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What is a Facebook and how would you use it?

Facebook is an online network where you can keep track of your friends
and acquaintances, and they can keep track of you. Facebook is all
about socializing and connecting with people that you may not have the
time to connect with face-to-face.

It is a great place to;

•   Share personal information about you and your family
•   Share photos of what is going on in your life
•   Stay connected to your friends
•   Learn more about your acquaintances
•   Re-connect with old colleagues and classmates
•   Build new relationships

For a business the power of Facebook is the power of staying connected
to people. It’s not about advertising to your friends. The beauty of
Facebook is that you will gain more business because people do busi-
ness with people they know and trust. This is a great way to stay in the
trusted circle of the people you know.

Personal Profile vs. Fan Page on Facebook

There are two types of profiles you can have on Facebook, a personal
profile and a fan page. There is a very simple rule on Facebook, don’t do
direct business or advertising on your       personal profile page. The fan
page is where you can showcase your business or cause and if your
friends like it they will become a “fan” of you.

You can’t have a fan page without a profile so we will go over how to set
up both.

Top 5 Rules on Facebook

1. Do NOT direct market on your personal profile page - Facebook will
ban you from their site if they catch you direct marketing to your friends on
your personal profile. All business type comments should go through your
fan page.

2. Stay in tuned in to what your friends are doing/saying on Facebook
- This is a great place to pick up on what is happening in friends lives; an
opportunity for business may present itself but you sometimes need to be
tuned in to pick up on it.

3. Contact your fans - When someone joins your fan page,
send them a personal message to further connect with them.

4. Keep the REALLY personal stuff to yourself - Facebook is a great
place to get to know people and let people get to know you, but you still
want to keep it semi-professional. Keep your     messages (and photos)
upbeat and clean.

5. Use your fan page as an educational forum - Your fan page is a great
place to post up educational information for your fans. If they are a “fan” of
what you do, they will appreciate the information.

 How to set up a Facebook account

 It is very simple to set up a Facebook account if you don’t     already have one.

 Log on to and fill in your personal information in the section
 on the landing page. When you are finished click “Sign Up”.

Follow the pages through each step until the sign up process is finished.

What to do on Facebook

Once your page is set up it is time to socialize!

Find Friends

Use the Connect to friends link on the right side bar to find friends and acquaint-
ances to be-friend. Tip: search out new agents you work with and send them a
Friend Request; this is a great way to get to know a little about each other and
make a connection.

Post your Status

This is where you can post up what you are thinking or doing.

Post Photos

Remember, these photos should be of good taste. This is an opportunity to get
to know people and re-connect with people you haven’t seen in a while. You
want to make a great impression. Click on your profile link at the top of the
page; you can add photo albums under the photo tab.

How to create a Fan Page

A Fan page is a place to showcase your business on Facebook. This page
can be used to share information about your products and services, it is also
a great place to post testimonials of your happy customers. These are your
fans! The best thing about fans is when someone becomes your fan, every-
one in there network sees this. This can be a powerful thing.

Step 1: Click on Advertising at the bottom of your Facebook page.

Step 2: Click on Pages.

Step 3: This is a great page to learn more about Fan Pages. Once you
have looked over the info, click on Create a Page.

Step 4: Under the type of business select Banking and Financial Services.
Select a name (most likely your name). Mark the do not make page public
box; marking this box will keep your page private until you are finished edit-
ing it. Once your page is ready you can publish it.

Step 5: Post Profile Photo by hovering over the “?”. Add a short comment
about your company or service right below your photo.

Step 6: The Wall; This is where you post your updates. The Wall is also
where you can feed your blog. This will create posts without you putting
forth the effort to add them yourself. You can add new content by typing
in the “What’s on your mind” box.

To add a link to your Wall click on the icon shown below and paste in the
link. This could be an article or anything of interest that would be valuable
to your fans. Don’t forget to write your caption about the link.

Step 7: Info; This is where you can add information about your place of

Step 8: Photos; This is where you would post photo’s of your office, satis-
fied customers and industry events.

Step 9: Discussions; This page is for starting discussion topics. If you
like your clients to get in on the discussion, this is the perfect place.

Step 10: Events; You can add Events to your page by clicking on Edit Page.
Great events to add to your page would be Home Buyer classes, local com-
munity events and educational      seminars.

Click on Edit to add an Event and fill out all the details.

How to Publish your page and find Fans

Once your page is set up it’s time to publish it for public view. At the top
of the page click on Publish this page.

Once you have published your page you can share it by clicking on the
Share icon at the bottom left side of your page.

There are more ways to finds fans on Facebook, but for now let’s start
with your network.

Don’t forget to add a link on the bottom of your email to lead people
back to this page.

Link your Facebook to Twitter

You may not have a Twitter account, but you will soon enough. Once you
have a Twitter account you can use the link at the top of your Fan Page
to link your page to Twitter, this will send your post updates to Twitter
eliminating the need to post it yourself.

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