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					                                 Tonka United Soccer Association
                                 Invitational Traveling Tournament
                                 June 5 – 7, 2009

Tonka United Soccer Association is pleased to invite your boys & girls traveling, tournament and
recreational plus teams to participate in our 5th annual traveling tournament, the Tonka Splash. Our
tournament is set to take place in and around the beautiful Lake Minnetonka area June 5 - 7, 2009. So
bring your best game, your swimsuits and your water rafts for a fun weekend of competitive soccer and
relaxation. Register today as space is limited and teams will be taken on a first registered first in basis.
This tournament is open to USYS, MYSA, and US Club affiliated organizations.

Registration and Fees:
   • Teams may only register online at: Full payment must be made at the
       time of registration to be considered complete.

         U9 and U10     $290            U11 and U12 $325               U13 through U16         $375

   •     The Application Deadline is May 4, 2009. A confirmation email will be sent within 7 days of
         acceptance of application and fees. If brackets are not complete by May 4th, 2009 age groups
         and/or classes may be combined at the discretion of the tournament director. Teams will be
         notified of any such changes by May 27th, 2009. Once an application has been received and
         accepted no refunds will be made. Fees are non-refundable for any reason.

   •     Teams with potential district play conflicts should plan accordingly. It is the team’s responsibility
         to reschedule district games. Once registration is confirmed, there are no refunds.

Games and Divisions and Brackets:
  • Intra-Club Tournament Teams are welcome in the Maroon, C1 and U11 C2 brackets and Rec.
     Plus teams are welcome in the Gold and C3 brackets.

   •     There will be separate Boys and Girls divisions for the following:

                                                              Min #
                                                 Max Teams teams per      Game     Players    Registration
  Age Level           Expected Brackets          Per Bracket bracket      Length   Per Side      Fee
                 Maroon &
       U9                     Gold & Rec. Plus     8              4        2x25       6          $290
                 Maroon &
    U10                       Gold & Rec. Plus     8              4        2x25       6          $290
                   C2 &
       U11                     C3 & Rec. Plus      8              4        2x30       8          $325
                   C1 &                 C3 &
    U12                         C2                 8              4        2x30       8          $325
                Tournament            Rec. Plus
                   C1 &                 C3 &    U13 - 8
  U13-U16                       C2                                4        2x30       11         $375
                Tournament            Rec. Plus U14+ - 6
   •     Games may be played from 5-9pm on Friday, 7am-9pm Saturday and 7am-5pm Sunday.

   •     The U9 and U10 age levels will play three games in a non-playoff format. Participation awards
         will be given to all U9 and U10 players. U11 through U16 teams will play three games and a 10
         point system will be used to determine the two teams that will play in an additional championship
         game. Awards will be presented to the first and second place teams.
   • Only USSF registered referees will be used.

Players and Rosters:
   • Players and coaches must be registered with USYSA or MYSA approved organizations. All out-
      of-state teams must submit written proof of permission to travel 15 days in advance of the

   •   Teams must register at the tournament headquarters at least one hour prior to their first game. At
       registration, teams will need to provide:

          o   A copy of their tournament roster
          o   Valid official 2008 player passes
          o   Medical authorizations for each player
          o   Official Guest Player Permission Form for any guest players.

   •   Valid player passes must be presented to the field official prior to the start of each game. All
       teams must have medical authorizations available for inspection at games.

   •   Maximum roster size of 12 players (U9 & 10) 14 players (U11 & U12) and 18 players (U13 - U16).

   •   A player may only play on one team and there is a limit of 4 guest players. No player may guest
       on a team at a lower competitive level.

Risk Management Summary:
   • Every player, coach, manager etc. participates at his/her own risk. Trainers or similar will be
      present at some tournament locations. However, each team is responsible for its own medical
      supplies (including ice) and for the treatment of injuries.

   •   The Tonka Splash follows the MYSA severe weather guidelines.

Tournament Rules and Sanctioning:
   • Please see the attached document for tournament rules and guidelines. The rules can also be
      found on the tournament website at:

   •   The Tonka United Soccer Association Tonka Splash is a tobacco, alcohol and drug free event and
       has been sanctioned by the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association.

Tournament Web Page:       
Tournament Email:          
Tournament Phone:                    952-475-9178

Tonka United Soccer Association                      Tournament Director
18326 Minnetonka Blvd                                        Lee Eastman
Deephaven, MN 55391                                          952-475-9178