Submit your FSA Claims online for a faster turn around www sentinelbenefits com Getting started is Easy S T E P 1 Log on to www se

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Submit your FSA Claims online for a faster turn around www sentinelbenefits com Getting started is Easy S T E P 1 Log on to www se Powered By Docstoc
					             Submit your FSA Claims online for a faster turn around!

               Getting started is Easy!

               S T E P 1: Log on to

               To access your account via the Web, simply go to our website at
               the following address:

                         Enter your User ID and Password.1
                         Click on “Participant Login.”

               S T E P 2: Select a Plan

               If you are enrolled in multiple plans with Sentinel, you must choose the FSA Plan.

               S T E P 3 : Enter your claim(s)2

                         Hit the “Submit Claim” button on the left-hand side of the screen

                         Select the “Plan Year”
                         Select the “Benefit” (only benefits you are enrolled in will appear)
                         Enter “Dependent name” and “Relation to EE”
                         Enter the “Date of the Expense” (not payment date). For Dependent Care claims,
                         please enter the end date for services rendered.
                         Enter the “Amount”
                         Choose the “Service Supplier” from the drop down list
                         Enter a description of the claim (i.e. doctor co-pay, day care etc.)
                         Enter the “Taxpayer ID” for a Dependent Care claim
                         Hit “Add”

               If you have additional claims to enter, hit “add” and go back to Step 3, 2nd bullet.

                         When you are finished entering, hit “Continue”
                         Review claim data entered. If correct, hit “Finish”
                         You must now print a “Claims Confirmation/Fax Cover Sheet.” Claims won’t be
                         paid until all of the back-up documentation is received and approved by Sentinel

               1 If you haven’t changed your initial User ID and password, you will be required to change it by: Selecting “Password
               Change” from the options menu.
               2 Please Note: Only the names of dependents for whom you have ordered a debit card will appear in the drop down
               menu. If the expense relates to a dependent whose name does not appear, simply enter the claim for “self.”
S T E P 4: Fax the Claim Fax Cover Sheet along with your receipts.3

Fax# 781-213-7301

Or Mail to:

Sentinel Benefits Group
FSA Department
601 Edgewater Drive
Suite 250
Wakefield, MA 01880


What if I forget to print my confirmation page before exiting the system?

If you forget to print your confirmation page4 before exiting the system, simply log back on to www.sen- following the steps outlined above. After you log in as a participant:

            Select the “Claims History”
            Select “Plan Year”
            Select “Benefit”
            Enter date range of claims entered
            Click “Submit” button

Find the “pending approval” status claim and click “View Details”. Print the Fax Cover Sheet.

3   Please keep a copy of all information submitted for your records.
4   As a reminder, a claim will not be paid until the confirmation page and the receipts have been received.

Log onto to find all the information you need to successfully
                     manage your Flexible Spending Account!

    For answers to specific questions, email us at or speak
       to a Sentinel Benefits Client Service representative by calling the Sentinel Client
        Service Center at 1-888-762-6088 8 a.m.- 6 p.m. EST (Except NYSE holidays)

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