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									                   Social Skills / Interpersonal Relations

Books for parents and caregivers:
Baker—Social skills picture book: teaching communication, play and emotion
Basic social skills for youth: a handbook from Boys Town
Bateman – The bully blockers club
Beane – The bully-free classroom: over 100 tips and strategies for teachers K-8
Csoti--Social awareness skills for children
Dornbush--Teaching the tiger : a handbook for individuals involved in the education of
students with attention deficit disorders, Tourette syndrome, or obsessive-compulsive
Down syndrome: visions for the 21st century
Duke--Teaching your child the language of social success
Dunn Buron—The incredible 5-point scale: assisting students with autism spectrum
disorders in understanding social interactions and controlling their emotional responses
Elman—Unwritten rules of friendship: simple strategies to help your child make friends
Engelman--Confronting the challenges of spina bifida : a group curriculum addressing self-
care, self-esteem, and social skills in 8 to 13 year old children
Frankel--Good friends are hard to find: help your child find, make, and keep friends
Fried--Bullies & victims: helping your child survive the schoolyard battlefield
Gammeltoft – Autism, play and interaction
Gutstein--Autism Aspergers : solving the relationship puzzle
Lawson – Friendships: the Aspie way
Leber--Easy activities for building social skills
Martinovich—Creative expressive activities & Asperger’s Syndrome: social and emotional
skills and positive life goals for adolescents and youth
McAfee--Navigating the social world: a curriculum for individuals with Asperger's syndrome,
high functioning autism and related disorders
Miller--Everybody's different : understanding and changing our reactions to disabilities
Molenaar-Klumper--Non-verbal learning disabilities
Moyes--Incorporating social goals in the classroom : a guide for teachers and parents of
children with high-functioning autism and Asperger syndrome
Painter—Social skills groups for children and adolescents with Asperger’s Syndrome
Pudney--A volcano in my tummy : helping children to handle anger, a resource book for
parents, caregivers, and teachers
Schneider – Acting antics: a theatrical approach to teaching social understanding to kids and
teens with Asperger’s Syndrome
Schwier--Sexuality : your sons and daughters with intellectual disabilities
Sonders--Giggle time : establishing the social connection, a program to develop the
communication skills of children with autism, Asperger syndrome, and PDD
Staub--Delicate threads : friendships between children with and without special needs in
inclusive settings
Stengle--Laying community foundations for your child with a disability : how to establish
relationships that will support your child after you're gone
Tanguay--Nonverbal learning disabilities at home
Tanguay--Nonverbal learning disabilites at school
Taylor--Living well with a hidden disability : transcending doubt and shame and reclaiming
your life

Books for teens:
Clayton--Coping with a learning disability
Herron--Getting along with others : an activity book
Herron--A good friend : how to make one, how to be one
Kriegsman--Taking charge : teenagers talk about life & physical disabilities
Peter--Boundaries : a guide for teens
Scott--How to say no and keep your friends : peer pressure reversal for teens and preteens

Books for children:
Bloom: Piggy Monday: a tale about manners
Brown--Someone special, just like you (picture book about disabilities)
Buehrens--Adam and the magic marble
Carlson--Arnie and the new kid (picture book)
Caseley--Harry and Willy and Carrothead (picture book)
Criswell – A smart girl’s guide to friendship troubles
Cohen-Posey--How to handle bullies, teasers, and other meanies
Cole – Sharing is fun!
Congdon--Going to David's party and Uncle Jack's coming to dinner!
Congdon--My best friend, Jason (CF)
Depino – Blue cheese breath and stinky feet: how to deal with bullies
Fleming--Be good to Eddie Lee (Down syndrome/mental retardation)
Foland--A song for Jeffrey
Hammerseng--Telling isn't tattling
Holyoke – A smart girl’s guide to boys
Lasker--He's my brother (picture book)
Maguire--Special people, special ways (picture book)
Meyers--Rolling along with Goldilocks and the three bears (picture book)
Millman--Secret of the peaceful warrior : a story about courage and love (picture book)
Murphy-Melas--Keeping a secret : a story about juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (picture book)
Nettleton – Let’s get along!: kids talk about tolerance
O'Connor--I can be me : a helping book for children from troubled families
Ogaz--Buster and the amazing Daisy
Payne--We can get along : a child's book of choices
Rogers--Extraordinary friends (picture book)
Rogers—Making friends
Romain – Cliques, phonies, & other baloney
Sammie's new mask coloring book for friends of children with cancer
Stanek--All alone after school (picture book)
Swanson--My friend Emily (picture book--epilepsy)
Webster-Doyle--Why is everybody always picking on me? : a guide to handling bullies for
young people
Williams – A smart girl’s guide to starting middle school
Winston--Earl the EMU (picture book about self-esteem)

Common sense parenting (246 min., 1999)
It's all part of the job: social skills for success at work (21 min., 1993)
Stop and go ahead with success: an integrated approach to helping children develop social
skills (21 min., 1998)
The unseen power: peer pressure (23 min., 2006)

Family Village: Social Skills Resources
MedlinePlus (search "social skills" to get files from AAP, NICHHD, and other organizations )
KidsHealth (search "social skills" to get files on infant and child social development,
shyness, social phobia, etc.)
Dr. Mac's Amazing Behavior Management Advice site (note "Sociograms" and "Social Skills
Training" sections)
Social Skills: Promoting Positive Behavior, Academic Success, and School Safety (National
Association of School Psychologists)
Developing Social Skills (National Network for Child Care)

See also Anger, Violence lists.
These resources and others are available in the Kreamer Family Resource Center, ground
floor of the Sutherland Tower in Children's Mercy Hospital, or call 816-234-3900 to
arrange pick up from the Children's Mercy South Information desk. If you are not a
patient of Children's Mercy Hospital & Clinics, books may be borrowed through Interlibrary
Loan: contact your local librarian to arrange this.
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