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Price List tweezer - PDF - PDF by benbenzhou


Price List tweezer

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									         LeChat South Arica
         32b Platinum Junction, Platinum Road, Milnerton, 7443

         TEL / FAX 021-5519133
         Anton : 0824579487, Carmen : 0725538778, Verenia : 0761153308, Darryl (Website) : 082 921 5399

DARE PRODUCTS - Platinum Range

         SYSTEMS/POWDERS                                                            TIPS/NAIL FORMS
 SIZE              PRODUCT DESCRIPTION               CODE        PRICE       SIZE              PRODUCT DESCRIPTION                  CODE    PRICE
1000cc   Acrylic Powders - all colors                            R924.00   50's     French Tips ( Le Chic ) SIZE 1-10               DQ1      R40.00
250cc    Acrylic Polymer Clear                      DA1          R231.00   50's     Classic Tips (Regular) SIZE 1-10                DQ2      R36.00
100cc    Acrylic Polymer Clear                      DA2          R110.00   100pce French ( Le Chic ) Nail Set                       DQ3      R95.00
50cc     Acrylic Polymer Clear                      DA3           R66.00   100pce Regular ( Classic ) Nail Set                      DQ4      R90.00
30cc     Acrylic Polymer Clear                      DA4           R49.50   200pce French ( Le Chic ) Nail Set                       DQ5     R170.00
250cc    Acrylic Polymer Dark Pink                  DA5          R231.00   200pce Regular ( Classic ) Nail Set                      DQ6     R160.00
100cc    Acrylic Polymer Dark Pink                  DA6          R110.00   50's     Regular ( Classic ) Tips XL 1 - 4               DQ13     R55.00
50cc     Acrylic Polymer Dark Pink                  DA7           R66.00   20's     Regular ( Classic ) Tips XL 1 - 4               DQ12     R22.00
30cc     Acrylic Polymer Dark Pink                  DA8           R49.50   10's     Regular ( Classic ) Tips XL 1 - 4               DQ14     R12.00
250cc    Acrylic Polymer Pink                       DA9          R231.00   Each     Regular ( Classic ) Tips XL 1 - 4               DQ15      R2.00
100cc    Acrylic Polymer Pink                       DA10         R110.00   Metal Forms Individual                                   DQ11     R30.00
50cc     Acrylic Polymer Pink                       DA11          R66.00   Reusable Nail Forms 500                                  DQ 16    R90.00
30cc     Acrylic Polymer Pink                       DA12          R49.50
250cc    Acrylic Polymer White                      DA13         R231.00            SOLUTIONS
100cc    Acrylic Polymer White                      DA14         R110.00   SIZE     PRODUCT DESCRIPTION                             CODE PRICE
50cc     Acrylic Polymer White                      DA15          R66.00   1 ltr    Acetone                                         DE1     R35.00
30cc     Acrylic Polymer White                      DA 16         R49.50   150ml    Acetone                                         DE2     R12.00
250cc    Acrylic Polymer Sculpture                  DA17         R231.00   100ml    Brush Cleaner                                   DE3     R33.00
100cc    Acrylic Polymer Sculpture                  DA18         R110.00   100ml    Glue Activator                                  DE4     R60.50
50cc     Acrylic Polymer Sculpture                  DA19          R66.00   1 ltr    Nail Polish Remover                             DE5     R40.00
30cc     Acrylic Polymer Sculpture                  DA20          R49.50   250ml    Nail Polish Remover                             DE6     R25.00
50cc     Silk Powder                                DA21         R188.10   150ml    Nail Polish Remover                             DE7     R20.00
                                                                           18ml     Non Acid Primer                                 DE8     R33.00
         MONOMERS                                                          18ml     Perfect Balance                                 DE9     R38.50
 SIZE             PRODUCT DESCRIPTION                CODE        PRICE     45ml     Polish Dilutant                                 DE10    R33.00
500ml    Medium Dry Monomer                         DB1          R264.00   18ml     Prevent It (Anti Fungal Treatment)              DE11    R99.00
200ml    Medium Dry Monomer                         DB2          R121.00   18ml     Primer                                          DE12    R33.00
100ml    Medium Dry Monomer                         DB3           R66.00   250ml    Pro-Techt (anti bacterial, anti fungal Spray)   DE13    R44.00
50ml     Medium Dry Monomer                         DB4           R38.50   45ml     Stop-It (stop primer burn)                      DE14    R66.00
500ml    Primerless Monomer                         DB5          R297.00   18ml     Tip Seam Blend                                  DE15    R33.00
200ml    Primerless Monomer                         DB6          R143.00   200ml    UV Cleanser                                     DE16    R44.00
100ml    Primerless Monomer                         DB7           R82.50   1ltr     Tool Sterilizer                                 DE17    R40.00
50ml     Primerless Monomer                         DB8           R50.00   100ml    Teflon Gel Brush Cleaner                        DE18    R33.00

         NAIL TREATMENTS                                                            PEDICURE TREATMENTS
SIZE     PRODUCT DESCRIPTION                         CODE        PRICE     SIZE     PRODUCT DESCRIPTION                             CODE    PRICE
18ml     Cuti Oil 18ml (vitamin enriched)           DC1           R33.00   160gm    Rejuvenating Rock Salt (Dead sea enriched)      DD1      R60.00
18ml     Cuti Softener 18ml                         DC2           R38.50   140gm    Soft & Silky Hand & Body Cream                  DD2      R60.00
18ml     Air Dry Shine Topcoat 18ml (Super Gloss)   DC3           R33.00   200gm    Sweet Surrender Exfoliator (natural)            DD3      R60.00
10ml     One Drop Quick Dry 10ml                    DC4           R38.50   1 kg     Pedi Cure "Miracle" Salt                        DD4     R270.00
18ml     One Drop Quick Dry 60ml Refill             DC5          R200.00   1.5 kg   Pedicure Exfoliator                             DD5     R270.00
18ml     Brilliant shine Air Dry Topcoat 18ml       DC6           R33.00   1 kg     Soft & Silky Hand & Body Cream                  DD6     R220.00
18ml     Perfect Finish 18ml (UV Top Coat)          DC7           R99.00
8.5 oz   De Mert Canada                             DC8          R100.00            GELS
18ml     Cuticle Cream (vitamin enriched)           DC9           R33.00   SIZE     PRODUCT DESCRIPTION                             CODE    PRICE
75ml     Nail Color Dry Spray                       DC10          R39.00   16gm     Builder Gel - Clear                             DF1     R140.00
                                                                           16gm     Builder Gel - Pink                              DF2     R140.00
        MANICURE SET                                                       16gm     Color Gels - all colors                         DF3     R180.00
SIZE    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION                         CODE     PRICE         6gm      Color Gels - all colors                         DF4     R100.00
1 X TOE NAIL CUTTER                                   MS1      R200.00     6gm      Builder Gel - Pink/White                                 R90.00
1 X CUTICLE NIPPER                                                         Each     Teflon Gel Brush Black Handle                   DF5      R66.00
1 X NAIL SCISSOR                                                           Each     Teflon Gel Brush White Handle                   DF6      R66.00
1 X SHORT NOSE SCISSOR                                                     Each     Retractable Gel Brush # 4                       DF7      R70.00
        LeChat South Arica
        32b Platinum Junction, Platinum Road, Milnerton, 7443

        TEL / FAX 021-5519133
        Anton : 0824579487, Carmen : 0725538778, Verenia : 0761153308, Darryl (Website) : 082 921 5399

DARE PRODUCTS - Platinum Range
        PENS                                                                          HAND TOOLS & EQUIPMENT
SIZE    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION                        CODE         PRICE      PRODUCT DESCRIPTION                               CODE      PRICE
Each    Acetone Pen                                DG1           R25.00    Pedicure Foot Stool " Pedi Pal "                  DS1       R400.00
Each    Cuticle Oil Pen                            DG2           R25.00    Nail Clipper Curve Professional                   DS2        R15.00
Each    Primer Pen                                 DG4           R25.00    Nail Studio Drill 400                             DS3      R1155.00
                                                                           Nail Studio Drill 500                             DS4      R2750.00
        NAIL POLISHES                                                      Nail Studio Drill 700                             DS5      R1485.00
SIZE    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION                        CODE         PRICE      Nail Tip Box Small 0 - 9                          DS7        R18.00
15ml    CM Top Coat                                GH1           R60.00    Nail Tip Box Large 1 - 10                         DS8        R25.00
15ml    CM Base Coat                               GH2           R60.00    One Cut Cutter ( Tip Cutter )                     DS9        R65.00
15ml    CM Nail Polish                             GH3           R50.00    Cuticle Nipper                                    DS10       R65.00
15ml    Dare to Wear Nail Polish                   GH4           R95.00    Sanding Bands                                     DS11        R2.75
                                                                           Stork Scissors                                    DS12       R33.00
         MISCELLANEOUS                                                     Sterilizing Tray                                  S.T.M.    R175.00
         PRODUCT DESCRIPTION                       CODE         PRICE      Tunnel UV Lamp//Dryer 36 watt                     DS13      R650.00
Acetone Pump Bottle Large                          DM1           R48.00    UV Lamp 9 watt                  (new)             DS15      R275.00
Acrylic Pump Bottle                                DM2           R58.00    9 Watt Globes UV Lamps                            DS16       R55.00
Brush Cleaning Jar                                 DM3           R60.00
Dappen Dish small glass                            DM4            R5.35              MISCELLANEOUS
Dappen Dish Crystal Glass                          DM5           R50.00    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION                               CODE     PRICE
Droppers Pipette                                   DM6            R4.00    Carousel for Stones                               M1        R15.00
Manicure Bowl (Different Colors)                   DM7           R20.00    Color Wheels                                      M2        R10.00
Pedicure Slippers per pair                         DM8            R3.21    Manicure Rest Table Sponge                        M3        R90.00
Pedicure Slippers per pack (25pairs)               DM9           R74.90    Striping Tape Gold/Silver                         M4        R68.00
Practice Fingers                                   DM10          R20.00    Tweezer 2351 ( Black )                            M5        R25.00
Practice Hands                                     DM11          R65.00    Tweezer 2352 ( Maroon )                           M6        R25.00
Rubber polish Holder (Tilter)                      DM12          R20.00    Tweezer 2354 ( Navy Blue )                        M7        R25.00
Soaking Bowl Acrylic                               DM13          R20.00
Soaking Bowl Acrylic with base warmer              DM14          R60.00              CUTICLE PUSHERS
Toe Separators (per Pair)                          DM15           R8.00    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION                               CODE     PRICE
Nail Soakers                                       DM16         R100.00    Cuticle Pusher - Flat Metal Combination           CP1       R44.00
French Guide Stickers                              DM17          R18.00    Cuticle Pusher - Metal Combination                CP2       R50.00
                                                                           Cuticle Pusher - Metal Combination Double Sided   CP3       R55.00
         LINT CLOTH                                                        Cuticle Pusher - Pusher Plus                      CP4       R100.00
SIZE     PRODUCT DESCRIPTION                       CODE         PRICE      Plastic Cuticle Pusher                            CP5         R7.70
Lint Cloth Small       100pce                      DR2           R15.00    Orange Wood Stick                                 CP6         R2.20
LintFree Import USA (200pcs)                       DR3           R60.00
Lint Free Cloth (Small 50pce) Cloth Imp U.S.A.     DR6           R15.00               BRUSHES
                                                                           PRODUCT DESCRIPTION                               CODE     PRICE
        NAIL ART / DECORATIONS                                             Dust Remover Brush - Short                        DJ1       R80.00
SIZE    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION                        CODE         PRICE      Dust Remover Brush - Medium                       DJ2      R100.00
Rhinestone    Round Crystal 100pce                 DP6           R90.00    Kolinsky Sable - # 7 - Oval/ Round                DJ3      R160.00
Decorations Nail Art                               DP8           R15.00    Nail Art Brush (2 sided marble brush) # 8         DJ4       R88.00
                                                                           Nail Art Brush ( crooked detailer)                DJ5       R74.80
        ADHESIVE FOR TIPS                                                  Nail Art Brush ( Shader) # 5                      DJ6        R74.80
SIZE    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION                        CODE         PRICE      Teflon Gel Brush                                  DJ7        R66.00
15ml    Brush On Glue - 15ml Clear                 DL2           R68.00    Nail Art Brush ( small )                          DJ8        R55.00
20ml    Nozzle Glue with long nozzle               DL3           R55.00    Nail Art Brush ( Medium )                         DJ9        R55.00
7.5ml   Brush On Glue 7.5ml - Clear                DL4           R39.00    Nail Art Brush ( Large )                          DJ10       R55.00
                                                                           Kolinsky Sable Oval & Round # 5                   KS1       R180.00
          DRILL BITS USA                                                   Kolinsky Sable Oval & Round # 6                   KS2       R160.00
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION                                CODE          PRICE     Kolinsky Sable Oval & Round # 8                   KS3       R240.00
Diamond Drill Bit                                  DB1           R219.56   Kolinsky Sable Oval & Round # 9                   KS4       R260.00
Gold Carbide Drill Bit                             DB2           R256.16   Kolinsky Sable Oval & Round # 10                  KS5       R280.00
Mandrill Drill Bit                                 DB3            R60.99   Kolinsky Sable Short Aluminum Handle # 8          KS6       R250.00
Pedicure Drill Bits                                DB4          R365.94
Sterilizer Tray                                    DB5          R150.00
LeChat South Arica
32b Platinum Junction, Platinum Road, Milnerton, 7443

TEL / FAX 021-5519133
Anton : 0824579487, Carmen : 0725538778, Verenia : 0761153308, Darryl (Website) : 082 921 5399

DARE PRODUCTS - Platinum Range

            FILES/BUFFERS                                                                TIPS/NAIL FORMS
   GRIT               PRODUCT DESCRIPTION                CODE   PRICE         SIZE           PRODUCT DESCRIPTION    CODE   PRICE
            Manicure Brush                              DK1      R6.00   Silk Strips - Large                       FS3      R35.00
80/80       Pedi File                                   DK2     R20.00
100/180     Black File (Medium)                         DK3      R6.00                 EDUCATIONAL
100/180     Black Banana                                DK4      R6.00   SIZE          PRODUCT DESCRIPTION         CODE PRICE
80/80       Black File (Coarse)                         DK5      R6.00   Student Training Bibs                     E4    R140.28
100/100     Zebra Banana                                DK6      R6.00   Student Training Manual                   E5    R121.98
280/320     Pink Teardrop                               DK7      R6.00
100/180     Half Moon File                              DK8     R10.00                POSTERS LAMINATED
360         Pink File                                   DK9      R7.00   SIZE         PRODUCT DESCRIPTION          CODE PRICE
            Shiner                                      DK10    R12.00   SMALL        POSTER                       P1     R73.19
80/80       Mylar File                                  DK11    R12.00   LARGE        POSTER                       P2     R97.58
180/180     Spongie                                     DK12    R15.00
80/80       Washable File                               DK13     R6.00               CM NAIL POLISH
100/100     Washable File                               DK14     R6.00     COLOUR                                   CODE   PRICE
100/180     Washable File                               DK15     R6.00   FROSTY BEIGE                              337      R50.00
            Buffing Block   White                       DK16     R6.00   BLACK MAGIC                               358      R50.00
            Buffing Block Purple                        DK17     R7.00   BURGUNDY WINE                             359      R50.00
            Buffing Block Orange                        DK18     R7.00   FLIRTY FLAME                              361      R50.00
                                                                         EGYPTIAN GOLD                             372      R50.00
           CM NAIL POLISH                                                FATAL SEDUCTION                           375      R50.00
  COLOUR                                                 CODE   PRICE    GIGGLING GRAPE                            376      R50.00
ALL FOR ONE                                             201     R50.00   24K GOLD                                  378      R50.00
MY KIND OF BROWN                                        204     R50.00   MESMERIZING MIRAGE                        384      R50.00
RAGING RASBERRY                                         205     R50.00   ANTIQUE MAUVE                             385      R50.00
BUBBLE GUM                                              207     R50.00   CHOCOLATE CANDY                           394      R50.00
DISCO RED                                               208     R50.00
ELEGANT LACE                                            209     R50.00                DARE TO WARE NAIL POLISH
ASHY ROSE                                               211     R50.00                COLOUR                        CODE   PRICE
DISCO FLARES                                            227     R50.00   DWFR         RUE JEANNE D-ARC             O2       R95.00
LUNER COPPER                                            236     R50.00                RUE DE FLORES                O4       R95.00
STAR PASSION                                            241     R50.00   DWF          SOFT POWDER                  17       R95.00
MAGICAL FUCHSIA                                         242     R50.00                MADAM IN PARADISE            27       R95.00
FIRE WORKS                                              246     R50.00                PRINCE KISS                  35       R95.00
DIAMOND DUST                                            247     R50.00                CHRISTMAS BALL               75       R95.00
GOLD DUST                                               248     R50.00                LOVE CASTLE                  95       R95.00
BRIGHT STAR                                             249     R50.00   DWS          PURE INNOCENT                12       R95.00
PUMPKIN                                                 256     R50.00                HOLLYWOOD WASTE BAND         15       R95.00
INSATIBLE PASSION                                       259     R50.00                SUGAR LIPS                   17       R95.00
HOT PINK                                                264     R50.00                CAMEO PIN*C                  47       R95.00
YOUR DESIRE                                             265     R50.00                SWEARTHEART NECK             105     R95.00
IT MIGHT BE ME                                          267     R50.00                TROPICAL DRINK               126      R95.00
FRENCH KISSES                                           268     R50.00
TOUCH OF GREY                                           274     R50.00                BASE/TOP COAT
BURNING FLAME                                           277     R50.00   COLOUR                                            PRICE
WINTER ILLUSION                                         282     R50.00   TOP COAT                                           R60.00
DESERT DUNES                                            298     R50.00   BASE COAT                                          R60.00
LOVER HEART                                             301     R50.00
GOLD KISS                                               304     R50.00               FRENCH COLOURS
FLASHY RED                                              305     R50.00   COLOUR                                     CODE   PRICE
AUTHURIUM RED                                           312     R50.00   CASUAL CREAM                              F48      R50.00
FROSTY MAUVE                                            314     R50.00   SHEER PINK                                F49      R50.00
PINK PEARL                                              318     R50.00   FRENCH ROSE                               F50      R50.00
BLACK ROSE                                              324     R50.00   SOFT PINK                                 F51      R50.00
SOFT SABLE                                              325     R50.00   SAFARI IVORY                              F52      R50.00
JEOLOUSY RED                                            332     R50.00   FRENCH WHITE                              F53      R50.00
HEART OF FIRE                                           335     R50.00   CLASSY PINK                               F54      R50.00
DARK SECRET                                             397     R50.00   FRENCH PINK                               F55      R50.00
TAWNY ROSE                                              SPO2    R50.00   BABY PINK                                 F56      R50.00
FAST GIRL                                               SP10    R50.00   SNOW WHITE                                F57      R50.00
BABY DOLL                                               SP11    R50.00

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