership of Canberra to give official sanction to this

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