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JCC Holocaust
Museum (Gr. 5)
                                                                 Politz Press
NY Holocaust         2/5           P A R S H A T B O                                               J A N U A R Y   3 0 ,   2 0 0 9
Museum (Gr. 6-                     C A N D L E L I G H T I N G      T I M E :     4 : 5 9


Annual Scholar-
ship Dinner
                           Letter from the Administration                                         SNOW CLOSING INFO
                           Dear Parents,                                                      In the event of a snow closing…
President’s Day      2/12 There are many upcoming exciting activities                  Please listen to KYW 1060AM Radio
                     3:15 planned for our Middle School students during
Play (Gr 1 & 3)                                                                        School # 3468 Camden County. Or
                          the course of the next several weeks.                                 kyw1060.com or call
SOI Social Hall
                 This weekend, the Annual Middle School Shabba-                      215-925-1060. Also, it will scroll on the
NO SCHOOL   2/13 ton will take place in Lakewood. This Shabbaton is                         bottom of Channels 3 & 6.
PRESIDENT’S &    the highlight of the Middle School years along                     WHEN SCHOOL OPENS 2 HOURS LATE,
                 with their Snowtubing Trip which will take place                       IT WILL NOW MEAN THAT ALL
                 on Wednesday, February 11th.                                         CLASSES WILL BEGIN AT 10:30 AM
                            Next Thursday, the students will travel to New                  INCLUDING NURSERY.
SAVE THE             3/1
                            York where they will tour the Holocaust Museum,         IF YOUR CHILD IS SIGNED UP FOR AM
                            have lunch at a kosher fast-food restaurant, and           DAYCARE HE/SHE MAY COME AT
Kosher Hypnotist
RONNIE BARAS                then meet with the authors of the books they             10:00 AM. PLEASE MAKE A NOTE OF
      7:00 PM               read about the Holocaust. On that same day, our         THIS INFO SINCE WE CANNOT SCROLL
 (Gr.8 Fundraiser)          5th grade students will be going to the JCC to                  ON TV ALL OF THESE DETAILS!
 FAMILY EVENT!              tour the Goodwin Holocaust Museum. These en-
                            riching educational programs have been made pos-

                           sible through a grant from the Jewish Community               Cookie Dough Sale
                           Foundation. We thank them for their generosity
                           and continuing support for Politz.                           8th grade fundraiser
•   Please help our
 school by sending in:
                           Also, our basketball team, the Pumas, will be having           Monday, Feb 2nd
                           their first home game of the season on Tuesday,
     Box Tops for          February 17th. They will be playing Politz of               Last call for all orders!
      Education            Northeast Philadelphia. The game will take place
  Jewish Press Points      at the Katz JCC at 7:00 PM. Please come out and
                           cheer our team on!
•    Scrip obligation
 for every family is                        Shabbat Shalom                                       By Reservation Only
 $3,000. Please re-             Rabbi Avraham Glustein, Head of School                           Annual School Dinner
 member to stop in              Mrs. Marilyn Roth, Gen. Studies Director
 the school office of-                                                                            Sunday, Feb. 8, 2009
 ten to purchase                                                                                        Honoring
 yours!                                                                                              Our Teachers:
•   When using your                                                                                   Mrs. Gindin
 Target charge,
                                       6 Flags 6 Hour                                                 Mrs. Moldoff
 please remember to                   Reading Program                                                  Mrs. Wohl
 credit it to Politz!
                                 Forms are due in Feb. 27th                                         Politz Parents:
•    Scholarship and                   Keep Reading!!!!                                          Hooshang & Lea Sadiky
 Library Fund dona-
 tions are always wel-                                                                            Community Leaders:
 come.                                                                                             Neal Cupersmith
                                                                                                  Maureen & Jeff Klein
                                                                                KINDERGARTEN MAKES THEIR OWN
The Pre-K mitzvah mentchen had marvelous fun                              The Kindergarten class has been busy making its own
this week learning the letter “mem”! Reviewing                            cookbook. First, each child picked what he/she wanted
                                                                          to make. Every student wrote the name of the food and
shapes, the children took a mishulash (triangle)                          drew a colorful picture of it. Then, the ingredients
and put another one upside down to form a Ma-                             were listed along with a picture for each. Lastly, each
gen David (Jewish star). Morah taught the par-                            child dictated and copied the steps necessary to make
sha story; about Moshe continuing to warn the                             their special recipe. Some of the foods were pizza,
                                                                          baked chicken, chicken soup, salad with dressing,
Melech of Mitzrayim (King Pharaoh) about
                                                                          chocolate cake with frosting, apple and cranberry muf-
three more Makkot headed his way! When the                                fins, and coffee. The children did a wonderful job and
B’nai Yisroel left Mitzrayim, the dough on their                          the recipes were so much fun to read! We are going to
shoulders having no time to bake, turned to                               put all the recipes together and send the mini-cookbook
matzah! Learning in safa all about the people in                          home so that each Kindergarten family can enjoy it.
                                                                          What a fun and interactive project for our class!
our mishapacha (family), made this week even
more magnificent!
                                                                                           SAVE THE DATE
                                                                                   Mystery, Magic, Mind-Reading
                                                                                           RONNIE BARAS
                                                                                      Sunday, March 1, 2009
   Grade 8  Popcorn Sale $1.00 every Wednesday
  Student Council Pretzel Sale $1.25 every Friday
                                                                                                 7:00 PM

                                                          Safa News
Pre – K
We are busy learning “The Family” ( abba- father, eema – mother, saba – grandfather, safta – grandmother, ach – brother, achot
– sister, tinok – baby). We also dress “people” with the clothes that we learned before such as; chultza – shirt, chatza’eet – skirt.
The students sing family songs and enjoy talking about their family using the pictures they brought from home.
Mrs. Limor Auslander
In Kindergarten we are about to complete the letter Kaf- The words we studied for the letter were: Kova – hat, kfafot – mittens,
keesay – chair, kadur – ball, kotel.
We are working on the colors: kesef – silver, kachol – blue, katom – orange.
The students enjoyed a game; throwing a kadur katom in a kachol basket.
We also sang songs that started with the letter Kaf- “Koshee kelev kat” and “ lakova sheleey shalosh pinot”. They made a hat
as an art project.
Mrs. Dana Amsili
3rd Grade
Mazal tov, We just finished our first safa book for this year. We are working on an enrichment Tal-Am booklet that reviews
vocabulary from the book.
Next week we will start a new book.
I am giving the students reading books from time to time so they can practice reading Hebrew at home.
It is a pleasure to see how the students are mastering their vocabulary and are able to speak Hebrew in class.
Shabbat Shalom
Mrs. Mali Gold

                  Parnas HaYom
   Monday, January 26, Torah Study was dedicated in
  memory of Rabbi Nathan Kaber by the Dicker Family.
Also, Monday, January 26, Torah Study was dedicated in                                 Nachat Gram Recipients
honor of Maya Mellul’s 5th birthday by her parents, Simon
     & Francine Mellul and her sisters Yael & Leah.                              Yosef Sokolin—Gr. 6—Safa
   Thursday, January 29, Torah Study was dedicated in                            Bracha Rosenberg—Gr. 8—Safa
   honor of Dr. Lee Meadvin for his Acts of Kindness by                          Yaniv Dahan—Gr. 7—Safa
                   Susan & Joel Kaber
                   Lisa & Jeremy Kaber

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