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									How Do You Define Success?

"Success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire."
~Arnold H. Glasow

This truly is an excellent quote. Not only is it fascinating but also inspiring.

One of the facts that I find most frustrating as a teacher and a coach is that many people
think that success, in whatever field of endeavor they are currently striving, is rather like
winning the lottery. Actually, it certainly appears from the evidence that they in fact think that
success is even much more random simply because they are not even buying a ticket.
They're merely passively waiting. See Hot Girls.

Many people want things--they want to be rich, they want to be at the top of their profession,
they want a successful marriage, they desire to raise wonderful kids, they desire to be
respected in their community, and so on. But what do they do to achieve this success? Are
they working both hard and smart for their financial goals and living frugally while they do
so? Are they regularly learning and striving at their job? Are they showing their spouse love,
consideration, understanding, and generosity? Are they spending time with their kids both
modeling how to be a great person and being generous with their love and understanding?
Are they regularly proving themselves an asset within their community by being a great
neighbor in every sense of the word?

We all know that we must complete these tasks as I set them out to gain success in these
aspects. Most likely I missed something too. I am barely an example of success in every
area. While my marriage is in fairly great shape, I know I could definitely put more into it. I
believe I have a great kid but know well my failings as a mother. I contribute to my
community but no where near the level that I could or should.

How do you define success?

Is it money, career, love, marriage, family, friendship, respect, community?

For me, success is mainly about love. How many lives do I touch with mine? How many
hearts? Who has been changed by my existence in a positive way? I hope that individuals
judge me as a good individual and that if I died tomorrow that there would be great

If we truly want this success then we will set ourselves on fire. We will not wait for
spontaneous combustion.

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