Position: Director of Technology
Reports to: President
Location: New York City, NY or Ames, IA

Company Overview

iMed Studios is a digital communications company within Publicis Healthcare Communications
Group, a division of Publicis Groupe. We provide innovative solutions to brand challenges with a
focus on health and wellness by creatively applying the most appropriate technologies. We
constantly strive to remain on the forefront of technology and innovation to continually keep our
clients ahead of the curve. We can adapt quickly because we are a nimble group with an
entrepreneurial spirit. We embrace and thrive on change, and are inspired and passionate about
how technology can change lives for the better both now and in the future.

Location: 79 Madison Ave, NY, NY or 2604 Northridge Parkway, Ames, IA

Cultural Environment

iMed Studios does not embody your typical agency culture. You won't find lots of layers of
management, bureaucracy or rigid processes slowing us down. We like to get things done quickly
and smartly. We work together to find new and better ways to do things. We adapt to change, in
fact, we thrive on change. We truly live the "work hard, play hard" ethos. Having a life outside of
work, fuels how we perform and what we create at the office, it's important to us. There is a
shared spirit of excitement about where iMed is heading next, and everyone at iMed, is pitching
in to make it happen. We're not scared to push back on each other if we don't agree, and give
thoughtful consideration to other's points of view. We can laugh at ourselves and don't take
criticism personally, but learn from it and grow. iMed is filled with passionate, energetic, smart
and fun people. Join us for an awesome ride!!!


A senior level member of the iMed team, the Director of Technology works collaboratively with
the entire agency to set the technology innovation vision and oversee all research and
development. The ideal candidate must be experienced in software development, business
development support related to technology and innovation, and leading/managing an extended
team of developers. This position provides technology leadership across multiple delivery
channels and the production operations team during project-based development. The Director of
Technology will be responsible for fostering a cutting edge software development culture by
bringing new external industry trends, best practices and talent into iMed. Internally, the Director
of Technology will be expected to lead the team of developers by partnering with project
management to manage resource allocation. In addition, this person will foster an environment
for personal innovation and individual growth through strong mentorship and cross training. This
member of the team will also partner with the Creative and Interactive/Innovation Directors to
develop state of the art programs and products that bridge technology and creative expression.
Externally, the Directory of Technology will help to develop and grow relationships with critical
development partners to supplement iMed’s internal capabilities and talent.


         Manage iMed relationship with lead IT contact from client.
         Assess client requirements and translate them into a solution architecture with
          appropriate technologies. Inject innovative ideas based on forward thinking technology
         Design and architect technology platforms (client, server, services RIA, cloud-based) to
          support key categories of iMed project work.
         Skillfully manage multiple stakeholders’ input and find creative solutions
         Ability to effectively balance advocacy on behalf of iMed and on behalf of the client.

iMed Team:
         Build and lead an extended software development team that supports iMed’s project-
          based deliverables and the “product”-based R&D efforts. Foster innovation across
          projects and between projects (i.e., downtime).
         Support iMed project managers with technology and software development guidance for
          specific projects.
         Design and architect technology solutions for iMed’s “products” based on innovation and
         Provide guidance on appropriate technology (software, hardware and web services)
          based on assessment of the client’s business and IT requirements.
         Search externally for experts to assist the team when a required form of technology is
          not internally known
         Articulate client IT strategy and objectives effectively for iMed’s cross-functional teams.
         Support Account Managers and Project Managers in developing the technology and
          development budget for specific projects.
         Support project managers with resource allocation and skillset allocation for specific
          project development needs.
         Continually offer feedback on the quality of iMed products in various points in the
          development cycle and serves as change agent when necessary.
         Conduct final review of projects to ensure the final product surpasses client expectations
          and adheres to iMed’s technology vision and standards.
         Continually innovate and foster an entrepreneurial attitude.
         Provides direction to freelancers and contractors.
         Lead the recruitment effort for the best talent in technology and innovation.


         5 years experience managing software development for commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS)
          product company, i.e. game development company, commercial web applications,
          shrinkwrap software, etc.
         2 years management or development experience with project-based, custom software
          development company.
         5 years experience working with business development team to support proposals and
          presentations to win new business.

   5 years experience with direct client interaction including IT clients. Development of
    “solution and system architectures” based on client requirements. Working knowledge of
    formal client IT processes and lifecycles is a must.
   Computer Science or Engineering Bachelor of Science degree (M.S. is preferred)
   Experience with agile software development methodologies such as Extreme
    Programming (XP), “The Pragmatic Programmer,” etc.
   Software design and architecture experience for rich internet application (RIA)
    development including Flash, Flex, and AJAX and server-side application development
    including PHP and Java required. Some experience with Python and .NET is preferred.
   Experience with open-source OS (LAMP stack) and CMS (Drupal) is preferred.
   Experience with cloud-based computing (Google App Engine, Amazon EC2) is preferred.
   Experience with mobile development (Blackberry, Android, iPhone) is preferred.
   Experience working with information architecture, user experience and visual design
    teams and methodologies.
   Proven personal methodology for driving innovation in a digital agency.


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