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									                                                                                            WINTER 2001

SAFAD Associate Members Source of News             Page 1:         Message from the new Management Committee
E-mail:                      Pages 2, 3 & 4: Updates from our recent & current projects
Website:   Page 2:         Events both past present and future

         SAFAD continues to be a student led                 that go directly to projects, we do not issue
organisation committed to raising funds to pay the          reminders for membership renewals so we have
costs of sending volunteers to places where their           included a renewal form at the end of this edition
skills and endeavours contribute to the improved            of SAMSON. If your membership has expired,
health and welfare of those people living in less           please help SAFAD by sending the completed
fortunate circumstances than ourselves. Since the           form to us with your subscription.           Every
last edition, SAFAD has recruited, trained and              subscription helps. The current cost of sending a
despatched volunteers to projects in Malawi,                volunteer overseas is £2500 and we hope to raise
Cameroon and Guatemala. You can read the latest             enough money to fund 10 volunteers (£25,000)
news about the projects within this edition.                during the next year.
         This edition is the first to be published by                We would like to hear from anyone
the new committee who were appointed in                     interested in becoming a SAFAD volunteer next
October. All the committee members are students,            year. Please email or write to us and we will send
at Cranfield University‟s Silsoe campus, studying           you the relevant information/forms. We are also
a variety of subjects including Water                       interested in hearing about any on-going or new
Management, Natural Resources Management and                projects that may require the services of a SAFAD
Marketing.     You can find the list of new                 volunteer.
committee members at the bottom of this page.                        We hope that you will find this edition of
         We would like to thank all individuals and         SAMSON informative and interesting and invite
organisations that have helped us with donations            you to contact us with any comments.
and sponsorship and ask that you continue to give                                             Robert Clarke,
your support. In order to maximise the funds                                                      President

 Thank you to the following people and organisations for their kind donations:-
 AIRES, Nestle, St Marks Overseas Aid, P.V. Steadman, the Alfred Haines Charitable Trust, the Norben
 Charity, The Beatrice Lang Trust, S.M.O.A., the Cadbury Trust, the Allen Charitable Trust, Mr J. R.
 Cossey, Luton Rotary Club, Vinson Charity, the ARUP Trust and Booker Tate.
NEW MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE: President: Rob Clarke; Vice President: Jonny Harris; Secretary: Dave Bell
& Werner Redtenbacher; Fundraisers: Jose Ortiz & Heidi Skeiseid; Information Officers: Rosa Burghardt & Anjila
Finan; Treasurer: Lucy Robson; Membership Officer: Tom Foster; Project Appraisal Officers: Claire Hatfield
(Guatemala); Jay Bentley & Lionel Marion (Cameroon); Liz Gray (Guatemala); Thomas Mkangamah (Malawi).

        SAFAD has been sending volunteers to              Stephane have reported that they are having an
Guatemala to work with COMENSA (Comida y                  enjoyable and interesting time and they have just
Ensenanza Para in Salud), for the past 12 years.          returned from a topographic surveying trip of
        The volunteers key aims are to help carry         several villages in the mountain range.
out work to improve the quality of life of the
communities in a sustainable manner and in return         A report from previous volunteers for the
they are provided with valuable practical                 project:
experience in development.
                                                                  We have also recently received a final
 Under the guidance of the COMENSA organizer,             report from Isabelle Janin who worked in
 SAFAD volunteers have been involved in a                 Guatemala at the beginning of this year from
 variety of activities such as:                           January to July. Isabelle was working with another
       Drinking water supply to villages; this           SAFAD volunteer Melinda Rosser, on the
          consists of gravity fed systems, and the        evaluation of the impact on the communities of the
          entire infrastructure from the spring box
                                                          Water and sanitation projects set up in the past.
          to the household connections.
       Construction of public clothes
                                                                  Isabelle reports that her experience as a
          washing sinks in the villages                   SAFAD volunteer was “positive & interesting”.
          (lavaderos).                                    Her experience was more involved with the social
       Construction of hand washing sites in             development than a specific engineering task but
          schools (lavamanos).                            the evaluations were multi-disciplinary surveys,
       Construction of latrines in villages.             which required both technical and social skills.
       Pilot project in waste water disposal,            Isabelle gained valuable knowledge of each stage
          with banana circles.                            that a water project must go through and will take
       Promotion of hygiene education and                this knowledge with her to other projects.
          medicinal plant uses to the villagers.
                                                          Contributing to the discussion on development:
Who is out there?
                                                                  The results of the surveys were presented
        SAFAD currently has two volunteers                at the Water for People congress in Washington
based in Nebaj, Guatemala. They are Benoit                DC this year (Water for People provides Comensa
Lallement and Stephane Capillon. Two more                 with funding and people to manage the projects).
volunteers will join them in January 2002 and they        Feedback from the congress was positive and they
are Lisa Rudge and Oliver Hiers. Benoit and               said that the information provided the decision
                                                          makers with precious information on the reality of
                                                          the Guatemalan projects.
                                                                                              Liz Gray,
                                                                                PAO for Guatemala Water

         Since October we have organised several                   Events in the pipeline for next year will
social events to help raise the £25,000 target for        include a pool tournament and a Salsa night which
this year and to raise awareness of what SAFAD is         will incorporate Salsa lessons a chance to practise
about.                                                    your newly acquired skills on the dance floor.
         The events have included: an International       Keep your eyes open for details.
Disco at which music from around the world was                     Finally, don‟t forget the annual SAFAD
played and the very popular „Halloween Ghost              Seminar, which will be taking place in the Spring
Walk‟ where a local guide led us around the               (look out for your invitation which will be arriving
haunted sights of Silsoe. Not forgetting the              shortly).
weekly Sunday night „SAFAD film night‟.

Taller in Guatemala...

         SAFAD volunteer Marian Perez Ribas has            communities with various technicos to see what
been in Guatemala for 1 month working with a               progress has been made with the local farmers.
long established local partner, AIRES (Alianza                     Currently the establishment of plant
International de Reforestation). She began with an         nurseries with the farmers, who are mainly Mayan
2 day conference "Taller de Herramientas de                women, is in the preparation stage. It is the time of
Trabajo" in Panajachel near lake Atitlan. The aim          preparing the seedbeds, transplanting and grafting
of the "Taller" workshop was to bring together all         of several sort of trees and crops. Although they
the NGO members in the area to diagnose and                all have some experience from last year, the
plan the agroforestal and agroecological systems           majority of the women groups were not farmers
that farmers want to implement.                            before starting with AIRES and therefore benefit
         The hostel location chosen allowed close          from the advice from the technicos.
proximity of the delegates, including taking meals                 Marian showed them how to plant a Life
together, to maximise their interaction. Each of the       Barrier on the field to prevent soil erosion, by
technicos was able to explain results, problems            planting Aloe Vera on the contour lines. She will
and progress, with the group of farmers they work          also work in the diagnostic and planning stage of
with. Plans for the next steps in the work with the        the agroforestry systems in different plots.
communities were made and the logistics of                         The technicos gave some environmental
projects, resources, schedules, and the volunteer‟s        education to the groups, explaining very clearly
jobs were assessed.                                        the advantages of agroforestry systems, and
         Marian explained her reasons for coming           improved stoves to save 40% of firewood. Further
to Guatemala as a SAFAD representative and her             plans will supervise the construction of 20
role in the collaboration. The atmosphere was              improved stoves, a process where the group learn
relaxed and friendly. An important aspect                  how to build them and then do it themselves.
highlighted by the „Taller‟ conference was the                     Longer term plans will show the farmers
need for volunteers to be able to speak Spanish            more ecological, agroforestry and conservation
fluently, which has not always been the case.              techniques (cultivating in contour lines, life
         Armed with the „Taller‟ manifesto Marian          barriers for wind protection, agroforestry and
is now working in a wider context knowing that             organic farming) with Marian, a key player,
the agroforestry project in Chimaltenango                  advising the AIRES technicos on these aspects.
communities is one of the most important. Initial                                           Claire Hatfield,
work has been in the small rural communities of                                          PAO for Guatemala
Somalapa where locals are working alongside                               On behalf of Marian Perez Ribas
AIRES „technicos‟. She has visited some of the               SAFAD volunteer (Guatemala), Nov 01- May 02

        SAFAD involvement in the Macadamia                 form of our first volunteer, Peter Steadman.
Project in Malawi began in October 2000 when                       Needless to say, this project is now
The Smallholder Macadamia Growers Club                     „bearing fruit‟ with an increase in the numbers of
(SUNESMA) was launched in the Mwanza-Neno                  Macadamia trees being planted. The importance
area of Malawi.                                            of SAFAD participation in this project cannot be
        It was formed with the aim of contributing         over-emphasised. This project is to continue for 2
to crop diversification in the area and thereby            more years and opportunities still exist for
improving the income and nutrition of the                  volunteers to experience the practical side of this
surrounding communities as well as contributing            work. Peter Steadman has recently completed his
to soil conservation and a diversified ecology.            period of work. SAFAD will be recruiting a
The launching of SUNESMA inferred the need for             replacement soon.
technical support, which SAFAD provided in the                                         Thomas Mkangamah,
                                                                                           PAO for Malawi

    SAFAD has been carrying out community water supply projects in Cameroon since 1988. SAFAD
volunteers, in collaboration with engineers from the South West Development Authority (SOWEDA) in
Cameroon, have completed several water supply projects, as well as an irrigation project in villages
throughout southwest Cameroon. The projects
have fulfilled dual objectives:
     To bring safe water supplies to villages
         using appropriate technology,
     To give SAFAD volunteers practical
         applied work experience in a rural African
    This October SAFAD sent out two volunteers
- David Redhouse and Alison Gowers. They are
based in Maunyet, a small village in the South
West Province of Cameroon (cf. arrow on the
map). As part of their project they will be
constructing a gravity-fed water system to supply
clean water to a village that would normally rely
on an increasingly polluted river as its water
source. The project also involves community
mobilisation, to ensure that the local community
can operate and maintain the system once it is
constructed. So far, David and Alison have been
carrying out household surveys to evaluate the
impact of last year‟s project on Muanjikong,
collecting baseline information for the subsequent
evaluation of this year‟s project and surveying the
area for the proposed pipeline. They are also
evaluating water quality in the area, while
attempting to raise awareness of the link between
clean water, hygiene and health.
                            Jay Bentley & Lionel Marion
                                   PAO’s for Cameroon.

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