Think Of Your Website As A Buffet

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					     Think Of Your Website As A Buffet

 I came across a video produced by Nick Pettit titled "Designing With Focus." It's the
best video that I could find on how to optimize a web page. Pettit manages to describe
in simple terms that which hard core designers like me already know. Less is More.

Google is the most visited site in the world with just over 200 million hits per day but
have you ever paid attention to their landing page? It's practically vacant, and it's
vacant by design. Google executives have discussed the importance of maintaining a
clean, simple, landing page. When you go to their site all you will see are the Google
name and Search Bar. It's very clear that Google's "brand" is their search engine.
It dominates their landing page. It's a different story once you click the "send" button,
but by that time you do that you've already been hooked. Simple, but deliciously

So back to you, when it comes to your website think of it as a buffet. You may have the
knee-jerk reaction to put all of the ingredients on the main page. Resist that
temptation. Highlight one or two items that you are well known for and let your
customers browse through all of the other things. Assuming of course, that they have
been properly hooked. People like to discover things and pick and choose what they
want. That's a good thing, so invite them in and let them discover!

MediaShark, LLC has 16 years of Marketing experience behind them and can vouch for
Nick Pettit's analysis. Despite your inclination, less really is more, and more makes the
money. Keep it simple, invite discovery. Your customers will do the rest!

Joel Nielsen is the founder of MediaShark, LLC and lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. He
can be contacted at

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Description: When it comes to web site optimization, "less is more." Watch a quick video by Nick Pettit on how to increase traffic and sales by following a few simple rules.