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									                          Prescribed Technology Lessons Plans
                            Phoenixville Area School District
                                   High School 9 - 12

Title: Auto Purchasing Project

Contributor(s): Dan McLaughlin & Steve Winnick

Grade(s):       11-12                     Subject(s): Economics

Instructional Setting:           Whole Class, Individual

Time Required: Classroom: 4 Days                  Computer Lab: 2 Days

Teacher Computer Competency Levels:                        Introductory


        Content-        6.3.12E -        Decision making and opportunity costs
                        6.3.12B -        Economic reasoning behind choices

        Technology- 3.7.11-12C - Use grade appropriate software
                    3.7.11-12D - Solve complex problem

Integration Objectives:
               Students will comparison shop (opportunity costs) for an auto by utilizing Internet Explorer and
                the suggested websites
               Students will calculate the affordability to finance the vehicle of their choice

Materials: Textbook, Notes, Articles, Worksheets, Internet, and Website Resources

Preparation for teacher:
               Navigate possible websites and those suggested in lesson plan
               Complete a few example shopping purchases to use as models
               Complete the worksheets to confirm the correct answers and understand possible problems

          Articles &/or video will establish the direction of the lesson --- auto shopping: tips & scams
               Examine benefits and trade-offs of…
                       New v. Used autos
                       Leasing v. Buying autos

                        Prescribed Technology Lessons Plans
                          Phoenixville Area School District
                                 High School 9 - 12
                      costs of owning and operating autos
                             obtaining financing
              Present and analyze types of insurance and factors establishing rates
              Classes will view and practice with resources discussed based on the information
              Incorporate appropriate articles and videos to enhance the learning experience
              Classes will work on the assignment in the computer lab following a technical overview
                    Recommended sites…

Student tasks:
              Students will complete the auto shopping worksheet by using three websites to comparison shop.
              Students will use the auto loan calculator to complete the financing worksheet on purchasing
               the auto they researched. http://www.practicalmoneyskills.com

Assessment Plan:
              Students will be accurate in completing --- worksheets, quiz, and test
                      ** Assist in completion of worksheet

Extensions: Insurance Activity- find quotes (3) for the vehicles researched and compare options and coverage
               Operating Costs Worksheet- researching and examining various costs associated with automobiles
               PowerPoint Presentation- present findings to class in an interesting format

Suggestions/Tips: Provide sufficient background on the process of purchasing an automobile
                       Teacher should be familiar with websites and possible student questions
                       Provide additional websites as needed


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