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					  R A C H E L                     C A R S O N                   H O M E S T E A D                    A S S O C I A T I O N

                                           The Spring

	 A Quarterly Newsletter	                                                                                       Issue No. 34 - Winter 2006/07

Rachel Carson Legacy                     Upcoming Educational                                                Thanks to our 2006 Donors and
Challenge:green steps to a               Programs for Children                                               Volunteers
sustainable future                       The Rachel Carson Homestead is                                      The Rachel Carson Homestead
Learn how you can make a                 planning several programs and                                       Association thanks you for your
difference.                              activities to share winter wildlife                                 financial and lend-a-hand
Page 2                                   with your child! Page 3                                             support.
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                                                                               Meet the Rachel Carson
                                                                               Homestead Board and Staff

                                                                               Page 3

From the
                                                     Challenge on our Web site at                  volunteer help. We are seeking
                                                           individuals with diverse talents and
                                                     Together we can expand the number             backgrounds who share a passion for

Board                                                of people invested in a green future.
                                                         Through our newsletter and Web
                                                                                                   environmental preservation. Please
                                                                                                   contact us if interested. Best wishes

                                                     site you can learn about the science          for a wonderful and green 2007!
                                                     behind environmental issues and of
                                                     the many collaborative partnerships           Amy Sibo
                                                     our staff has been busy developing
There are many examples of                           with schools, businesses and other
environmental destruction occurring                  environmental groups. We invite you
in the world that one could use to                   to learn more and enjoy yourself at
become discouraged. The truth is that                the many conferences and
each one of us can make a difference.                celebrations we have planned in 2007
Therefore, the Rachel Carson                         to commemorate the 100th
Homestead Association encourages                     anniversary of Rachel Carson’s birth.
you to make a commitment to                              Also, please consider actively
environmentally sustainable practices                participating at the Homestead, we
through the Rachel Carson Legacy                     are planning to expand our board and

Rachel Carson Homestead - The Spring 
                        R   A   C    H   E      L        C   A   R   S    O   N      H    O   M    E   S     T   E   A    D

                                                    vast cycles of the earth and in time return   resources to help identify behavior
                                                    to him.”(1)                                   changes and actions that will be helpful.
                                                        As we celebrate the centennial of
      The Rachel                                    Rachel Carson’s birth, we see a world
                                                    with abundant evidence of the pressure of         (1) "C.B.S. Reports" program "The Silent
     Carson Legacy                                  humanity upon nature and natural
                                                    systems. In some cases, technology has
                                                                                                  Spring of Rachel Carson.” April 3, 1963.

       Challenge                                    helped to reduce the impact of human
                                                    commerce and industry; in other cases,
     green steps to a sustainable                   technology has accelerated destruction of
               future                               habitat and the course of natural systems.
                                                    In honor of Rachel Carson’s legacy to all
By Patricia M. DeMarco, Executive Director
                                                    of us, we ask you to examine ways you
                                                    can accept the Rachel Carson Legacy                Board & Staff
As we begin the Centennial Celebration              Challenge: green steps to a sustainable
of Rachel Carson’s birth, we reflect on             future. It is important to begin to act on    RCHA Board:
her legacy to each of us, to Pittsburgh,            our awareness of the fragility of the earth   Amy Sibo, President
and to the Earth. We have the honor of              we inhabit. We can reduce the impact we       Kathleen Wendell, Vice President
following in her footsteps as                       make by conserving energy resources,          Senator John Heinz Regional History Center
environmentalists. Before Rachel                    using organic products, avoiding use of       Caroline Mitchell, Treasurer
Carson’s pioneering efforts,                        dangerous chemicals, reducing our fossil      Attorney-at-Law
environmentalists were seen as a tame               fuel consumption for power and                Nancy Gift, Secretary
group: bird watchers, photographers,                transportation. In the words of Nobel         Chatham College
naturalists, collectors of butterflies, poets       Laureate Wangari Mathaai:” If everyone        Danelle Ardell
and writers. The passion of political               does a little, it adds up to a lot!”          Environmental Engineers Inc.
action and advocacy had not penetrated                                                            Barbara Biglan
this world as a central force. Through her                                                        Chatham College
                                                    How to be counted:
writing, Rachel Carson connected people             You can make a commitment or pledge to        Laurene Corrigan
to their world and cast humanity into the                                                         PPG Inc.
                                                    the Rachel Carson Legacy Challenge on
web of life as a community of animals,                                                            Pamela Cromer
                                                    our Web site at:                              Hudson Group
with dependent connections to other
important species in an                                                                           Julie Lalo
                                                                                                  10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania
ecosystem. People as part
                                                                                                  David Watts
of nature became a                                                                                Borough of Springdale
powerful concept. We had                                                                          Dr. Gabe Ziccarelli
conquered the wilderness,                                                                         Allegheny Valley School District
pushing it back to the
oceans from shore to                                                                              RCHA Staff:
shore. With the arrogance                                                                         Patricia M. DeMarco, Ph.D.
of conquerors, technology                                                                         Executive Director
was brought to bear on all                                                              
sorts of problems from
power supply to pest                                                                              Fiona Fisher
control. There was a                                                                              Rachel Carson Centennial Coordinator
sense of man being in                                                                   
control of his fate, and the
earth was there for the                                                                           Amanda Trapp
service of his needs. Rachel Carson        or by
                                                    writing to the Rachel Carson Legacy           Education Director (part-time)
espoused the concept of people having a                                                 
responsibility to care for the natural              Challenge at: The Rachel Carson
world; to preserve it, and treat all living         Homestead Association, 613 Marion
                                                    Avenue, Springdale, PA 15144-0046             Sonya Buller
things with reverence and respect:                                                                Program & Administrative Coordinator
“Nature does not need protection from                                                             (part-time)
man; but man, too, needs protection from            Where to find more information:
                                                    The Rachel Carson Homestead         
his own acts, for he is part of the living
world. His war against nature is                    Association Web site:
                                           has             Karen Jarvie
inevitably a war against himself. His                                                             Administrative Assistant (part-time)
needlessly destructive acts enter into the          examples of ways to meet the Rachel
                                                    Carson Legacy Challenge as well as  

                                                                                                               Rachel Carson Homestead - The Spring
                           R    A       C   H   E   L       C   A   R   S   O   N    H   O   M    E   S   T    E   A   D

                                                        world. Each program has a different      format with various activities to
                                                        theme, but may be adapted to fit that    accompany it. The program can be
Winter Nature                                           day’s weather conditions. Come           adapted for various age groups and
                                                        prepared for the weather and to          will include resources and lesson
Adventures at                                           discover just how exciting the winter    plans for teachers to use with their
RCHA                                                    really is!!!
                                                            Additionally, we are pleased to
                                                                                                 students before and/or after the
                                                                                                 program is presented. A goal of this
                                                        continue to bring to our kindergarten    program is to seek involvement from
By Amanda F. Trapp,                                     through sixth grade audience, the        schools and students as well as their
Education Program Director                              RCHA group programs and field trip       families in the Rachel Carson Legacy
Wow, what a winter we have had. Just                    curriculum that focuses on developing    Challenge: Green Steps to a
the other day, I noticed some daffodils                 a sense of wonder, provoking             Sustainable Future (see page 2 and
peeking their tiny heads out of the                     curiosity about the natural world and    visit our Web site for more details).
ground and now they’re covered in                       exploring the role humans play in the        The Springdale High School
snow. Spring will soon be here with                     web of life. These programs are          Biology Club students are now
all of the hustle and bustle that goes                  offered at the Homestead year round      serving as docents and assisting with
with it. It is hard to be cooped up all                 for any type of youth program, school,   our education programs. We welcome
                             winter,                    or home school group.                    your help as an education volunteer/
                             especially                     The Rachel Carson Homestead is       intern. Only a love for nature is
                             with the                   currently developing a seventh           required. We will train you in
                             non-existent               through twelfth grade curriculum         everything else!
                             sled riding                on sustainable agriculture and               Please give us a call at (724)
                             until the                  Integrated Pest Management (IPM)         274-5459 or visit our Web site
                             snow finally               based upon the Pennsylvania     for
                             arrived!                   Department of Education Standards        more details.
                             Usually, it                for Environment and Ecology. This
                             seems as                   curriculum will integrate science,
                                                        policy and the work of Rachel Carson                  Upcoming Events
                             though all
                             creatures are              in order to create a unique curriculum
                                                        that can be used on or off site. This     February 12, 19, 26 and March 5
                             asleep this
                                                        will be done in collaboration with        from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m.
                             time of the                                                          Young Naturalist Program for pre-
                             year.                      other organizations, such as the PA
                                                                                                  schoolers and parents - $5 per
                             However,                   IPM program at Penn State                 person, $2.50 for members.
                             you’ll                     University. Our goal is to be able to
quickly find out that the natural world                 conduct workshops for educators that      April: Home-school Month: More
in the wintertime is just as exciting as                will demonstrate the use of this          information to come: We encourage
it is any other time of the year. The                   curriculum to enhance or supplement       home-school groups to visit the
Rachel Carson Homestead is planning                     existing lessons. The workshops will      Homestead. Choose a program and
                                                        also educate about Rachel Carson and      a date and make your reservation
several programs and activities to
                                                        related ecological and environmental      with us.
share winter wildlife with your child!
     During the month of February and                   concepts.
                                                                                                  Year Round: K-6th grade On- and
early March, there will be three                            Attention teachers: In
                                                                                                  Off-site programs and field-trips.
different programs for pre-schoolers                    celebration of the Centennial of          Please see our Web site at
and their favorite adult, to engage                     Rachel Carson’s birth, the RCHA off-
children in activities that teach about                 site programs will teach students         for details. You can also register
wildlife in the winter and promote a                    about the life and accomplishments        on-line.
“Sense of Wonder” for the natural                       of Rachel Carson in a Power Point

Rachel Carson Homestead - The Spring
                        R    A    C   H    E   L        C   A   R   S   O   N       H    O   M    E   S   T    E   A    D

We thank our funding organizations: Conservation Council of Fox Chapel, Fox Chapel Garden Club, Howard Heinz
Endowments, IMLS, Johnson Family Foundation, Laurel Foundation, Mary Hillman Jennings Foundation,
Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Pennsylvania Department of Economic &
Community Development, PPG Inc., the Rita M. McGinley Fund of the Pittsburgh Foundation, Rivers of Steel
Heritage Area, Roy A. Hunt Foundation, United States Steel Foundation

             We thank our Donors (over $250): Danelle A. Ardell, Minnette D. Bickel, Charles H. Booth, Jr. & Gertrude Booth,
           Bill Couzens of Next Generation Choices Foundation, Inc., Pamela Cromer, James & Evelyn Hirtle George, Dr. Linda
           J. Lear, Maria Verardi Lepish & Joseph Lepish, Paul & Jane Lienhardt, Jennifer L. & Karl W. Salatka, MD, William J.
                Schillinger, Dr. Esther L. Barazzone of Chatham College, Laurene Corrigan of PPG Industries, Inc. and Dr. Devra
                      Lee Davis, Ph.D., MPH of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute Center for Environmental Oncology
                                                                    We appreciate greatly the enthusiastic support of all of our members

We thank our Springdale High
School Volunteers Christy
Ansell, Sherry McCully,
Joshua Laface, Erin Roehrig,
Desirea Mikus, Heather Panza,
Brandon Chamberlain, Ann
Marie Gollinger, Marla Jacobs,
Nick Mendicino, Lauren
Pahlman, Brian Simcic, Sherry
McCully, Jacob Hamorsky.

                            This newsletter is made possible through a grant from the United States Steel Foundation
 The Rachel Carson Homestead Association is an IRS Sec. 501(c)(3) corporation, designated a Charitable Organization under Sec 509(a)(1).

 Rachel Carson Homestead Association	                                                                           Issue No. 34 - Winter 2006/07

Rachel Carson Homestead Association
613 Marion Avenue, Box 46
Springdale, PA 15144-0046

           2007 Rachel Carson Centennial
                    Event Listing
      April 20: Rachel Carson Legacy
      @ John Heinz Regional Pittsburgh History Center
      May 27: Rachel Carson Birthday Party
      @ Rachel Carson Homestead
      September 29: Rachel Carson Legacy
      @ Carnegie Mellon University
      November 3: Rachel Carson Spirit &
      Nature Conference
      @ Chatham College
      Visit for
      other celebratory events by our partners.

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