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					Summary of developmental works that are long overdue in HBR layout, 5th
block, 1st stage

As you are aware that HBR layout was formed in the year 1988 by BDA and was transferred
to CMC first and then to BBMP for easy administration without doing any proper
developments, particularly the 5th block segment. As on today, ours is the most neglected
layout comparing to other layouts in the city.

It has been observed that whatever development work has been taken up (in our layout) by BBMP is
partially done and always remain incomplete.
Following are the examples of that:
1. The asphalting of roads has been undertaken only for some roads and has not been completed
and other roads were left out.
2. Revamping of side drains, done only in some roads and many roads were left out.
3. Canal side walls for open SWD (storm water drain) near 19th main road bridge, done partially on
only one side and other side was left out for years.
4. Fencing on both sides of SWD, only a half stretch is completed and remaining stretch is lying
5. Foot path with concrete tiles was made some years back in 19th main on one side of the road, that
too half stretch.



The asphalting/tarring work has not been taken up in this segment since several years and there
are innumerable potholes. Recently BBMP has taken up asphalting/tarring of some main roads in 5 th
block (i.e. from 15th main to 19th main road and left it half way and incomplete. All other roads namely
14th main,17th B main and 17th C main and all cross roads (i.e. from 21st to 27th cross near BESCOM
office and from 36th cross to 45th cross at 19th main) were not done. The condition of roads (i.e. 30th
C main-BESCOM office road, extension roads of 17th and 18th main and 21st to 27th cross roads) on
the other side of storm water drain is in a worst and dilapidated state posing danger to all .When this
issue was taken up by the association, BBMP started filling up pot holes wherever the roads were
very bad and that work was also stopped abruptly. (ctrl + click to follow link)


     2 shelters are to be made on the outer ring road i.e. near the Forest office gate (between
        Hennur main Road signal and Nagawara signal) one each in opposite manner, for buses going
        towards Hebbal the other one for the buses going towards Krishnarajapuram.
     The 3rd shelter in 19th main, 5th block, HBR layout, i.e. near 42nd cross from where bus No.
        296B starts now.
In this regard we have written a letter DT: 13th Jan 2010, addressed to:
Chief Traffic Manager (Operation),
BMTC, K.H. Road, Central Office,
Shanthi Nagar,
But till today no action has been taken by the BMTC. So we need a follow up action in this matter. (ctrl +
click to follow link)


The above photos illustrate the condition of the SWD beyond 19th main bridge. The side wall was
constructed on one side only for a very short length and the work was stopped mid way. As there is
neither a side wall nor any fencing to the SWD, many construction people from neighboring and far
off places are dumping the debris here day and night. Due to this there is a hindrance in the flow of
sewage water and the same stagnates becoming a breeding place for mosquitoes and other insects
and foul smell emanate from this stagnated water

          SWD seen without side walls                 SWD with wall on one side, that too for a small
 As the SWD department is going to take up the fencing work for SWD, we have to pursue the matter
with officials of SWD dept. for completing the work in full fledged manner.
For letter -
(ctrl+click on link)
For video- (ctrl + click to follow link)


 BBMP had taken up the work of fencing the storm water drainage on either side by using barbed
chain link and is incomplete till date. This work is not completed between walk over bridge and 19th
main road bridge, on both sides of drainage. Many people throw their debris/garbage into the
drainage which causes drain blockage.


                                                    In this regard we have written a letter DT: 8th
                                                    Jan’10 to The Chief Executive Engineer,
                                                    SWD, North, Bangalore.

Fencing of open SWD done up to walkover bridge (ctrl+click
on the link)


There is no Library, play ground for children and a park in our segment. During the layout formation
BDA had earmarked 18 guntas of land in 18th main; but even after the lapse of 22 years, no park has
come in this site. During these periods the land mafia gang tried to knock of this prime land many
times. The construction activities of the mafia on this land were stalled by BDA each time by
demolishing the construction. Recently, this prime site was recovered by the BBMP officials from the
hands of land grabbers and it’s under way for converting into a PARK. Therefore we request you
once again to kindly look into the matter and arrange for a speedy work to convert this land into park. (ctrl + click)
And also, as there is no Post Office in the total HBR layout, we request you to take up the matter
with Postal Authorities to make a post office in this area.


Nowadays the main sewage pipes are getting clogged very often and the sewage water flows on to
the roads and stinks. The reason being, as you know very well that at many places the chamber’s
man- hole lids are either not placed properly or broken; with the result sand and dust have gone into
the sewage pipes which causes blockage. Recently the sewage pipes at 18th and 19th main got
chocked and overflowing onto the roads for almost two weeks, causing great inconvenience to the
residents. To our opinion, BWSSB engineers should have done periodic maintenance
check up of sewage pipe lines, at least once in a year and avoided such recurring blockages.
Therefore, we request you to kindly look into the matter like replacing the broken lids, repairing the
chamber’s mouth and also cleaning of pipes to have smooth flow of water before the monsoon.


Though the layout was formed 22 years back, there are more than 40% sites vacant. These sites
look like jungle with thick bushes; and are used as public toilet by the construction labors and slum
dwellers (camped at 19th main- 36&37th cross for over 10 years.).These sites turned into
garbage/debris yards. These site owners stay elsewhere and never bothered to maintain/clean the
site; waiting for good appreciation of real estate at the cost of others sufferings. BDA has to initiate
action by issuing notices to all these site owners and get it cleaned immediately or BDA can do it
themselves by levying some penalty on the site owners. There are more possibilities for the layout
people, especially the children to get bitten by the snakes which are in abundance in the layout. In
this regard, we have written a letter DT: 4th Dec’09 to BDA-Commissioner.

Recently street sign boards were erected and painted with street numbers in our layout; but still at
many places sign boards are to be erected and painted. It has been observed that some sign boards
are with wrong markings as under; and it’s to be corrected to match with property documents.
1.17th ‘A’ main is written as 17th main (where it meets with 1st A cross)
2. 30th’A’ cross is written as 30th cross (at both ends of 30th A cross)
3. 1st ‘A’ cross is written as 1st main road.
4. 39th cross is written as 33rd cross at one place and 38th cross at another place.

Revamping of side drains was done only in some roads and left half way; and it has to be done in full
fledged manner in all roads.

                                                     FOOT PATH

                                                     In 19th main, foot path with moulded concrete tiles
                                                     were laid some years ago on one side of the road
                                                     (from site No.1280 to site No.1305) only and
                                                     stopped abruptly like any other development work.
                                                     This has to be done wherever it has been
                                                     approved/ planned already.

      Revamping of side drain is incomplete


Presently we are having two route buses 296B
and 296D; one is for Shivajinagar and the other
is for Majestic. It’s a long due to introduce more
buses like to K.R.Puram, Yeswantpura and
K.R.Market. This issue has to be taken up with
BMTC officials.
                                                                Foot path at 19th main, done partially


There is a vacant site No.1280 at 19th main-intersecting with 1st A cross, which is being used as
garbage yard and it is a breading ground of mosquitoes and other disease spreading flies and
insects. Stray dogs and cows graze on the garbage and strew it on to the roads. This site is just
nearer to the Bus terminus for routes 296B and 296D and also to the Anjaneya temple. Nearby
residents are unable to keep the doors and windows of their houses open as the stench is unbearable
and with a fear that the flies and mosquitoes would come into the houses. More over, there is another
garbage yard- just 40 feet away from this place under the KEB Transformer and not cleaned

Site No.1280 turned into garbage yard at 19th main   Garbage yard under KEB Transformer at 19th main


 It appears that site No’s: 1280 to 1285 at 19th main are not allotted to anybody by BDA and they are
lying vacant since formation of this layout. These sites have become cattle breeders’ paradise.
Nearly10 to 15 cows and buffalos are brought from elsewhere to this place for milking during early
morning hours: and after that it’s left free in the layout for graze. Further, these cattle move all around
and defecate all over the roads, making nuisance to the residents/motorists .Nearby residents who
reside close to these sites are unable to keep the windows and doors of their house open as the
stench of cow dung stored in these sites. We learnt that there is no Health Inspector for our layout to
look after all these issues. (ctrl+click to
follow link)

  Cows at 19 main during early morning hours               Cattle roam and graze in the layout

Stray dogs are increasingly troubling the residents, particularly morning walkers. Working
professionals who come home late in the night are also affected.


At 19th main near 36th cross, there is a slum that exists for over 10 years. These dwellers use the
vacant sites as public toilets. Though we can’t ask you to evict them, we request you to provide them
a temporary public toilet, so that they wouldn’t inconvenience the residents. (Refer in blog)

                                                     SILT AND DEBRIS ON ‘KEB- ROAD’

                                                     Recently the storm water drainage was de
                                                     silted; and the removed waste materials are
                                                     dumped on the sides of KEB road(near 19th
                                                     main bridge) and lying unclean for more than
                                                     one month. It needs to be removed.

           Slum dwellers at 19th main


This SWD sidewall was broken open to get entry of JCP into the drain for the purpose of de silting.
The demolished side wall to be reconstructed before the monsoon; otherwise there are much likely
chances of sewage water entering into the layout during rainy season.

                                                SEWAGE WATER RUNNING IN SWD

                                               The sewage manhole chamber (constructed in the
                                               middle of drain) is broken near 19th main bridge and
                                               the sewage water is running in SWD. Due to muck
                                               and silt in the drain, water becomes stagnant giving
                                               room for mosquito breeding; and also it stinks.

View of demolished side wall of SWD

Prepared by:
Ex-Treasurer (ad-hoc committee 4-10-09
To 28-2-10)                                              Cracked sewage pipe’s manhole chamber


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