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									                Presentation for
Ohio Association of Public Treasurers
      Annual Conference - 2007
       Erich Buckenmaier, Regional Director
       Promontory Interfinancial Network
               Founders, Board Members,
                and Bank Advisory Board
   Founders                          Board Members & Bank Advisory Board Representation
                               Eugene A. Ludwig                                              Donald G. Ogilvie
                               Chairman & CEO, Promontory Interfinancial Network             Chairman, American Bankers Association International
                               Former Comptroller of the Currency                            Former President and CEO, ABA

Eugene A. Ludwig               Anne L. Armstrong                                             Warren Rudman
                               Chairman, Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees,       Partner, Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison
Chairman & CEO                 Center for Strategic International Studies                    Former U.S. Senator
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                               James M. Culberson                                            Former Chairman, FDIC
                               Chairman Emeritus, First National Bank & Trust
                               Former President, American Bankers Association                J. Michael Shepherd
Alan S. Blinder                                                                              President & COO, Bank of the West
Vice Chairman                  Art Certosimo
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Former Vice Chairman of the                                                                  Chairman, First Citizens National Bank, Mason City, IA
                               EVP and Head of Broker Dealer Services,
Board of Governors of the      The Bank of New York                                          Former President, Independent Community Bankers
Federal Reserve System                                                                       of America
                               Kenneth M. Duberstein
                               Chairman & CEO, The Duberstein Group                          Frank G. Zarb
                               Former White House Chief of Staff                             Chairman, Frank Zarb Associates
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                               Mark P. Jacobsen
                               President & COO, Promontory Interfinancial Network
Mark P. Jacobsen               Former Chief of Staff, Comptroller of the Currency and FDIC   William Isaac, Chairman, Bank Advisory Board
President & COO                                                                              Chairman, The Secura Group
                               Edward W. Kelley, Jr.
Former Chief of Staff of the   Former Governor, Federal Reserve Board                        Former Chairman, FDIC
FDIC and Office of the
                               Frank N. Newman
Comptroller of the Currency    Chairman & CEO, Shenzhen Development Bank, China
                               Chairman Emeritus, Bankers Trust Company
Now available
  in Ohio

Now Available
  in Ohio       A law, authorizing the investment of local
                government funds through CDARS,
                became effective on July 3, 2006.

                Therefore, local governments can now gain
                access to CDARS just like businesses,
                organizations, and individuals have
                enjoyed over the previous four years.
                               Availability of CDARS
                              for Local Governments

                                MONTANA       NORTH           MINNESOTA                                                                         MAINE
                  IDAHO                       SOUTH
                                              DAKOTA                                                                       NEW YORK
                                WYOMING                                                                                                           RI
                                                                                                                         PENN              NEW
                                              NEBRASKA                                                                                     JERSEY
         NEVADA                                                                                           OHIO
                       UTAH                                                    ILLINOIS
                                   COLORADO                                                                                           MARYLAND
CALIFORNIA                                                                                                              NORTH
                  ARIZONA                                           ARKANSAS
                                                   OKLAHOMA                                                           SOUTH
                                NEW MEXICO

                                                                                     MISS                 GEORGIA


   ALASKA                                                                                                                              Authorized
                                                                                                                                       to Authorize

                  It’s Everything
                   in One Place

                    CDARS is the smartest, most secure and
                    convenient way for public fund managers to
                    invest in large dollar FDIC-insured CDs.

                    Why is that? With the CDARS service, your
                    organization can have it all:
It’s Everything
                       • CD-level returns.
  in One Place         • Access to multi-million dollar FDIC insurance.
                       • Freed-up time / significantly less paperwork.
                       • The ability to support local communities.

                   CD-level Returns
                   Earn rates that may compare
                   favorably with other investment
                   alternatives, including U.S.
                   Treasuries and money
                   market funds.
CD-level Returns
                   Peace of Mind
 Peace of Mind
                   Enjoy the security associated
                   with access to up to $50 million
                   in FDIC insurance on CD

               Capitalize on the ease:
                  • Work with just one bank – any local bank
                    that’s a member of the CDARS network – to
 Time-saving        obtain full FDIC insurance.
                  • Earn one interest rate per maturity.
Conveniences      • Receive just one regular statement.

                                     Forego the hassle of:
                                        • Tracking and “marking to market” changing
                                          collateral values.
                                        • Requiring surety bonds (and potentially
                                          being offered a lower interest rate as a
    Time-saving                         • Footnoting uninsured investments in
   Conveniences                           financial statements.
                                        • GASB 40 issues.1
                                        • Manually consolidating account statements.
                                        • Having to calculate blended rates and to
                                          manually consolidate interest
                                          disbursements on a recurring basis.

(1) CDs issued to governments
through CDARS should not be
regarded as being exposed to
custodial credit risk or requiring
an adverse disclosure on the

             Feel good knowing that
             the full value of your
             organization’s money stays
             local to support lending
             opportunities that build a
             stronger community; with
Community    CDARS, your organization
Investment   invests not just in CDs, but in
             its own backyard.

                        There are six choices for your
                        organization’s convenience:

                            • 4 weeks
                            • 13 weeks
                            • 26 weeks
                            • 52 weeks
Investing is Flexible       • 2 years (104 weeks)
   to Match Your            • 3 years (156 weeks)

Organization’s Needs    Additionally, if desired, your organization
                        can ladder CDs or combine maturities to
                        effectively create a customized term.

                  Banks that offer CDARS are members of a
                  special network.

                  When your organization places a large deposit
                  with a CDARS network member, that bank
                  places your funds into CDs issued by other
                  banks in the network. (This occurs in
                  increments of less than $100,000, so that both
                  principal and interest are eligible for complete
                  FDIC protection.)
We Make It Easy
                  At the same time, other network members do
                  the same thing with their customers’ funds.

                  With help from a sophisticated matching
                  system, network members exchange deposits
                  on a dollar-for-dollar basis (this means each
                  bank comes out “whole”). As a result, your
                  organization can access FDIC insurance
                  coverage from many banks while working with
                  just one. In effect, the full amount of your
                  deposit stays in your local bank and supports
                  lending in your community.

                          Your organization deposits money with a
                      1   bank that offers CDARS.

                          Funds are placed using the CDARS
                      2   service.

                          Your organization’s CDs are issued by other
Investing is Simple   3   banks in the CDARS network.

                          Your organization receives confirmation
                      4   of its CDs.
                          Your organization receives consolidated
                      5   interest payments and statements through
                          its local CDARS bank.

                  New Account

 Reporting is


 Reporting is

                      Confidential information remains protected.
     Confidential     It is shared only with the relationship bank
                      (the bank you choose to conduct business
Information Remains   with directly) and the servicing institution
      Protected       that generates your CDARS account

                       The CDARS program is something every
                       county, city, and town should investigate.
                       With CDARS, our deposits are eligible for
  Hear What Other      multi-million dollar FDIC insurance, so we
Public Fund Managers   don’t have to track those constantly
                       changing collateral values, and they earn
      Are Saying       a decent rate.

                                                  Bonita Stadler
                                          Payne County Treasurer
                                                   Stillwater, OK

                       I have found participation in the CDARS
                       program to be simple and a time saver.
                       We earn very competitive interest rates
  Hear What Other      on our investments while freeing up staff
Public Fund Managers   time. We were in the CDARS program
                       during our last audit and passed with
      Are Saying       flying colors!
                                              Christina J. Johnson
                                                Dekalb County, IL
ADA                                            CAMBRIDGE                                      DEFIANCE (cont’d)
Liberty National Bank                          Advantage Bank                                 The State Bank and Trust Company
Patricia Arnett, Senior Vice President         Jo Sexton                                      Kristen Nusbaum, Vice President
(419) 634-5015                                 (740) 432-5641                                 (419) 783-8876
parnett@lnbbank.com                            jsexton@advantagebank.com                      kristen.nusbaum@thebank-sbt.com

ARCHIBOLD                                      CALDWELL                                       DUBLIN
The Farmers & Merchants State Bank             Community Savings Bank                         Ohio Central Savings
Barbara Britenriker, Chief Financial Officer   Barry Parmiter                                 Diane Gregg, Chief Operating Officer
(419) 446-2501                                 (740) 732-5678                                 (614) 761-2302
bbritenriker@fm-bank.com                       barry@mycommunitysavings.com                   diane@ocsavings.com

ATTICA                                         CINCINNATI                                     EAST LIVERPOOL
Sutton Bank                                    Cincinnatus Savings and Loan Company           1st National Community Bank
Anthony Gorrell, Chief Financial Officer       Jeff Beerman                                   Robin Moadus, COO
(419) 426-3641                                 (513) 661-6903                                 330-385-9200
tgorrell@suttonbank.com                        jbeerman@cincinnatussl.com                     r_moadus@1stncb.com

BAINBRIDGE                                     COLUMBUS GROVE                                 FAIRLAWN
The Rockhold, Brown & Company Bank             The Union Bank Company                         CF Bank
William Hubbard                                Norm Schnipke                                  Nanci Dodgson
(740) 634-2331                                 (419) 659-2141                                 (330) 576-1203
billrbcobk@horizonview.net                     nschnipke@theubank.com                         nancidodgson@cfbankmail.com

BEACHWOOD                                      CROOKSVILLE                                    GALLAPOLIS
Ohio Commerce Bank                             The Community Bank                             The Ohio Valley Bank Company
Richard Miller                                 Dan Boyle, CFO                                 Scott Shockey, Chief Financial Officer
(216) 910-0554                                 (740) 454-2265                                 (740) 441-9148
richard.miller@ohiocommercebank.com            dboyle@thecombank.com                          swshockey@ovbc.com

BELLEVUE                                       DAYTON                                         GENOA
First National Bank of Bellevue                Liberty Savings Bank, F.S.B.                   Genoa Banking Company
Missy Walker                                   Geoffrey Phillips, Vice President Government   Douglas Juergens
(419) 734-7340                                 Banking and Government Relations               (419) 855-8381
walkerm@fnblifetime.com                        (800) 860-1007 ext 7608                        djuergens@genoabank.com
BLUFFTON                                                                                      HAMILTON
The Citizens National Bank of Bluffton         DEFIANCE                                       First Financial Bank
Janet Dukes, Chief Operating Officer           First Federal Bank of the Midwest              Larry Mulligan
(419) 358-8040                                 Darlene Howard                                 (513) 867-4985
janet@cnbohio.com                              (419) 782-4148                                 larry.mulligan@ffbc-oh.com
HILLSBORO                                   MARIETTA                                   PARMA
NCB, FSB                                    Peoples Bank, National Association         Century Bank
Frank Guerrero                              Jeff Welch                                 Daniel Lamparyk, CFO
703-302-8175                                (740) 374-6134                             216-351-7000
fguerrero@ncb.coop                          jwelch@pebo.com                            d.lamparyk@centurybankoh.com

JACKSON                                     Settlers Bank
                                            Donn Schafer, CFO                          PORTSMOUTH
Oak Hill Banks
                                            (740) 373-9200                             American Savings Bank, fsb
David Ratz
                                            dschafer@settlersbank.com                  Kathy Fish
(740) 286-3283
                                                                                       (740) 354-3177
LANCASTER                                   The Metamora State Bank
                                            Joe Damman                                 RAVENA
Standing Stone National Bank
                                            (419) 644-2361                             Portage Community Bank
Jim Gilmore
                                            jdamman@metamorabank.com                   Connie Bennett, Chief Operations Officer
(740) 653-5115
                                                                                       (330) 296-8090
LEBANON                                     Consumers National Bank
                                            Renee Wood, CFO                            WARREN
Lebanon Citizens National Bank
                                            (330) 68-7701                              First Place Bank
Ann Smith, Vice President
                                            rwood@consumersbank.com                    Jeanette Brown
                                                                                       (330) 373-1230
LEWIS CENTER                                Minster Bank
                                            Kenneth Wuebker, Chief Financial Officer   WILMINGTON
The Delaware County Bank and Trust
                                            (419) 628-2351                             The National Bank and Trust Company
                                            kwuebker@minsterbank.com                   Mary Jane West, Vice President / Direct
Donna Grimmett, Financial Analyst
                                                                                       Sales Manager
(740) 657-7240
                                                                                       (937) 382-1441
dgrimmett@dcb-t.com                         OLD FORT                                   mjwest@nbtdirect.com
                                            The Old Fort Banking Company
LORAIN                                      Mike Daniel, Chief Financial Officer
The Lorain National Bank                    (419) 992-4227                             WOOSTER
Judy Murphy, Vice President, Public Funds   miked@oldfortbank.com                      Ohio Legacy Bank
(800) 244-6000                                                                         Derek Williams, Chief Deposit Officer, SVP
TWhite@4lnb.com                                                                        (330) 244-2989
                                            ORRVILLE                                   dwilliams@ohiolegacybank.com
                                            First National Bank
MANSFIELD                                   Paul Kubiak
Mechanics Savings Bank                      (330) 682-1010
Amie Hardin                                 spkubiak@fnborrville.com

                  We are here to answer any questions
                  you have, including which banks in your local
                  area make an offering of CDARS.

                  Erich Buckenmaier
Call Toll-free:   Regional Director
                  (866) 776-6426 ext. 3354
(866) 776-6426    ebuckenmaier@promnetwork.com

                  Or visit our website at: www.cdars.com

                1CDs   issued to governments through CDARS should not be regarded as being exposed to custodial
                credit risk or requiring an adverse disclosure on the government's financial reports.

                The CDARS service has been designed to satisfy the FDIC’s requirements for pass-through
                deposit insurance coverage. Public fund deposits must be placed through a CDARS ReciprocalSM
                transaction to ensure that the total dollar amount is maintained by the financial institution that offers

                If you are subject to restrictions with respect to the placement of funds in depository institutions, it is
                your responsibility to determine whether the placement of your funds through CDARS satisfies
                those restrictions.
Footnotes and   When funds are exchanged on a dollar-for-dollar basis with other banks in the network, we can use
 Disclosures    the full amount of a deposit placed through CDARS for local lending, satisfying some depositors’
                local investment goals/mandates. Alternatively, with your consent, our bank may choose to receive
                fee income instead of deposits from other banks. Under these circumstances, deposited funds
                would not be available for local lending. If you are subject to restrictions with respect to the
                placement of funds in depository institutions, it is your responsibility to determine whether the
                placement of your funds through CDARS satisfies those restrictions.

                Funds may be submitted for placement only after entering into a CDARS Deposit Placement
                Agreement. This agreement contains important information and conditions regarding the placement
                of funds. A copy of this agreement has been included on the same CD that contains this

                CDARS and Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service are registered service marks of
                Promontory Interfinancial Network, LLC.

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