Design and technology for building envelope by frn19602


									                                      Design and technology for building envelope.

Martina CORRADO                                            Dottorato in Innovazione tecnologica per l’ambiente costruito.

The curiosity towards sustainable architecture and its applications has prompted me to deepen the topic of sustainability in
building in my thesis focusing, in particular, on the relationship between sustainable project and choice of materials for its
implementation . The debate on built environment currently goes increasingly towards research and testing of new technologies
that integrate facilities for the production of “clean energy” and propose innovative systems to build climatic envelope. Start a
research on -Sustainability in architecture- implies draw a portrait of this culture of built starting with the basic concepts and
historical precedent through the tracks that can be found in the world. The underlying theme of projects which propose application
of theoretical research is the relationship between technology innovation for new envelope and design concepts of living.

My attention goes down to an innovatine material to build envelope called ETFE (ethylene-tetra-fluoro-ethylene) : here are some
examples and tchnical information about it.

         Germany, Kronberg                  USA, Pasadena                        UK, Cornwall                       UK, London
  Schneider &Schumacher Architects        Daly Genik Architects        Sir Nicolas Grimshaw & Partners           Studio E Architects
              855 sqm                           1000 sqm                           30000 sqm                           90 sqm
                1999                              2004                                2001                              2006

STRUCTURAL INFORMATION                   SOLAR CONTROL                     VARIABLE SKIN                          INSULATION

 300-400% elongation range            high range of transparency         By printing overlapping          N. of foils            U value                
                                         between 90 – 95 %             gestalt graphics on multiple        2                      2.94 Wm-2K      
Membrane stresses generated                                            layers, and integrating the
                                     Cushions can be printed with                                          3                      1.96 Wm-2K      
by inflation define the overall                                        cushions with sophisticated        4                      1.47 Wm-2K      
           geometry of the           graphic patterns of traslucent
                                                                      pneumatics, we can move the
                                        or opaque polymer ink.                                           each layer of foil made by ETFE
             form                                                      different graphics together
                                                                       and apart from each other.         encloses a layer of air, so the U
    cushions are large and            surface of the foils can be      This enables us to vary the       value of the envelope is very low
                                     manipulated to capture light,      amount of light and solar        and can be optimised to suit each
  pneumatically pressurised                                                                                         application
                                          colour and image                        energy

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