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									FIDELITY FUNDS – LIVE 2030 FUND (the “Fund”)

Getting your own investments right takes time and                                       Why Fidelity Funds – Live 2030 Fund ?
effort. It requires discipline on your part to establish a
portfolio with a strategic mix of equities and bonds. Not
only that, you have to ensure that it gets rebalanced                                                                                                                                     Preparing
regularly to keep the portfolio performance on track.                                                                      Active Employment                                              to Retire                 Living in
And it doesn’t stop there. You have to continuously
make progressive adjustments, as you move on to the
next phase of your life.                                                                                  Getting
                                                                                                          Started                        Accumulated savings

Too complicated, too much time and too much                                             Life        Marriage    Home    Promotion/ Children   University   Promotion/    Child’s   Parental Retirement   Turning    Lost
effort – all of which you can do with less. Making the                                  Stages                 Purchase Job Change            Planning     Job Change   Marriage    Care                   75      Spouse

right investment decisions needn’t be too demanding                                     Savings                               Wealth Building                                               Wealth Consumption

on you.                                                                                 Solutions          Fidelity Funds – Live 2020 Fund, Live 2030 Fund                              Fidelity Funds - Live Today Fund

Fortunately, there is the DBS Live Solutions. Our range                                 1. Life Cycle Investing Approach
of life cycle Funds are designed to be a comprehensive                                     The Fund is a life cycle fund which addresses the
solution to managing your investments over time,                                           changing needs of investors as they move from a
potentially maximising returns at a level of risk appropriate                              wealth building stage to a wealth consumption stage.
to your investment time horizon.                                                           The Fund starts off with an equity portfolio to maximise
                                                                                           growth opportunities during the wealth building stage,
There are several key risks that you are likely to                                         then gradually rolls down to a combination of equities,
face as you plan for the next chapter of your life :                                       bonds, commodities and cash as the Fund approaches
                                                                                           its target date and the investors move into the wealth
1. Living longer than expected                                                             consumption stage.
   Thanks to better healthcare, Singaporeans are now
   living longer1 and may face the possibility of outliving                             2. Fidelity’s unique roll-down strategy
   their savings.                                                                          Fidelity’s closely-protected, non-linear strategy strives
                                                                                           to maximise returns during an investor’s wealth
2. Savings reduced by inflation                                                            building years and minimise downside risk after
   Inflation erodes the value of money over time. A cash                                   retirement. This roll-down strategic asset allocation
   savings of S$50,000 could be reduced by inflation2                                      is based on proprietary long term risk/reward trade-
   to a value of S$18,756 in 25 years’ time.                                               off models that Fidelity has developed over the years.

3. Withdrawing your savings too much, too early                                         3. Diversification Benefits
   The higher the withdrawal rate at the earlier stage,                                    The Fund will typically invest in a wide range of
   the faster your savings tend to run out. Sensible                                       investments covering global markets with an asset
   withdrawal levels can help to stretch your savings.                                     allocation mix of bonds, equities, commodities, property
                                                                                           securities and cash. Financial derivative instruments
4. Ineffective Asset Allocation                                                            may be used for investment purposes to achieve the
   Investing in a single asset class can potentially be a                                  investment objectives. These instruments may also be
   huge risk. What if your retirement savings are over-                                    used for efficient portfolio management and hedging
   concentrated in equities alone and the global equity                                    purposes.
   markets took a tumble before your retirement?                                        4. Strategic and Tactical Allocation
                                                                                           The Fund provides a customised lifecycle roll-down
5. Rising medical costs                                                                    strategy throughout different life stages and has the
   Medical costs are steadily rising as people live longer.                                ability to deviate from the strategic benchmark to
   According to a recent Straits Times article3, medical                                   enhance returns and manage risk as and when
   insurance alone may not be enough to pay for large                                      necessary. Portfolio Manager’s decisions are made
   medical bills.                                                                          based on fundamental, technical and macroeconomic
Source : ViewPoint: Improving Britain's Retirement Income, a publication by Fidelity       indicators.
Retirement Institute UK, 31 October 2006

                                                                                        5. Manager Selection
                                                                                           Lead Portfolio Manager of the Fund sets the target
                                                                                           asset allocation mix and has the ability to select and
                                                                                           blend optimal combination of fund managers from
    The average life expectancy at age 65 years for a male is 82 and that of a female      within Fidelity. Underlying fund managers are
    is 86 years. Source: Department of Statistics, Feb 2008
    Assuming an average linear inflation rate of 4% per annum on a principle of            specialists in their own fields and focus on security
    S$50,000 over 25 years                                                                 selection by accessing Fidelity’s global research teams’
    “Insurance alone cannot pay the big bills,” by Salma Khalik, The Straits Times
    13 Feb 2008                                                                            expertise.
Who Should Buy ?                                                                                         Tap into Fidelity’s Award-winning Global Expertise

Investors who are looking for an all-in-one retirement                                                   FIL Limited was established in 1969 and serves the
solution that aims at saving towards a specific retirement                                               investment needs of individuals, institutions and advisers
date. Investors with balanced risk appetite with retirement                                              in markets outside the Americas. FIL and its subsidiaries
horizons corresponding to the Fund’s maturity date. It is                                                manage assets of US$299.4 billion for investors
recommended that investors take a disciplined approach                                                   worldwide4.
and remain invested till the Fund’s maturity date.
                                                                                                         With one of the strongest footprints in the world with
Investment Objective                                                                                     offices in 23 countries5, they are expanding rapidly in
                                                                                                         the Asia Pacific region, demonstrating their commitment
The Fidelity Funds – Live 2030 Fund aims to achieve                                                      in Asia. In every market, they bring their global expertise
long-term capital growth for investors to the year 2030.                                                 and combine it with local insights to help their customers.

The Fund will typically invest in a wide range of                                                        As part of their commitment to build thought leadership
investments covering markets throughout the world                                                        in the retirement space, the Fidelity Retirement Institute
and providing exposure to bonds, equities, commodities                                                   was established in 2006 in the UK to research and
and property securities. The Fund will move increasingly                                                 analyse issues associated with the financing of retirement.
to an asset allocation appropriate to achieve a                                                          It aims to inform investors, advisers and employers on
combination of income and long-term capital growth                                                       best practice retirement planning and to develop
as the year 2030 is approached.                                                                          innovative product and service solutions. The Institute
                                                                                                         has a global perspective, bringing together Fidelity’s
Fund Details                                                                                             retirement and investment expertise from across Europe
Fund                               Fidelity Funds –Live 2030 Fund                                        and Asia, and sharing insights with their affiliate
Investment Manager                 Fidelity Fund Management Limited (FFML)                               companies in the US. Their white papers offer key
Singapore Representative           Fidelity Investments (Singapore) Limited (FISL)                       insights and analysis into retirement issues.
Fund Currency                      SGD
Initial Issue Price                SGD 1.00
Initial Launch Period              27 Feb 2008 - 16 April 2008 (Fixed price offering period)                 Source: FIL Limited, 31 December 2007.
                                                                                                             FIL's 'presence' in a country is defined as ‘business premises and at least one
Minimum Investment                 SGD 5,000 with subsequent amounts of SGD 1,000
                                                                                                             permanent employee’. N.B. In the total of 23 countries Hong Kong is a ‘Special
Mode of Subscription               Cash, SRS                                                                 Administrative Region’ that forms part of the People’s Republic of China and
Pricing of Product                 NAV                                                                       the UK includes FIL's offices in England and Scotland.
Dealing Deadline                   4pm Singapore time on a Business Day
Dealing Day                        Any business day that the Singapore office is open for business
Valuation Day                      Valuation Date - Each week day (any day Monday to Friday inclusive)
                                   excluding 25 December (’Christmas Day’) and
                                   1 January (’New Year’s Day’)
NAV Publication                    Daily
Subscription Frequency             Daily
Redemption Frequency               Daily
Payable by the Fund:               Initially 1.50% and will be reduced to 1.25% on 1 January 2026
Annual Management Fee
Preliminary Charges                Up to 5% initial sales charge

Important Information
Fidelity Investments (Singapore) Limited (Co. Reg. No.: 199006300E) (“Fidelity”) is the responsible entity for Fidelity Funds - Live 2020 Fund, Fidelity Funds
- Live 2030 Fund and Fidelity Funds - Live Today Fund in Singapore. All views expressed in this document cannot be construed as an offer or recommendation.
The opinions expressed are subject to change without notice. DBS Bank Ltd, and Fidelity accept no liability for any loss whatsoever arising from any use of
or reliance on any of the opinions expressed.
This document is prepared for information and general circulation only and does not have any regard to the specific investment objectives, financial situation
and the particular needs of any specific person who may receive this document. Potential investors may wish to seek advice from a financial adviser before
making a commitment to purchase units in the fund(s). In the event that a potential investor chooses not to seek advice from a financial adviser, he should
consider whether the fund(s) in question is suitable for him. Past performance of the managers and the fund(s) and any prediction, projection, forecast of
economy, stock market, bond market or the economic trends of the markets which are targeted by the fund(s) are not necessarily indicative of future or
likely performance. Prices can go up and down. The value of the units of the fund(s) and the income accruing to the fund(s), if any, may fall as well as rise.
Reference to specific securities (if any) is included for the purpose of illustration only and should not be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell the
same. Copies of the fund prospectus are available and can be obtained from Fidelity or any DBS/POSB branches. All applications for units in the fund(s)
must be made on the application form accompanying the respective prospectus or otherwise described in the prospectus. Investors should read the respective
prospectus before deciding to subscribe for or purchase units in the fund(s).

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