TENDER DOCUMENT
Bill of Quantity for ` Supplying and Laying of D. I. Remaining Distribution main and its
   allied work under Motia Rural Piped Water Supply Scheme on TURN-KEY basis
                  for the year 2010-11 under D.W. & S. Division, Godda

                      D.W & S. DEOGHAR CIRCLE, DEOGHAR

Tender date                      :-     14.07.2010
Estimated Cost                   ::-    Rs.26,40,887=00
Earnest Money                    :-     Rs.53,000=00
Cost of B.O.Q                     :-    Rs.5000.00
Time of Completion                :-    Eight Months
Issued toM/s…………………………………………………………………………………….
Vide money Receipt No……………………………………Dated………………………….

                                        Seal and Stamp of the Issuing Officer

           ^^ ty gh thou gS] d`o;k bls nwflr o ccZkn gksus ls cpkosaA **
                                     GOVERNMENT OF JHARKHAND
            GOVERNMENT OF JHARKHAND Drinking Water & Sanitation Department

   1 1 Name of work: - "Supplying and Laying of D.I. Remaining Distribution main Under Motia
   Rural Piped Water Supply Scheme on Turn-KEY ' basis for the year 2010-1 1 under D.W& S. DivVion,
1..2         Place of sale of Tender Document: Office of the

     (i)       Superintending engineer, D.W. & S. Deoghar Circle, Deoghar.

     (ii)      Executive Engineer, D.W. & S. Division, Godda

     1.3        Period of sale of Tender Documents: -

     Up to during working hours except holidays.
     1 .4   Price of Tender Documents: - In Rupees (Non refundable)
     Rupees 5000.00 (Ten thousand) only in shape of cash.
     1.5       Earnest Money Deposit: - Rs 53,000=00 inshape of 6 year N. S. C VIII issue/ 3 years
               or 5 years Post office Time deposit Pass book/Bank guarantee issued from a schedule bank
               (for firms only) valid for six months from date ofopening tender duly pledged in favour of
               Executive Engineer, D.W. & S. Division. Godda.

     1.6       Last date of receipt of Tender Documents: - Completed sealed tenders in two envelops I
               &II should be submitted in the office of Superintending Engineer D.W. & S. Deoghar
               circle,Deoghar. on and before date -14 / 07 / 2010 up to 3.30 p m.

     1.7       Opening of Tender: - Technical Bid (Envelop - I) will be opened on date 14 /07/ 2010 at
               4.00 p m. in presence of tenderers or his authorized representative. Only price bid (Envelop
               II) submitted by successful tenders of Technical Bid will be opened on same day at 4.00 pm.
               in presence of tenderers or his authorized representatives.Price bid may be opened on other
               day if evaluation of Technical bid seems essentialIf the date of receipt and opening of tender
               happens to be a declared holiday, the tender will be opened on the next opening day of the
               office at the same time and venue

      1.8      Validity of Tender: - Validity of Tender from the date of opening of Tender or revised price
               if any -180 days

      1.9      Experience: - Tendered should have experience in sim ilar nature of work executed
               on turnkey basis for (i) The total turnover of the contractor / Firm should not be 'less
               than Estimated cost during last three years (II) it should not less than 50% of estimated cost
               in any one year in last three years, at 2008 - 09 price level. The price level will be
               calculated @ 10% increase per year of the value of work done in previous year

      1.10     Forfeit of earnest money: - The earnest money deposited by the successful tendered will
               beforfeited in case he fails to sign the agreement of contract and deposit the balance of
Initial security deposit of the accepted tender value as security for the due performance of the
contract within 15 days of being called upon to do so.

1 11 Return of earnest money. - On receipt of written application by Executive Engineer, D.W. &
S Division, Godda, The earnest money of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them in due

12    Envelop 'I' (Technical Bid) should contain: -

1.12.1 Details of earnest money deposited.

1.12.2 Attested photocopy of firm registration, partnership deed and power of attorney in case of
         partnership firm/ affidavit regarding proprietorship in case of proprietorship firms / articles of
         association, memorandum in case of company / declaration of individual concerned.

1.12.3 Attested copy of registration in proper category in D.W. & S. D., Jharkhand/ other state or
         Central Govt. in appropriate class or category pertaining to respective water supply nodal
         department. A copy of registration certificate should be attached.
1.12.4 Attested photocopy of latest income tax clearance certificates, sales tax clearance
         certificates, and labour license certificates.

 1.12.5 Credential on satisfactory performance of contracts completed in the past in the following
 1.12.6 Past Experience Details of similar work executed during previous years to be attached in technical bid in the following
Sl.       Estimated value of work with work            Value       of   Organization for       which   Remarks.
No        order reference & brief description No.      work             work was executed

          Attach attested copies of (i) Work order (ii) Satisfactory completion certificate. Important Note:
          The minimum eligibility criteria for the civil contractor are as under (If not mentioned
          otherwise in tender notice). (To be attached in technical Bid in following format)
             Estimated value of      Minimum value of single        Minimum value of total Remarks.
SI.No.          works put to        contract of similar nature       civil works executed
                                executed during previous years. during previous years.
              tender (Tender
 1                   2                           3                              4                5
       The tenderers are requested to fill up past experience format (separately, correctly and
       also attach attested certificate in proof of experience).

       Working experience only in Govt / Govt. owned organization would be reckoned     Details of similar works presently at hand (To be attached in technical Bid in
             following format)

Sl          Year         Name of work with work       Estimated       Organization    Remarks
No.                      order reference & brief    value of work      for which
                               description                             work has
                                                                        excuted Details of Technical personnel with the Tenderer. ( To be attached in technical Bid in
the following format )

Sl         Designation             Name               Qualification   Professional    Remarks
No.                                                                    experience
                                                                        details of
                                                                      work carried

. Details of equipments presently available with the tenderer for the use of this work (
To be attached in technical Bid In the format )

Sl          Name of              No. of unit            Capacity        Present       Remarks
No.        equipments                                                   condition
1.12.8     A declaration to the effect that none of the partners of the firm has either individually or
           collectivity been involved in criminal offences.
1.12.9      Details construction equipments to be deployed in the job.
         The contractor must submit documentary evidence of possession of or have
         firm arrangements with others essential equipments required for efficient execution of the
1.12.10 Financial Resources

                  Any nationalized bank's reference/ certificate of transaction in a year in the
          recent past for business for executing contract asset owned, if any etc.

1.12.11           List of Technical persons to be engaged in the work is to be furnished.
1.12.12            Declared and logical construction schedule base on CPM / PERT / any other
                   net work is to be furnished
1.12.13            Special Note
                  Department reserves full right to reject any tender at evaluation stage of
                  technical bid stage in case any information- as required is lacking in technical
                  Bid of the tender and no appeal against department decision will be entertained.
1.13.     Envelop - II (Price Bid) should contain:
          Tender documents as sold to the tenderers duly indicating the rates offered as per
          subhead mentioned elsewhere in tender documents.

1.14      Technical and Price Bid of the tender duly filled and signed on all pages or at different
          places as required should be submitted in two separate sealed envelop, subscribed as
1.15      Earnest Money should be deposited in "envelop - I" in the form as indicated above.
          No tender shall be considered without accompanying said earnest money.
1.16      Tenderers are expected before quoting his rates, to go through the requirements of
          materials, workmanship, under specification/ requirement and condition of contract and
          to inspect the site/ area of the proposed works. The rate should be inclusive of all
          incidentals, overhead, all
          taxes, exise duties, head, lifts, carriage, tools and plant etc. as required for the execution
          and completion of the work. It shall be deemed that the tenderer has visited the site/ area
          and got fully acquainted with the working condition and other prevalent conditions and
          fluctuation there to whether they actually visited the site or not and have taken all the
          above factors in to account while quoting his rate.
1.17      The lowest and any tender not necessarily be accepted.
 118      The departments reserves the right to postponed the date of receipt and opening Qf
          tender or to cancel any or all the tenders without assigning any reason what so ever.
 119      Right to accept or reject or distribute the work among the tenderers will remain reserved
          with the department without showing any reason.
 1.20      Proper legal action along with black listing should be done against those tenderers who
           will submit incorrect / fake certificates along with tender
 1.21      In case of legal matters regarding any dispute of the tender it will be under the
           jurisdiction of Courts at DEOGHAR and will be binding on the tenderers.
1 22    No escalation in rate will be allowed and no claim on account of delayed payment
       owing to unavoidable circumstances will be entertained.
1.23    The work shall be executed on the basis of guideline and provision of Bureau of
       Indian Standard Code of Practice, National Building Code and CPHEEO Manuals.

1 24 The tenderers will have to submit their own design and they will have to execute the work
       as per the drawings/ Specifications approved by the department. Any essential items
       not mentioned in tender document shall have to be executed as per site conditions by
       the tenderers without any extra cost as it is a TURNKEY JOB.

                                                            Superintending Engineer

                                 SANITATION, DEPARTMENT, JHARKHAND

2.     Notes to Tenderers

2.1    Invitation to Tender:
       Superintending Engineer D.W & S. Deoghar Circle, Deoghar invites sealed tenders for
       'Supplying and Laying of D.I. Remaining Distribution main under Motia Rural Piped Water
       Supply Scheme on TURN-KEY basis for the year 2010-11 under D W. & S. Division,
2.2    For the general guidance of the prospective tenderers a brief resume of the existing water
       supply system for Motia village is described in the following paragraph, H OWEVER, THE
2.3    Site of Work:
       Motia is situated on Godda- Bhagalpur road about 10 Km from district head quarter Godda.
2.4    Approach Road:
       Motia as well as work site is well connected through Pucca Road from district head quarter Godda..
2.5    Scope of Work:
       The scope of work consists of following works:
       i)       Supplying and laying of D I distribution system.
       iii)     Constructions of single mouth R. C. C. stand post.
2.6    Construction of Civil Works:
        The tenderers have to quote their rates for construction of works including supplying all
        materials, equipments, labours etc all complete. The tenderer should quote their rates of all
        works as per details & specification attached with the tender. The tenderer should therefore
        submit along with their tenders the complete set of drawing for all the structures for which
        their tender is valid.
 2.7    Supply of Materials by Contractor:
        The contractor shall make their own arrangement for procurement of all materia ls,
        equipments, tools and plants etc. as required in connection with the work.
                 The materials supplied by the contractor shall conform to relevant latest edition of the
        specification and codes of practices of the Bureau of Indian Standards. The contractor s hall
        furnish necessary certificates in support of the quality of materials as may be required by the
        Engineer-m-Charge on his own cost.
 2.8   Delay Caused By Non Supply of Departmental Material or any other direction:
               No extra payment shall be made to the contractor on account of delay caused by
        non supply of materials or any other special direction in time but extension of time
        shall be granted on account of such-delays if there be any.
  2.9 Accommodation on Site for Erecting and Operating Staff:
              The contractor will provide at their own cost proper huts and drinking water and
       admissible sanitary, medical and other facilities for the labours and staff employed on the
       job. All other essential facilities admissible to labour force as per labour act / laws will
       have to be provided by the contractor at his own cost Proper attention must be given to
       ensure that no unsanitary condition develops and consequently no communicable
       diseases spread among the workers and staff.
               The contractor shall have to keep first aid box at sight and shall have to make
       arrangement with well-qualified medical practitioner for the medical facilities of the
       worker and staff. Site for construction of hutment or temporary shade etc. may be
       allowed to the contractor free of cost if available. Its location may be close to the site of
       work but that will be subject to approval of departmental authority.
2.10   Water: The tenderer will have to make their own arrangement for water required
       for construction work as well as for drinking purpose.
2.11    Electricity: The tenderer will have to make their own arrangement for electricity required
       for construction work as well as for their lightning purposes.
2.12   Insurance: All equipments should be insured by the tenderer against pilferage breakage
       etc. in transit for safe delivery at site. The insurance of workmen shall be necessary
       during the execution of work by the tenderer.
2.13   Sale Tax and Other Taxes: The tendered amount should be inclusive of all taxes on
       supply of all materials and equipments. Department will make no extra payment for the
       same. The sale tax on works contact will be deducted from each bill as applicable.
2.14   Royalty and Cess: Royalty and Cess on all materials such as bricks, sand, stone chips
       etc, shall be paid by the tenderer as applicable
2.15   Income Tax: Income tax will be deducted from each bill as applicable.
2.16   Transportation Cost: The tendered amount should be inclusive of cost of transportation
       of all materials at work site, including loading, unloading and stacking etc. all
       complete. The Department will pay no extra transportation cost..
 217    Inspection of site by the tenderers:
                 Before tendering for the works, the tenderer must satisfy himself fully of the site
        conditions under which the material and services to be supplied. Before submitting a
        tender the prospective tenderers shall carefully examine all the information herein
        included and shall fully acquaint themselves with all existing site conditions, limitations,
        availability of labour and materials and official regulations at the site of work. Failure to
        comply with the above requirement will not relieve tenderer of his obligations in the event
        to his/ their tender being accepted. No claim what so ever shall be entertained on the
        ground of ignorance of site condition and/ or the conditions prevailing in the area.
 2.18    Custody of Materials:
                The contractor shall be responsible for safe custody of the materials at site and
         the department will not be responsible for any loss or damage of the property at site.
2.19    Guarantee:

        All the performance tests are required under working conditions and shall be carried
      out after the plant has been erected at site.
(i) Equipment: All mechanical and electrical equipment and appurtenances supplied and
erected by the tenderer shall be guarantee for satisfactory working for 3 minimum period of 12
"lontns from the date of handing over after successful commissioning Any part or parts fai!<ng
or showing any defect or defects within the guarantee period due to bad quality of material or
workmanship, either in manufacture or during, transit or erection shall be replaced by the tenderer
at his own cost as expeditiously as pointed out by the Engmeer-in-Charge. (ii) Structure: All
structures to be erected by the tenderer shall be guarantee against structural failure or sign
of failure for a period of 18 months after its completion and handing over. In the event of any
failure or sign of failure within the stipulated period the tenderer shall have to reconstruct it,
whole or part of the structure as directed at his/ their own cost. No claim for compensation in
any shape will be entertained. 2 20 Failure to Comply Gurantee Clause:
               In the event of failure to comply with any or whole of the guarantee, clauses,
       stipulated on preceding paragraph within 30 days after the defects are notified to him the
        security deposits shall be forfeited in the first instance and a liquidated damage @ 10% of
        the total tender amount plus any money which may have been paid in respect thereof shall
        be recovered from him.
2.21    Rates: Rates shall be offered by the tenderer both in words and figures in Schedule - A.
        In case of discrepancy, the rates quoted in words in the tender shall be taken in to
2.22    Site Order Book:
               Site order book shall be issued to the contractor by the engineer-in-charge or his
        representative the contractor shall keep this book always at site and any special order
        and instruction to be issued to the contractor shall be recorded in this book by the
        engineer-in-charge or his representative. The contractor shall sign all orders and
        instructions as token of his knowledge about the same. The site order book shall be the
        property of the department, but will remain with the contractor during the progress of the
        book. The safe custody of site order book during this period shall be the responsibility of
        the contractor. After completion of the work the book shall be returned back by the
        contractor to the Engineer-in-Charge which will be enclosed in final bill. Any extra work
        shall only be done by the contractor on written order of Engineer-in-Charge
2 23     Unilateral Stoppage of Work:
               Unilateral stoppage of work by the contractor without prior written permission of the
        Engineer-in-Charge shall be considered as breach of contract and the department
        reserves the right to take such action as it may deem fit.
2.24     Resident Engineer:
        The contractor shall engage for this work competent, qualified and authorized resident
        engineers and assistants to the satisfaction of Engineer-m-Charge. The resident
        Engineer shall represent the contractor in his absence in receiving directions from
        Engineer-in-charge or his representative and the higher officers of the Department
225    Force Ma-jeure:
              Neither the contractor nor the Department shall be considered in default in delayed
       performance of its obligation if such performance is prevented or delayed because of
       works to hostilities, revolution, civil commotion, epidemic, accident, fire, cyclone, flood,
       earthquake or because of any law and order proclamation, regulation, ordinance of
       Govt. thereof or because of any act of GOD or for any cause beyond reasonable control of
       the party affected. Should one or both the parties be prevented from fulfilling their
       contractual obligation in the state of force ma-jeure lasting continuously for a period of 6
       months the two parties shall consult each other regarding the future execution of a
       contact of mutual settlement. Time Limit:
       The maximum time (which must not be extended) required for the complete
       construction is three month. 2.27 Earnest Money Deposit & Security Deposit:
              The tenders must accompany the earnest money as per tender notice in shape of
       6 year N.S.C. 8:n issue / 3*year or 5 year Post office time deposit Pass Book duly pledged
       in favour of Executive Engineer, D.W. & S. Division, Godda. No tender will be
       considered without the sufficient earnest money.
               The successful tenderer will have to pay 5% as security deposit on accepted value
       of their tender including earnest money paid by them in shape of 6 year N.S.C. 8 th issue / 3
       year or 5 year Post office time deposit Pass Book duly pledged in favour of Executive
       Engineer, D.W.& S. Division, Godda. In addition to this 5% security deposit will be
       deducted from his each on account and final bills. Security deposit will be released
       after six months of satisfactory completion of the work or after guarantee period, if any
       from date of completion.

2 28    ITCC, STCC & Labour Licence:
              The valid and up to date income tax, sales tax clearance and labour licence
       certificate shall accompany with the tender. Tenders received without valid and up to date
       ITCC, STCC and labour licence are liable for rejection.
2.29   Telegraphic Tenders:- No telegraphic tender will be accepted.
2.30   Incomplete Tenders:- The tenders received in incomplete shape are liable for rejection.
2 31    Delayed Tenders:- Tenders received after due time and date of receipt on account of
       postal delay or any other reason will not be entertained.
2.32   Conditional Tenders:- Conditional tenders are liable for rejection.
2.33    Payment:- Payment will be made for finish work only.                                  v
               Through all efforts for timely payment will be made by the department as per
        execution of works, but delay due to unavoidable reasons can not be ruled out for which
        no claim for such delays in payment shall be entertained
2.34    Regular Contracts:
              The successful tenderer will have to enter in to a regular contract with Executive
        Engineer, D.W.& S. Division, Godda incorporating the conditions as contained in this
         The general conditions of contract of Drinking Water & Sanitation Department will also
         apply to this contract except wherever they are superseded by the above conditions.
       2 35 Construction Schedule:
        The contractor should submit a detailed construction schedule <r\ the form of Bar -
       Chart / CPM Network / PERT Chart / other methods along with his tender indicating
       the detailed break-uo of the job, this will include all operations from procurement of
       materials to final testing at Site to be indicated in detail with reference to time period fv
       The construction schedule as submitted by the contractor she' be revised by the
       department and approved with necessary modification if any after acceptance of the
       tender Th-3 contractor snail furnish 6 copies of the approved schedule within two weeks of
       the date of issue of letter of intent. The approved schedule shall be binding on the
       contractor.Installation of Laboratory at Site:
       For the testing of Quality c construction materials such as stone chips cement, brick, steel,
       sand etc. a laboratory will nave to be setup at site by the successful tenderer with precise
       instrument; so as all the construction materials can be tested before use. In case of any
       dispute/ doubt about the test report of site laboratory, the agency will have to arrange the
       desired test in some-reputed laboratory as decided by the Superintending Engineer/
       Executive Engineer concerned.
2.37   Superintending Engineer D.W. & S. Deoghar Circle Deoghar Decision to be final:
                If any dispute or differences shall arise as to the interpretation of the specification,
       the bill of particular, the schedule of prices, drawing or any other matter or thing connected
       with this contract, such disputes or differences shall be decided by the Superintending
       Engineer, D.W.& S. Deoghar Circle, Deoghar and their decision and award there upon
       shall be final and binding upon both the parties concerned.
2.38   Cleaning up site:
             Upon completion of the work, the tenderer must remove all the surplus material
       and debris etc. clean and dress the whole site in a thoroughly clean and orderly manner as
       per satisfaction of Engineer - in - charge.
2.39   Completion Plan:-
               Upon completion of the scheme the tenderers must submit the completion plan of
        the scheme to the department before the final payment.

                                                               Superintending Engineer
                       DEPARTMENT, JHARKHAND

             Materials and methods of Construction for ail civil works shall be as per relevant Inc an standard
             specification part of which are incorporated in the standard specification of D.W.&.S.D. & P.W.D. ard
             Electricity Board of the state of Jharkhand and all will be followec during the execution of tne work. The
             work shall be executed on the basis of guidelines provisions of B S and materials shall confirm to Indian
             Standard Code of practice, National building Code and CPHEEO manual to maintain quality of work.

3.1         CLEARING & GRUBBING: -

                       The area to be occupied by the structure shall be cleared off from the tree sturros roots and
             bushes. The waste materials from clearing operation shall be burnt or disposed off in a suitable manner to
             avoid unsightly appearance. No extra payment shall be maae for ths. The lump sum quoted rate shall include
             the cost of compensation for this item of work also
                       The excavation for foundation shall be done as close as possible to line grade and
             dimension        given     in   the    approved    drawing.   The    bottom        and    side   slope    of     the
             excavation upon or against which concrete is to be placed shall be accura tely set as
             shown in drawing or as prescribed by the E/1 . The surface so prepared shall be rroistened if
             required and compacted firmly to place the concrete or soling etc. If at any point materia: is
             excavated beyond the lines required to receive the structure or concrete paving the excess
             excavation shall be filled with selected materials such as sand layers not more than
             150mm       thick   moistened     if   necessary   and   thoroughly compacted        by    tamping   and/      rol'ng
             in the manner which is satisfactory to the E / I. If at any point the nature of the *'ounda: on
             materials are disturbed and loosened during the excavation process or other reasons, ensure
             it should be completed in satisfactory manner. In case of excavation of borrow trenches for
             building vertical faces of trenches, it will be supported by planks and struts. All spc I materals
             should be disposed off in the manner as directed by E /1.                                             ^
                        All the materials obtained from excavation shall be graded carafe s by fee E/l, and useful materials
              should be kept properly, while useless materials be disposed carefully as ore direction of E/l Suitable materials
              obtained from excavation may be used as back fill with prior permission of E /1. Nothing extra will be paid
              for all these activity.
                      This is to be done in layers not exceeding 150 mm with O.M.C. to achieve maximum density.
              Adequate tamping should be done with required watering.
    3.5 MATERIALS:
    3.6       General:

              i- All materials shall be best of thei r kind and shall confirm to the relevant latest
              Indian materials standard.
ii- All materials shall be of approved quality as per samples and from origins approved by
                      the Engineer - in - charge
(lii)    A set of specimen samples of all approved materials shall be kept in bottle or otherwise
                      at site cost of which is to be borne by the contractor,
 (iv)     In case of materials where Indian Standards are not available the same shall conform
                      to the specification issued by the recognized authority or D.W.&.S.D. / PWD /
JSEB. 35.1             BRICKS :
           The following Indian standards shall be followed -
           I S 3102: 1971 (latest amendment) Classification of Burnt clay brick
               I S 1077: 1970 (latest amendment) Specification of common burnt day building bricks.
               I S 3495:1966, Part I to IV (latest amendment) Method of sampling and testing
               Building bricks.
                       Only 100 A class kiln burnt bricks shall be used unless otherwise specified. They
               shall be of a uniform deep cherry of copper colour: thoroughly burnt, regular in shape
               with sharp and square edge and they must emit a clear ringing sound on being struck.They
               must be free from cracks, chips, flaws, stones or lumps of any kind and they shall not
               absorb water more than one seventh of their own weight after soaking them in water for
               15 minutes.The bricks shall show no sign of efflorescence either dry or subsequent to
               soaking in water.

                         Aggregates shall comply with the requirements of IS : 383 -1970 ( latest
               amendment). It should be chemically inert, strong, hard, durable, o f limited porosity, and
               free from adherent coatings, clay lumps, coal, and coal residues and organic or other
               admixture, that may cause corrosion of the reinforcement and impair with the strength and
               durability of concrete.

               I. Coarse aggregate: -
                         The nominal maximum size of coarse aggregate shall be limited to 20mm, so that
               the concrete can be placed without difficulty to surround all reinforcement thoroughly and
               fill the corners of the forms. For heavily reinforced concrete members the nominal
               maximum size of aggregate should usually be restricted to 5 mm less than the minimum
               clear cover to the reinforcement which ever is smaller A coarse aggregate ma\ have
               cubical, 'rounded, irregular and angular shapes with rough surface. The stone chips to be
               used shall satisfy the following requirement:-

        1. Flakiness Index should not be more than 25 percent, when tested as per IS: 2386 (Part -
        l) -
                1963(latest amendment), 2       Impact value should not be more tha~ 30 percent, when
        tested as per IS:2386 (Part-IV)-
                1963 ,
        3. Crushing value should not exceed 45 % for plain cement concrete and 40 % for
          concrete, when tested as per IS: 2386 (Part-IV)-1963 ,
      4. Deleterious materials and organic impurities should not exceed 5 % in total, as details
          below as per IS: 383-1970 and it's estimation should be done     as per IS 2386 (Part-
          ll) -1963

Sl No.     Deletenous substance                                     Maximum % by wt
                                                        ( Fine uncrushed    ( Coarse crushed
                                                           Aggregaets         Aggregates)
  1        Coal and Lintle                                     1.00               1.00
  2        Clay lumps                                          1.00               1.00
  3        Soft fragments                                       --                  --
  4        Materials finer than 75 IS Sieve                    3.00               3.00
  5        Shale                                               1.50                 --
  6        Total of percentage of all deleterious              5.00               5.00

ii- Fine aggregate- The aggregate finer than 75 mm size is called fine aggregate. Natural sand
shall be used as fine aggregate. It should be free from clay . Silt chloride and organic impurities.
Its grain should be angular in shape and its fineness modulus should be 2.0 to 3.5 it shall be
confirming to specification given in IS 383-1970 and the sand for mortar shall confirm to the
grading of sand as given in IS 2116-1965 as detailed given below :-

                                   Grading limits for the aggregate
Sl        Sieve designation                                Percentage passing by mass
                                                    For R.C.C. work        For ordinary
  1       4.75mm                                          100                  100
  2       2.36 mm                                       90-100               90-100
  3       1.18 mm                                       70-100               70-100
  4       600 micron                                     40-80               40-100
  5       300 micron                                      5-40                 5-70
  6       150 micron                                      0-10                 0-15

Grading limits for all in aggregates as per IS 383-1970 are appended below :-

      IS Sieve Designation              Percentage passing for all in aggregate of
                                     20mm nominal size             40mm nominal size
            80 mm                            0                             100
            40mm                           100                           95-100
            20mm                         95-100                           45-75
           4.75mm                         30-50                           25-45
          600 micron                       1-35                            8-30
          150 micron                        0-6                             0-6
              The cement used shall be as per CL: - 4 of IS: 456-1978, and it shali be any of the following, with
              the prior approval of the engineer-in-charge:

               Ordinary or low heat Portland cement conforming to IS: 269-1976.
              High strength ordinary Portland cement conforming to IS: 8112-1976

              The reinforcement steel shall be any of the following;
                      [a] Mild steel and medium tensile steel bars conforming to IS: 432[Part-1]-1966
                      [b] Hot-rolled deformed bars conforming to IS. 1139 -1966.
                      [c] Cold-twisted bars conforming to IS: 1786 -1979.
                      [d] Hard-drawn steel wire fabric conforming to IS: 1566 -1967
                      [e] Rolled steel made from structural steel conforming to IS; 226-1975
              All reinforcement shall be free from loose mill scales, loose rust and coats of paints oils mud
       or other coatings which may destroy or reduce bond.
3.5.5 WATER:
      The water to be used in making and curing of concrete, mortar etc. shall be free from
              objectionable quantities of silts, organic matter, injurious amount of oils, acids, salts and other
              impurities etc. as per IS: 456 - 1978.

The Engineer-in-charge or his authorized representative will determine whether or not such qualities
of impurities are objectionable.

Such comparison will usually be made by comparison of compressive strength, water requirement,
time of setting and other properties of concrete made with distilled or clean water and concrete made
with the water proposed for use. The maximum permissible limit for solids when tested in accordance
with I.S. 3025-1964 shall be as below.

Sl No.                                  Particulars. Organic    Maximum permissible limit for solids 200 mg / litre
1. 2. 3. 4.
                                        Inorganic Sulphate               3000 mg / litre 500 mg / litre

                                        (as SO.,) Chloride               2000 mg / litre for P.C C work and 1000 mg /

                                        (as Cl)                          litre for R C.C. Work
5.      Suspended matter     2000 mg / litre
If any water to be used in concrete, suspected by the engmeer-in-charge/or his authorized
represents ;e of exceeding the permissible limits of solids, samples of water will be obtained and get is
tested by Engmeer-is-Charge in accordance with IS-3925-1964.

The IS Code of practice 2212 -1962 (latest amendment) shall be followed for bricks works and mortars
for masonary shall be prepared in accordance with IS 2250 -1931 (latest amendment)..

3 5.7 CURING
        All brick works shall be kept weir watered for at leas; 14 days after lying.
The following relevant Indian Standards shall be followed for cement concrete work:-
a) IS: 455 - 1964; Plain and reinforced concrete code of practice
b) IS: 1199 - 1959, Sampling and analysis concrete
c) IS: 2645 - 1975; Integral cement water proofing compound
d) IS: 2386 - 1963; Specific gravity, density, voids, absorption and Bulking.
e) IS: 3334 - 1965; Bitumen primer for use in water proofing and damp proofing Industrial
f)      IS: 515 - 1959; Methods of test strength of concrete
g)      IS: 3558 - 1956; Code of practice for use of immersion vibrators for construction of
h) IS: 3370 - 1967; Code of practice for concrete structure for the storage of liquid (Part -I. II,
I) IS: 2751 -1966; Code of practice for welding of mild steel bars used for reinforced
                     Concrete construction j) IS - 2502 - 1963; Code of practice for bending
and fixing of bars for concrete.
                Concrete shall be composed of cement, sand and stone aggregate and water as required for
workability. Admixture may be used with the approval of the engineer in charge The admixture shall
conform to I.S:91O3-1979(latest amendment). The concrete shall be of grades as designated in approved
design and must be conforming to 1.5:456-1978, CL-5. Test and analysis of aggregate and the resulting
concrete shall be made at frequent intervals at the start of work and during the progress of work to ensure
its quality and grade. The concrete mix shall have required workability and a characteristic strength not
less than adopted design strength,
        P C.C. & R.C.C. Work should be done strictly as per approved design and drawing in
accordance with I S:456 -1978 i.e. code of practice for plain and reinforced concrete (latest amendment).
If at the time of doing P.C.C. in foundation it is felt that some M.S reinforcement are necessary, the
same must be provided by the contractor without any extra cost. No claim shall be allowed for all that.

        The following relevant I S specification shall be adopted for pipe line works with latest amendment:-
Honzontally cast iron double flanged I S. 7181 - 1974
Cast iron fittings for pressure pipes I S. 1538 - 1976
        Code of practice for laying of Cast Iron pipes                   I.S 3114 - 1965
        Sluice valves for water work purposes                             IS: 780 - 1980
        Sluice valves for water work purposes                           IS: 290C, - 1969
        Rubber gasket                                                   IS: 5382- 1969
        Yarn                                                            IS: 6587 - 1972
        Pig lead                                                        IS: 782 - 1978
        Rubber insertion                                                 IS: 638-1955
All pipes to be used in the work shall be of ISI marked Ductile Iron Spun Pipe (K-9 and K-7) (
conforming to IS: 8329/2000 and IS: 9523 with latest amendment unless otherwise specified and D I
specials confirming to BIS: 4772 with revised code shall be used for pipe laying.. All the pipes and valves
before dispatch shall be got inspected by Govt approved agency D.G.S & D / RITES or other Govt.
approved agency as decided by the Superintending Engineer concerned and the inspection
certificates must be produced to the Engineer in charge. All sluice valves and control valves shall also be
ISI marked and conforming to !S: 780-1969 and should be got approved before laying or erection by the
engineer-in- charge 3..5.9 1 PIPE LAYING WORK: -


       a.) Genera! The trench shall be so dug that the pipe may be laid to the required alignment,
       at the required grade and depth. The depth of the trench should be sufficient to have a minimum
       cover of 100 cm over the socket of pipe. In cases where this is not feasible the work shall be carried
       out as per direction of Engineer-in-charge The trench shall be so braced and drained that the
       workman may work there in safely and shall be no danger to the nearby structures. If any stems
       and roots of trees are encountered in the excavation of trenches these will have to be cut and
       destroyed as per direction of Engineers-in-charge. If waterlines, drainage lines, Electric or
       Telephone cables are encountered in the excavation of trenches, the work of excavation or laying
       of line etc. will have to be carried out without damaging the lines and cables and under the
       supervision of the concerned staff. Appropriate clearances shall be kept from the existing utilities
       as directed by Engineer-in-charge. Extra claim for dewatering will not be entertained.

        b ) Barricades Guards and safety provisions: To protect from injury and to avoid atjd damage to
        property, adequate, barricades, construction Signs, torches, red lanterns and guards as required shall
        oe placed and maintained during the progress of the work and until it is safe for traffic to use the
        road ways. All materials pipe equipment and pipes, which may serve as obstructions to traffic shall
        be include by fences or barricaded and shall be protected by proper lights when visibility is poor.

        c.) Maintenance of traffic and closing streets: The work shall be earned out in such a manner, which
        will cause the least interruption to the traffic. Where it is necessary for traffic to cross open
        trenches suitable bridges shall be provided. Suitable Signs indicating that the work is under
        progress or a street is close etc. shall be placed and necessary detour Signs for the proper
        maintenance of traffic shall be provided.
        d ) Structure Protection Temporary support adequate protection and maintenance
       obstructions in countered in the progress of the work shall be furnished under the direction of
    e.) No excavation of any trenches shall be commenced until the pipes intended to be laid there in
with all the necessary appliances for laying and jointing them ha/e beer, arranged along its side. In the
execution of the work of pipe laying, no greater length of trenches that can be laid in 48 hours be opened
and should the pipe laying be delayed or stopped from any cause, the excavation of trenches must be
stopped until the pipe laying is resumed

.5 9.1.2 LAYING:
        Pipe shall be laid in straight lire free from all sharp bends and should be in proper alignment.
        Each pipe be-fore it is laid shall be examined and tested with a hammer to prove it s
        soundness and then sha1! be crushed through washed to remove all solid or dirt.
        Pipes shall be placed in. trenches by mean of chain pulley blocks taking care to see that earth
        does not get into the pipe
        All inlet, outlet, scour and overflow pipe connecting water tower, which requires to be fixed in
        floors or in walls of water tower shall be properly fixed with puddle collar during the casting of
        concrete itself. At ground level pipe should be fixed with duck foot bend. Laying and jointing
        of pipe shall be done as per IS: 3114-1965. JOINTING:
        Tyton joints will be provided to connect cast Iron s/s pipes. In Tyron jointing special type of
         rubber gasket are to be used, which will be inserted into the socket in the groove The spigot
         end being lubricated with grease and slipped into the socket by means of a jack used on the
         other end.
         Flange joint will be provided to connect the M. S. Pipes. The rubber packing and nuts-bolts to
         be used for jointing should be approved quality.
         Lead joints will be provided to connect C.I. special with pipes. The socketed end of pipe,
         specials should be kept against the flow of water and the spigot end of other pipe be inserted
         into this.

        The jointing material used between flanges of pipes shall be compressed fiberboard or rubber
        as per IS: 638-1955 of thickness 1.5 mm to 3 mm. The flanged joints shall be done as perCL-5.2 of
        IS: 3114-965. All the pipe shall be tested as per provision of CL-6 of lS: 3114-1965. REFILLING OF TRENCHES
        a.) General: The filing of trenches shall be carried out immediately after the hydraulic test is
        over. Refilling snail be done for 25 cm above the ground level and then it hall be thoroughly
        wetted and property compacted with a mechanical earth rammer so that mud etc. shall not be
         b.) Clearing up the site: All surplus material and all tools and temporary structures shall be
         removed from the site as directed by Engineer-in-charge. All dirt, rubbish and excess earth from
         the excavation shall be hauled to a dump and the work site left clean to the satisfaction of the Enc
         neer-in-charge The item includes bailing out water manually or by dewatering pump sets The
         pumped water shall be carefully disposed off in nearby Nala etc.
         without causing any damage or inconvenience to neighboring existing structures and property
         1. Excavation in soft rock, Dewatering. Refilling etc. as per Item No. 1 above.
         2. Excavating in hard rock by chiseling refilling etc. as per Item No. 1 above. Specifications
         are the same as per Item No 1 except that the excavation will have to be carried out in hard
         rock The excavation in hard rock is to be carried out by chiseling or any other method This
         includes excavation done by proclaim Splitter or any other mechanical means) to the
         required width and depth Over specifications are the same as per Item No. 1 above. Blasting
      will not be allowed in the work. Extra claim foe dewatering will not be entertained.
         The test of the Pipeline in the field shall be carried out after the stretch of suitable length is laid.
         Testing shall be carried out in following manner.
         The pipeline shall be -subjected to hydraulic test in full length or in part as may be found
         necessary. The pipes shall be subjected to a test pressure of 2 times the actual working pressure
         expected in the pipeline as per hydraulic design in the strip under observation.
         There should be drop not more than 0.5 kg / cm 2 within a period of two hours after be pressure
         has been built up by the use of suitable pumps. In case of leak anywhere in the joints; the same
         shall be repaired entirely at cost of the contractor, which shall include cost of repairs etc. The rate of
         pipe is inclusive of this cost.
         The contractor shall provide skilled and unskilled labour free of cost for Departmental check of
         the work. SPECIAL NOTES: -
    I. No pipe shall be laid when in opinion of the Engineer -in-Charge trench conditions are
    II. Pipe shall be laid in reasonably dry trenches and under no circumstances on slushy mooram
  III.    The contractor shall use the pipes after checking and testing he shall be held responsible ''or
          replacement of such pipes if already inadvertently fixed or joint.
  IV.     Before the pipes are lowered and laid in position the contractor shall see that the In ver at
          support is correct and pipes is brought to uniform grade and level. This should be checked
          with the help of dumpy level and should be got approved in advance from the Engineer in
  V.      Temporary benchmark shall be provided by the contractor at a minimum distance of every
          100 m without any claim for extra cost. The benchmarks shall be either masonry or mass
  VI. The pipes shall be laid conforming to the profile, line, level, curvature, straightness etc as per
       drawings. No variation, unless previously approved by Engineer-in-charge.
  VII. The contractor shall bear the cost of wastage, breakage in pipe and specials. The length of
       pipe and specials will be paid as per extra length in laid condition, for both fabrication and
       laying job.
  VIII.     All temporary supports made to the pipeline during laying and jointing shall be removed
           before pipeline is filled with water for hydraulic testing.
  IX    Flanged caps or plugs, casting of thrust block, the hydraulic test pump with the required
      pumping etc shall be arranged for testing purpose by the contractor at his own cost.
  X. The hydraulic test shall be made in the presence of Engineer-in-charge
  XI. When any section of a main is provided with concrete thrust blocks or anchorages, the
      pressure test shall not be made within 23 days of casting of the R.C.C. block.
3.59.1 7 VALVES

        A) Sluice valve
This shall be C.I.D.F. water work quality heavy duty with none rising spindle, inside screw and shall be
fitted with double faced gun metal wedge made in one piece and heavy to machined finishing against
securely fixed in to machined recesses in the wedge the guides and jugs shall be provide to guide the
wedge through its full travel and legs and guide shall be need with bronjd the brounde lineing provided
on guides and lugs shall be secured by counter sunk screws or reverts of none ferrous metal the clearness
between the lugs and the guides shall not exceed 2.5 mm
The size of the valve shall be as per diameter of pipe and shall be designed for rating PN-1 confirming to
IS: 780 & 2906 (latest amendment).

The material of the components shall be as under
I) Body, bonnet cover wedges, stuffing box, gloves and hand wheel grey C.I. grade FG 200 confirming to
IS: 210.
ii) Spindle as per IS: 6603 stainless steel.
iii) Wedge facing ring and body seat rings: Leaded tin bronze conforming to grade 2 of IS: 318.
iv) Nuts and Bolts: As per IS: 1363.

v) Wedge nut - High tensile brass confirming to alloy 3 of IS 320.
The valves shall be tested in the manufacturer's works shop as per relevant IS in the presence of
the inspecting Authorities of DGS&D and the representative of the department.

1)Bodytest-1.5MPa                                            2) Seat test -1.0 MPa
         The manufacturers test certificate for the material shall be provided at the time of the testing.
         Required supports to the valves in C C. shall be provided
         The valves shall be painted after testing as directed by the Engineer in charge.
         Approved makes I.V.C./I.V.I./ other ISI licensed manufacturers.

         B) Non return Valve (Reflux valve).

         This shall be C.I.D.F. single/ multi -door type free acting, quick opening, giving rapid non-slam
         closure and with low head loss Characteristic when in open position. The valve shall be generally
         designed as per IS 5312 part I. The valve shall be suitable for following working pressures and
         shall be tested at manufacturer's works as under.

Seat                        10Kg/Cm :

Body                        16Kg/Cm :

The valves shall be provided with suitable by pass arrangement with Gunmetal wheel valve?
Sluice valve.
   The valve shall be designed for PN- 1 rating and shall be of 350 mm diameter.
   The material of construction shall be as under
       I)        Body, cover door and door face c sc - Gray cast iron confirming to grade FG 2002 of IS: 210 II;
       II)       Hinges cast steel as per IS 1030
       III)      Hinge pin. door pins and door suspension pin- stainless steel as per IS 6603
       IV)       Bearing bushes, body hinges and door faces- Gun metal conforming to grade 2 of IS: 318.
                 C) Testing

   The testing of the valve shall be carried out at manufacturers work shop as per relevant BIS in the
   presence of the DGS&D authority .other approved inspecting agency.
    (a) Review of materia test certificates

   (b) Dimensional check.

   c) Body and seat tests.
      Approved makes IVC/ IVI/ other ISI licensed manufacturers

359.1.8       CLEANLINESS:
        The interior of the pipes must be carefully freed from all dust as the work proceeds, for which purpose
                               a disc plate or brush sufficiently long to pass two or more joints from the end of
                               pipe last laid shall be continuously drawn forward as the pipes are laid.
        The ends of the pipes must be securely protected during the progress of the work. The pipes laid shall
                                not be made receptacle either for tools, hookahs, cloths or of any other
                                matter during the progress of work.               PAINTING:
        All exposed surfaces of pipes, special values etc. shall have two coats of synthetic enamel paint of
                             approved shade over a coat of red oxide primer etc. all complete as per
                             approval & direction of the Engineer-in-Charge.            DISINFECTION OF PIPES & TOWER: -
         The water tower reservoir and newly laid pipes are intended for portable water supplies and should be
                                properly disinfected before commissioning them for use as per direction and
                                full satisfaction of engineer-in-charge. Cost for disinfection shall be included in
                                the cost of related items of work while quoting their rates; no additional cost
                                will be paid for it.              B.O.T. AND TRIAL RUN
         The trial run shall consist of 3 months period for total completed job of this tender for Narayanpur
                                Rural water supply scheme. The contractor shall provide a skilled Plumber /
                                supervisor along with other service staff for this duration for rectification of
                                leakage , if any

                                                                        Superinding Engineer

                                                                 D.W.& S. Deoghar circle Deoghar.
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        gksxk ,oa oSls fufonk ij fopkj ugha fd;k tk;sxk A
     20-     iwoZ esa vkoafVr dk;Z fcuk iz;kZIr dkj.k ds fu/kkZfjr le; lhek
       esa iw.kZ ugha djus okys laosnd dks dk;Z vkoaafVr ugha fd;k
     21-     fufonk ds vU; 'krZ ifjek.k foi= es layXu gksxh] tks fufonknkrk
       dks ekU; gksxkA
                                                         v/kh{k.k vfHk;ark
                                              is;ty ,oa LoPNrk nso?kj vapy]nso?kjA

1)      Name of Contractor/Firm                   :
2)      Registration as contractor, No. & Date:
        (Attested photo copy of original registration
        certificate duly signed and stamped by tenderer
        to be enclosed)
3)      Certificate of past experience of similar nature
        of work                                   :
        (Attested photo copy of experience certificate
        issued by the officer not below the rank of
        the Deptt. duly signed and stamped by tenderer
        to be enclosed                                     :
4)    Amount and shape of E.M. enclosed                :
5)    Whether income tax clearance till the last
      financial year                                   :
      (Attested photo copy duly signed and stamped
      by the tenderer to be enclosed )          :
a)    All attestation must be done by the gazetted officer :
b)_   No foreign paper other than this page and as asked in special notes
      to the tenderer should be kept in technical bid envelop.
c)    Nothing extra should be written on this page except the ones asked for :

                                                       Signature of Tenderer
                                   D.W.& S. Deoghar Circle, Deoghar
Bill of Quantity for- Supplying and Laying of D I Remaining Distribution Under Motia Rural Piped Water
Supply Scheme on TURN-KEY basis for the year 2010-11 under D.W. & S. Division, Godda.

                        Estimated Cost:-        26,40,887=00
                        Earnest Money :-        53,000=00
                        Cost of B.O.Q.:-        5000.00
                        Time of completion:-    Eight Months.

                                        Remaining Distribution Main
 S.N.                          Particulars                      Quantity    Unit        Rate         Amount
  1                                 2                              3         4           5             6
  1     E/W in excavation ( as per IS: 3114/1965)for laying
        of different types and sizes of pipes so as to give
        1.0 m (av.) cover over the socket of pipe with
        disposal of excavated earth within initial lead and
        lift as per specification and direction of E/I (For
        classification of soil item-B)                         1350.00 M³   P/ M³         44.00      59,400=00
  2     Supplying centrifugally Cast (Spun ) Ductile Iron (
        class K-7) Pressure Pipe for water supply with
        socket and spigot confirming to IS: 8329/2000 in
        standard length , for push on joints ( rubber
        gasket joint) with cement mortar lining in inside
        surface and outside zinc coating with bituminous
        coat including all other taxes, insurance, carriage
        upto work site, loading and unloading and
        stacking including inspection charges of DGS& D/
        SGS and sales tax (VATs) etc. all complete.
        100 mm dia. D I pipe                                   2500.00 M    P/M          861.12 21,52,800=00
  3     Supplying all labours, tools and tackles, lubricants
        etc. for laying and jointing D.I. pipes (class K-7) in
        trenches, supplying rubber gasket ( rubber gasket
        confirming to IS: 9523 and making gasket joint
        including providing night guard, barrier and red
        light to safe guard against accident all complete
        and laying of pipe to be done as per IS: 3114/1985
        as per design specification and direction of E/I
        a) 100 mm dia. D I pipe                                2500.00 M    P/M           38.83      97,075=00
  4     E/W in back filling in trenches after laying of
        different type and sizes of pipes with removed
        earth during excavation within initial lead and lift
        as per specification and compacting the same as
        per direction of E/I.                                  1215.00 M³   P/ M³         27.50      33,412=50
  5     Cutting & restoration the road surface with
        excavation 30 cm soiling morumm blindge 40 mm
        size metel 25 mm thick premixed bitumen, carpet
        with not mixed seal coat including compacting at
        all staged all completed job as per specification
        and direction of E/I.
             (a) Pucca Road                                     50.00 M2   P/M2        202=11    10,105=50
             (b) W.H.B. Road                                    25.00 M2   P/M2        159=65     3,991=25
6       Supplying different type of D.I. special as per
        required (Conforming to IS 1575-1976 part 1 to
        XIV) all labours, tools for laying and jointing the
        D.I. specials in trenches including supplying lead &
        yarn, pig lead confirming to ISS 6587-1927 & IS
        specification and direction of E/I including E/W in
        excavation to given one meter cover over the
        special refilling trenches, well water rammed in
        150 mm layer & testing them to a pressure of
        boring head water including supplying testing
        appliance & warear supplying, night barrier red
        light to safe grard against accident & removing         3914.00    Per Kg.      55.00   2,15,270=00
        surplus earth etc all complete job.                       Kg..

    7   Providing , erecting, connecting double flanged
        short body pattern type manually operated
        butterfly valves having body, disc and end cover in
        graded cast iron confirming to IS: 210 grade CF-
        200 ( generally confirming to BIS: 5155) synthetic
        rubber faced ring secured on disc by the retaining
        ring with stainless steel screw stub shaft of
        stainless steel riding in Teflon Bearings excluding C
        C foundation/ structural steel support confirming
        to IS: 13095/1991 sluice valve PN-1 all complete
        job as per direction of E/I
        a). 100mm dia SV,PN-1                                    2 Nos.     Each     4,271=25     8,542=50
        b) 100 mm air valve                                      1 No.      Each     3,500=00     3,500=00
        c) 100 mm Scour valve                                    1 No.      Each     4,057=00     4,057=00

8       Supplying all materials, labours, tools and
        equipment and constructing brick masonry
        chamber of 1.20m x 0.90m x1.50 m inner size
        having 25cm thick 75 A brick masonry wall in
        CM(1:6) over 150 mm PCC M-150 laid over one
        brick flat soling on 100mm local sand filling
        including 12mm thick CP(1:6) with punning of
        inner and exposed surface of brick work,
        providing RCC M-150 cover slab 100mm thick with
        20mm to 6mm graded stone chips and clean
        coarse sand of F M 2.5 to 3 including screening,
        shuttering, mixing, placing ,striking, curing taxes
        and royalty all complete as per approved design,        04 Nos.     Each     11887=10    47,548=40
        drawing and specification as per direction of E/I.

    9   Supplying labours, tools & tackles for testing of
        laid D.I. pipe up to 60 Mtr head of water all
complete as per specification and direction of E/I.
   a) 100 mm                                            2760.00 M.       P/M           2=07         5,175=00
                    Sub-Total:-                                                               26,40,887=15
                                                                            Say, Rs. 26,40,887=00

                                                         Superintending Engineer
                                                      D.W.& S. Deoghar Circle, Deoghar

                                   Schedule B & C

                                                                       Superintending Engineer
                                                                     D.W.& S. Deoghar Circle,Deoghar
                                         SCHEDULE –D

                              TO BE FILLED BY THE TENDERER
   1. I/We am/are ready to execute the work on…………………%(……………………………………percent)
      BELOW the departmental rates for each item of work as furnished by the department in
      this tender documents.

   2. I/We am/are ready to execute the work on …………… …%(……………………………….……percent)
      ABOVE the departmental rates for each item of work as furnished by the department in
      this tender documents.

   3. I/We am/are ready to execute the work on departmental rates for each item of work as
      furnished by the department in this tender documents.

                                                          Signature of the Tenderer with seal

Notes :-1. Strike out which are not applicable.
       2. Rates quoted on percent basis “ABOVE" or “BELOW" must be written in figures and
       words both where the space is provided above, failing which the tender will be outright

   1. Full Name of Tenderer( in block letter):-

   2. Full Permanent Address :-
   3. Full Local Address:-

                                                                Superintending Engineer
 Signature of Tenderer                                      D.W. & S. Deoghar Circle , Deoghar

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