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Travel Tips ppt Compatibility Mode Suntan Lotion


Travel Tips ppt Compatibility Mode Suntan Lotion

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									Tips for Packing and
 T      li Ab d
 Traveling Abroad
    Dr. Susan Colville-Hall
    The University of Akron
 Travel Documents To
   Take With You
Passport with required visas
Health insurance card
Record of immunizations
Airline tickets
Driver’s license
Alien registration card (Green Card)
  Travel Documents To
    Take With You
 Traveler’s checks
 Major international credit cards
 Airline frequent travel cards
    l h           b       d i i       d dd
 Telephone numbers at destinations and addresses
in countries to be visited
 Copy of your passport (photo and visa pages)
Cultural Items to Bring
Items to share with your class that represent
the United States:

Currency, Stamps, Small Flag, Post Cards, Music

Pictures of your family, home, and region.

Items such as recordings of traditional and contemporary
music, picture books, arts and crafts, and small gifts.
     Items To Leave At
 Your itinerary with family member or friend
 Copy of your passport (photo and visa pages) and
other travel documents
 Unneeded credit cards
 Expensive and religious jewelry
Your guidebook is your best resource for finding
important information such as places to stay, eat,
local customs, everything you need to know about
 h i                 h          i
the city or country that you're in.
            Money Belts
Money belts are great to store your passport, money,
and other essential documents. They fit snugly
under your clothes around your waist, and there's no
                      bi ih              i i
way someone can grab it without you noticing.
        Photocopies of
       Important Papers
Always make a photocopy of all your papers and
tickets, even your driver's license. Better safe than
sorry, and many companies require at least a
  h                  li h                    b
photocopy of your flight or your passport before
they'll give you assistance.
         Pen and Paper
Keep it on hand for writing down contact details of
people you meet along the way and for recording
your experiences. It's rewarding to read through a
     lj         h           b kh          d li
travel journey when you're back home and relive
your experiences.
         Pack Your Pills
If you are taking prescription medicine you
probably wouldn't forget to add it to your
international travel checklist. You should also pack
any over-the-counter medicine you take too, since it
can differ from country to country even if it is made
by the same company.
            Adapt with an
If you are looking to bring any electrical items like a
    li i      h id             l ti l            k
curling iron, hairdryer or an electrical razor make sure
they are portable. Keep in mind that European outlets
       t th          th            M t
are not the same as the US ones. Most overseas
locations have 220 volts, 50 Hz electricity. To help,
      h ld i k            i t fI t        ti l l t i l
you should pick up a variety of International electrical
outlet adapters.
   Remember Your Memory
If you know you will be taking a long trip you might
want to invest in a big memory card/ stick (e.g., 2 gig).
If that is still not enough you could also purchase a
memory reader, so you can free up the card for more
picture taking. Another thing that will help you
prepare for travel is a tote bag that's big enough to
hold your camera, extra memory cards and batteries.
                Li t T G
           Gift List To Go
To avoid last minute gift-shopping make a list of all of
 h        l                     if f     f              i
the people you want to get gifts for. If you can, carry it
with you during the trip. Maybe even jot down what
     hi k h 'd
you think they'd want f           h     h
                        from where. That way you can
gradually fulfill your gift list and not have to worry
 b      ill i     h i          if h        i      b f
about pillaging the airport gift shop 5 minutes before
take off.
           Problems With
When you're backpacking through foreign countries
your luggage is your life. However, it's hard to keep
an eye on it all of the time, especially if you are
sleeping on a train. Then you're at the mercy of
pickpocketers. For this reason you should never keep
anything of value in the outside pockets. It's the first
place everyone will look. If you have something of
value (like a passport) keep it in a money belt.
         Leaks Can Be A
Packing can also present its own pitfalls, one of which
is th l k f t A                        d thi i t b
i the leak factor. An easy way around this is to buy a
smaller travel version of your favorite shampoos. They
     ll h             t th t       b ti htl     l df
usually have a screw top that can be tightly sealed for
travel. Remember to buy plastic bottles instead of
  l t li i t h tt i            Al t t         t
glass to eliminate shattering. Also, try to put
shampoos/liquid soaps in ziploc bags to prevent them
from leaking.
    To Check Or Not To
Carry- Baggage:
Carry-on Baggage:

You can carry on one bag plus one personal item per
p       g        g
passenger as long as it:
•Weighs less than 40 pounds (18 kg).

•Does not exceed 45 inches when you total length plus
width plus height.
  i i           h d bi        d      h h        i f
•Fits in an overhead bin or underneath the seat in front
of you.
    To Check Or Not To
Examples of personal items:

 Male or female purse
 Laptop computer (All laptop/computers must be
                             checked )
carried aboard and cannot be checked.)
 Camera case
     To Check Or Not To
Carry- baggage:
Carry-on b

 Do not pack or carry any empty containers.
 Limit all liquids, gels, aerosols, and pastes to a
maximum container size of 3oz.
                            quart-size       plastic zip-
 Place all such items in a quart-size, clear plastic, zip-
top bag.
 Remove your quart-size bag from your carry-on and
 R                   t
                quart- i b f               carry-       d
place in the provided bin at the checkpoint.
     To Check Or Not To
Examples of liquids and gels included in the security
E      l   f li id    d l i l d d i th            it
measures are:
 Hair gel
 Hair spray
 Suntan lotion
     To Check Or Not To
Carry-on baggage:

 Leave lighters at home.
        p             ,     ,        ,
 Leave pocket-knives, files, scissors, etc. at home or
put them in your checked baggage.
 Be ready to take off your shoes and put belts mobile
phones, and metal objects in your carry-on.
 Take your laptop out of its case and place it in the
container provided for you.
   To Check Or Not To
Checked Baggage:

You can check two bags per passenger free of charge.

Each bag must:
 Weigh 50 pounds (22.5 kg) or less.
 Not exceed 62 inches when you total length plus
width plus height.

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