What Women Want From Men, Whether Dating Or Married. Tip #36 by yankirby


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									What Women Want From Men, Whether Dating Or Married. Tip #36

Men, If you Want Brownie Points: Send Her Flowers and Trinkets!

Ok, ok! So you have heard that line before. But you might not understand why after all this
time that it still works! Certainly, in the following few minutes prepare to get an awareness
into the mysterious women's world. See Hot Girls.

Here are some really basic points you should know:

1) Ladies (generally speaking) are the softer side of the human race. We have softer bodies,
soft demeanor (mostly) and instinctively want to nurture and care for our fellow man. And
men? Ladies really do desire to take care of you! Guys, on the other hand, wish to conquer
and procreate. Testosterone kicks in and guys on a regular basis blunder along and just by
the look on a women's face they know they're in trouble. And why?

2) Ladies SEE EVERYTHING!!! Never underestimate a woman's instinct. Ladies usually
could be much more intuitive than a man simply because we've been trained over
thousands of years to have that watch-full eye over the kids and loved ones. We must see
what the kids are doing and scope for hidden dangers close by continuously! That's why
moms know the hand is in the cookie jar and she's not even looking right at you! Have you
ever noticed a woman looking at you and you feel like she is reading your mind? In fact,
essentially she is. She knows what that twitch of the eyebrows signifies and the eyes tell a
whole story.

Here is really a tip for you guys. Do not wait until you're in trouble to do something nice for a
woman. Believe me, it goes so much farther if you buy her flowers for no reason. Women
are also attracted to the pretty things like shiny jewelry.

This is especially true for a long-term relationship simply because this shows her you're still
creating something fantastic and appreciate her.

Right here is something you may not have thought of, and that's, when you buy a woman
flowers and send it to her place of business, you, will be the one well thought of! The
number of times I have heard other ladies oooh and ahhh over someone getting flowers at
work and say: "You're so lucky to have a husband/boyfriend who sends you flowers! I wish
my husband would do that"!

Then you do the magic thing and send her flowers twice in a month! Your status among the
other women has just soared and you're viewed as a rare breed of men. Heavy sigh! (Much
more sappiness)

Most ladies just plain love getting flowers and trinkets period! Will it ever go out of style? I
believe not. This really is a long-standing tried and true formula that works and I believe will
still work in the future.

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