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									                                                                                                              New-Breed Offerings
Leaps of Faith
Investors have been piling into shares of “special purpose acquisition companies,” gussied-up versions of the old-fashioned blind pool. See story on page 21. Here are the SPAC offerings completed in 2005.

                                                  Deal               IPO Recent               Pricing
Issuer                                  Symbol Val $mil             Price Price                 Date           Lead Manager                                           Comment
Cold Spring Capital                        CDS.U $120.0            $6.00 $5.85                 10-Nov          Deutsche Bank                                          Founders Richard Stratton and Joseph Weingarten built Litchfield Financial.
Platinum Energy Res                        PGRIU        115.2        8.00        7.53           25-Oct         Casimir Capital; Cantor Fitzgerald                     Seeking to buy global oil-and-gas E&P firm.
Paramount Acq                            PMQCU           51.0        6.00       6.15            24-Oct         EarlyBirdCapital                                       Execs from Paramount BioCapital Asset Management; seeks health-care firm.
Key Hospitality Acq                       KHPAU          48.0        8.00        7.60           24-Oct         Maxim Group                                            Target: hospitality industry. Team includes W. Thomas Parrington, co-chair of hotel firm Lodgian.
Federal Services Acq                      FDSAU         126.0        6.00       5.97            19-Oct         CRT Capital Group                                      Seeking acquisition of company in federal services or defense industry.
Coconut Palm Acq                          CNUTU          60.0        6.00       6.15             9-Sep         Morgan Joseph; EarlyBirdCapital;                       CEO Richard Rochon was long-time exec with Huizenga Holdings.
Ad.Venture Partners                        AVPAU         54.0        6.00       6.05           25-Aug          Wedbush Morgan                                         Officers Howard Balter and Ilan Slasky are former Net2Phone execs.
Ithaka Acquisition                         ITHKU         51.0        6.00       5.70            17-Aug         EarlyBird Capital; ThinkEquity Partners                Founders Paul Brooke and Eric Hecht were once Street health-care analysts.
Stone Arcade Acq                          SCDEU         120.0        6.00       6.20           15-Aug          Morgan Joseph                                          Target industry: paper, packaging, forest products. Founder is former CEO of Stone Container.
Chardan North China Acq                   CNCAU          30.0        6.00        7.45            5-Aug         EarlyBirdCapital                                       Target region: North China.
Chardan South China Acq                   CSCAU          34.5        6.00        7.20            5-Aug         EarlyBirdCapital                                       Target region: South China.
Healthcare Acq                              HAQ*         72.0        8.00        7.86            29-Jul        Maxim Group                                            Target industry: Healthcare.
Oakmont Acq                              OMACU           48.0        6.00       5.98             18-Jul        Morgan Joseph                                          Team from Quantum Value Management intends to buy in the industrial sector.
Fortress America Acq                      FAACU          46.8        6.00       6.01             15-Jul        Sunrise Securities                                     Chairman is Tom McMillen, former Congressman and NBA player.
Juniper Partners Acq                       JNPPU         15.3       10.50 10.00                  15-Jul        HCFP/Brenner Sec                                       Seeks media and entertainment acquisition.
Courtside Acq                               CRB*         82.8        6.00       5.99            30-Jun         EarlyBird Cap                                          Alpine Capital execs seek entertainment- or media-industry deal.
Services Acq Intl                            SVI*       138.0        8.00        7.81           29-Jun         Broadband Capital                                      CEO is former AutoNation exec Steven Berrard; he also once ran Blockbuster.
TAC Acq                                   TACAU         132.0        6.00       6.15            28-Jun         Wedbush Morgan                                         CEO Jonathan Cohen, once lost his spot as Merrill Lynch Internet analyst to Henry Blodget.
KBL Healthcare Acq II                       KBLH         55.2        6.00       6.05            21-Apr         EarlyBird Cap                                          Mgmt team from venture firm KBL Healthcare Management.
Terra Nova Acq                            TNVAU          33.1        6.00       5.80            18-Apr         EarlyBird Cap                                          Executive team comes from Precinda, a Toronto-based holding company.
Mercator Partners Acq                     MPABU          51.7       10.10      10.54            12-Apr         HCFP/Brenner Sec; Morgan Joseph                        CEO Brian Thompson also heads Comsat intl.
Ardent Acq                                AACQU          41.4        6.00       5.95           24-Feb          EarlyBird Cap                                          CEO Barry Gordon chairs American Fund Advisors, which subadvises John Hancock Tech Fund.
Aldabra Acq                               ALBAU          55.2        6.00       6.05            18-Feb         Morgan Joseph                                          Most execs from Terrapin Partners; board includes former Fla. congressman Peter Deutsch.
Coastal Bancshares Acq                    CBASU          33.1        6.00       6.06            15-Feb         I-Bankers Sec; Newbridge Sec                           Chairman Cary Grossman is also CFO of Sand Hill IT Security Acquisition.
*Healthcare Acquisition and Services Acquisition recent prices represents one share plus one warrant. Courtside Acquisition price represents one share and two warrants.

More Chances to Jump
Still want to get in on the SPAC game? There are plenty of deals still in registration.

                                                         Deal                    Filing
Company                                             Value $mil                    Date                  Lead Manager                                           Comment
General Finance                                           $60.0                18-Nov                   Morgan Joseph                                          Company seeking specialty-finance deal.
Restaurant Acquisition Partners                             24.0                28-Oct                  Capital Growth Financial                               CEO Christopher Thomas was exec at Planet Hollywood, Sizzler.
Grubb & Ellis Realty Advisors                             150.0                 21-Oct                  Deutsche Bank                                          Well-known realty firm starts a SPAC, luring top-tier banker Deutsche Bank.
Healthcare Acquisition Partners                           100.0                 14-Oct                  First Tennessee                                        CEO John Voris was president and CEO of Epocrates Inc.
Affinity Media Intl                                         20.0               30-Sep                   Maxim Group                                            Team includes several execs from Silverback Books, a cookbook publisher.
Oracle Healthcare Acquisition                             100.0                30-Sep                   CRT Capital                                            Chairman Larry Feinberg heads health-care investment firm Oracle Investment.
Global Logistics Acquisition                                80.0               26-Sep                   BB&T Capital Mkts; EarlyBird                           Chairman James Martell was CEO of SmartMail Services, now part of Deutsche Post.
Endeavor Acquisition                                      200.0                20-Sep                   Ladenburg Thalmann; Broadband                          President Jonathan Ledecky founded U.S. Office Products.
Global Services Partners Acquisition                        30.5               15-Sep                   HCFP/Brenner                                           Targeting the business-process outsourcing sector.
Good Harbor Partners Acquisition                            51.7               15-Sep                   HCFP/Brenner                                           Chairman Richard A. Clarke is former Clinton and Bush administration security aide.
Israel Growth Partners Acquisition                          51.7               15-Sep                   HCFP/Brenner                                           CEO Carmel Vernia is ex-chief of Tower Semiconductor.
Media & Entertainment Holdings                              90.0                 9-Sep                  Jesup & Lamont                                         CEO Herb Granath is the 77-year-old chairman emeritus of ESPN.
Acquicor Technology                                       150.0                  2-Sep                  Wedbush Morgan; ThinkEquity                            Team includes Apple Computer co-founder Steve Wozniak and other former Apple execs.
Viceroy Acquisition                                        160.0                 2-Sep                  Shemano Group                                          Chairman Paul Anthony Novelly is also CEO of Apex Oil, a private St. Louis petroleum marketer.
Phoenix India Acquisition                                 100.0                31-Aug                   Rodman & Renshaw                                       Looking for Indian outsourcing plays.
Industrial Services Acquisition                             50.0               22-Aug                   Wedbush Morgan Securities                              CEO Mark McKinney has been president of AMCO Distribution, a warehousing and distribution firm.
Asia Automotive Acquisition                                 32.0               22-Aug                   Rodman & Renshaw; Chardan                              Seeking auto-parts companies in China, India, elsewhere in Asia. Led by former Delphi execs.
Vector Intersect Security Acquisition                     150.0                18-Aug                   Rodman & Renshaw                                       Looking for homeland-security deal. Directors include former TRW chief Jospeh Gorman.
Bank Street Telecom Funding                                 88.0                 5-Aug                  CRT Capital                                            Seeking telecom deal. Related to Bank Street Holdings, a telecom merchant-banking boutique.
Highbury Financial                                          36.0                 5-Aug                  ThinkEquity; EarlyBird                                 Team comes from Berkshire Capital, a New York investment-banking firm.
Jaguar Acquisition                                          18.0                 3-Aug                  EarlyBirdCapital                                       Seeking to buy financial company. CEO Jonathan Kalman also runs advisory Katalyst.
Shine Media Acquisition                                     60.0                 2-Aug                  ThinkEquity                                            Looking to buy a Chinese media company.
Echo Healthcare Acquisition                                 75.0                 15-Jul                 Roth Capital Partners                                  President Joel Kanter has twice led deals that completed acquisitions of health-care companies.
QuadraPoint Acquisition                                     75.0                 15-Jul                 Ladenburg Thalmann                                     Hasn’t targeted particular industry. Execs all have middle-market financing expertise.
Confluence Acquisition                                      48.0                  8-Jul                 Dawson James; Roth Cap Partners                        President John Klobnak was former CEO of Laser Vision Centers.
MDC Acquisition                                             80.0                  5-Jul                 Wedbush Morgan                                         Management comes from private-equity firm McCown De Leeuw & Co.
TC Acquisition                                              48.0                  1-Jul                 Merriman Curhan Ford                                   Seeking tech deal. CEO Robert J. Majteles comes from Treehouse Partners.
Manhattan Maritime Ent                                     114.0                  1-Jul                 Ladenburg Thalmann                                     Seeking shipping-industry deal.
Boulder Specialty Brands                                   136.0                  1-Jul                 Citigroup; Roth Capital Partners                       Seeking food or beverage deal. CEO Stephen Hughes is former CEO of Celestial Seasonings.
DG Acquisition                                              53.3                30-Jun                  Merriman Curhan Ford                                   Principals from Drake Goodwin and Graham, a private-equity firm. Seeking “infrastructure” deal.
Harbor Acquisition                                          60.0                30-Jun                  Ferris Baker Watts                                     Execs from New England Partners, a private-equity firm based in Boston.
Star Maritime Acquisition                                  160.0                 9-Jun                  Maxim Group; EarlyBird                                 Looking to buy shipping company. Execs come from Oceanbulk Maritime, a dry-cargo shipper.
Pharmamatrix Acquisition                                    32.0                 9-Jun                  Jesup & Lamont Securities                              Targeting OTC drugs and beauty aids. CEO Norman Meier is former chief of Columbia Labs.
InterAmerican Acquisition                                   90.0                 6-Jun                  Granite Financial; Ramius Securities                   Looking for companies that can play the Latin American market.
JK Acquisition                                              60.0               25-May                   Ferris Baker Watts                                     CEO James Wilson has been with RSTW Partners, a private-equity firm.
India Globalization Capital                                 60.0               13-May                   Ferris Baker Watts                                     Looking for an Indian company.
Community Bankers Acquisition                               60.0                22-Apr                  I-Bankers                                              Wants to buy a bank. CEO David Zalman is CEO of Prosperity Bancshares.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Sources: Dealogic, Yahoo Finance, SEC filings

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