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      A Monthly Newspaper for Senior Adults in the Fairfax Area
 JANUARY 2010                      Serving Seniors for 33 Years                      VOL. 33, NO. 9

               Free Tax Help                                    2010 Medicare Part C & D
  2010 AARP Tax Aide Sites                                       Enrollment Opportunity
                                                             The Medicare program provides health
           FEBRUARY 2-APRIL 15                           coverage to seniors age 65 and over and to
    Most of the AARP Tax Aide sites operate on           individuals who are eligible to receive benefits
a walk-in basis. Appointments are required at            before the age of 65 due to a disability. In 2006
some locations (indicated by an asterisk*).              the program initiated the long-awaited pre-
Please note:                                             scription drug benefit, known as Part D. Part D
  All tax returns will be filed electronically.          is comprised of two main types of drug plans:
  All taxpayers must bring government-issued             a Private Drug Plan (PDP) and a Medicare
  picture IDs and Social Security cards for all          Advantage Prescription Drug Plan (MA-PD).
  persons included on the tax return.                        A PDP is best described as a rider to a
                                                         health plan package. These plans provide
Mason District Government Center                         only drug coverage and nothing more. A per-
6507 Columbia Pike, Annandale                            son with this type of plan still receives basic
Tue., Wed., Fri., 9:30 a.m.-1 p.m.                       coverage to see doctors, and receives lab
Mon. & Thur., 1-8 p.m.                                   work or hospitalization coverage from the tra-
Sat., 9 a.m.-1 p.m.                                      ditional Medicare program. Many people with
Sherwood Regional Library                                this type of coverage also have a Medicare
2501 Sherwood Hall Ln., Alexandria                       supplemental health plan, often called Medi-
Mon.-Sat., 10 a.m.-2 p.m.                                gap, to give them comprehensive health care
Tue. & Thur., 4-7 p.m.                                   coverage. To join a PDP, a person needs to
Arlington Central Library                                be enrolled in only one part of Medicare, either
1015 North Quincy St., Arlington                         Part A or Part B.
Tue. & Thur. 9:30 a.m.-4 p.m.                                An MA-PD is essentially managed care by
Columbia Branch Library                                  a private insurance company. This means you
816 S. Walter Reed Dr., Arlington                        can no longer use your traditional Medicare
Tue., 1:15-7:45 p.m.                                     benefits. Often you must switch to doctors in
Thur. & Sat., 10 a.m.-2 p.m.                             the Medicare Advantage plan’s network. You
                                        Cont. p. 6       need Medicare Part A and B to join such plans.
                                                         There also are MA-only plans that offer health
                                                         coverage but no prescription coverage—re-
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      To comply with the Ameri-
     cans With Disabilities Act,                Commission on Aging Monthly Meeting
the Golden Gazette is available in               The next meeting of the Fairfax Area Commission on
alternative formats. Call 703-324-          Aging (COA) will be on Wednesday, January 20, at 1
5633 for information.                       p.m., at the Mount Vernon District Governmental Center,
                                            2511 Parkers Lane, Alexandria. A public comment
                                            period is held at the beginning of each meeting. (Note:
          DEADLINES                         The COA normally meets on the third Wednesday of
ALWAYS the first of the month one
                                            each month, except August.)
month in advance (for ads, ad pay-
ments, and announcements). The
                                                 For additional information, to be placed on the mailing
next deadline is January 1 for the          list, or to request special accommodations, please call
February issue.                             703-324-7746 (TTY 703-449-1186).

              Late-Life Marriages Require Unique Financial Planning
                   Provided by Tim Murray, CFP®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional

     The holiday season and beginning of a new           financial requirements need to be understood
year often prompt many couples to think about            and spelled out beforehand.
marriage—including older couples with kids,                  Is there debt? If so, how much? The first
accumulated assets and debts, and previous               money conversation should take place at a
marriages behind them.                                   table with both sides showing their credit re-
     However, marriages for older individuals            ports, savings, investments and debt figures—
may require a specific sort of planning. For             every dime. Both parties should start the pro-
couples making another effort at marriage, a             cess of talking about how that debt should be
prenuptial agreement can either set the ground-          paid off—by the person who accrued it, or by
work for a new and trusting relationship or              both potential spouses. Couples also need to
reveal that money issues may prevent the                 decide how they will handle debt going for-
marriage from working well.                              ward—jointly or separately.
     It’s not the agreement itself that makes the            What about investments? How will in-
difference—it’s the way the couple gets the              vestments be handled once the couple is mar-
agreement down on paper. When two parties                ried? Will these investments be held after the
sit down to formalize a prenuptial agreement             marriage in joint tenancy? Are some of the
with their respective mediators or attorneys, it         investments promised to children, ex-spouses
requires both sides to make full disclosure of           or other family members? From a tax or estate
their current financial situation and long-term          perspective, does it make sense to do anything
money goals.                                             specific with those assets before the wedding?
     Prenuptial agreements can be consider-              And after the wedding—assuming debt is being
ably more complex for couples making a repeat            dealt with—how will you maximize those invest-
trip down the aisle. Money issues are not just a         ments?
matter of full disclosure between two people—                What about company assets? If one or
in remarriage, they can affect a much wider              both spouses run their own companies or part-
audience including aging parents, siblings and           nerships, it’s a huge planning priority. That’s
children and ex-spouses from previous mar-               particularly true if other family members work
riages. In some cases, there are sizable busi-           for their respective companies. Depending on
ness and personal assets gathered before the             the size and complexity of the operation, some
upcoming wedding day that must be protected.             advisors might encourage couples to go through
     Here are the primary issues any remarrying          a formal valuation process of those assets to
couple should discuss ahead of a formal en-              establish a base of wealth going into the mar-
gagement:                                                riage. A prenup could spell out who will get
     Families first: Blended families bring their        future percentages of those assets if the couple
own financial complications. If couples are bring-       splits—his is particularly necessary if the goal
ing children from previous marriages into a              is to keep the company in the hands of the
blended family, it’s necessary to establish not          founding family.
only how they will be supported and educated,                Handling daily expenses: This is a univer-
but also what percentage of the family assets            sal question in any marriage, the first or the
they will be entitled to in case their biological        sixth. Couples need to agree on how they will
parent dies. There may be alimony and other              share accounts and pay bills. The most com-
support arrangements already in place for ex-            mon option is to create one joint account. Oth-
spouses and children from earlier marriages,             ers work with three accounts—one joint and
as well as elderly parents to support. All these         then one for each individual.
                                                                                               Cont. p. 4
2010 Medicare Cont. From p. 1                              Late-Life Marriage Cont. From p. 3

    Most Medicare beneficiaries know about                      What about insurance? Life, health, home,
the Part D Annual Election Period (AEP). This              and disability—all coverage that singles hold
is when all Medicare beneficiaries may join or             separately needs to be reviewed and consoli-
switch their Part D plan. The AEP runs from                dated to make sure the couples and their
November 15 to December 31 each year. Your                 families have adequate coverage after the
selection becomes effective on January 1. How-             wedding.
ever, many Medicare beneficiaries do not seem                   What about estates? Blended families
to be aware of the Open Enrollment Period                  with means produce a surprisingly complex
(OEP) in effect from January 1 to March 31                 estate picture. Engaged couples need to begin
each year.                                                 addressing this need before the wedding. Hir-
    Beneficiaries who have both Medicare Parts             ing a qualified estate attorney who under-
A and B and who already have enrolled in a                 stands the variety of estate issues affecting the
Medicare drug plan have one opportunity to                 assets, business issues, and philanthropic com-
switch to a different type of plan that is effective       mitments of blended families is a particularly
on the first of the following month.                       good investment. The estate attorney can work
    Those in an MA-PD plan can switch to                   with financial planners, tax attorneys and ac-
another MA-PD or to original Medicare and a                countants to create an estate plan for the
PDP. They cannot switch to original Medicare               couple that makes sense and minimizes con-
without a PDP or an MA-only plan without                   flict among heirs.
prescription coverage.                                          What about retirement? Retirement dis-
    Those in an MA-only plan without prescrip-             cussions go beyond money. Couples should
tion coverage can enroll in original Medicare.             decide how they want to live in retirement,
They cannot switch to an MA-PD or enroll in                whether they will continue to work, and what
original Medicare with a PDP.                              will happen if one or both get sick. This is a
    Those in original Medicare and a PDP can               particularly important discussion if one spouse
enroll in an MA-PD. They cannot switch to a                is significantly older than the other and may
different PDP or to an MA-plan without pre-                retire years ahead. There needs to be a close
scription drug coverage (unless the MA-only                look at what retirement assets have been accu-
plan is a Private Fee for Service plan).                   mulated by both parties and how they’ll be
    If you think you made a mistake choosing a             shared during the marriage and after the death
drug plan during the recent annual election                of one or both of the spouses.
period, this is your chance to make another                     What about tax status? It makes sense
plan choice. If you need help making a deci-               for couples to consider their tax status before
sion, you may call Medicare at 1-800-633-4227              they marry, particularly if there are sizable
or the Fairfax Virginia Insurance Counseling               business or personal assets being brought into
and Assistance Program (VICAP) at 703-324-                 the marriage or past tax liabilities. In any event,
5851.                                                      remarrying couples should involve a tax expert
                                                           in all premarital financial planning.
                                                           Source: This column is produced by the Financial
                                                           Planning Association, the membership organization
    Health Insurance Questions?                            for the financial planning community. It is provided by
                                                           Tim Murray, CFP®, an independent CERTIFIED FINAN-
  Call the Virginia Insurance Counseling                   CIAL PLANNERTM Professional with Murray Financial,
    & Assistance Program (VICAP) at                        Inc., in Chantilly, VA. Tim may be reached by phone
             703-324-5851                                  at 703-810-8424, via the Web at www.Murray
                                                 , or by e-mail to TimMurray@ Murray
                                                           Financial. com.
                          Music at Mason: Spring Schedule
    Fairfax County’s older adults can enjoy                 Feb. 16, Tue., 8 p.m. GMU Symphony
truly exceptional entertainment in coming                   Orchestra. (CH)
months. George Mason University’s School of                 Mar. 2, Tue., 8 p.m. GMU Wind Sym-
Music has released its Spring 2010 performance              phony and Concert Band. (CH)
schedule that begins January 30 and ends                    Mar. 10, Wed., 8 p.m. Faculty Artist
May 16. Faculty and students participate in a               Series: Virginia Virtuosi, Mark Bergman,
wide variety of musical offerings to appeal to              and Nancy Jin. (HT)
every taste.                                                Mar. 17, Wed., 8 p.m. GMU Jazz
    All faculty performances are free; tickets to           Ensemble. (CH)
student performances are offered to older adults            Mar. 18, Thur., 8 p.m. GMU Wind Sym-
at a special rate of $15.                                   phony. (CH)
    The Mason Instrumental Music Program                    Mar. 26, Fri., 8 p.m. GMU Opera. (HT)
features a symphony orchestra, wind sym-                    Mar. 27, Sat., 8 p.m. GMU Opera. (HT)
phony, symphonic band, jazz ensemble,                       Apr. 6, Tue., 8 p.m. Percussion
chamber orchestra, and various chamber                      Ensemble. (CH)
ensembles. Its Choral/Vocal Music Program                   Apr. 8, Thur., 8 p.m. Music for
includes the University Singers, University                 Medicine. (CH)
Chorale, Vocal Jazz, and the Opera Theater                  Apr. 9, Fri., 8 p.m. Faculty Artist Series:
and Workshop.                                               Anna Balakerskaia and Friends. (CH)
    Approximately 350 students are enrolled in              Apr. 20, Tue., 8 p.m. Choral Pops. (HT)
the School of Music. Students are attracted to              Apr. 27, Tue., 8 p.m. GMU Wind
Mason from throughout the United States and                 Symphony. (CH)
abroad by the school’s more than 90 nationally              May 2, Sun., 7 p.m. Scholarship
and internationally renowned artist-faculty.                Concert. (CH)
Mason’s music students also benefit from                    May 8, Sat., 2 p.m. GMU Opera
master classes offered by professionals who                 Recital. (HT)
perform at Mason’s Center for the Arts. Many                May 8, Sat., 8 p.m. GMU Opera
adjunct faculty are members of the military                 Recital. (HT)
bands or other local, highly-respected music                May 16, Sun., 2 p.m. Faculty Artist
groups, such as the National Symphony                       Series: Haase Quartet (HT)
Orchestra. Col. Dennis M. Layendecker, long-                The program schedule is available on the
time commander of the U.S. Air Force Band,              Internet at
recently joined Mason’s music faculty and               concerts.html. For more information, contact
conducts the GMU Symphony Orchestra.                    Liz Connors at 703-993-2749.
    Events are performed either in the Center
for the Arts Concert Hall (CH) or in Harris
Theater (HT)—both venues are only steps                     ADVENTURES IN LEARNING
away from the Mason Pond Parking Garage.                   Shepherd’s Center of Oakton-Vienna
    Here is the spring schedule:                        What: Open House/Registration
    Jan. 30, Sat., 8 p.m. Faculty Artist Series:        When: Jan. 7, 10 a.m.-12 p.m.
Linda Monson, piano; Rick Novak, tenor.                 Where: Unitarian Universalist Congregation
    (HT)                                                of Fairfax, 2709 Hunter Mill Rd., Oakton
     Feb. 13, Sat., 8 p.m. Faculty Artist Series:       Classes: Jan. 14-Mar.11, 9 a.m.-2 p.m.
    Kate Heardon. (HT)                                  Cost: $40 for the 8-week session.
                                                        For more information, call 703-281-0538.
AARP Tax Aide Sites Cont. From p. 1                           Some Federal Tax Forms
Centreville Regional Library
                                                               Available at Libraries
14200 St. Germaine Dr., Centreville                            Free paper copies of selected federal tax
Tue., 12-7 p.m.                                            forms will be available in county libraries in
Thur. & Sat., 10 a.m.-2 p.m.                               early January. However, Virginia state income
Manassas Senior Center*                                    tax forms are no longer available at library
9320 Mosby St., Manassas                                   branches.
Tue. & Wed., 9 a.m.-4 p.m.                                     Virginia Package X, which includes various
*Appointment Required. Call 703-792-6405.                  Virginia tax forms, will be available in library
Reston Community Center                                    branches in February for photocopying.
2310 Colts Neck Rd., Reston                                    You also may download the forms from the
Tue., 9 a.m.-2 p.m.                                        library’s Web site at www.fairfax
Thur., 4:30-8:30 p.m.                                      library/internet/taxforms.htm. This Web site
Sat., 9 a.m.-3 p.m.                                        also has links to the federal, state and local tax
Cascades Library                                           sites. These sites include forms and
21030 Whitfield Pl., Sterling                              publications that can be printed from library
Tue. & Thur., 10 a.m.-2 p.m.                               computers.
Falcon’s Landing Senior Residence*                         Note: The cost for photocopying or printing is
20225 Falcons Landing Circle, Sterling                     15 cents a page.
Mon., Thur., & Sat., 1-5 p.m.
*Appointment Required. Call 703-404-5216.
Woodbridge Senior Center*                                    Out-of-State Services for Seniors
13850 Church Hill Dr., Woodbridge                                   Contact Eldercare Locator
Wed. & Thur., 9:30 a.m.-3 p.m.
                                                                     Toll-Free 1-800-677-1116
*Appointment Required. Call 703-494-5136.
SunTrust Bank of Vienna                                         or online at
515 Maple Ave., Vienna
Mon.-Fri., 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
   For more information, call 1-888-227-7669
(AARP NOW) or visit                       ADVENTURES IN LEARNING
                                                            Shepherd’s Center of Annandale-Springfield
                                                           What: Open House/Registration
                                                           When: Jan. 27, 10 a.m.-12 p.m.
                                                           Where: John Calvin Presbyterian Church
            JANUARY 26, 8 A.M.-4 P.M.
                                                           6531 Columbia Pike, Annandale
    The Fairfax County Police Department is
                                                           Classes: Feb. 3-Mar. 17, 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m
offering a MODIP class on Tuesday, January
                                                           Cost: $35 ($33 for members)
26, 8 a.m.-4 p.m., at the Fairfax County Govern-
ment Center, Room 4-5, 12000 Government                    Registration: Send registration fee to SCAS,
Center Parkway, Fairfax. This 8-hour class                 7610 Newcastle Dr., Annandale, VA 22003.
covers safe driving for mature drivers. After              Mark check “AIL.” Include your name, ad-
completing the course, drivers may be eligible             dress, and phone number. Indicate the class/
for insurance premium reductions (check with               classes you want.
your individual insurance carrier).                            For more information and a class sched-
    The class is free, but registration is required.       ule, call 703-941-1419 or e-mail shepherd-
To register, call the Fair Oaks District Police            scas@ Web site is
Station at 703-591-0966.                                   www.shepherds
              ESTATE PLANNING—Questions & Answers
                                     by David A. Fontanella, Attorney
     Question: When I completed estate                    go through the entire probate process for only
planning six years ago with a new revocable               one asset. The pour-over will, which is a
living trust, my attorney advised me to have it           necessary adjunct to the revocable living trust,
reviewed every 2 years. Is this really neces-             was used for this purpose. Even more
sary?                                                     burdensome, the home in Florida required
     Answer: Yes. As in any estate planning               ancillary probate, so this family ended up doing
procedure, periodic review is necessary. Your             probate in two different states. In addition, each
personal circumstances may have changed                   family had to go through the necessary
and, more likely, the assets in your estate may           procedures for distribution of the trust property.
have changed. Failure to review the living trust               When the living trust is first prepared, the
may result in the one thing you wanted to                 attorney typically requires that the trustmaker
avoid—probate.                                            prepare a comprehensive inventory of all assets
     Today, many people choose the revocable              for the purpose of transferring these assets and
living trust as a way to avoid probate. Of                funding the trust. At that time, a great deal of
course, there are other important advantages              attention is paid to this funding requirement.
to a living trust such as providing for a successor       Deeds are prepared for the transfer of real
trustee to care for you and your property in the          property; stock powers and related documents
event you become disabled. As such, it may                are sent off to transfer agents for mutual funds
avoid the delay and expense of formal                     and other stocks and bonds. You have the
guardianship. But most people think of avoiding           opportunity to work closely with your attorney in
probat only because they believe it to be too             carrying out this funding process.
burdensome and expensive.                                 Unfortunately, many people then carry the living
     However, time after time in working with             trust home and forget about it. Then the
decedent’s estates I find that there are assets           decedent’s family ends up in probate despite
that have not been transferred to the living              the time and expense required to prepare the
trust and probate is still required. Certificates         living trust. So, as we look forward to the new
of deposit in the name of the trust may have              year, take a few minutes to review the assets in
matured and inadvertently reinvested in new               your estate. Are they all in your living trust?
CDs issued in the name of the individual rather
than in the name of the trust. U.S. government            NOTE: This article is not intended as legal
savings bonds were purchased in the name of               advice and no one should rely upon it without
the individual, filed away, and never considered          consulting with a lawyer.
an asset for transfer to the living trust. In                 If you have an estate planning question you
another case, an individual established a                 would like to see answered in this column,
money market account under a bank plan in                 please e-mail David Fontanella at fontane
which the money market fund would be used to     or call him at 703-317-1927. If you
insure against overdrafts. While the checking             would like him to speak at your group or organi-
account was in the trust, the money market                zation meeting, call for scheduling.
was not. A vacation home was purchased in
Florida by a Virginia resident. It was a cash
transaction, and the settlement attorney

                                                          Happy New Year!!!
deeded the home directly to the man and his
wife. The man thought it would “automatically”
go to his living trust. When the trustmaker
died, the family in each case was required to
           Join a Senior Center—Let the Fun Begin!
     Fairfax County residents age 55 and over may join any of the 13 senior centers sponsored by
the Department of Community and Recreation Services. There is an annual membership fee
(for information, call 703-324-5530, or e-mail
    Senior centers offer classes, health and wellness programs, computer/Internet access, trips
and tours, and opportunities to socialize with others and stay connected with your community.
Lunch is available with a suggested donation between $2 and $6 based on age and income. Lunch
reservations must be made at least 1 day in advance. Transportation may be available by Fastran
bus at a nominal charge. Call your nearest senior center for information.
    The City of Fairfax ( and
the City of Falls Church (
index.html) also sponsor senior centers and have their monthly schedules online.

                                                              Other Locations for Senior
Bailey’s                        Lewinsville                   Activities/Meals
Bailey's Community Center       1609 Great Falls Street
                                                              City of Fairfax Senior Center
5920 Summers Lane               McLean, VA 22101
                                                              4401 Sideburn Road
Bailey's Crossroads, VA 22041   703-442-9075, TTY 711
                                                              Fairfax, VA 22030
703-820-2131, TTY 711           Lincolnia+                    703-359-2487
Groveton+                       4710 North Chambliss St.
                                                              City of Falls Church Senior
South County Govt Center        Alexandria, VA 22312
                                703-914-0223, TTY 711         Center
8350 Richmond Hwy, #325                                       223 Little Falls Street
Alexandria, VA 22309            Little River Glen+            Falls Church, VA 22046
703-704-6216, TTY 711C          4001 Barker Court             703-248-5020
Herndon+                        Fairfax, VA 22032
873 Grace Street                703-503-8703,TTY 711          David R. Pinn
Herndon, VA 20170                                             Community Center
703-464-6200, TTY 711                                         10225 Zion Drive
                                7722 Gunston Plaza
                                                              Fairfax, VA 22032
Hollin Hall                     Lorton, VA 22079
1500 Shenandoah Road            703-550-7195, TTY 711
Alexandria, VA 22308                                          Gum Springs
                                Pimmit Hills                  Community Center
703-765-4573, TTY 711           7510 Lisle Avenue             8100 Fordson Road
James Lee+                      Falls Church, VA 22043        Alexandria, VA 22306
James Lee Community Center      703-734-3338, TTY 711         703-360-6088
2855-A Annandale Road           Sully+                        Huntington
Falls Church, VA 22042          5690 Sully Road               Community Center
703-534-3387, TTY 711           Centreville, VA 20124         5751 Liberty Drive
Kingstowne                      703-322-4475, TTY 711         Alexandria, VA 22303
6488 Landsdowne Center          Wakefield                     703-960-1917
Alexandria, VA 22315            Audrey Moore RECenter         Korean Central Senior Center
703-550-0134, TTY 711           8100 Braddock Road            Open Tuesdays & Fridays
                                Annandale, VA 22003           8526 Amanda Place
+ Indicates a facility with a   703-321-3000, TTY 711         Vienna, VA 22180
Senior+ program                                               703-303-3939
          Check It Out!                           Fall Prevention During the Winter and
New Fairfax County Web Page for                            Throughout the Year
     Older Adult Services                            During the winter months, older adults need to
                                                 be especially careful about falling. Older adults
    If you are interested in services, events    are more likely to have falls than younger people
or volunteer opportunities in Fairfax Coun-      and the risk increases as people age. Older
ty, visit our new and improved Web page at       people also are more likely to have serious inju-      ries from a fall. The good news is that many falls
es. The page contains links to services          are preventable. Here are a few things you may
such as care management, in-home care            want to think about to prevent injuries:
services, insurance counseling and care-             Keep your sidewalks and outside stairs clear
giver support. It also has an events calen-      of wet leaves, debris, snow and ice to prevent
dar, speakers’ bureau page, publications         slips and falls. Consider hiring someone to do this
page, and a video page.                          chore so that you do not injure yourself by lifting
    Designed as a “gateway” page to Fair-        wet snow, ice, etc.
fax County services for older adults, it links       Wear shoes that are sturdy, well-fitted and
to, a statewide          have a nonskid sole.
Web site and database of public and pri-             Keep furniture and other items out of your way
vate services for older adults, and www.         to prevent falls inside your home., a U.S. Department of Health           Get regular exercise to increase and maintain
and Human Services Web site that helps           your strength and balance.
people find services for older adults nation-        To learn more about how to increase your
                                                 safety, consider participating in the Independent
                                                 Living Project, a free program offered by the
    We hope you’ll find our new page infor-
                                                 Fairfax Area Agency on Aging. It will be available
mative and easy to use. If you do, consider
                                                 for older residents in the Mount Vernon area
                                                 beginning in January. The program offers exer-
adultservices to your favorites.                 cise classes, educational topics, and home safe-
    If you don’t have a computer or if you’d     ty assessments by a social worker. The project
rather speak to an information specialist        also may be able to help with free minor home
about a service need, call our Aging, Dis-       improvements such as grab bar installations.
abilities and Caregiver Resource Line at         Participants must be over 60 and residents of
703-324-7948, TTY 703-449-1186, Mon-             Fairfax County. Here is the topic schedule:
day through Friday between 8 a.m. and                Jan. 25. Food Safety
4:30 p.m.                                            Feb. 1. Hearing Aids: Beware & Be Wise
Note: The new URL for the online version of          Feb. 8. Transportation in Fairfax County
the Golden Gazette is www.fairfax county.            Feb. 22. Fire and Fall Prevention
gov/dfs/olderadultservices/golden gazette.           Mar. 1. Are You Ready for an Emergency?
htm.'                                                Mar. 8. Stroke Prevention
                                                     Mar. 15. Preparing for Your Doctor’s Visit.
                                                     To register for the program or to learn more
                                                 about it, call 703-324-7210 or e-mail Jennifer.Edge

                                                        See related article on falls on p. 15.
                                   January Gardening
                                             by Joe Belsan
    January gardening? Of course! There’s             new plants and lots of worms. You’ll be surprised
much to do and plans to be made as spring is          how quickly scraps can accumulate.
right around the corner!                                 As you look through the seed catalogs, think
    Don’t throw out the Christmas tree you            about trying something you’ve never had before;
bought in December! Recycle it...cut off the          e.g., kohlrabi (a turnip above ground), parsley
branches to within 6-10 inches of the trunk and       root and celeriac—both root crops great for
use them to mulch the area where you planted          salads and soups and they store easily in the
your bulbs last fall or to protect tender peren-      ground for fall and winter. Some new herbs,
nials. The needles will eventually fall off and       marjoram, dill, coriander and sage are all easy to
enrich the soil. Then you can put the bare tree       grow and great when fresh.
in a bucket of sand or a hole in the ground and          Until next month, happy gardening!
“decorate” it with suet, pine cones smeared
                                                      Source: Joe Belsan is an organic garder and
with peanut butter and seed cones to feed the         long-time resident of the City of Fairfax. He is
birds this winter.                                    currently retired and a practicing Foodscaper
    Poinsettias starting to bite the dust?Add         who helps people to plan and implement edible
them to the compost pile. They’re not worth           gardens in this area. He is available to answer
trying to save, and they’re not poisonous as          gardening questions at Foodscaper@hotmail.
you may have been led to believe.                     com.
    January is a great time to pull out your
stored seeds and give them a germination
test. Take 10 of the seeds and put them in a
moistened folded paper towel into a sealed                    City of Falls Church
plastic bag for a few days in a warm dark
corner. If they have germinated after a few                    Farmer’s Market
days, the number of the 10 seeds will equal the                    Open Every Saturday!
approximate percentage of germination for                            City Hall Parking Lot
the rest of the remaining seed. Even if you only                300 Park Ave., Falls Church
get a 60-70% germination rate, that’s good                  Winter : Jan. 2-April 24, 9 a.m.-noon
enough for this year. But make a note to get               Summer: May 1-Dec. 18, 8 a.m.-noon
new seed next year.                                        Located just minutes from Washington, DC,
    This also is a good time to sit down and           and Metro accessible from the East and West
sketch a plan for this year’s garden. Don’t            Falls Church Metro stations, the farmer’s market
                                                       has something for all. Buying locally not only
forget to rotate the tomato, pepper, cuke,
                                                       supports local farmers, but also helps protect
squash, and eggplant for the new year. If the
                                                       the environment by reducing packaging and
soil is not frozen, you can still add enrichment
                                                       transportation demands.
to the soil by saving your vegetable/fruit scraps
                                                           Open year round, the market hosts more
and coffee grounds in a 2-lb coffee can or a           than 15 local farmers and producers in the
gallon milk container with the top cut off. Insert     winter and more than 40 the rest of the year.
a plastic bag so you can seal it when it’s full        Vendors offer fresh locally grown fruits and
and reduce clean-up. Dig a trench or a hole in         vegetables, cheeses, meats, baked goods,
the garden, insert the collected scraps, and           plants, and wine. The Fairfax County Master
cover them with 6-8 inches of soil. By spring          Gardeners also staff a booth at the market to
you’ll have a very healthy garden, ready for           answer gardening questions.
        Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS)
    The most dangerous situations are always                Before purchasing or leasing a system, check
unexpected. Are you prepared for the unex-              the unit for defects. Ask to see the warranty and
pected? Let’s face it, we are all getting older         service contract and get any questions re-
and sometime in our life, living independently          solved. Ask about the repair policy. Find out
can become challenging for a family member              how to arrange for a replacement or repair if a
or for ourselves.                                       malfunction occurs.
    One source of reassurance is a personal                 Before doing business with companies sell-
emergency response system (PERS)—a home-                ing PERS, you may want to contact your local
based emergency alert service that’s activated          consumer protection agency and Better Busi-
with the push of a remote-control button. When          ness Bureau (BBB). Ask if any complaints have
the help button is pushed, the console auto-            been filed against the companies you are con-
matically dials one or more preselected emer-           sidering. Make sure you are an informed con-
gency telephone numbers. The system is not              sumer.
complicated to use.                                         In the Fairfax area, if you have consumer
    Personal Emergency Response Systems                 concerns, contact Consumer Affairs at 703-
have three major components: a small radio              222-8435, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.
transmitter (carried or worn by the user); a            You also may search complaint histories online
console connected to the user’s telephone;              at
and an emergency response center that mon-              complaints.htm.
itors calls.                                                The number for the Better Business Bureau
    Transmitters are lightweight, battery-pow-          in the area is 202-393-8000; the Web site is
ered devices that are activated by pressing   
one button. They can be worn on a chain                 Source: Michael DeCesare and Cindy DeClark,
around the neck or on a wrist band, or they can         CAM-SERV Security. December 2009.
be carried on a belt or in a pocket. To date,
there is only one system on the market that has
a speaker and microphone in the pendant                  County Dog License Deadline
    The console acts as an automatic dialing
                                                                         January 31
machine and sends the emergency alert through
                                                            A Fairfax County license is required by law
the phone lines. It works with any private
                                                        for all dogs four months old or older. Licenses
telephone line and generally does not require
                                                        are $10 for each dog, are valid for 1 year, and
                                                        must be purchased by January 31. License
    Emergency response centers should be a
                                                        tags are issued free of charge to the owners of
24/7 monitoring center licensed in the state
                                                        trained service dogs.
where you live. The monitoring company should
                                                            Those who have bought tags in prior years
have trained specialists that are trained in EMT
                                                        automatically receive application forms in the
                                                        mail in October. You may obtain a license in
    When purchasing or leasing a PERS, re-
                                                        person, by mail, or online. Applications must
member, if it sounds too good to be true ,it
                                                        include a $10 check payable to Fairfax County,
probably is not true! Lease agreements can be
                                                        and a copy of a current rabies certificate.
long-term or lease-to-purchase. Review the
                                                            Licenses also may be obtained in person at
contract carefully before signing. Make special
                                                        the Fairfax County Animal Shelter, 4500 West
note of cancellation clauses that may require
                                                        Ox Rd., Fairfax.
you to pay a cancellation fee or other charges.
                                                            For information, call 703-222-8234, TTY
                  Volunteer of the Month— Kelly Collins
                             by Julia Long, Pets on Wheels Volunteer
    Fairfax Pets on Wheels (FPOW) volunteer
Kelly Collins considers her visits to the Powha-
tan Nursing Center to be her form of “paying it
forward.” Kelly explains, “There have always
been people around to support my family and
me when we’ve gone through tough times. I
often wondered how I could adequately thank
those people for their acts of kindness. I real-
ized that the best possible thing I could do was
to pay it forward…and I think volunteering with
FPOW allows me to do that.”
    Kelly has volunteered since 2006 and has
served on the Speaker’s Bureau, as well as the
FPOW Board. She and her chocolate lab mixed
breed, Shergar, try to visit Powhatan at least
once a week. Kelly is a new mom (to 1-year-old
Jack), so trying to find time to volunteer can be
a challenge. “Even on nights when I’m tired
and think of not going, I still go. I always drive
home after our visit with a smile on my face. ”
    Kelly was very close to her grandmother,                  Volunteer Kelly Collins with Shergar.
who died at the age of 91. She says part of her                              (Photo by Julia Long)
                                                          Source: Reprinted with permission from the FPOW Summer
desire to volunteer was because she wanted to             Update newsletter.
spend time with older people like her beloved
grandmother. Kelly says, “I also knew of the
benefits of pet therapy, especially for people
with Alzheimer’s. I knew Shergar loved being
loved, so I figured the pairing with the nursing            AARP Driver Safety Program
home would be a perfect match.”                                            JANUARY 28-29
    “When I first started visiting, I wondered if             The AARP driver improvement course pro-
it would last. Shergar was a bit scared and               vides information on safe driving strategies
seemed to enjoy visiting the other dogs more              and a thorough review of the “rules of the road.”
than visiting with the residents. But after one           There are no tests. Participants also may be
extended period when we couldn’t visit, Sher-             eligible to receive a discount through their auto
gar whined in the car as soon as she figured out          insurance. Preregistration is required and class
we were going back to Powhatan. She couldn’t              size is limited. Students must attend both days
wait to get out of the car and into the activities        of class to complete the course.
room to visit the residents…and no doubt to               When: Thur./Fri., Jan. 28-29, 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
look for dinner leftovers on the floor. That was          Where: Falls Church Community Center
a wonderful turning point.”                                          223 Little Falls St., Falls Church
    Kelly says, “The best part of volunteering is         Cost: $12 AARP members
the look on the residents’ faces when they                           $14 nonmembers
realize it’s Tuesday night and ‘the dogs are                         Bring your membership card with you.
here!’ To know that we’ve brightened their day            Registration: Call 703-248-5020.
is priceless.”
                         Ask an Expert: Questions & Answers
                                          Provided by SeniorNavigator
             To ask an expert about your aging concerns, visit

Topic: Charitable Giving                                        You may want to look for a geriatrician
Question: Many charities ask for donations during          in your area. A geriatrician is an internal
the holiday season. With all of the fraud committed        medicine physician or family practice phy-
against seniors, how do I know which charities are         sician with extensive training in caring for
legitimate?                                                of older adults. A geriatrician is particular-
Answer: It is a good idea to research any organiza-        ly interested in older adults and the impact
tion you are unfamiliar with or those that have names      of illness on the quality of life. For this
similar to a well-established charity. In today’s world,   reason, they may be better able to care for
there are many documented scams and everyone               your parents’ needs.
needs to be cautious.
    You can ask a charity for its annual report and
financial statement—if they don’t provide this infor-
mation, be suspicious. You should be suspicious of            2010 Commission on
individuals who say they accept cash donations only             Aging Meetings
or ask that you make a check payable to them
                                                               The Fairfax Area Commission on Ag-
instead of the organization.
                                                           ing (COA) meets on the third Wednesday
    The Office of Consumer Affairs (OCA) is respon-
                                                           of each month, except August, from 1-3
sible for the administration of the Virginia Solicita-
                                                           p.m. See page 2 of the Golden Gazette
tion of Contributions Law. The law requires any
                                                           each month for details. Here is the 2010
organization soliciting in Virginia to file with OCA.
Registration does not imply endorsement of a public
solicitation for contributions.                            District Office
    To learn more about a charity before giving and        Mount Vernon                     Jan. 20
to ascertain if the charity is registered in Virginia,     2511 Parkers Ln.                 Feb. 17
visit the Regulatory Programs Unit web page at             Alexandria, VA 22306             Mar. 17           Providence
charsearch.cgi. You also can visit the Better Busi-        Oakton Library                   Apr. 21
ness Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance Web site at             10304 Lynnhaven Pl.              May 19 to inquire about a charity or         Oakton, VA 22124                 June 16
look at a list of reports.
                                                           Springfield                      July 21
Topic: Health Care
                                                           6104 Rolling Rd.                 Sept.15
Question: When you don’t agree with the doctor’s
                                                           Springfield, VA 22152
response to an aging parent, are there strategies,
                                                           No August Meeting
besides changing doctors?
                                                           Sully Oct. 20
Answer: This is a tough question. It really involves
                                                           490 Stonecroft Blvd.             Nov. 17
communicating with the physician as honestly as
                                                           Chantilly, VA 20151              Dec. 15
possible and talking about your concerns. If the
problem is not resolved and the physician will not
meet your parents’ needs, then you may be better off
changing physicians. Remember that you (and your
parents) are the consumer, and you have a right to
the best possible medical care.
                              Volunteer Opportunities
    Childhelp Children’s Center of Virginia         volunteer is needed in the Department of Family
(CCCV) works to meet the physical, emotion-         Services, South County office in Alexandria ,to
al and educational needs of abused, neglect-        do mail outs, copying and other office tasks. Call
ed and at-risk children. Their efforts focus on     the Volunteer Intake Line at 703-324-5406; TTY
advocacy, prevention, treatment and commu-          703-449-1186.
nity outreach. CCCV has a new education                 Inova VNA Home Health needs volunteer
iniative to improve literacy of students in         drivers with four-wheel-drive vehicles. Drivers
kindergarten through grade 3 at the Bailey’s        transport nurses to homebound patients living
Elementary School for the Arts and Sciences         throughout Northern Virginia during snow emer-
in Falls Church. Volunteers are needed to           gencies. Call 703-916-2885.
work with students one-on-one to enhance                Northern Virginia Family Service needs
their reading skills. The 6-month program           male volunteers for the 1-2-1 mentoring program
requires a commitment to 2-hour weekly ses-         of the Falls Church City Alliance for Youth.
sions at the school. Training will be provided.     Mentors provide support, encouragement and
Contact Nick Hudson at 703-208-1500 or e-           friendship to middle school students. Students
mail                         are matched with mentors who have the same
    The Fairfax Area Agency on Aging (AAA)          interests and preferences. Meetings are held on
Meals on Wheels (MOW) program needs                 Thursdays from 4-6 p.m. at the Falls Church
drivers for the Burke Lake Gardens, Herndon/        Community Center. Contact Monica Arispe at
Reston, Manchester Lakes, McLean, and Vi-           703-219-2106 or
enna/Oakton/Dunn Loring areas. Meals are
delivered Monday-Friday, between 11 a.m.
                                                     To have a volunteer opportunity considered for
and 1 p.m. Volunteers may choose to drive
                                                     this column, please e-mail or fax your submis-
weekly, biweekly, monthly, or be a substitute.
                                                     sion to Retha Lockhart by the first of the month
A group coordinator and driver coordinator
                                                     one month in advance.
are needed for the Mt. Vernon and Vienna/
Oakton/Dunn Loring routes. For more infor-
                                                     Phone: 703-324-5407 Fax: 703-324-3583
mation, call the Volunteer Intake Line at 703-
324-5406; TTY 703-449-1186, or e-mail                                  LUNCH N’ LIFE
    The Fairfax AAA Volunteer Solutions                 Shepherd’s Center of Fairfax-Burke
needs volunteers in the entire Fairfax County       What: Lunch N’ Life Program
area to provide a variety of services including:    When: Thursday, Jan. 21, 12-2 p.m.
an urgent need for transportation to medical        Where: Jubilee Christian Center
appointments, grocery shopping, yard work,                   4650 Shirley Gate Rd., Fairfax
social visiting, and other tasks. A Farsi-          Program: Meet Abigail Adams, portrayed by
speaking volunteer is needed for social visit-      Phyllis Verhalen in costume
ing in the Fairfax area. Bilingual volunteers       Lunch: $8 (limited seating)
are needed in the Annandale, and Reston             R.S.V.P. Faye Quesenberry, 703-620-0161
areas who speak Farsi, Panjabi, Spanish,            by Thursday, January 14
Urdu, Arabic, Mandarin, Russian, and Viet-
namese to be visitors and provide transporta-               If you would like to have the Golden
tion. Volunteers who speak Farsi and Soma-              Gazette mailed to you each month, go
lian are needed in the Reston area. An office           to
                  Don’t Let a Fall Bring You Down
    According to the Centers for Disease Con-             •  Be careful around pets at your feet.
trol (CDC), one-third of adults over age 65 fall          •  Don’t rush to answer the telephone. Con-
each year. Falls account for the largest per-                sider carrying a portable telephone.
centage of traumatic, nonfatal hospital admis-            Bathroom
sions in the United States. Here’s what you can           • Install grab bars next to the toilet and in the
do to minimize the risk of a fall:                           shower.
    Know Your Risk Factors: The three prima-              • Use nonslip bathmats in tub and shower.
ry risk factors for falling are: poor balance;            • Use a shower chair and a hand-held shower
taking more than four prescription medications;              attachment.
and muscle weakness. Elderly people without               Stairs
these risk factors have a 12% chance of falling           • Make sure handrails are securely fastened
in a year. Those with all three risk factors have            on both sides of your stairs.
almost a 100% chance. You can prevent falling             • Always keep at least one hand on the rail-
by taking preventive steps.                                  ing.
    Exercise to Keep Fit: The National Center             • Make sure you can see each step before
for Injury Prevention and Control considers                  you take it.
exercise to be one of the most important ways             • Avoid carrying things that block the view of
to reduce your risk of a fall.                               your next step.
    Get Regular Vision Checkups: Several                  Source: Golden Living Centers, Sleepy Hollow,
things, like glasses with the wrong prescription,         Annandale, VA 22003. 703-256-7000.
cataracts and glaucoma, can impair your vision                 See related article on falls on p. 9.
and increase the risk of a fall.
    Monitor Your Medications: Studies have                      Telephone Support Group
shown that short-term risk of single and recur-
ring falls may triple within two days of a medica-        for Family Caregivers of Older Adults
tion change. Have your physician or pharma-                   Have you ever wanted to join a support
cist check the medications you are taking, in-            group but couldn’t? This group may be just
cluding nonprescription medications.                      what you need! Get helpful information, share
    Getting Around: If you find yourself losing           your experiences, and gain emotional support
your balance or sometimes feeling dizzy, use a            from others without leaving your home.
cane or a walker. This is especially important in             The group “meets” on the second Tuesday
bad weather like snow or rain. Shoes that                 of each month from 7-8 p.m. Here are the up-
support your feet and are low-heeled with rub-            coming topics:
ber soles are best.                                           January 12: Handling Challenging
    Safe and Sound at Home: Even the most                     Behaviors in Caregiving
common household items and areas can be                       February 9: Alzheimer’s/Dementia
hazardous. Here are some suggestions to help                  Issues (open discussion with an expert)
you make your home safer:                                     March 9: Communication Issues in
Common Areas                                                  Family Caregiving.
• Keep stairs, hallways/walkways clutter-free.                To register or for more information, go to
• Use good lighting throughout your house.      , select the regis-
• Keep cords and wires out of the way.                    tration link, Telephone Support Group, or call
• Remove throw rugs to prevent tripping.                  703-324-5484, TTY 703-449-1186.
• Use chairs and sofas that are easy for you                  After registering, you will receive a toll-free
    to get into and up from.                              call-in phone number and an access PIN
                                                          number to enter the group call.
  COMMUNITY CALENDAR                                                    Aerobic Classes
                                                                         James Lee Senior Center
                                                                                  JANUARY 11
January 12. 10 a.m. (refresh-        winter day. You will make gin-
                                                                           Are you interested in in-
ments at 9:30 a.m.) Lifetime         ger carrot soup, lentil soup,
                                                                       creasing your flexibility, stam-
Learning Institute of Northern       chicken and rice soup, south-
                                                                       ina and strength? James Lee
Virginia presents An Inside          western chili, gumbo, broccoli
                                                                       Senior Center is offering two
Look at Medicare, Present and        and cheese soup and rata-
                                                                       levels of aerobic classes be-
Future by Fairfax County             touille. $50 resident/$60 non-
                                                                       ginning on Monday, January
Medicare Specialist Howard           resident. Reston Community
                                                                       11. The cost of each class is
Houghton. Ernst Cultural Cen-        Center, 2310 Colts Neck Rd.,
                                                                       $5 for the 8-week session.
ter, Northern Virginia Com-          Reston. To register, go to
                                                                       1. Basic Aerobics. 10:15-11
munity College, 8333 Little          www.restoncommunitycenter.
                                                                       a.m. This is a basic class
River Turnpike, Annandale.           com or use the registration
                                                                       designed for beginners or
703-503-0600 or        form in the Reston Program
                                                                       those who may need a little
January 12. 11 a.m.-12 p.m.          Guide. For information, call
                                                                       more assistance or move at a
The Debt Trap. A look at pay-        703-390-6157.
                                                                       slower pace with or without
days and car title loans and         January 24. 1:30-3 p.m.
how to break the cycle of debt.      Wildflowers in Africa: Adven-
                                                                       2. Advanced Aerobics. 11-
Presented by Fairfax County          tures in Compiling the First
                                                                       11:45 a.m. This class is for
Consumer Affairs. Sherwood           Wildflower Guide for Zambia.
                                                                       more able-bodied participants
Public Library, 2501 Sher-           Join artist Doreen Bolnick as
                                                                       who are looking to challenge
wood Hall Ln., Alexandria.           she shares stories about the
                                                                       themselves while expanding
703-765-3643.                        plants and her time in Zambia.
                                                                       flexibility and stamina. This
January 16. 10:30 a.m.-12            $10. Green Spring Gardens,
                                                                       class also will help improve
p.m. Chocolate Tasting. The          4603 Green Spring Rd., Alex-
                                                                       balance using various tech-
focus is on single origin choc-      andria. To register, call 703-
                                                                       niques and exercises. James
olate, also known as varietals       642-5173 or go to www.fairfax-
                                                                       Lee Senior Center, 2855-A An-
or “estate” from all over the
                                                                       nandale Rd., Annandale. To
world. The beans come from           January 30. 10-11:30 a.m.
                                                                       register, call 703-534-3387,
a single country, region or          Craft Workshop at the Histor-
                                                                       Ext. 217.
even a single estate. Each           ic House: Tea Cup Topiaries.
has a distinct flavor. You’ll dis-   Create a winter centerpiece
cover that terms like “terroir”      by combining flowers and a
and “vintage” apply to choco-        teacup resulting in a beautiful
late as well as wine. $22.           teacup topiary. All materials
Green Spring Gardens, 4603           supplied, including the china
Green Spring Rd., Alexandria.        cup and saucer. Light refresh-
To register, call 703-941-7987       ments included. $18. Green
or go to www.fairfaxcounty.          Spring Gardens, 4603 Green
gov/parks/gsgp.                      Spring Rd., Alexandria. Call
January 16. 9:30 a.m.-12:30          703-941-7987 to register or
p.m. Winter Soups and Stews.         go to
Join Chef John Bauhs in this         parks/gsgp.                         TO ADD, CORRECT, OR DELETE
hands-on class where you will                                            YOUR NAME FROM THE GOLDEN
learn to make satisfying soups                                             GAZETTE MAILING LIST,
that will warm you up on a                                                CALL 703-324-5633.

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