SATELLITE EXPRESSâ„¢ PCI+ 2030 by ixl26840



                                       SATELLITE EXPRESS™ PCI+ 2030

                                        Desktop Receiver

                                       Overview            The Satellite Express PCI+ 2030 is a highly integrated satellite-to-
                                                           PCI broadband receiver designed for DVB compliant satellite networks.
                                                           Featuring unparalleled RF performance, high data throughput, and
                                                           support for popular conditional access systems, the Satellite Expr ess
                                                           PCI+ 2030 delivers the flexibility and performance necessary for
                                                           demanding desktop and server applications.

                                       Benefits            Performance Designed for optimal performance, the Satellite
                                                           Express PCI+ 2030 incorporates state-of-the-art IC tuner
                                                           technology enabling data rates of up to 60 Mbps in a single
                                                           stream (PID) and support for up to 8 PIDs of video, audio and
  Highlights                                               data simultaneously.
                                                           Variable symbol rates from 1.5 to 45 Msps are fully supported
 Up to 60 Mbps throughput                                  within the DVB signal to noise specification, providing the flexibility to
 to the PCI Bus                                            maximize transponder bandwidth utilization.
 QPSK demodulation from                                    Security Supporting popular conditional access systems, the
 1.5 to 45 Msps                                            Satellite Express PCI+ 2030 can be integrated into a wide variety of
                                                           secure broadcast environments. An on-board smart card reader
 Optional support for                                      provides quick installation and eliminates the need for additional
 popular conditional                                       hardware or cables.
 access systems                                            Compatibility/Interoperability VBox's extensive PC expertise in
 Easy, one-step Plug-and-                                  application, device drivers, firmware, networking and VLSI
 Play installation                                         development ensures interoperability across multiple open system
                                                           architectures, conditional access and operating systems. Vbox
 Windows™ and Linux                                        is a worldwide leader in the design of hardware and software
 operating system support                                  products used to create broadband networks conforming to
                                                           international standards, including DVB, ATSC, TCP/IP and MPEG.

Vbox Communications Ltd is a provider of customer premises receiver solutions for digital TV and
data broadcasting networks. VBox products, include PCI cards and USB boxes, provide digital TV reception
capabilities including handling of encrypted content for Pay TV services and deliver high-quality video, audio and
data services. VBox also provides Routers and Gateways for receiving data and high quality digital content from
digital broadcast infrastructures and distributing it over LAN.

                                    SATELLITE EXPRESS™ PCI+ 2030


RF Tuner                                    Operating Systems                           Software Capabilities
External Connectors: F type female          Windows 98, 2000, XP and Various            UDP/TCP/IP Protocol
Receiving Frequency: 950 MHz to 2150 MHz    Linux Versions                              PES and TS Data Filtering
Input Signal Level: -65 dBm to -25 dBm                                                  PSI/SI Private Tables
Nominal Input Impedance: 75Ω                FEC                                         LLC SNAP/Null Encapsulation
L/O Leakage at RF Input: -63                Decoding: Viterbi/Reed-Solomon              Single or Multiple Board Support
Frequency Acquisition:                      Viterbi Inner Code:                         Single and Multiple Application Support
  Rs < 2 ± 1 MHz                              K=7, R=1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8            Downloadable Firmware
  2 ≤ Rs < 5 ± 1.5 MHz                      Reed-Solomon Outer Code: (204, 188)         Front End Synchronization Eliminates
  Rs ≥ 5 ± 3 MHz                                                                          False Locks
                                            Transponder Settings
Processor/PCI Interface BIC-2000            Polarization, Symbol Rate, Frequency        Security
Buffer Memory: 4096 KB                                                                  Fixed Key CAS
Program Memory: 512 KB                      Tuner Status                                Conditional Access (optional)
Computer Bus PCI: 2.1 compliant local bus   Signal Strength                             On board Smart Card reader (optional)
Interface Protocol: Bus Master DMA,         Signal Lock
  Scatter Gather                            Error Status: Channel BER, Virterbi BER,    Physical/Environmental
Host Bus Width: 32-bit                        Reed-Solomon, LNB Offset Frequency        Height: PCI 2.1 Compliant 4.200 in.
Host Bust Burst Rate: 133 MB/s              Signal to Noise Ratio                         (10.67 cm)
                                                                                        Length: PCI 2.1 Compliant 6.875 in.
QPSK                                        Hardware Capabilities                         (17.46 cm)
Symbol Rates: 1.5 - 45 Msps - variable      Multiprotocol Encapsulation (MPE)           Component Height:
                                            Datagram and Section Packing                  PCI 2.1.570 in. (1.44 cm)
LNB Power and Switching                     No ECM, EMM to the bus                      Operating Temperature: 0 C to 55 C
Supply Voltage: Selectable 13V or 18V       CRC Check Sum                               Storage Temperature: -55 C to 85 C
Max LNB Current: 400 mA                     Unicast/Multicast Filtering                 Humidity (operating): 10% to 90%
Antenna Control: 22 kHz signal              MAC Addresses: 128
Short Circuit Protection                    PID Filters: 8                              Optional Connectors
                                            Section Filters: 32                         Smart Card reader
LNB Settings                                                                            26-pin LVDS Connector
Local Oscillator Frequency

           VBox Communications Contact Information:                 Contact Information for North America:

           Marketing:                                               Optibase Inc.
           Email:                            1250 Spacepark Way
           Sales:                                                   Mountain View, CA 94043, USA
           Email:                                Phone: + 1 650 230 2432
                                                                    Fax: + 1 650 691 9998


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