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									The Essential Parts of the Business Letter

The Heading: the letterhead and
                                                 Saudi Cable Company
date.                                          200 King Abdullah Road
                                               Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 11220

The Inside Address.                                           October 20, 2006

                                  AL-Fowaz and Broths, Co.
The Salutation.                   110 New Street
                                  Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 2600

The Body of the Letter.
The Complimentary Close.              ???????????????.

                                                                   Sincerely yours,
The Signature.                                                          Ali Ahemed
                                                                    Ali AL Ahemed

              Heading (letterhead and date)

   It is usually printed, showing the name         Saudi Cable Company
    and address.                                    200 King Abdullah Road
                                                    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 11220
   The date is typed two spaces below
    the last line of the letterhead.
    The exact position of the date                               October 20, 2006
     depends on the design of the
    letterhead and the style of the typing.

   If the heading not printed, it must be typed in the upper right-hand part of the letter
    sheet, with at least an inch margin at the top and to the right.

   The words avenue, street, etc., are not abbreviated.

 Numbered streets up to ten are spelled out, but numbered
  streets beyond ten are written in figures.

 Do not use st, nd, rd or th when figures are used for numbered
  streets or for days of the month in the dates.

 The name of cities must be written in full, but the name of
  states should be abbreviated.

 Be sure to include the ZIP Code.

 Do not abbreviate the names of the month in the date line and
  place a comma between the day of the month and the year.

                       The Inside Address

 It gives the name and address                      Saudi Cable Company
  of the firm or individual to whom                  200 King Abdullah Road
                                                     Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 11220
  the letter is addressed.
                                                              October 20, 2006
 It is placed at the left-hand side of
  the sheet, at least two spaces below       AL-Fowaz and Broths, Co.
  the heading.                               110 New Street
                                             Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 2600
 The inside address must occupy
  at least three lines.

 The exact position of the inside address
  depends on the length of the letter and
  the size of the sheet.

 Regardless of the letter style, such words as Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., etc., must
  always appear before the name.

 if the person to which the letter addressed has an official or business title,
  this should appear after the name, either next to it or on the following line.

 Do not abbreviate official or business title.

 If there is apartment, room, or suite number, it should be placed after the
  street address on the same line.


 Placed two spaces below the inside address, flush with the left-hand margin.
                                           Mr. Saad Al yousef
 The first and last words and every noun areAL-Fowaz and Broths, Co.
                                                  110 New Street
 A colon (:) follows the salutation                 Mr. Saudi Al yousef
                                                  Jeddah, SaadArabia 2600
                                                   AL-Fowaz and Broths, Co.
  except in open punctuation.                      110 New Street
                                                   Jeddah, Saudi Mr. AL yousef
                                                  Gentlemen: DearArabia 2600
 Common used forms of salutation
  are: singular form (Dear Mr., Mrs.                Gentlemen: Dear Mr. AL yousef
  or Ms.).
 Plural form (Gentlemen or Ladies).                 ???????????????????????
  Other forms could be used.                         ????????.

                       The body of the letter

 A business letter should be clear, concise,
                                                     AL-Fowaz and Broths, Co.
  and direct. It is suggested that:                  110 New Street
 make sure that the subject matter of the           Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 2600
  letter is presented in well-organized
 Use words that are in common, accepted                 ?????????????????????????
  usage, avoid slang or trite expressions.               ?????????????????????????
 be careful of the spelling of the words.               ?????.

 Use capital letters where necessary and
  punctuate to make your meaning clear.
 It is advisable to keep copies of business letters for future reference.

                 The complimentary close.

 It is placed two spaces below the body
   of the letter.                              ????????????????????????
 It appears at the right-hand side of
                                                             Sincerely yours,
   the sheet except in the full-block
   style in which appears at the left-hand margin.
 It is omitted when the simplified style is used.
 Only the first word of the complimentary close
    is capitalized.
 A comma is placed at the end, except when open punctuation
  is used.
                                The signature.

 it is placed directly below
  the complimentary close.                     ????????????????????????
 It must be handwritten in ink, and           ???????????????.
  legible.                                                             Sincerely yours,
 No punctuation follows the signature.                                   Ali ALahmed
 Titles or degrees, such as Mr.,                                         Ali ALahmed
  Ph.D., etc., are not used in with                                       Manager
  the signature.                                --------------------------------------------
                                                                       Sincerely yours,
 The name of person who
   signing the letters is typed four spaces                       Saudi Gulf Co.
   below the complimentary closing.
 If the simplified style is used the complimentary
   close is omitted and the signature line is typed four spaces below the body.

 An official title, if used, is placed directly below the typewritten name.

 In business letters, if the pronoun “W” is used instead of “I”, the name of the
  firm appears before the writer’s signature. The firm’s name is typed two
  spaces below the complimentary closing followed by the writer’s name four
  spaces below the firm’s name.

 When a secretary signs the employer’s name to a letter the employer
  dictated, the secretary places his or her initials directly below the
  handwritten signature.

 When a secretary signs a letter in his or her own name, he or she indicates

Some Special Features of the Business Letter

The personal notation
The reference line
The attention line
The subject line
The identification line
The enclosure notation
The mailing notation
The carbon copy distribution notation
The postscript

 The personal notation
  If the letter is a confidential, and it is                        Date
  wanted to be read only by
  a particular person, the word personal      Personal
  or confidential is used .
  such notation should appear four spaces INSIDE ADDRESS
  above the inside address as well as in the envelop.

 The reference line
  It can refer to a bill, an order, a code or
  a letter.
  It is typed four spaces below the date line.
                                                    Refer to File No. 550

                                                 INSIDE ADDRESS

 The attention line
   if you want your letter is directed to the
                                                           INSIDE ADDRESS
    attention of a particular person, use the attention
    line. It is placed two spaces below the inside         Attention Mr. AL ahemd
    address and two spaces above the salutation.
    It may be flush with the left-hand margin              Gentlemen:
    indented five spaces, or centred.
    Because the letter directed to the firm, a plural salutation is required.

 The subject line
    It indicates the subject matter of the letter       SALUTATION ---------Subject:
   and makes it unnecessary to devote the first           Subject: Shipping Policy
   paragraph to giving this information.
   this line is generally centred on the same with
   the salutation or two spaces below.
   If the full block style is used, type the subject line flush with the left –hand
  margin two spaces below the salutation. Place a colon after the word
  Subject and use initial capital letters for all important words. If the simplified
  style is used, the subject line is typed in all capital letters, but “Subject:” is

● The identification line.

    It made up of the initials of the name of
                                                                    // signature //
  the person who dictated the letter and those
  of the secretary or typist. The initials may           SJW: am
  be in capital letters, in all small letters, or in     Enclosure or
                                                         2 Encls.
  capitalized letters for dictator and small letters
  for the secretary or typist. It is usually typed two spaces below the signature,
  flush with the left-hand margin.

● The enclosure notation.

    when the letter has enclosure, the notation is typed directly below the
  identification line, flush with the left-hand margin. Either the entire word
  enclosure, or its abbreviation, Enc. Or Encl. be used. If there is more than
  one enclosure, the number should be indicated.

● The mailing notation.
  This notation states the method of mailing: whether the letter is sent registered,
  airmail, special delivery…etc,.
  it is typed directly below the identification                        // signature //
  line or enclosure notation. It serves as a record
                                                           SJW: am
  to indicate that the letter was sent by other than
                                                           Enclosure or
  regular mail.                                            2 Encls.
                                                              Special Delivery
                                                              cc: Mr. Saad
● The carbon copy distribution notation.
  this notation states that a carbon copy of the letter is being sent to another person. It
  is typed two spaces below all other notation, flush with the left hand margin. Either
  the word Copy to or the abbreviation cc: may be used.
  The blind carbon copy notation (bcc:) is used when the addressor does not wish to
  indicate the distribution of the carbon copies to the addressee. It appears on all
  internal copies, but not on the letter sent to the addressee.

     The Forms and Mechanics of Business
    Letter Forms
   Block Form:
   Semi-block
   The Complete-block

    Simplified Letter
    The Hanging-indention From

                        The Block Form

 It is the most widely used form today.     ///////// Letterhead //////////
 the block form takes its name                                               Date

  from the fact that the inside            ////////////////////////////////
  address, the salutation, and             //// Inside Address////
  the paragraphs of the letter are
  arranged in blocks without indention.
 Two spaces between each unit and         ////////////////The Body ////////////
  a single space within
  the unit.                                                   Complementary

 The open form of punctuation should always accompany the block form.

 The block form offers two definite advantage:
   It offers time saving, because each part of letter except the date, the
  complimentary closing, and the signature is aligned with the left-hand
  Second, it is widely acceptable today.

                       The Semi-block

 This form is exactly like the block form
   except for the indention of paragraphs.          ///////// Letterhead //////////
 Most general practice is to indent 10                                             Date
 Many typists let the salutation govern     //// Inside Address////
  the spaces in the indention.
  For instance, if the salutation and
  the name of the individual whom            indention //////////////////////////////
                                             ////////////////The Body ////////////
  the letter addressed to occupy 20 space,                   /////////////////////////////.
  the spaces in the indention will be 20
                                                     //Complementary close//
  space.                                                      //Signature//

                      The Complete-block
● The basic principle of this form is to
  bring all the elements of the letter to      ///////// Letterhead //////////
  the left-hand margin.
                                            // Date//

                                            //// Inside Address////


                                            ////////////////The Body ////////////

                                            //Complementary Close//
                                              // Signature//

                            Simplified letter

The main characteristics of this form are             ///////// Letterhead //////////
The complete elimination of the salutation             /////////////////////////////////////
and complimentary close and the left-hand
                                               // Date//
format, which is in general like that of the
complete-block.                                ////////////////////////////////
                                               //// Inside Address////

                                               ////////////////////The Body ////////////

                                               // Signature//

                  The hanging-indention form

It is acceptable in sales letters. The block form           //////////// Letterhead //////////
with open punctuation is used in the inside                                                    Date
address; within the body of the letter, the first    ////////////////////////////////
 line in each paragraph is brought out to the left   //// Inside Address////
margin, but every other line in each paragraph       ///Salutation///
is indented five spaces. This form is effective
in attracting attention because of its different     ////////////////////////////////////////////////////
                                                             ////////////////The Body ////////////
arrangement from the common letter                   ////////////////////////////////////////////////////.
arrangement.                                                /////////////////////////////////////////////


                      Mechanics of the Letter
● Arrange and center the letter on the page for symmetry and balanced
● Select letterhead and stationery on the basis of simplicity of design and
● In the salutation and complimentary close capitalize only the first letter of the
  first word, except for proper names and titles.
● The salutation and the complimentary close should agree in tone.
● Punctuate the salutation with a colon (:) and complimentary close with a
  comma (,).
● Company policy should determine the signature.
● Signature should be legible.
● The date is usually written in the upper right-hand margin.
● The salutation should agree with the first line of the inside address.
● The second page of the letter should not be on letterhead paper and should
  be clearly numbered.
● The initials of the dictator and the stenographer as well as a reference to any
  enclosures should be indicated at the bottom of the letter.
● Envelopes should give the compete address.                                 23

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