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               xpedx Selects Trigo Enterprise 3.0™ to Manage the Delivery of
                  Critical Product Information for over 200,000 Products

BRISBANE, Calif.–Feb. 25, 2002–Trigo™ Technologies, Inc., the leader in demand
chain   management     solutions that    optimize   product information        delivery   for
manufacturers and distributors, today announced the general availability of Trigo
Enterprise 3.0. This licensed software application simplifies the gathering and
distribution of product information assets, thereby streamlining business processes,
providing faster time to market, and increasing customer satisfaction. In addition, Trigo
announced that xpedx, a multibillion-dollar, International Paper Company, is its latest
customer and the first company to adopt Trigo Enterprise 3.0. xpedx is using Trigo
Enterprise to deliver relevant, specific information on more than 200,000 products to
multiple destinations inside and outside the enterprise. With Trigo Enterprise 3.0, Global
2000 manufacturers and distributors can now automate their product information
management processes, enriching information for the demand chain and delivering
important and relevant product content to all customer touch points. These unique
capabilities enable Trigo’s progressive customers like xpedx to capitalize on the power of
their product information to generate new revenue streams and improve business

xpedx Standardizes on Trigo
“With Trigo Enterprise 3.0, we can fully leverage our vital product information assets by
seamlessly delivering product content across our enterprise and beyond, to any person or
entity that needs it – divisions, customers, partners, eCommerce sites, and more,” said
David Wallace, director of eBusiness, xpedx. “By distributing our product information to
all of these touch points, we accelerate our time to market significantly.”
Trigo Enterprise is helping xpedx aggregate, centralize, and manage catalog content for
more than 200,000 products. Product information from a central repository is being used
to create multiple unique versions of regional catalogs that are published for xpedx
customers. Additionally, xpedx is using Trigo to publish customized product information
to a wide range of customers using a variety of eProcurement solutions. Fully deployed,
Trigo Enterprise 3.0 will deliver product information across the xpedx enterprise,
integrating with xpedx business systems, the sell-side website, and CD-based

Industry Validation – AMR Research
“Trigo brings technology leadership to the demand chain with Enterprise 3.0,” said Louis
Columbus, senior analyst, AMR Research. “Squarely nailing the needs of enterprise users
looking to use content to drive commerce initiatives, Trigo is advancing quickly out of its
start-up phase into being a strong contender in the demand chain arena.”

What’s New with Trigo Enterprise 3.0
Trigo Enterprise 3.0 enables corporations to effectively enrich and deliver product
information across the enterprise, as well as to multiple online and offline channels. A
licensed software application, Trigo Enterprise 3.0 acts as the central repository for all
rich product information, and effectively and consistently presents product information
across a variety of customer touch points, including sell-side websites, branch offices,
print catalogs, call center applications, eProcurement platforms, and more.

New capabilities with Trigo Enterprise 3.0 include:

   Enabling Enterprise-Wide Product Information Processes: With new security,
    tracking, and alerting capabilities, companies can streamline, automate, and enforce
    their product information management business processes across the enterprise. In
    addition, Trigo Enterprise tracks and logs each change to product data, enabling
    robust audit capabilities and accountability.
   Enriching Product Data for Merchandising, Sales, and Customer-Facing
    Systems: Trigo Enterprise 3.0 facilitates the creation and maintenance of rich product
    data with support for complex attributes such as unit of measure, pricing, and
    multilingual descriptions. With advanced unit of measure capabilities, Trigo
    Enterprise 3.0 can automatically perform complex calculations and conversions
    between multiple units of measure.

   Delivering Relevant, Specific Product Information Within and Beyond the
    Enterprise: Trigo Enterprise 3.0 supports the delivery of highly customized product
    information to internal systems, such as enterprise resource planning and customer
    relationship management applications, in addition to its robust support for external
    systems such as eProcurement platforms and sell-side websites. Trigo’s sophisticated
    mapping interface enables users to output content in any structured format for any of
    these systems.

“Trigo is excited about the opportunity to work with another market leader, xpedx, to
help them solve the universal and complex challenges of fully leveraging their most
powerful asset – product information,” said Tom Reilly, chief executive officer, Trigo.
“xpedx’s adoption of Trigo Enterprise 3.0 is part of a growing trend by forward-thinking
companies to enrich and customize product information, transforming it into a true
competitive advantage. As our experience with xpedx and other customers demonstrates,
Trigo is solving real-world problems for large manufacturers and distributors, providing
immediate value to their bottom line.”

About xpedx
Based in Covington, Ky., xpedx, an International Paper Company, is a customer-driven
distributor of paper, packaging supplies and equipment, facility supplies, and graphic imaging
prepress equipment and supplies. With approximately $6.5 billion in annual sales, xpedx delivers
customer solutions through 105 wholesale distribution centers and 175 stores serving retail
customers and small printers.
About Trigo Technologies, Inc.
Trigo Technologies, Inc., is the leader in demand chain management solutions that
optimize product information delivery for manufacturers and distributors. Trigo
Enterprise is the first comprehensive software solution that optimizes business
performance by delivering relevant, unique product information across the enterprise and
beyond, to any individual, system, partner, or customer at any time. Trigo’s growing
customer base comprises many Global 2000 companies, including Corporate Express,
Moore, Staples, and xpedx. Trigo enjoys successful business partnerships with Ariba,
Commerce One, and webMethods, and is backed by leading venture capital firms
including Mayfield, Bessemer Venture Partners, JAFCO America Ventures, and The
Valent Group (a joint venture between Bessemer Venture Partners and Accel Partners).
Trigo is located in Brisbane, Calif. For more information, visit, send
email to, or call 650-827-0500.

 Trigo, Trigo Technologies, Trigo Enterprise, and the Trigo Technologies logo are trademarks of Trigo
Technologies Corporation in the United States and other countries. All other company and product names
         mentioned are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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