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									               Integrating Basic Science into the Art of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

      SECOND    26-29 August 2009
ANNOUNCEMENT    Marina Mandarin Singapore
                Organized by    Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society of Singapore
                            Key Partners in Education                                              as of May 2009

                            The 7th Singapore International Congress of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Organizing
                            Committee gratefully acknowledges our key partners in education. It is through their support and
                            assistance that we are able to further our goal of advancing obstetrics and gynaecology

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Key Partners in Education

                                                           ProHealth Pte Ltd
                                                      Eshcol Pharmaceutical Group

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Chairman’s Message
Greetings from Singapore!

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to participate in the 7 th Singapore
International Congress of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. This Congress is now
into its 7th Biennial Meeting and has grown from its infancy to become the
premier regional congress in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology. At our last
congress, we attracted an attendance of more than 400 participants coming
from more than 30 countries and 5 continents. We hope to expand this year’s
Congress even further and endeavour to put forth a well balanced programme
that will cater to the generalist and sub-specialist alike.

The theme for the 7th Singapore International Congress of Obstetrics and
Gynaecology is “Integrating Basic Science into the Art of Obstetrics and
Gynaecology”. The practice of clinical medicine no doubt is an art, but this must
be developed with a good understanding of the sciences that are involved and
are evolving.

This year’s congress will feature pre-congress workshops in many areas such
as labour ward emergencies, ultrasound, urogynaecology, laparoscopy,
hysteroscopy, colposcopy, surgical anatomy and so on. The main congress
itself will encompass many of the latest updates in the areas of maternal fetal
medicine, urogynaecology, oncology, infertility, endocrinology, anti-aging and
many more areas.

As for our sunny island of Singapore, few need any further introduction. Besides
being known as a shoppers’ paradise and famed for her hospitality, we promise
an international choice of food cuisine and a host of attractions in Singapore as
well as around the region.

It will be a great chance for us to make new friends, network, catch up with old
friends as well as soak up the tropical atmosphere of this vibrant city. We look
forward to seeing you in August 2009.

Yours sincerely,
                                                                                    Chairman’s Message

                   Dr Yoke-Fai Fong                          Dr Tony Tan
                   Chairman                                  Vice Chairman
                   7th SICOG                                 7th SICOG

                                Congress Organizing Committee
                                Dr Yoke Fai FONG                        Chairman, National University Hospital
                                Dr Tony TAN                             Vice-Chairman, Raffles Hospital
                                Dr Suan Tiong BEH                       Advisor, Thomson Medical Centre
                                Dr Suresh NAIR                          Advisor, Mt Elizabeth Medical Centre
                                Dr Horng Yen WEE                        Treasurer, KK Women‟s & Children‟s Hospital
                                Dr Pin Soon CHUNG                       Assistant Treasurer, KK Women‟s & Children‟s Hospital
                                Dr Christopher CHONG                    Trade & Exhibition, Gleneagles Medical Centre
                                Dr Keen Whye LEE                        Trade & Exhibition, Gleneagles Medical Centre
                                Dr Janice CHIN                          Publication & Design, KK Women‟s & Children‟s Hospital
                                Dr Arthur TSENG                         Registration, KK Women‟s & Children‟s Hospital
                                Dr Christopher NG                       Social, Camden Medical Centre
                                Dr Siak Meng GOH                        Social, KK Women‟s & Children‟s Hospital
                                Ms Salbia IBRAHIM                       Secretariat, Obstetrical & Gynaecological Society of Singapore

                                Scientific Committee
                                Dr Anupryia AGARWAL                     National University Hospital
                                Dr Arijit BISWAS                        National University Hospital
                                Dr Yin Nin CHIA                         KK Women‟s & Children‟s Hospital
                                Dr Christopher CHONG                    Gleneagles Medical Centre
                                Dr Mahesh CHOOLANI                      National University Hospital
                                Dr Kah Kiong CHOW                       Raffles Hospital
                                Dr Yoke Fai FONG                        National University Hospital
                                Ms Siew Ngoh JUAY                       KK Women‟s & Children‟s Hospital
                                Dr Devendra KANAGALINGAM                Singapore General Hospital
                                Dr Chong Kiat KHOO                      KK Women‟s & Children‟s Hospital
                                Dr James LEE                            National University Hospital
                                Dr Keen Whye LEE                        Gleneagles Medical Centre
Congress Organizing Committee

                                Dr Sheila LOH                           Raffles Hospital
                                Dr Jeffrey LOW                          National University Hospital
                                Dr Suresh NAIR                          Mt Elizabeth Medical Centre
                                Dr Joseph NG                            National University Hospital
                                Dr Roy NG                               Mt Elizabeth Medical Centre
                                Ms Theresa NG                           KK Women‟s & Children‟s Hospital
                                Dr Swee Chong QUEK                      KK Women‟s & Children‟s Hospital
                                Dr Anthony SIOW                         KK Women‟s & Children‟s Hospital
                                Dr Lay Kok TAN                          Singapore General Hospital
Scientific Committee

                                Dr Tony TAN                             Raffles Hospital
                                Dr Arthur TSENG                         KK Women‟s & Children‟s Hospital
                                Dr Lisa WONG                            Singapore General Hospital

                                Organized by
                                Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society of Singapore
                                Unit 8K38, Women‟s Tower Level 8, KK Women‟s & Children‟s Hospital,100 Bukit Timah Road,
                                Singapore 229899
                                Tel: (65) 62951383 Fax: (65) 62991969 Email:

Australia                                                 Alex OOI - Mount Elizabeth Hospital
Anne CLARK - Fertility First                              Lydia SEOW - Nanyang Polytechnic
Lorraine DENNERSTEIN - University of Melbourne            Germac SHEN - KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital
Nicholas FISK - University of Queensland                  Anthony SIOW - KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital
Ian HAMMOND - University of Western Australia             Yong Peng SWEE - Parkway Shenton Singapore
Mark KIRKLAND - University of Melbourne                   Jackie TAN - Tan Tock Seng Hospital
Jiwan SINGH – SurgiTools                                  Ju Le TAN - Singapore General Hospital
                                                          Lay Kok TAN - Singapore General Hospital
Canada                                                    Tony TAN - Raffles Hospital
Gail Erlick ROBINSON - Toronto General Hospital           Yew-Ghee TAN - Raffles Hospital
                                                          Arthur TSENG - KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital
France                                                    Sheila VASOO - National University Hospital
Antoine WATRELOT - Centre de Recheche et d' Etude de la   George YEO - KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital
Stérilité                                                 Eu Leong YONG - National University Hospital
                                                          Su Ling YU - Singapore General Hospital
Germany                                                   THILAGAMANGAI - KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital
Rudy Leon DE WILDE - Pius Hospital
India                                                     Sinuhue HAHN - University of Basel
Kurian JOSEPH - Joseph Nursing Home
Shailesh PUNTEMBEKAR - Galaxy Laparoscopy Institute       The Netherlands
                                                          Julien DONY - Dutch Navy Hospital "Gemini"
Japan                                                     Nick MACKLON - University Medical Centre Utrecht
Yuji MURATA - Osaka University                            Peter VAN DER WEIJER - Gelre Teaching Hospital

Malaysia                                                  USA
T P BASKARAN - Hospital Kuala Lumpur                      Arnold ADVINCULA - University of Michigan
                                                          John DELANCEY - University of Michigan Medical School
Philippines                                               Gregory FOSSUM - Jefferson Center for Women's Medical
Walfrido W. SUMPAICO - Manila Central University          Specs - Reproductive Endocrinology
                                                          Charles KOH - Columbia St Mary’s
Singapore                                                 Gregory MAINE - Abbott Diagnostic Division
Pratibha AGARWAL - KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital     Anita NELSON - David Geffen School of Medicine
Arijit BISWAS - National University Hospital              Presidents of Regional Societies / Colleges
Kenneth CHANG - KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital        Sayeba AKHTER
Jing Jye CHEE - KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital        - Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society of Bangladesh
Helen CHEN - KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital           Lourdes BLANCO-CAPITO
                                                          - Philippine Obstetrical & Gynaecological Society
Samuel CHONG - National University Hospital
                                                          Malik GOONEWARDENE
Yap Seng CHONG - National University Hospital             - Sri Lanka College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists
Mahesh CHOOLANI - National University Hospital            Pak Chung HO
Sebastian CHUA - Singapore General Hospital               - Asia & Oceanic Federation of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Natalie Ann EPTON - KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital    Suwachai INTARAPRASERT
Choo Beng GOH - GlaxoSmithKline                           - The Royal Thai College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

Fang HUANG - KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital           Siu Keung LAM
                                                          - Obstetrical & Gynaecological Society of Hong Kong
Devendra KANAGALINGAM - Singapore General Hospital
                                                          Nguyen Thi Ngoc PHUONG
Wee KANG - KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital             - Ho Chi Minh City Society for Reproductive Medicine
Serena KOH - Ministry of Health                           C N PURANDARE
Asok KURUP - Singapore General Hospital                   - The Federation of Obstetrics & Gynaecological Societies of India
Angeline LAI - KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital         Shershah SYED
                                                          - Society of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists of Pakistan
Fon Min LAI - Camden Medical Centre

Lai Heng LEE - Singapore General Hospital                 Edward WEAVER
                                                          - Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and
Bing LIM - Institute of Medical Biology                   Gynaecologists
Diana LIM - National University Hospital                  Noroyono WIBOWO
Sheila LOH - Raffles Hospital                             - Indonesian Society of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

                Main Congress                                   For updates on programme, please visit

                                                            26 August, Wednesday
                                                       Opening Ceremony & Inaugural Lecture
                                                              Sponsored by: Genzyme Singapore

                1900                       “The Importance of Having an Evidence-Based Adhesion Prevention Strategy”
                                                                          Gregory FOSSUM, USA

                                                             27 August, Thursday
                0900                Symposium 1 : Fetal Screening                                          Symposium 2 : Oncology
                       First Trimester Screening – What‟s the Latest?                   Getting it Right (And Wrong) in Gynaecologic
                       Tony TAN - Singapore                                             Oncology
                                                                                        Ian HAMMOND - Australia

                       The New 20-Week Scan                                             Routine Laparoscopic Radical Hysterectomy : Pune
                       Fon Min LAI - Singapore                                          Technique
                                                                                        Shailesh PUNTEMBEKAR - India

                       Screening for Genetic Syndromes                                  PANEL SESSION
                       Angeline LAI - Singapore                                         What Pathologists REALLY Want : Minimum Tissue
                       Fetal Screening in 2020                                          Requirements for the Reliable Histopathological
                       George YEO - Singapore                                           Diagnosis of Gynaecological Malignancy
                                                                                        Sung Hock CHEW - Singapore
                       Q&A                                                              Soo Kim LIM-TAN - Singapore
                                                                                        Ian HAMMOND - Australia
                                                                                        Diana LIM - Singapore
                                                                                        Shailesh PUNTEMBEKAR - India

                1030                                                          Tea Break
                1100                                             Keynote Lecture 1 : Obstetrics
                                        How the Pharmaceutical Industry Has Failed Obstetrics – Past, Present And Future
                                                                         Nicholas FISK - Australia

                1200                                                   Lunch Symposium 1
                                                                  Sponsored by : Bayer (South East Asia)

                1400               Symposium 3 :                          Symposium 4 :                                Minimally Invasive Surgery
                                 Prenatal Diagnosis                   Genetics in Reproduction                            Video Master-Class
                       Same-Day Prenatal Diagnosis               Pre-Conception Genetic                           Experts will showcase their surgical videos
                                                                                                                                 in this session
                       Mahesh CHOOLANI - Singapore               Screening of Oocytes and
                                                                 Embryos – Results and
                                                                 E P BALAJI - Singapore

                       Non-Invasive Prenatal Diagnosis           Pre-Implantation Genetic
                       – Are We Getting Closer?                  Diagnosis – Studying all
                       Sinuhue HAHN - Switzerland                Chromosomes – Is More Better?
                                                                 Samuel CHONG- Singapore

                       Intrauterine Therapy for Genetic          ICSI Babies - Fetal Anomalies
Main Congress

                       Disease – The Last Frontier               and Neurodevelopmental Issues
                       Nicholas FISK - Australia                 Pratibha AGARWAL - Singapore

                       Q&A                                       Stem Cell Research and
                                                                 Preserving Ovarian Function
                                                                 Bing LIM - Singapore

                1530                                                          Tea Break

                                        27 August, Thursday (continued)
1600            Symposium 5 : Multiple Pregnancies                                Symposium 6 : Minimally Invasive Surgery
       Multiple Pregnancies – Understanding Clinical                       Fertiloscopy in Gynaecological Practice
       Presentations From Placental Studies                                Antoine WATRELOT- France
       Tony TAN - Singapore

       Surveillance of Multiple Pregnancies                                Robotic Surgery is Better for the Surgeon and the
       T P BASKARAN - Malaysia                                             Patient
                                                                           Arnold ADVINCULA- USA

       Management of Higher Order Multiple                                 Single Port Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
       Pregnancies                                                         Shailesh PUNTEMBEKAR- India
       Arijit BISWAS - Singapore

       Complications from Multiple Pregnancies – A                         Q&A
       Thing of the Past?
       Nicholas FISK - Australia

1730                                                                   End
1830                                                      GP Dinner Symposium
                                                       Sponsored by : Bayer (South East Asia)

                                                    28 August, Friday
0900                Symposium 7 :                              Symposium 8 :                                  Symposium 9 :
                     Miscarriage                            A New Look at Ovarian                         Infections in Pregnancy
       Genetics in Miscarriages                      Principles of Infertility Treatment              Congenital CMV Infections-
       Sinuhue HAHN - Switzerland                    of Obese Women                                   Experience in Singapore
                                                     Anne CLARK - Australia                           Natalie Ann EPTON - Singapore

       New Thoughts on the                           GnRH Antagonists : Role in                       New Developments in the
       Management of Recurrent                       Superovulation and Intrauterine                  Diagnosis and Experimental
       Miscarriages                                  Insemination                                     Treatment of CMV Infection in
       Mahesh CHOOLANI - Singapore                   Sheila LOH – Singapore                           Pregnant Women
                                                                                                      Gregory MAINE – USA

       Placental and Trophoblast                     Critical Evaluation of Role of LH                HIV Infection in Pregnancy
       Damage in Recurrent                           Supplementation in Ovarian                       Asok KURUP - Singapore

       Miscarriages                                  Stimulation
       Kenneth CHANG - Singapore                     Nick MACKLON - The Netherlands

       What if a Woman Starts Bleeding               Ovarian Stimulation for the Poor                 Q&A
       in Early Pregnancy?                           Responders
       Peter VAN DER WEIJER - The Netherlands        Anne CLARK - Australia

       Q&A                                           Q&A
                                                                                                                                      Main Congress

1030                                                               Tea Break
1100                                            Keynote Lecture 2 : Reproductive Medicine
                                                From Gamete To Heartbeat : ART in 2020
                                                         Nick MACKLON - The Netherlands

1200                                                        Lunch Symposium 2
                                                           Sponsored by: Danone Dumex

                                                            28 August, Friday (continued)
                1400            Symposium 10 :                               Symposium 11 :                        Symposium 12 :
                              Obstetrics Medicine 1                        Free Paper Session                  Presidents‟ Round-Table
                                                                                                                      Session 1
                       Pregnancy in Women with                    3 of the best abstracts in Obstetrics,   Role of Nutrition in the
                                                                  Gynaecology and Basic Sciences will be
                       Congenital Heart Diseases                  selected for this session                Prevention of Preeclampsia
                       Ju Le TAN - Singapore                                                               Noroyono WIBOWO - Indonesia Society of
                                                                                                           Obstetrics & Gynaecology

                       Thromboprophylaxis in                                                               Violence Against Women In
                       Pregnancy                                                                           Pakistan - From Murder,
                       Lai Heng LEE - Singapore                                                            Maternal Death to Vesico
                                                                                                           Vaginal Fistulae
                                                                                                           Shershah SYED - Society of Obstetricians
                                                                                                           & Gynaecologists of Pakistan

                       Should We Screen for Thyroid                                                        Perimortem Caesarean
                       Disease in Pregnancy?                                                               Section
                       Walfrido W. SUMPAICO - Philippines                                                  Siu Keung LAM - Obstetrical &
                                                                                                           Gynaecological Society of Hong Kong

                       Use of Oral Hypoglycemics in                                                        Management of Breech
                       Pregnancies                                                                         Presentation at Term
                       Jackie TAN - Singapore                                                              Malik GOONEWARDENE - Sri Lanka
                                                                                                           College of Obstetricians and
                       Q&A                                                                                 Gynaecologists

                1530                                                           Tea Break
                1600            Symposium 13 :                             Symposium 14 :                         Symposium 15 :
                              Obstetrics Medicine 2                     General Gynaecology 1                    AOFOG Symposium
                       Thrombophilia and Adverse                  The Lead to Drug Discovery :             Medical Abortions
                       Pregnancy Outcomes                         Unravelling the Mystery of TCM           Pak Chung HO - Hong Kong
                       Lay Kok TAN - Singapore                    Scientifically
                                                                  Eu Leong YONG – Singapore

                       SLE and Other Rheumatological              TCM and Gynaecology                      Updates on the 2008
                       Conditions                                 Yong Peng SWEE - Singapore               Electronic Fetal Monitoring
                       Sheila VASOO - Singapore                                                            Guidelines
                                                                                                           Yuji MURATA - Japan

                       Intensive Care Obstetrics                  Fibroids - We are Not Short of           Angiogenic Markers in
                       Sebastian CHUA - Singapore                 Modalities, So Why is it Still a         Pre-eclampsia
                                                                  Problem?                                 Walfrido W. SUMPAICO - Philippines
                                                                  Arnold ADVINCULA - USA

                       Q&A                                        Mirena in the Treatment of               Q&A
                                                                  Wee KANG - Singapore

Main Congress

                1730                                                                End
                1830                                                          Gala Dinner

                                                   29 August, Saturday
0800                                                                                                 Symposium 18 :
                                                                                                 Presidents‟ Round-Table
0900              Symposium 16 :                               Symposium 17 :                           Session 2
                Labour Management                        Fetal Programming and Stem
       Crash Caesarean Section in                     The Future of Cellular Therapies       Teenage Pregnancy and
       Private Practice                               Using Umbilical Cord Blood             Preventing Unsafe Abortion in
       Yew-Ghee TAN - Singapore                       Mark KIRKLAND - Australia              Thailand
                                                                                             Suwachai INTARAPRASERT - The Royal
                                                                                             Thai College of Obstetricians and

       Classical Caesarean Section in                 Developmental Pathways to              Fistula Programme in
       Modern Obstetrics                              Metabolic Disease                      Bangladesh
       Devendra KANAGALINGAM – Singapore              Yap Seng CHONG - Singapore             Sayeba AKHTER - Obstetrical &
                                                                                             Gynaecological Society of Bangladesh

       Management of Placenta Accreta                                                        Training the Next Generation
       Jing Jye CHEE - Singapore                                                             of Obstetricians and
                                                                                             Gynaecologists: What are the
                                                                                             Edward WEAVER - Royal Australian and
                                                                                             New Zealand College of Obstetricians and

       The Natural Caesarean Section                                                         Management of Gestational
       Nicholas FISK - Australia                                                             Trophoblastic Neoplasia in the
                                                                                             Lourdes BLANCO-CAPITO - Philippines
                                                                                             Obstetrics & Gynaecological Society, INC

       Q&A                                                                                   Hysterectomy : Why Vaginal?
                                                                                             C N PURANDARE - The Federation of
                                                                                             Obstetric & Gynaecological Societies of

1030                                                               Tea Break
1100                                                 Keynote Lecture 3 : Gynaecology
                       New Discoveries in Pelvic Organ Prolapse – Imaging, Modeling, Insight and Change
                                                              John DELANCEY – USA

1200                                                        Lunch Symposium 3
                                                           Sponsored by: GlaxoSmithKline

                                     Effective Cervical Cancer Prevention : Strategies for Consideration
                                   HPV Vaccination Controversies : Separating the Woods from the Trees
                                                            Choo Beng GOH - Singapore
                                                                                                                                        Main Congress

                                                      29 August, Saturday (continued)
                1400              Symposium 19 :                         Symposium 20 :               Nursing Symposium 1
                                 Pre-Term Delivery                       Urogynaecology
                       Placental Pathology and Pre-           What Causes SUI and Why Do         Perinatal Mental Health –
                       Term Labour                            Our Operations Sometimes Fail      When Mind and Body Interact
                       Kenneth CHANG – Singapore              John DELANCEY - USA                at the Beginning of Life
                                                                                                 Helen CHEN - Singapore

                       Timing the Use of Corticosteroids      Anatomy of the Pelvis and How it   The Efficacy of Vaginal Dilator
                       in Threatened Pre-Term Labour          Influences Current Approaches to   with Douching Versus Dilator
                       Lay Kok TAN - Singapore                Urogynaecology and Pelvic          Alone in Preventing Radiation
                                                              Reconstructive Surgery             Therapy-Induced Vaginal
                                                              John DELANCEY – USA                Adhesion and Stenosis for
                                                                                                 Patients Undergoing Pelvic
                                                                                                 and Vaginal Radiation
                                                                                                 Huang FANG - Singapore

                       Role of Cervical Cerclage in           Overactive Bladder Syndrome –      Risk Assessment, an
                       Preventing Pre-Term Delivery           the Need for a Holistic Approach   Imperfect Science
                       Devendra KANAGALINGAM – Singapore      to Management                      Lydia SEOW - Singapore
                                                              Arthur TSENG - Singapore

                       Q&A                                    Ins and Outs of Hands-On           Q&A
                                                              Training of Porcine Anal
                                                              Sphincter Repair in The
                                                              Julien DONY - The Netherlands

                1530                                                       Tea Break
                1600           Symposium 21 :                          Symposium 22 :                 Nursing Symposium 2
                          Minimally Invasive Surgery 2              General Gynaecology 2
                       Endometriosis – The Challenge          Women‟s Mental Health and the      Holistic Care in Labouring
                       in Surgical Treatment,                 Impact on the Patient-             Women
                       Recurrence and Avoidance of            Gynaecologist Relationship         THILAGAMANGAI - Singapore

                       Surgical Castration                    Gail Erlick ROBINSON - Canada
                       Anthony SIOW - Singapore

                       Fertility Sparing Surgery in           Hormone Replacement Therapy        Water Birth, a Choice for
                       Endometriosis and Malignancy           – Interpreting the WHI and         Labouring Women?
                       Charles KOH - USA                      Getting Back on Track              Germac SHEN - Singapore
                                                              Su Ling YU - Singapore

                       Minimally-Invasive Surgery and         The Effectiveness and Risks of     Translating Evidence into the
                       Adhesions - A European                 Liposuction : A Gynaecologist‟s    Art of O&G Nursing
                       Rudy Leon DE WILDE - Germany           Experience                         Serena KOH - Singapore
                                                              Alex OOI - Singapore
Main Congress

                       A Medico-Legal Odyssey – A             New Biomarker for Stratification   Q&A
                       Survivor Speaks                        of Pelvic Mass Patient in a
                       Jiwan SINGH - Australia                Gynaecology Setting
                       Q&A                                    Q&A
                1730                                                           End

     Pre Congress Workshops
     For workshop details, please visit

                                 The 5th Anatomy of Complications Workshop
Dates :      22 & 23 August 2009,                Course description
             Saturday & Sunday                   The main objective of the workshop is to develop skills and improve
                                                 surgical practice. This is an intensive practical surgical procedure
Venue :      National University Hospital,       workshop. Participants will acquire a new range of surgical solutions. The
             Advanced Surgical Training Center   intention is not to teach gynaecologists how to perform bowel, urological or
             (ASTC)                              vascular surgery but to develop a better understanding of the surgical
Duration :                                       principles, approach and techniques relevant to bowel, urological and
             0800hrs – 1800hr
                                                 vascular repair. Please note that the workshop program is demanding.
Course       S$1500                              There will be 6 facilitators at each session and 12 participants. Participants
Fees :                                           will work in pairs and these „pairings‟ are rotated at each session to allow
Course                                           for maximal interaction. The program has been structured in a graduated
             Jeffery LOW - Singapore
Directors:                                       fashion starting with clinically relevant surgical anatomy, moving to surgical
                                                 procedures and then further practice of procedures in the animal
Faculty :    Ian HAMMOND - Australia             laboratory. The final session allows for a stimulating interaction between
             Paul MCMENAMIN - Australia          the participants and faculty that helps us all to understand how best to
             Jeffery LOW - Singapore             manage and avoid the complications which occur as part of our routine
                                                 practice in obstetrics and gynaecology. For more information on the
                                                 workshop, log on to

                                                 Who should attend
                                                  O&G, Urology, General Surgery and Colorectal Trainees (Year 4
                                                  Obstetricians & Gynaecologists
                                                 ���� pelvic surgeons looking to develop skills and improve surgical practice

                                                 *Limited to 12 participants only

                       Gynaecologic Robotic and Laparoscopy Workshops 1 & 2
Dates :      25 & 26 August 2009,                Course description
             Tuesday & Wednesday                 This is a two-day course offering the latest update in the rapidly evolving
                                                 field of minimally invasive surgery in gynaecology. Robotic-assisted surgery
Venue :      National University Hospital,       is the latest technological advancement in this field and its rapid uptake
             Advanced Surgical Training Center   leaves little doubt that this is the way forward for the future. The course
             (ASTC)                              aims to familiarise participants with the indications, setup, application and
Duration :                                       use of robotic surgery. At the same time, there is a need to maintain
             0800hrs – 1700hrs
                                                 laparoscopic skills as it will still be the main form of minimally invasive
Course       S$250 (25 Aug 09, Lectures + Live   surgery for many years to come. The course will focus on two common MIS
Fees :
                                                                                                                                  Pre Congress Workshops
                    Surgery)                     procedures, namely hysterectomy and myomectomy. The course is
             S$750 (25 & 26 Aug 09, Lectures,    suitable for clinicians with mid to advanced skill levels in MIS.
                    Live Surgery & Hands-on*)
                                                 Course objectives
Course       Yoke-Fai FONG - Singapore           1) Introduce and familiarise participants with setup and use of robotic
             Anthony SIOW - Singapore            surgery
                                                 2) Demonstrate the use of the Da Vinci robot for gynaecologic surgery
Faculty :    Arnold ADVINCULA - USA              3) Introduce use of new energy sources for laparoscopic surgery
             Suan-Tiong BEH - Singapore          4) Familiarize participants with laparoscopic suturing techniques
             Bernard CHERN - Singapore           5) Avoidance of complications and complication management
             Yoke-Fai FONG - Singapore
             Charles KOH - USA                   Who should attend
             Keen-Whye LEE - Singapore           Specialists keen to improve advanced laparoscopic skills/ learn about
             Davide LOMANTO - Singapore          robotic surgery.
             Joseph NG - Singapore
             Shailesh PUNTAMBEKAR - India        *Limited to 20 participants only
             Kai-Yin SEETHO - Singapore
             Anthony SIOW - Singapore

                                                      Hands-On Sow Anal Sphincter Repair Workshop
                         Dates :      25 August 2009, Tuesday            Course description
                                                                         Anal sphincter trauma occurring during parturition is a distressing, yet
                         Venue :      National University Hospital,      relatively common problem facing all obstetricians and gynaecologists with
                                      O&G Department Conference Room     a healthy obstetric load. The consequence of a poorly repaired anal
                                      (Basement) & StarLab               sphincter is a cause for acute embarrassment to the patient, when she is
                         Duration :                                      unable to prevent the release of flatus. It is particularly distressing when the
                                      0830hrs - 1230hrs
                                                                         patient is unable to control liquid or solid faecal soiling. To the obstetrician,
                         Course       S$350                              this represents a serious complication, with possible medicolegal
                         Fees :                                          implications.
                         Course                                          The hands-on sphincter repair workshop aims to address the needs of the
                                      Roy NG - Singapore
                         Directors:                                      specialist who is keen to have first-hand knowledge and technical
                                      Arthur TSENG - Singapore
                                                                         experience in restoring the damaged anal sphincter;
                         Faculty :    Julien DONY - The Netherlands      allowing the best chance for an uneventful recovery from obstetric-related
                                      Roy NG - Singapore                 trauma, and optimizing the chances for anal sphincter continence.
                                      Arthur TSENG - Singapore
                                                                         Who should attend
                                                                         Specialists/ trainees keen to undertake the surgical repair and restoration of
                                                                         the pelvic floor.

                                                                         *Limited to 20 participants only

                                                      Stress Urinary Incontinence Surgical Workshop –
                                                    Including Urodynamics & Painful Bladder Syndrome
                         Dates :      25 August 2009, Tuesday            Course description
                                                                         Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) is a common and distressing condition
                         Venue :      National University Hospital,      experienced by at least 10% of women; especially ladies who have
                                      O&G Conference Room (Level 6)      previously delivered children per vaginally. This lecture series intends to
                         Duration :                                      impart to specialists interested in the investigative modalities used to
                                      1400hrs - 1700hrs
                                                                         diagnose SUI, the various traditional and modern methods of incontinence
                         Course       S$120                              surgery; and the latest surgical improvements on existing surgical devices,
                         Fees :                                          and their success rates and complication rates. The last lecture is on
                         Course                                          Painful Bladder Syndrome (PBS), an uncommon, but difficult medical
                                      Roy NG - Singapore
                         Directors:                                      condition to diagnose and manage. The talk will discuss the various
                                      Arthur TSENG - Singapore
                                                                         different investigative and treatment modalities urogynaecologists currently
                         Faculty :    Christopher CHONG - Singapore      have up our sleeves. It will prove to be an interesting and eye-opening
                                      Hong Liang CHUA - Singapore        experience.
                                      Lih Charn LEE - Singapore
Pre Congress Workshops

                                      James LEE - Singapore              Who should attend
                                      Roy NG - Singapore                 Specialists/ trainees/ nurses who are keen to learn about the surgical and
                                      Poh Kok TAN - Singapore            medical management of stress urinary incontinence.
                                      William HAN - Singapore
                                      Arthur TSENG - Singapore

                                                          Understanding the Role of LH: Myths and Facts
                                                                  (Presented by Merck Serono)
                         Dates :      26 August 2009, Wednesday          Course Objective
                                                                         The aim of the workshop will be to understand the role of LH in follicular
                         Venue :      Marina Mandarin Hotel Singapore    growth in the natural cycle and in ovulation induction as well as to define
                         Duration :                                      the situations and target groups of patients that will need LH
                                      0900hrs - 1230hrs
                                                                         supplementation during their ovulation induction.
                         Course       S$120
                         Fees :                                          Who should attend
                         Course                                          Clinicians and scientists involved in reproduction or in ovarian function will
                                      Sheila LOH - Singapore
                         Directors:                                      benefit from the symposium
                         Faculty :    Anne CLARK - Australia
                                      PC WONG - Singapore

                      Embryo Transfer Workshop : Optimising IVF Success Rates
                                  (Presented by Schering Plough)
Dates :      26 August 2009, Wednesday            Course Objective
                                                  The outcome of an ART cycle is highly dependant on various factors such
Venue :      Marina Mandarin Hotel Singapore      as patients‟ profile, the performance of the laboratories, ovarian stimulation
Duration :                                        protocols and embryo transfers. This workshop aims to review and
             1400hrs - 1700hrs
                                                  examine the various important factors and techniques pertaining to embryo
Course       S$120                                transfers that can contribute to an improved outcome as desired. A panel
Fees :                                            discussion will follow to engage both delegates and speakers in the
Course                                            contentious issues surrounding this area.
             Sheila LOH - Singapore
                                                  Who should attend
Faculty :    Suresh KATTERA - Singapore           Clinicians and embryologists in the field of Reproductive Medicine.
             Seong Feei LOH - Singapore
             Nick MACKLON - The Netherlands

                                           Multiple Pregnancy Workshop
Dates :      26 August 2009, Wednesday            Course Description
                                                  This is a very comprehensive and advanced course on the clinical
Venue :      Raffles Hospital, Learning Centre    management of multiple
Duration :                                        pregnancies. It consists of a series of short lectures on a wide variety of
             0730hrs – 1700hrs
                                                  current issues on this topic by top specialists in this field.
Course       S$200
Fees :                                            Course Objectives
Course                                            The primary objective is to update clinicians with the current issues in the
             Tony TAN - Singapore
Directors:                                        management of multiple pregnancies. The secondary objective is to allow
                                                  clinicians to understand advanced and complex issues in this field.
Faculty :    Nicholas FISK - Australia
             T P BASKARAN - Malaysia              Who should attend
             Tony TAN - Singapore                 Fetal Medicine Specialists, Fertility Specialists and General Obstetricians
             Seong Feei LOH - Singapore           who look after multiple
             Veronica TOH - Singapore             pregnancies, O & G Trainees and Nurses.
             Clarice HONG - Singapore
             Kamdar NEHAL - Singapore

                                                 HPV Workshop
Dates :      26 August 2009, Wednesday            Who should attend?
                                                                                                                                   Pre Congress Workshops
                                                  Practising colposcopists who wish to refresh their recognition and
Venue :      KK Women‟s & Children‟s Hospital,    management skills. This will be an intensive one day workshop with video &
             Lecture Theatre                      still image recognition exercises, interactive case discussions and lectures
Duration :                                        on difficult management issues.
             0830hrs – 1600hrs
Course       S$120                                *Limited to 40 participants only
Fees :

Course       Swee Chong QUEK - Singapore

Faculty :    Ian HAMMOND - Australia
             Swee Chong QUEK - Singapore

                          Post Congress Workshops
                          For workshop details, please visit

                                                                 Aesthetics in Gynaecology Workshop
                           Dates :      30 August 2009, Sunday              Course Description
                                                                            This is a comprehensive course dedicated to the teaching of aesthetic
                           Venue :      Marina Mandarin Hotel Singapore     medical science as well as approved aesthetic techniques and procedures.
                           Duration :                                       It consists of a series of lectures pertinent to the practice of aesthetic
                                        0800hrs - 1300hrs
                                                                            medicine in gynaecological practice by top specialists in this field.
                           Course       S$120
                           Fees :                                           Course Objectives
                           Course                                           1) The primary objective is to introduce and update gynaecologists on the
                                        Christopher NG - Singapore
                           Directors:                                       current as well as the latest effective aesthetic treatments to enhance our
                                        Chris CHONG - Singapore
                                                                            patient's well being.
                           Faculty :    Khek Kah CHEW - Singapore           2) The secondary objective is to allow clinicians to understand how to
                                        Chee Leok GOH - Singapore           incorporate these procedures into their practice.
                                        Kok Leong TAN - Singapore
                                        Nicola ZERBINATI - Italy            Who should attend
                                                                            Obstetricians & Gynaecologists who are currently practicing and wish to
                                                                            improve on their aesthetic techniques or those who wish t introduce
                                                                            aesthetics services into their practice.

                                                         Second Trimester Obstetric Scan – Tips & Tricks
                           Dates :      30 August 2009, Sunday              Course description
                                                                            Obstetric practice has been revolutionised by the advancement of
                           Venue :      National University of Singapore,   ultrasound techniques.
                                        CRC Auditorium                      Ultrasonography in the second trimester (18-22 weeks) remains the
                           Duration :                                       principle diagnostic tool in the prenatal detection of congenital
                                        0800hrs - 1230hrs (Lectures Only)
                                                                            abnormalities. It allows a complete assessment of the external and internal
                                        1330hrs - 1730hrs (Hands-on)
                                                                            anatomy of the fetus and the detection of not only major defects but also of
                           Course       S$200 (Lectures only)               subtle markers of chromosomal abnormalities and genetic syndromes. All
                           Fees :                                           obstetricians and sonographers who perform obstetric ultrasound scans
                                        S$400 (Lectures & Hands-on)
                                                                            should be able to do an adequate and systematic survey of the fetus in the
                           Course       Arijit BISWAS - Singapore           second trimester. This one-day course will have a morning session
                                        Mahesh CHOOLANI - Singapore         consisting of talks discussing the various aspects of a good second
                                                                            trimester scan. This will be followed by an afternoon session of
                           Faculty :    Arijit BISWAS - Singapore           demonstration and hands-on experience (for enrolled participants) of doing
                                        Simon MEAGHER - Australia           a proper second trimester scan.
                                        Eng Kien TAN - Singapore
                                        Yee Chee WONG - Singapore           Course objectives
                                        George YEO - Singapore
Post Congress Workshops

                                                                            The objective of the course is to update obstetric ultrasound practitioners
                                                                            on the proper methodology and techniques of a good systematic fetal
                                                                            anatomical survey. Hands-on session will give the participants a chance to
                                                                            improve on their existing skills.

                                                                            Who should attend
                                                                            The course is for all obstetricians and sonographers in practice who
                                                                            perform second trimester scans and also to those who are planning to start
                                                                            doing fetal anomaly scans.

                                                                            *Hands-on programme will be limited to 30 participants.

Please register online @

                                 Main Congress (From 16 May 2009)
 OGSS Member                                                  S$550
 Non OGSS Member                                              S$650
 Nurses & Paramedical Staff                                   S$300
 Gala Dinner                                                  S$50

                                       Pre Congress Workshops
 The 5th Anatomy of Complications Workshop                    S$1500
 Gynaecologic Robotic and Laparoscopy Workshops 1 & 2         S$250 (25 Aug 09, Lectures + Live Surgery)
                                                              S$750 (25 & 26 Aug 09, Lectures, Live
                                                                    Surgery & Hands-on*)
 Hands-On Sow Anal Sphincter Repair Workshop                  S$350
 Stress Urinary Incontinence Surgical Workshop -              S$120
 Including Urodynamics & Painful Bladder Syndrome
 Understanding the Role of LH: Myths and Facts                S$120
 Embryo Transfer Workshop : Optimising IVF Success Rates      S$120
 Multiple Pregnancy Workshop                                  S$200
 HPV Workshop                                                 S$120

                                      Post Congress Workshops
 Aesthetics in Gynaecology Workshop                           S$120
 Second Trimester Obstetric Scan – Tips & Tricks              S$200 (Lectures only)
                                                              S$400 (Lectures & Hands-on)

Note : Cancellations received in writing before 15 June 2009 will incur an                                 Main Congress Registration
administrative charge of S$100. Thereafter, no refunds will be offered. However,
substitution of names is allowed without any penalty charge. Please contact to notify us of the substitution or cancellation. The
organizer reserves the right to refuse publication of your abstract if full payment has not
been made before 15 June 2009.
                                                                                                           Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission
Please visit to submit your abstract.

Deadline for Abstract Submissions :                        15 May 2009
Notification of Acceptance of Abstract :                   30 May 2009
Deadline for Authors to Register :                         15 June 2009

                       Congress Information
                       Congress Venue / Accommodation
                       Marina Mandarin Singapore
                       6 Raffles Boulevard , Marina Square
                       Singapore 039594
                       Marina Mandarin Singapore is the official hotel of the Congress.
                       Strategically located at Marina Bay, Marina Mandarin
                       Singapore is directly opposite the Suntec Singapore
                       International Convention and Exhibition Centre and is within
                       walking distance to the shopping and entertainment hub in
                       the bay area. The financial district, Changi International Airport
                       and the Singapore Expo are all close by to the hotel.
                       Attractive congress rates are now offered to our delegates
                       @ S$250++ (per room per night, excluding breakfast) for
                       Deluxe Room.To reserve a room at Marina Mandarin Singapore,
                       please register yourself at or contact the Registration
                       Administrator via email at
                       Other Accommodations
                       Please visit for information and assistance on other
                       places of accommodation.

                       Congress Secretariat
                       c/o 12 Prince Edward Road, #04-12 Podium B, Bestway Building, Singapore 079212.
                       Tel : +65 3125 2071 / Fax : +65 6234 1089 / Email :

                       Congress Website

                       Congress Organizer
                       Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society of Singapore
                       Unit 8K38, Women’s Tower Level 8, KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital,100 Bukit Timah Road,
                       Singapore 229899
                       Tel: (65) 62951383 / Fax: (65) 62991969 / Email:

                       The official language of the Congress is English. There will be no simultaneous session

                       Trade Exhibition
                       The Congress incorporates a trade exhibition. All participants are invited to view the exhibits.

                       Letter of Invitation
                       Upon request, the Organizing Committee will issue a letter of invitation. The sole purpose of the
Congress Information

                       letter is to facilitate the delegate’s travel and visa arrangements. The invitation does not imply
                       provision of financial or other support.

                       The Organizing Committee is not liable for personal accidents, loss or damage of private
                       properties of registered participants during the Congress. Participants should make their own
                       arrangements with respect to personal insurance.

                       Whilst every attempt will be made to ensure that all aspects of the congress mentioned in this
                       announcement will take place as scheduled, the Organizing Committee reserves the prerogative
                       to make last minute changes should the need arise.

                       Tours & Sight Seeing
                       Various local sight seeing tours are available. For more information and booking, please visit

Uniquely Singapore
Uniquely Singapore
"Unique is the word that best captures Singapore, a
dynamic city rich in contrast and colour where you'll
find a harmonious blend of culture, cuisine, arts and
architecture. A bridge between the East and the
West for centuries, Singapore, located in the heart
of fascinating Southeast Asia, continues to embrace
tradition and modernity today. Brimming with
unbridled energy and bursting with exciting events,
the city offers countless unique, memorable
experiences waiting to be discovered.
Singapore is truly a city like no other, a world of
possibilities. With its friendly and welcoming people,
state-of-the-art infrastructure and something new
happening everyday, your stay will be a memorable
mix-and-match of all the things you have always
wanted to do. Come and enjoy countless
fascinating experiences, and take away memories
that are uniquely Singapore.“

For exciting Singapore updates, please visit the
Singapore Tourism Board website at

                                                         Population & Religion
                                                         Singapore's population of almost four million
                                                         comprises 77% Chinese, 14% Malays, 8% Indians
                                                         and 1% Eurasians and people of other
                                                         With its ethnic mix also comes its diverse set of
                                                         religions. Singapore's skyline boasts the distinctive
                                                         minarets of mosques, spires of gothic cathedrals,
                                                         intricate figurines of Hindu temple gods and
                                                         distinctive roof architecture of Chinese temples. The
                                                         main religions are Islam, Taoism, Buddhism,
                                                         Christianity, Hinduism,
                                                         Sikhism and Judaism.

                                                         There are four official languages in Singapore:
                                                         English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. English is the
                                                         language of business and administration, and is
                                                         widely spoken and understood. Most Singaporeans
                                                         are bilingual, and speak their mother tongue
                                                         (dialects) as well as English. Malay is the national

The island is warm and humid all year round, with
                                                                                                                 Uniquely Singapore

only slight variations between the
average maximum of 32oC and minimum of
23oC. Showers are usually sudden and heavy, but
also brief and refreshing.
Singapore's tropical weather makes light summer
clothing (preferably of natural fabrics) most
practical, especially for outdoor activities like
Average temperature in August, is between 26 –
32oC. Most indoor facilities are fitted with air-
conditioning; a light jacket for gentlemen or shawl
for ladies is recommended.

Time Zone
Singapore is 8 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean
Time (GMT).

                     Uniquely Singapore
                     Singapore voltage is 220-240 volts AC. On request,
                     most hotels will provide transformers / adapters to

                     Singapore water is clean and safe to drink from the
                     tap. Bottled and mineral water are readily available
                     in supermarkets or convenience stores located
                     readily around the island.

                     The local currency is Singapore dollar and cents

                                                                            Credit Cards
                                                                            Major credit cards are widely accepted in
                                                                            Singapore. Hotels, retailers, restaurants, travel
                                                                            agents and even some taxi services readily accept
                                                                            international credit cards – VISA, MasterCard,
                                                                            American Express, Diners etc.
                                                                            For more information, you can contact the local
                                                                            office of the credit card operators at the following
                                                                            AMEX: 1800 732 2566 / +65 6732 2566
                                                                            DINERS: +65 6294 4222
                                                                            MASTER: +65 6533 2888
                                                                            VISA: 800-110-0344

                                                                            Travelling around Singapore is a cinch; an efficient
                                                                            public transportation network of taxis, buses and
                                                                            the modern Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) rail system
                                                                            ensures that getting from point A to point B is
                                                                            hassle-free and extremely affordable.

                                                                                                                               Images courtesy of the Singapore Tourism Board & Singapore Flyer Pte Ltd
                     International Calls & Mobile Communication
                      The international country code for Singapore is
                     +65. There are two mobile phone networks – GSM
                     900 and GSM 1800. To make international calls
                     from Singapore, dial 001.

                     Immigration & Customs
                     All travelers are required to go through immigration
                     clearance on arrival into Singapore.
Uniquely Singapore

                     The granting of social visit passes to visitors is
                     determined by the Immigration & Checkpoints
                     Authority (ICA) officers at the point of entry. Visitors
                     must satisfy the following basic entry requirements
                     before they are allowed to enter Singapore:
                     - A passport with at least 6 months validity;
                     - Valid Singapore visa, if applicable;
                     - Sufficient funds to last for the intended
                       period of stay in Singapore;
                     - Confirmed onward/return tickets (where
                       applicable); and                                       Visa Requirements
                     - Entry facilities to their onward destinations,         For more information on visa requirements, please
                       e.g. visas                                             visit the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoint
                                                                              Authority website at

                                  The Obstetrical & Gynecological (O & G) Society of Singapore (OGSS) was formed to provide
                                  a focal point for doctors who were interested in practising obstetrics and gynaecology to meet
                                  on a regular basis at the Kandang Kerbau Hospital, which was then the largest maternity
                                  hospital in the world.

                             Common interest led to the registration of the Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society as a
       section within the Singapore Medical Association on 7 September 1960. On 27 July 1972, the Constitution of the
       society was registered and the society became an independent autonomous body. The Inaugural Meeting of the new
       society was held on 3 September 1972 and Professor S S Ratnam became the first President of the new society and
       41 members present constituted the Founder Members of the new society.

       During the sixties, when there were relatively few obstetricians and gynaecologists, the Society's membership was
       open to general practitioners as well. Some of them have played an important role in building up the Society. With the
       rapid increase in the number of obstetricians and gynaecologists in Singapore during the last twenty years, the
       Society's membership swelled with the influx of specialists who now run the Society. At present, the Society has 310
       members, both from the 2 health group clusters and from the private hospitals. The Society serves as a focal point for
       social, clinical and academic networking for obstetricians and gynaecologists in Singapore.

                                                                                                                                                      Obstetrical & Gynaecological Society of Singapore
       The O & G Society of Singapore is an independent Society with affiliation to the International Federation of
       Gynaecology and Obstetrics (FIGO), the Asia-Oceania Federation of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and the
       International Federation of Fertility Societies.

       Apart from organising congresses, the O & G Society of Singapore holds workshops, seminars, courses and regular
       meetings which invariably feature both local and foreign expertise. The Society has two prestigious lectures :
       (1) the O & G Society Oration held annually and
       (2) the Benjamin Henry Sheares' Memorial Lecture for outstanding work in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology.

       The Society publishes the Singapore Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology continuously since 1970. Prior to this, its
       publication was known as the Proceedings of the Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society of Singapore. The Journal
       has three issues per year and receives papers from all over the world.

       The objectives of the Society are:-
       1) to promote and maintain a high standard in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Singapore;
       2) to foster a sense of professional ethics;
       3) to encourage study and research into problems related to and connected with the health of women, the foetus and
       new-born child;
       4) to hold meetings for scientific discussions and practical demonstrations that are consistent with the objects of the
       5) to publish papers and other literature related to Obstetrics and Gynaecology and allied subjects;
       6) to promote co-operation with Organisations relevant to the Society, the Government and Institutions of higher
       learning in the Republic; and
       7) to be affiliated with international organisations concerned with Obstetrics and Gynaecology as long as such
       affiliation is consistent with the objectives of the Society.

                                                    38th OGSS Council Members
Front row from left : Dr Chua Yang (Council Member), Dr Fong Yoke Fai (Vice President), Dr Suresh Nair (President), Dr Janice Chin (Council Member)
Back row from left : Dr Arthur Tseng (Hon Treasurer), Dr K Devendra (Council Member), Dr Christopher Ng (Council Member),
                      Dr Tony Tan (Hon Secretary), Dr Beh Suan Tiong (Immediate Past President), Dr Lai Fon Min (Council Member)

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