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									                                      VOLUNTEER INVITATION LETTER

September 2009
Dear Parents/Guardians:

                                               Re: Volunteers Needed
St. Monica Catholic School is looking for interested volunteers who would like to share their time and talents with
the staff and students of our school. Volunteers strengthen and enrich educational programs and foster greater
cooperation among all the partners in our Catholic school community.
Our school welcomes volunteer involvement in a variety of areas and capacities. Volunteers may provide short term
or long term commitment to such things as: supervising on school excursions, serving as a guest speaker, or helping
to run special events such as Book Fair, Track and Field Day, Play Day, and Pizza Days.
Volunteers derive a great sense of fulfillment and satisfaction from their work and our school life is certainly very
much enhanced by their generous efforts.
If you are interested in becoming a school volunteer, through the giving of your time, service and skills, please
complete the following, and send this form back to school.

I have an interest in the following area(s):
      Becoming a member of the SMA Catholic School Council and helping on committee work.
      Charitable Donations Fundraising Event: during the early fall. This is a school and Catholic School council
      International Night: Thurs. Oct. 22 . A school community event.
      Book Fair: assisting with book sales in library. Organized by Teacher Librarian.
      Pizza Lunch program: assist with distribution and record keeping for this popular program once a month
         throughout the year, organized by parent volunteers.
      Halloween Spook-a-Thon: organized on Halloween day by our Catholic School Council.
      Special Events : play day, track and field, etc… working with staff as needed.
      Adopt-A-Family: assist Luke 4:18 and Catholic School Council with the gathering and assembling of
         items at Christmas.
      Advent Mass Reception: refreshments following our annual mass at St. Justin Martyr Church organized by
         Catholic School Council.
      Carnival Day Pancakes: making pancakes for students as part of Carnival day events, held in January,
         organized by our French Staff.
         ShareLife: working with staff and Luke 4:18 members to organize an annual fundraiser.
      First Communion and Confirmation Celebration: assisting gr. 2 and gr. 8 teachers with refreshments for
         these 2 celebrations, usually May/June.
      Annual Family Bar-B-Q in June: assist, organize, promote and manage this fun filled community event
         organized by Catholic School Council.

Please note, individual staff may request parent volunteers for individual/grade events throughout the year. A note
will be sent home from the classroom teacher at these times.

I am available on the following days and times (please circle)
Monday            Tuesday           Wednesday         Thursday          Friday
am/pm             am/pm             am/pm             am/pm             am/pm

Name: ____________________________________ Phone no: ____________________
Child’s Name: ______________________________ Teacher: _____________________

Thank you for your continued support,
Ms. J. Dixon

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