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					     RepoRt Mexico-China, Intense Cultural Exchange

                                                                                         Th is
                                                                                           e A sue
                                                       Mexico has become an important
                                                      destination for Asian investments

                                                                       Global Technology
                     When                                             Mexico’s Valuable Market
                    Costs Less                                                Solar Energy
vii- 2009

                                                                         Luminous Alternative
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   More of Mexico in Asia
   More of Asia in Mexico
   By Bruno Ferrari

   Over the last ten years,
   Mexico has become an
   important destination for
   Asian investments. Asian
   companies have found in
   the country a profitable and
   advantageous spot for their
   global expansion plans

                                             10 Briefs           32 Mexico-Japan

                                  Contents   16 Report : APEC    40 Figures

   8 Business tips: When Producing costs less
                                                         Luminous Alternative
   Strengthens its relationship
   with Mexico                                                                26
               Lenovo focusing
                    heavily on
                Mexico and its
               valuable market
                   offices abroad
                                                                                     Singapore Regional Director
                                                                                     Offices: Mumbai, Singapore,
                  ProMéxico Headquarters                                             Sydney, Taipei
                        + 52 (55) 544 77070                                          Mumbai



America                                     New York Regional Director
Sao Paulo Regional Director
                                            Offices: Chicago, Miami, Montreal,
                                                                                     Europe               New York                                 London Regional Director
Offices: Buenos Aires, Bogota, Guatemala,                                  
Santiago, Sao Paulo                         Chicago                                  Offices: Brussels, London, Madrid,
                                             Milan, Paris
Buenos Aires               Miami                                    Brussels
Bogota               Montreal                                 London
Guatemala              New York                                 Madrid
Santiago                                                        Milan
Sao Paulo                                                   Paris
Houston Regional Director                   Shanghai Regional Director                  Frankfurt Regional Director
Offices: Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles,      Offices: Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai,
San Francisco, Vancouver                    Seoul, Tokyo                             Offices: Dubai, Frankfurt, Moscow,
                                                                                     Stockholm, Switzerland
Dallas                                      Beijing                  Dubai
Houston                                     Hong Kong                Frankfurt
Los Angeles                                 Shanghai                  Moscow
San Francisco                               Seoul                 Stockholm
Vancouver                                   Tokyo                   Switzerland
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From the CEO.

             More of Mexico in Asia, more oF AsiA in mexico

             than their differences.
                                           exico and Asia speak the same language: business. The
                                           relationships between Mexico and Asia’s main economies
                                           are overcoming their biases so they can become stronger
                                           in the land of business. What many would consider
                                           insurmountable differences are in reality reasons for
             success. These include ways of doing business that complement one another and
             cultural traditions that enrich each other and are surprising more for their similarities

             Trade between Mexico and the Asian continent is growing; what one produces the
             other needs. The presence of Mexican brands and products in Asian markets is
             growing rapidly. At the same time, the number of facilities importing raw materials
             from Asia for production in different industries like electronics and information
             technologies continues to increase.

             On the other side of the Pacific, companies looking to expand and gain territory in
             North and Latin American markets have a strategic ally in Mexico.

             With competitive production costs, “just in time” access to the United States and Latin
             America’s main economies, constantly growing modern infrastructure, a warehouse
             base well-established in most of the high value sectors and a political openness that
             has translated into the progressive reduction of international trade barriers, Mexico is
             shaping to be the best partner on the global economic stage.

             The relationship between Asia and Mexico is one that still has much to give, one where
             there are many opportunities yet to explore. Negocios dedicates this issue to different
             aspects of this relationship, with the certainty that in the short term, the world will be
             able to see more of Mexico in Asia and more of Asia in Mexico.

             Welcome to Mexico!

             Bruno Ferrari
             ProMéxico CEO
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 When Producing
 Costs Less
 mexico is Becoming one oF the mAin destinAtions For internAtionAl comPAnies
 looKing to relocAte their Production And exPAnd gloBAlly. recent studies By
 Firms such As Bcg And AlixPArtners hAve concluded thAt the country hAs the
 loWest And most ProFitABle Production costs oF Any country in the World.

     There is something in Mexico that          lowing characteristics: significantly high       usd each, it would have to include 100 usd

 is calling the attention of investors from     logistics costs; strict responsibility re-       in shipping costs in the list price. This
 around the world. In the last five years,      quirements; high administrative involve-         would be 20% of the total value of each
 the country has become one of the main         ment; and specialized work force as a            unit. Sending them from Mexico would
 destinations for production-related in-        fundamental component of its process.            cost less than half that amount.
 vestment, particularly from transnation-                                                             “To illustrate the magnitude of differ-
 al companies that see in it a key piece of                                                      ences in shipping costs, we will compare
 their international expansion strategy.               Change in Manufacturing                   freight costs to transport a container to
     The reasons are many. They include:                    Cost Ranking                         Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. From Mexico
 infrastructure and logistics capacity in all                                                    City it’s 2,679 usd; from Sao Paulo, Brazil,
 sectors; a large labor market that is most-               2005 Cost Ranking                     it’s 4,637 usd; and from Shanghai, China,
 ly young and highly qualified; a favorable                     -China-                          it’s 5,437 usd (These figures represent
 business environment due to a stable                           -India-                          estimates of total costs of going door to
 economy and political system. But the list                    -Mexico-                          door, based on transportation over land
 continues: the country’s geographic loca-                      -Brazil-                         and sea, according to MaritimeChain.
 tion; its large network of treaties and eco-                -United States-                     com),” the report said.
 nomic agreements that on one hand favor                                                              Another logistical aspect is response
 free trade with the world’s main markets                 End of 2008 Ranking                    time. The ability to offer “just-in-time”
 and on the other provide legal certainty                       -Mexico-                         transportation is a very important factor
 to investment.                                                  -India-                         for many companies and their suppliers.
     In 2008, a report by Boston Consulting                      -China-                         The time it takes to send products com-
 Group (BCG, predicted                          -United States-                     ing from the eastern coast of China to the
 such things as Mexico’s geographic loca-                        -Brazil-                        interior of the United States is on average
 tion, logistics capacity and competitive                                                        from three to four weeks through the US
 labor market would make the country a                    Source: AlixPartners 2009              West Coast and four to six weeks through
 strategic option for companies with in-           Manufacturing-Outsourcing Cost Index™         the East Coast. In contrast, the time for
 ternational expansion plans, particularly                                                       products coming from Mexico is less than
 those interested in entering the North                                                          a week. This is thanks to the country
 American market.                                   The report estimates that if, for ex-        sharing close to 4,000 kilometers of bor-
     In the report, titled “Mexico’s Evolving   ample, a company dedicated to the pro-           der with the United States.
 Sweet Spot in the Globalization Land-          duction of refrigerators (products with               Another factor that makes Mexico a
 scape,” BCG said Mexico is a unique and        high logistics costs) established itself in an   strategic point is the labor component.
 advantageous point for companies whose         Asian country with low costs and tried to        According to the International Labour
 production processes have one of the fol-      sell its product in the US market for 500        Organization and the Economist Intel-
                                                                                                                        Business tips

ligence Unit (EIU), the hourly rate for         a competitive position: producing goods        firms are pointing this out and different in-
manufacturing workers was estimated to          in pesos results in a profitable business      ternational companies from all sectors are
be 3.46 usd in Mexico and 25.51 usd in the      when it’s about selling in dollars.            taking advantage of what the country has
United States. In some areas of Mexico,            The exchange rate in countries like         to offer. In the last few months, companies
labor costs can be 16 times cheaper than        China is undervalued, which creates an         from around the world have announced
the United States.                              artificial difference in relative costs com-   the transfer of their manufacturing opera-
    And what if the production process re-      pared to Mexico. Once the yuan is free         tions to Mexico.
quires strong administrative involvement?       floating (like the Mexican peso), labor,           What’s the lesson from all this? Busi-
Mexico also has viable solutions. When          logistic and transportation costs in China     nesses that are looking for new produc-
the hourly rate becomes a critical factor,      will be bigger in terms of dollars.            tion locations so they can enter the North
you have to take into account that the dif-        Mexico maintains itself as a competitive    and Latin American markets should seri-
ference in hourly rates between Mexico          destination. Leading business consulting       ously consider Mexico. n
and the main cities in the United States
is minimal. For example, it is only one
hour of difference with New York and two        SEVEN KEY COST DRIVERS
hours with Los Angeles. When adminis-           MODELED FOR EACH TYPE OF PART AND COUNTRY
trative involvement is required in the com-     (ADJUSTED ANNUALLY)
prehensive process, the availability of local
talent can be an important factor. Mexico       RAW MATERIALS
has a large sector of managers, most edu-       ASSUMED MATERIAL WAS SOURCED LOCALLY
cated and trained in the United States,         AT GLOBAL COMMODITY PRICES
able to speak English and accustomed to
the American way of doing business.             LABOR (HOURLY AND SALARIED)
    A recent study by AlixPartners (www.        DIFFERENCES IN AVERAGE WAGES, BENEFITS, a leading business           AND PRODUCTIVITY
consulting firm, has identified Mexico
as the country with the best production         OVERHEAD
costs, followed by India and China.             RELATIVE COST OF ENERGY, PLANT AND EQUIPMENT, TAXES,
    In the Manufacturing-Outsourcing            OTHER SERVICES LIKE INSURANCE AND A TYPICAL PROFIT
Cost Index 2009, AlixPartners analyzed          MARGIN FOR THE SUPPLIER
production costs of different manufactur-
ing and assembly components in China,           EXCHANGE RATE
India, Brazil and Mexico and compared           VARIATION IN EXCHANGE RATE APPLIED TO TOTAL PRODUCTION
them with what it would cost to make the        COST (CAPPED AT 10% ON MATERIAL)
same products in the United States. Also,
the study reviewed seven key production
cost factors in each country during the
                                                TYPICAL COST FROM EACH COUNTRY TO THE US PORT,
last three years: exchange rates; labor         INCLUDING AN ESTIMATE OF INLAND FREIGHT AT
costs; transportation costs; cost of raw        THE COUNTRY OF ORIGIN
materials; inventory costs; equipment
costs; and financial obligations.
    The results are convincing: Mexico is
                                                US IMPORT DUTIES FOR THE TYPE OF PART
the new number one while China, which           WHERE APPLICABLE.
at one time was the country with the low-
est production costs, came in behind India.
    The study concluded that even if Chi-
                                                ASSUMED 45-DAY INCREMENTAL IN-TRANSIT
na’s position could improve by the end of       INVENTORY FOR INTERCONTINENTAL
2009, it still would not surpass Mexico.        (INLAND TRANSPIRATION,
    With the clear advantages Mexico of-        OCEAN FREIGHT,CUSTOMS, ETC.)
fers for business development, we need to       AND SEVEN DAYS FOR MEXICO
add one more: the exchange rate between
the peso and dollar. Recent movements           SOURCE: ALIXPARTNERS 2009
in exchange rates have placed Mexico in         MANUFACTURING-OUTSOURCING COST INDEX™
                                                  Photos courtesy oF electrolux/pF changs/archive

aGRiCulTuRal businEss                                invEsTMEnT

Juicy                                                relocAtes

                                                     Home appliance company Electrolux will relo-
                                                     cate part of its production of washers and dryers
                                                     to Mexico. Up to now, production of these house-
                                                     hold goods was located in Webster City, Iowa. But
Exports of Mexican orange juice to the United        it will now be moved to the company’s manufac-
States can increase between 25% and 40% in           turing plants in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua.
the next few years now that 70,00 hectares of            The company employs 57,000 workers in
fruit trees in that country have been infected       different countries and in 2007 it recorded
by the Huanglongbing bacteria (HLB), com-            sales of 16 billion usd.
monly known as yellow dragon disease.
    Ahead of new demand for this citrus juice,
the construction of eight silos in Altamira,
Tamaulipas, and Tuxpan, Veracruz, will be
expedited so this product can be exported by
boat directly to Miami. Construction will take
a year and will cost 28 million usd.
    According to figures from the Mexican Cit-
rus Council, exports from Mexico of this prod-
uct broke records in 2008 with 1 million tons
of concentrated orange juice and 400,000 tons
of Persian limes. The United States is the main
market for Mexican orange juice, while fresh
oranges are sold more in South America.                            


                                                     tAKe AWAy
                                                     Alsea, Latin America’s leading operator of
                                                     fast food restaurants, has signed an agree-
                                                     ment with the P.F. Chang’s China Bistro
                                                     chain to open 30 locations in Mexico.
                                                         Alberto Torrado, Alsea’s general director
                                                     and president of its administrative board,
                                                     said in a press release this “development will
                                                     capture a market opportunity in Mexico’s
                                                     casual dining category.”
                                                         The first restaurants will open in the last
                                                     quarter of 2009, with the rest opening within
                                                     10 years. P.F. Chang’s runs 190 restaurants in
                                                     the United States and it’s recognized as one of
                                                     the best brands of casual dining restaurants
                                                     in the country.


                                                           Lala, increasing
                                                           its presence
                                                           in the US
                                                           Grupo Industrial Lala has a new member.
                                                           The Mexican firm has bought the milk pro-
                                                           cessing company National Dairy, part of
                                                           the US dairy cooperative Dairy Farmers of
                                                           America, for 435 million usd.

                                                                           Lala in Mexico

                                                                        - 20,000 workers -
                                                                  - 22 dairy processing plants -
                                                                    - 150 distribution centers -
                                                               - More than 5,000 delivery routes -

                                                               Based in Dallas, Texas, National Dairy is
                                                           one of the United States’ biggest milk process-
                                                           ing companies. This new acquisition gives the
                                                           Mexican group an important place in the US
                                                           dairy market, which it first entered four years
                                                           ago with the sale of milk and yogurt.
                                                               Lala was founded in 1949 in La Laguna, Co-
                                                           ahuila, in northern Mexico, and today it is one

                                                                                                                                                              Photo archive
                                                           of the world’s biggest producers of milk, butter,
                                                           yogurt, cheese and other dairy products.



Photo courtesy oF mission economic Development authority

                                                                                                               Mexico and the United States will soon have
                                                                                                               a new connection: the Anzalduas Interna-
                                                                                                               tional Bridge, which will join the cities of
                                                                                                               Mission and McAllen in Texas with Reynosa,
                                                                                                               in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. It’s an-
                                                                                                               ticipated the bridge, the most modern to
                                                                                                               connect the two nations, will be finished by
                                                                                                               October 2009. It will speed up the exchange
                                                                                                               of commerce and make it easier for people
                                                                                                               to cross between the two countries.

12 Negocios                                      Photos courtesy oF nestlé/pemex/wahl/archive

                                                 loGisTiCs CEnTER

                                                 Nestlé will grow to three times its size in
                                                 Lagos de Moreno, in the state of Jalisco.
                                                 The company has invested 22 million usd
                                                 to expand its logistics center, which will
                                                 now have 114 loading doors to speed up
                                                 product distribution and modernize its
                                                 storage of food products for a better pro-
                                                 duction management. Nestlé’s current fa-
                                                 cilities measure 30,000 meters and with
                                                 the investment, they will grow to nearly
                                                 80,000. The company produces the Nido,
                                                 Svelty and Media Crema brands in Lagos
                                                 de Moreno.



A country
Mexico’s future is golden. In 2008, the coun-
try’s gold production reached a historic high:
49.6 tons (nearly 1.6 million ounces), 13.6%
more than in 2007.

   From October 28 to October 31,
    the 28th International Mining
   Convention will take place at the
  World Trade Center in Mexico City.

    National gold production represented 16%
of the country’s total mining-metallurgical
production and according to a report by the
Mexico Mining Chamber, it could reach 70
tons in 2009.
    Currently, Mexico is the 13th biggest pro-
ducer of gold, but projections assert that it
will grow in the next few years and it could
one day be among the five biggest producers
in the world.

Pemex to have
a new cryogenic
Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex, Mexico’s state-
owned petroleum company) has awarded
a 270 million usd contract to the company
ICA for the construction of a cryogenic plant
with a daily processing capacity of 200 mil-
lion cubic feet.
    In association with Linde Process Plants
Inc., the construction firm will begin build-
ing the plant in August, inside the Poza Rica
Gas Processing Complex, in Veracruz.

invEsTMEnT                                       sToCk MaRkET                                   pRoduCTs

                                                 Double V                                       WAhl,
Heinz’s                                          Holding
New                                              Buys Shares
                                                 of PASA                                        in sAles
Heinz is increasing its presence in Mexico
with the opening of its new baby food plant
in the state of Jalisco, in the western region
of the country.
                                                                                                The hair cut-
                                                                                                ting market has
                at the table                                                                    resulted in good
                                                                                                business for Wahl
       - 158 million usd investment -                                                           in Mexico. The coun-
     - 1,000 direct and indirect jobs                                                           try represents 30% of the
             at the new plant -                                                                 company’s sales. According to
                                                                                                figures published in the news-
                                                                                                paper El Financiero, the US com-
   Besides making products for babies, the       Promotora Ambiental (PASA), a Mexican          pany –which specializes in hair
food company will also strengthen agricul-       company that collects and disposes of waste,   cutting products– estimates growth
tural supplies and services. According to        has signed an agreement to sell Double V       of 16% in the country during 2009.
Heinz, 80% of its production will be export-     Holding 75% of its shares in subsidiary Pro-       In 2008, Wahl positioned itself as a
ed to Central and South America.                 motora Ambiental del Sureste for 10 million    sales leader in this sector in Mexico. It sold
   Heinz chose Jalisco for its qualified work    usd. The subsidiary is one of the main pro-    more than 50,000 hair cutters to consum-
force, suitable infrastructure and stable        viders of waste management services for oil    ers, a figure that is equal to around 2 million
economy.                                         giant PEMEX.                                   usd based on the manufacturing price.                                                     
14 Negocios                                                                                                             Photos courtesy oF lenovo

Global                                            was born in 2005. It had global vision and
                                                  policies to create a leading computer com-
                                                                                                    United States; Singapore; and Paris, France.
                                                                                                    It also has a marketing center in Bangalore,

Technology                                        pany with a strong presence in markets de-
                                                  veloped from emerging areas.
                                                                                                    India and research centers in Yamato, Japan;
                                                                                                    Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, China; and
                                                      The company is dedicated to the develop-      Raleigh, North Carolina. It employs 23,000
Legend Holdings’ merger with IBM                  ment, manufacture, and worldwide distribu-        people worldwide, 1,700 of whom are de-
has turned the Chinese company                    tion of technology products and services, with    signers, researchers and engineers.
                                                  its main focus on personal computer prod-
into Lenovo, a technology firm that
                                                  ucts. This includes desktop and laptop com-       lenovo and Mexico
is betting on “worldsourcing” and
                                                  puters for use in both businesses and at home.    Since its start, Lenovo has been in Mexico.
focusing heavily on Mexico and its
                                                      Its star products, from the Think family,     The liaison began with a sales office made up
valuable market.                                  (including the ThinkPad laptops and its associ-   mainly of former employees of the PC compa-
                                                  ated line of products ThinkCentre, ThinkSta-      ny. Some time later, Lenovo decided to invest
By JenniFer chAn                                  tion, ThinkServer, IdeaPad and IdeaCentre)        in a manufacturing plant in Monterrey, in the
                                                  have been recognized around the world. They       northern Mexican state of Nuevo León, that
                                                  were included on PC World’s list of the 10 best   began operating in 2009. That date marked
Faithful to the motto that energy only re-        laptops and have been considered as “the most     the start of a manufacturing and exporting
news itself, Lenovo is in reality the new face    innovate products” in two consecutive editions    relationship between Lenovo and Mexico.
of Legend Holdings, a Chinese company that        of the annual Consumer Electronics Show in             Why Mexico? It’s very simple. “Because of
15 years after its creation decided to interna-   Las Vegas, Nevada.                                its geographic location, its free trade agreements
tionalize itself.                                                                                   and the country’s knowledge of foreign trade,”
    Legend was looking to buy a Western           a small world                                     said Enrique Fernández, general director of
company to complement its value, given that       Lenovo is a good example of worldsourc-           Lenovo in Mexico.
up to that point it was only doing business in    ing. The company does not have a central               “Nuevo León’s state government gave
China. It was then when it merged with the        location and it counts on a distributed man-      us many facilities so we could invest in the
personal computer division of IBM.                agement structure, with operation centers         plaza. Monterrey is strategically located so
    Combining the best of the East and West,      around the world. It has operation centers in     it can serve both the Mexican and North
Lenovo (the name comes from New Legend)           Beijing, China; Raleigh, North Carolina in the    American markets. It also has extraordinary
                                                                                                                 Mexico’s paRtneR lenovo

lines of communication and is a great source
of qualified workers,” he said.
    Besides its easy access to North and Latin
American markets, Mexico was chosen for
another very important reason. The Mexi-
can market is –after Brazil– the biggest in
Latin America for the personal computer
    With an investment of 40 million usd,
Lenovo’s plant in Monterrey is the company’s
first manufacturing center on the American
continent. It is located in a building that mea-
sures 24,155 square meters and sits on an area
that stretches over 6 hectares –leaving open
the possibility for future expansion. The facil-
ity produces desktop computers, workstations,
laptop computers and servers.
    The plant has an annual production capac-
ity of 5 million units. Its activities include the
manufacture and configuration of products,
distribution with added value and customer
service. It directly employs 1,450 people and
is responsible for indirectly employing about
another 1,000 from the region.
                                                     and frugal way of doing business– the compa-          when the economy rebounds, we will be on
a question of strategy                               ny has focused on keeping all of its employees        the crest of a wave.”
At first, Lenovo Mexico’s most important             while it looks to efficiently capitalize on the op-      Worldwide, Lenovo has focused on two im-
clients were large global companies and gov-         portunities the national market offers.               portant market segments: emerging markets
ernment institutions. In the last few years,             “Our offer has contributed to the reduction       and developed ones like Canada, the United
the company has aimed to broaden its mar-            of costs, not only in the price of acquisitions but   States and Europe. Countries like Mexico and
ket. “We are looking closely at medium and           also in the operation of equipment,” Fernández        Brazil make up a sui generis group, on horse-
small companies that most of the time get            said. “Our way of buying machinery, our use           back among many types of markets.
their products from traditional distributors         of energy and heat generation and conserva-              “We have a special category and we have
or from retail stores...And one of our biggest       tion is the most competitive in the market. In        decided to invest in this segment,” Fernández
goals is to reach the consumer market, spe-          the long run, it reduces operation costs.” The        said. n
cifically the home sector,” Fernández said.          company’s directive affirms that this has al-
    But one of the peculiarities of the Mexican      lowed Lenovo to navigate through the storm,
market is that many companies like to buy            continue capitalizing on opportunities and has
their products from retail stores where cus-         let it move ahead. On a slow but firm pace, it             lenovo’s Worldwide sales
tomers typically buy things for their homes:         continues with the intention of creating a long         (2008-2009 fiscal year, by region)
price clubs or office supply stores. Another         lasting brand in Mexico and the rest of the
distinctive characteristic of the national mar-      American continent.                                                     China
ket is its preference for quality brands. Mexi-                                                                          1.2 billion usd
cans like buying brand name products.                local and global: a glance to the future                       (43.6% of global sales)
    “The Mexican citizen looks for the best          Lenovo’s future is focused on two points:
product –the brand name product– that he             expansion on a national scale and assisting                            america
or she can afford to buy. It’s a characteristic      individual markets on a global scale.                              682 million usd
trait that cannot be found with such inten-             Lenovo Mexico is looking to build distri-                   (24.6% of global sales)
sity in any other Latin American market,”            bution and value chains through relation-
Fernández said.                                      ships with consultants, marketing agencies               Europe, Middle East and africa
                                                     and software companies. This will allow the                        591 million usd
Facing the crisis                                    company to reach the entire country and all                    (21.3% of global sales)
Lenovo is dealing with the current financial         segments of the market.
crisis thanks to a worldwide restructuring,             “It’s an expansion project so we can                   asia pacific (excluding China)
which is expected to help the company save           participate in market segments where we                            291 million usd
up to 300 million usd during this fiscal year.       weren’t before,” Fernández said. “The first                    (10.5% of global sales)
   In Mexico –where it values its pragmatic          steps are modest but firm. We are sure that
16 Negocios                                                                                                                  illustration olDemar

mexico And APec,
A successFul
Business And
trAde PArtnershiP
Business opportunities between Mexico and the Asia-Pacific region keep
growing thanks to the country’s participation in APEC, one of the world’s                          among other things. The
leading regional economic forums. This success is due in part to key trade                         review concluded Mexico has
facilitation developments and technical and economic cooperation.                                  made significant advances in accom-
                                                                                                   plishing the goals set forth in Bogor.
By seBAstiÁn escAlAnte
                                                                                                   and business mobility
The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation            Mexico and trade                                  In a world that is becoming more
(APEC) was established in Canberra, Aus-         facilitation towards the pacific                  globalized, trade growth is very
tralia on Nov. 7, 1989 with the goal of sup-     Since the 1994 Bogor Summit in Indonesia,         much tied to the mobility of busi-
porting greater economic and technical           APEC has moved forward with knocking              ness people, a key element to closing
integration among countries in the Pacific       down trade barriers between its member            negotiations, generating new jobs and
basin and promoting economic, trade and          countries. The goal: reducing tariff taxes        setting investment in place. Such aware-
investment growth in the region. Since then,     among the participating economies to lev-         ness helped create the APEC Business Travel
it has been one of the world’s most dynamic      els below 5%. This was first to be done with      Card (ABTC). It gives preferential entrance
mechanisms for regional cooperation.             the region’s more industrialized countries by     and departure to business people who are
    To date, 21 groups participate in it –Aus-   2010 and then among the emerging econo-           citizens of any of the member economies
tralia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea,           mies by 2020.                                     without the need for a visa or other immi-
China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thai-           But APEC’s initiatives and proposals          gration paperwork. This card replaces mul-
land, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei Darus-         have gone beyond that. Trade facilitation not     tiple visas, unifying in one document access
salam, the Philippines, Japan, South Korea,      only refers to the transportation of products     to all of APEC’s economies.
Russia, Vietnam, the United States, Canada,      through borders. It also contemplates the              ABTC first began in 1997 within Austra-
Chile, Peru and Mexico. Together they make       exchange of services through the Internet,        lia, South Korea and the Philippines. In 1998,
up nearly 3 billion people (more than 40% of     timely access to financial services, quick and    Chile and Hong Kong adopted the card and
the world’s population), 56% of the world’s      prompt customs procedures as well as diverse      with the participation of Malaysia and New
Gross Domestic Product and 46% of global         facilities for the movement of individuals.       Zealand in 1999, formal operation of this im-
trade. According to 2008 estimates by the            Mexico is conscious of this. For the coun-    migration access tool began.
World Bank, it’s anticipated that nearly 70%     try, as well as the rest of APEC’s economies,          Mexico adhered to this mechanism in
of global growth in the next few years will      it’s imperative that barriers that affect the     2007 and immediately began processing
come from this region.                           free movement of people, goods, services and      the nearly 20,000 cards that had been is-
    APEC functions as a mechanism for dia-       capital be reduced or eliminated. As a result,    sued by that time in the rest of the partici-
logue and cooperation. It periodically gath-     the country has substantially improved its        pating economies. With that, around 20,000
ers heads of state, governmental officials       customs procedures by simplifying process-        business people and investors from APEC’s
and representatives from the private sector      es and regulations and making substantive         member countries could easily enter Mexico
to look for agreements on three basic is-        reforms on financial matters, tariffs and in-     simply by using ABTC and their passport.
sues: free trade and investment, facilitation    frastructure among other things.                  In November 2008, our country created the
of businesses and technical and economic             Mexico successfully presented its second      first ABTCs for Mexican business people
cooperation.                                     review of its Individual Action Plan in 2008,     and investors interested in doing business in
    While its resolutions and agreements         in which it evaluated its advances in rela-       Asia and Oceania.
aren’t binding, APEC has contributed much        tion to tariffs, non-tariff barriers, services,        Currently, 20 countries participate in this
to creating a more dynamic economic bond,        investment, customs procedures, intellectual      program. Russia is the only APEC economy
one in which Mexico has been prominent           property, competition, deregulation, rules        that is not taking part while Canada and the
due to its determined participation.             of origin and movement of business people,        United States maintain certain restrictions
                                                                                                                             RepoRt APec

                                                                                                                                 out include Baja
                                                                                                                     Mining (co-investment by
                                                                                                        Canada and South Korea); El Arco, from
                                                                                                   Grupo Mexico in Baja California, which can
                                                                                                   receive Chinese capital; and Arcelor Mittal
                                                                                                   Mexico, which supplies iron to China. In the
                                                                                                   infrastructure and logistics sector, Hutchi-
connected to the                                                                                   son Port Holdings (HPH) of Hong Kong re-
security of their borders. Each year, requests                                                     cently announced substantial investment for
for ABTCs have grown. In March 2008,                                                               the creation of facilities for the management
more than 34,000 cards had been processed        More Mexico in asia and vice versa                and storage of grain.
throughout the region, with Australia having     Thanks to programs promoted by APEC,                  In trade relations, the dynamic is similar.
the most (nearly 40% of all ABTCs). Accord-      the flow of investment and trade between          Mexico sells internal combustion motors,
ing to the last report published by APEC’s       Mexico and the main economies of Asia and         computers and telecommunication equip-
Business People Mobility Group, 44,931           Oceania is growing.                               ment to Australia. To Japan it exports pork
cards had been generated by July 2008 and            There are many examples of success.           meat; silver; tourism vehicles; fresh and
by November of that year 67,259 cards were       In 2007, Cementos Mexicanos (CEMEX)               processed fruit; sugar; coffee; cocoa; spices;
validly registered.                              bought Australian company Rinker for 15.3         seafood; and cereals. In different countries
    In Mexico, the procedures to obtain an       billion usd, making the Mexican firm the big-     within the region it is becoming easier to find
ABTC are done online through the Web site        gest cement company in the world. For their       tequila, mezcal and Mexican beer.
of the National Immigration Institute www.       part, Asian companies like Golden Dragon,             Mexico’s presence in APEC has been ac- It is valid for three years, good    the world’s biggest producer of precision         tive and prosperous. The country is searching
for multiple entrances and allows visits that    copper tubes; Kyocera; FAW Group; Lenovo;         to maximize its bonds with the Asia-Pacific
under no circumstances can be less than two      and Xintian have increased their presence         region on different fronts and the actions it
months. To facilitate the movement of card-      in Mexico through important investments           has undertaken to this moment have contrib-
holders, special lanes have been set up in the   in manufacturing plants and distribution          uted to strengthening its business position
country’s main international ports. Also, a      centers.                                          and relationship with the main economies of
special security system has been created to          Also, Asia-Pacific investors today are par-   the zone. Mexico’s goal is to continue actively
share information about ABTCs, complying         ticipating in projects within diverse indus-      participating in APEC, which, as is being dem-
with international security and technology       tries of the Mexican economy. In the mining       onstrated, has translated into unique oppor-
standards.                                       sector, for example, some projects that stand     tunities in the business world. n
18 Negocios   Photo courtesy oF ministry oF communications anD transportation
                             Mexico’s paRtneR hutchison Port holdings

Hutchison                                         hph in Mexico
                                                  Everything started in Veracruz. HPH’s rela-

Port Holdings                                     tionship with Mexico began in August 1995
                                                  when the company found in Mexico a good

Has Shipped
                                                  expansion destination. The country’s geo-
                                                  graphic position, with access to the Atlantic
                                                  and Pacific Oceans, made it a strategic point
                                                  for trade. It is the entry door to the United
With projects this year that
                                                  States and Canada and the bridge to Central
include a dry port in the state
                                                  America and the rest of Latin America.
of Hidalgo and the construction
                                                      With the possibility it could be sound
of ships for PEMEX (Mexico’s                      competition to other firms in the area and
state-owned petroleum company),                   the backing of the Ministry of Communica-
Hutchison Port Holdings                           tions and Transportation and the Federal
strengthens its relationship                      Competition Commission (the federal agen-
with Mexico.                                      cy that promotes economic efficiency and
                                                  protects competition), HPH began construct-
                                                  ing the International Terminal of Containers
Chinese by origin and with global operations,     and Partners in the state of Veracruz.
port developer Hutchison Port Holdings                Since then, HPH has invested more than
(HPH) has found a good commercial enclave         700 million usd in the country. Today, it has six
in Mexico. To date, it has invested 700 million   business units in strategic points: Ensenada,
usd in the country, has six business units and    Manzanillo, Veracruz, Lázaro Cárdenas and
mobilized just in 2008 nearly 1.5 million TEUs    soon Hidalgo. It employs more than 3,000
(twenty-foot equivalent units).                   Mexicans in these units. The services it offers
    HPH’s history dates back to the end of        in our country include moving containers,
the 19th century with the establishment of        general transportation of cargo, the repair
the Hong Kong and Whampoa Dock Com-               and storage of containers and the operation
pany, which offered construction and repair       of a cruise ship terminal in Ensenada.
services for ships for more than a century            Even though the recent economic crisis
before diversifying in cargo and container        has resulted in a drop in port activity around
management with the creation of Hong Kong         the world, HPH continues betting on Mexico,
International Terminals (HIT), its spearhead      where it plans to invest more than 212 mil-
operation. In 1994, it created HPH to admin-      lion usd this year. For example, it recently
ister HIT’s growing network of ports.             launched a 10 million usd plant in Ensenada
    Today, HPH is a global leader in port in-     that specializes in the handling and storage
vestment, development and operations. Its         of grain. But that’s not all. In 2009, HPH has
interests are spread over 26 countries in         two aces up its sleeve: Veracruz and Hidalgo.
Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Aus-
tralia and America. It operates 302 dock po-      The case of veracruz
sitions in 50 ports around the world as well      In 2009, one of HPH’s priorities in Mexico
as a large number of transportation services      will be investing nearly 7 million usd for the
companies. In 2008 alone, HPH managed             construction of ships at Talleres Navales del
more than 67.6 million TEUs around the            Golfo (TNG), a ship building and repair yard
world.                                            in Veracruz.

Cargo movement by hph in Mexico during 2008

•	   veracruz international Container partners (iCavE): 566,451 containers
•	   Manzanillo international Terminal (TiMsa): 254,628 containers
•	   lázaro Cárdenas port Container Terminal (lCT): 524,791 containers
•	   Ensenada international Terminal (EiT): 110,423 containers
20 Negocios                                                                    photos courtesy oF ministry oF communications anD transportation

   The idea is to rent supply ships -with the         Over an area of 208 hectares in the re-          In the words of Gerry Yim, administra-
capacity to transport up to 30,000 barrels-      gion of Tepeji del Río, the dry port will in-     tive director of HPH for America, the Middle
to Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX, the state-        clude an intermodal cargo terminal and a          East and Africa, “the new terminal will play
owned petroleum company). TNG also has           logistics park. The project is the result of an   a relevant role in the operation of cargo con-
space to repair, convert and construct other     agreement between HPH, the UNNE corpo-            tainers between the main ports of the Pacific
ships.                                           ration and the state government of Hidalgo.       and the Gulf. This will allow it to be part of
                                                 HPH and UNNE have created for themselves          the flow of commercial cargo that is spread
hidalgo is next                                  Grupo de Logística Mexicano, a company            from north to south, entering and leaving
HPH announced in January 2009 its next           that will operate and develop the new facil-      Mexico under the benefits of TLCAN.”
great project on Mexican land. It is literally   ity, which main services will be to transport         Other benefits include improving the
on land. It’s the development of a dry port in   by land and railroad containers from vari-        transportation of cargo from Hidalgo to
Hidalgo, a state with one of the largest bor-    ous commercial ports to other regions of the      Mexico City, which will reduce current rail-
ders in the country.                             country.                                          way congestion. This is not counting new
                                                                                                   investment and jobs in the region: HPH is in-
                                                                                                   vesting 120 million usd and it’s calculated the
       Today, hph has the following business units in the country:                                 project will generate close to 10,000 jobs in
                                                                                                   the area. The development will also attract
           •	   Ensenada international Terminal (EiT) and                                          investment from other logistics companies
                Cruise ship Terminal, in baja California                                           that will use the terminal as their operations
           •	   Manzanillo international Terminal (TiMsa), in Colima                               base.
           •	   veracruz international Container partners (iCavE) and                                  The project is advancing. Construction
                Gulf naval yard (TnG), in veracruz                                                 will begin this year and the terminal is ex-
           •	   lázaro Cárdenas port Container Terminal (lCT), in Michoacán                        pected to start operating in the first half of
                                                                                                   2010. n
Mexico’s paRtneR hutchison Port holdings
22 Negocios                                                                                              photo courtesy oF nissan mexicana

Over the last ten years, Mexico has become an important destination for
Asian investments. Asian companies have found in the country a profitable
and advantageous spot for their global expansion plans.

By grAeme steWArt

If ever two business cultures were made for each     cheaper costs in production, commercialization,
other, it would seem to be those of Mexico and       investment opportunities and other benefits.
Asia. Over the past decade, Asian companies              The parity of the peso to the dollar, which
have invested in manufacturing plants in Mexico,     can introduce an inflation factor into the Mexi-
contributing billions of dollars to the Mexican      can economy, is still attractive abroad as it re-
economy while taking advantage of the available      duces production costs for foreign companies
geographical and tax advantages, not to mention      with plants in our country. This cost reduction
the highly rated Mexican workforce.                  is good news for Mexico as it allows these coun-
    Japanese car manufacturing giant Nissan is       tries to considerably raise production quotas.
one of those companies established in Mexico         This way, more products can be sold abroad at
that has found profitability from all the advan-     competitive costs with bigger profit margins.
tages of outsourcing away from its native shores.        On the quality of the Mexican labor pool,
    Diego Arrazola, head of communications           Arrazola said: “The Mexican workforce is ac-
at Nissan Mexico, explains why Mexico is a           knowledged to be world class. The products
favorite destination: “México is a country with      made in Mexico have an exceptional quality
important advantages in terms of the quality of      and surpass the standard levels of other coun-
the product and competitiveness in costs, infra-     tries. These qualities make Mexico a reliable,
structure and geographic location. It shares its     cheap and profitable production center.”
border with the United States and has impor-             Nissan Mexico’s plants have competed for
tant ports on the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.       and won new investments and projects due to
This enormously facilitates the requirements         their valued and profitable workforce, he said.
of time and embarkation costs not only with          Sentra and Tiida cars are an example of that.
the rest of North America but also with Latin        Their production is not only for the national
America and Europe.”                                 market but also for the export market; the Unit-
    The free trade agreements Mexico has es-         ed States and Canada in the case of Sentra and
tablished with different countries (United States,   Versa; as well as Europe and other countries in
Canada, Japan and others) have yielded such          the case of Tiida.
benefits as making products more competitive             “The Renault–Nissan alliance, created in
abroad because of lower manufacturing costs          1999, offers further examples of the advantages
compared to other countries. This helps Mexico       Mexico has as a manufacturing center,” Ar-
to be considered as an excellent export base, al-    razola said. “The antecedent of what we have
lowing companies to sell vehicles abroad that        accomplished until today is to be found in 2000,
were made in another country and not at home.        the date when production of the Renault Scenic
Such free trade agreements create benefits and       in Nissan’s Cuernavaca plant began (the pro-
tax incentives in technology, employment cre-        duction of this model stopped in 2004).”
ation and training. Furthermore, the treaties            In 2001, production began of the Renault
give preferential tax levels among the participat-   Clio at the Nissan plant in Aguascalientes and
ing countries –in this case, Mexico. This allows     it continues today. Finally, in 2003 and also at
RepoRt AsiAn invAsion
24 Negocios                                                                                                                      Photos nissan mexicana

                                                                                                         provide near shore services for our large US
 shipment of Tiidas for Europe from                                                                      client community,” said N Chandrasekaran,
 the plant of nissan in Cuernavaca                                                                       executive vice president & head of global sales
                                                                                                         & operations for TCS.
                                                                                                             Guadalajara, the second largest city in
                                                                                                         Mexico with a population of over 4 million,
                                                                                                         was chosen by TCS after an extensive survey
                                                                                                         because of its accessibility, infrastructure and
                                                                                                         available talent pool.
                                                                                                             “We are impressed by the tremendous tal-
                                                                                                         ent in this region, nurtured by a very strong ed-
                                                                                                         ucation system. We will recruit the best people
                                                                                                         and train them extensively in the same high
                                                                                                         quality processes and methodologies that we so
                                                                                                         successfully use in our operations around the
                                                                                                         world,” said Ankur Prakash, general manager
the Aguascalientes plant, the first vehicle of       capacity of 50MW, more than doubling the            of TCS Mexico.
this worldwide alliance was produced: the            factory’s current capacity.                             Over the last seven years TCS has set up op-
Nissan Platina.                                          India-based Tata Consultancy Services           erations in 14 countries across Latin America,
    “We at Nissan have been delighted with           (TCS), a leading IT services, business solu-        including major centers in Argentina, Brazil,
the success of our plants in Mexico, a country       tions and outsourcing firm, has expanded its        Chile and Uruguay. They employ over 5,000
that has proven itself to be an able partner,”       operations in Latin America by setting up its       professionals in those countries and cater to
Arrazola said.                                       first Global Delivery Center in Guadalajara,        more than 150 clients.
    Another Asian company, Sanyo Electric Co.        in the state of Jalisco. This is the first major        “This expansion in Mexico marks an im-
Ltd, last year disclosed plans to increase produc-   investment by an Indian information technol-        portant phase in our growth. We have hired
tion capacity by nearly 2.5 times of solar mod-      ogy firm in Mexico. The new center represents       500 people for the Mexico center in the short
ules at its Mexico´s Factory located in Monterrey.   an important step in TCS’ global strategy to        term and thousands more in the next five
    The increase in production will serve the        further enhance its Global Network Delivery         years, as we continue to build a strong high im-
rapidly rising demand for solar power in the         Model, allowing it to better serve its clients in   pact organization in this region,” said Gabriel
North American market. The Mexican plant             Mexico and across the world.                        Rozman, president of TCS Latin America.
currently has an annual production capacity of           “Apart from a strong domestic IT market,            And according to the Mexican Embassy
20MW for solar module assembly of Sanyo’s            Mexico shares a similar time zone with and          in Seoul, South Korea, trade between the two
proprietary HIT solar panels. The planned            is within five to six hours flying distance from    countries had grown so much that South Ko-
increase would add up to a total production          anywhere in the US, allowing us the ability to      rea is now the third largest Asian investor in
                                                                                                         Mexico. The Embassy reports: “Manufacturing
                                                                                                         and commerce deals between the two countries
   according to the widely respected krene Group, there is a growing trend of                            have generated almost 808 million usd between
   asian companies relocating to Mexico.                                                                 1994 and 2008. That will continue to increase.”
                                                                                                             Add inward investment from India and
   “They [asian companies] initially moved to Mexico to reduce their labor and                           Singapore amounting to 2.5 billion usd and one
   operations costs in order to be competitive. The population is predominantly                          can clearly see that the Asia-Mexico business
   young with 37.5% being under the age of 15. The advantage this gives to com-                          sector has been a fabulous success. n
   panies choosing to relocate to Mexico is an abundant labor force. not only is
   the labor factor the impulse to move to Mexico, but also:

   •	   Competitors and suppliers for industries are following companies to Me-
        xico and locating in the same area because of the necessity of close pro-
        ximity to fit production chain requirements.
   •	   Consumers’ needs are changing very quickly. The united states is such a
        large market that a company cannot afford not to be close to its consum-
        ers. For foreigners, this makes Mexico an attractive location versus asian
        countries with similar competitive benefits.
   •	   Mexico serves as the doorway to the rest of latin america. The consumer
        markets in latin america will exceed those of Europe and Japan by 2010.
        Mexico is a logical choice for asian companies wishing to enter the latin
        american market.”
Asian Invasion Welcomed

2005                                              NAFTA                                                     2001
Mexico and Japan signed an                        North American                                            Free trade agreement with the
economic association, which                       Free Trade Agreement.                                     European Association of Free
has substantially increased trade                 Established in 1994 with the                              Trade, made up of Norway, Iceland,
between the two countries                         United States and Canada.                                 Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
                                                  Since its beginning, NAFTA                                This treaty has made Mexico the
                                                  has been a key factor in increasing                       only Latin American country to
                                                  commercial relations between                              have treaties with all the main
                                                  these countries and has led to the                        economies of the world
                                                  consolidation of North America
                                                  as one of the most dynamic and
                                                  integrated regions of the world.
                                                  For example, since 1994, 84.5%
                                                  of customs duties have been
                                                  eliminated for all non-oil and
                                                  non-agricultural Mexican exports
                                                  to the United States. For Canada,
                                                  that figure is 79%


The G3                                                                              El Salvador                                        2000
Free Trade Agreement set up                                                                                                            Free trade
in 1995 between Mexico,                                                                                                                agreement
Venezuela and Colombia                                                                                                                 with Israel



                                    Free trade agreements
                                    with Costa Rica and
Free trade agreement with
the Northern Triangle of            1998
El Salvador, Guatemala and          Free trade agreement                                                         2000
                                                                                                                                                     inFograPhic olDemar

Honduras. With this treaty,         with Nicaragua                                                               Free trade agreement with
Mexico has notably increased                                                                                     the European Union. With
its exports to Central America                                                                                   this treaty, the first free trade
and more than half of its           1999                                   2004                                  area between Europe and
exports to the northern             Free trade agreement                   Free trade agreement                  the American continent
triangle are tax-free               with Chile                             with Uruguay                          was created
26 Negocios                                           Photo archive

Solar Energy,
Mexico’s strategic location
has always been key to the
establishment of solar cell
producing companies.
The German company
Q-Cells is opening a plant
in Mexicali with an investment
of 3.5 billion usd, representing
the largest amount of foreign
investment in Mexico’s history.
Also, the Japanese company
Kyocera has opened a plant in
Tijuana with an investment
of 33 million usd.

By KArlA BAñuelos

First came fire nearly 500,000 years ago. Wa-
ter and windmills appeared in the Middle Age.
Many years later came carbon and other fossil
fuels during the Industrial Revolution. Finally
there was oil. Each one, in their time, has been
the main source of energy in the world. Their
use, however, has eroded the planet’s environ-
mental balance, due in large part to carbon di-
oxide (CO2) emissions generated by their com-
bustion. According to the magazine Science,
CO2 emissions have reached their highest lev-
els in history, deriving in ecological problems
like the greenhouse effect, one of the causes of
global warming.
    A very effective way to diminish this deterio-
ration is the use of alternative energies like pho-
tovoltaic –the generation of electricity through
solar energy. The use of this energy source has
grown in the last few years around the world.
Between 1985 and 2008, installed capacity of
solar energy went from 21 megawatts to 5,498
megawatts. To clarify these figures: a megawatt
is equivalent to one million watts.
    With an increase in solar energy use, the de-
mand for photovoltaic or solar cells has grown
by 30% in the last 15 years. The main markets
are Spain (the biggest in 2008), followed by Ger-
many, Japan and the United States.
aRticle solAr energy
28 Negocios                                                                                                   Photo courtesy oF kyocera/q-cells/archive

                                                01                                                   03                                                   05

                                                02                                                   04                                                   06

    In Mexico, solar energy has started to win            Q-Cells’ investment will create around           Solar Energy Systems, Constanza University
supporters. The country has some clear ad-            4,000 direct jobs and another 4,000 indirect         and the Solar Hemeln Research Institute. The
vantages: in most of its territory, solar radiation   ones. It will also give the company access to        projects being developed are destined to in-
levels favor the installation of photovoltaic en-     the growing California area market, like the         crease the efficiency of cell performance.
ergy plants. But not only that, its infrastructure,   Mexicali valley and north of Sonora, where               Another solar cell producer that has es-
proximity to the North American market and            high temperatures require the use of large           tablished itself in Mexico is the Japanese
availability of qualified workers make Mexico         amounts of energy for refrigeration systems          company Kyocera. With an investment of 33
attractive to companies that manufacture              but which also represent potential sources of        million usd, it opened a production plant in
products and equipment that generate elec-            solar energy.                                        the city of Tijuana in Baja California, creat-
tricity through solar energy. In the northern             Leo van der Holst, vice president of Q-Cells,    ing 600 direct jobs. With this investment, the
part of the country, companies that are leading       explained his company decided to build the           company is looking to increase its production
the research and development of solar energy          plant –to be the largest of its kind in the world–   capacity from 35 megawatts to 150 mega-
technology have found a strategic point for the       in Mexico because its location will permit di-       watts, meaning its annual production of solar
expansion of their operations.                        rect access not only to the US market but also       panels will go from 175,000 to 750,000.
                                                      to the growing ones in Latin America.                    Kyocera is dedicated to the production of
Home	for	the	big	firms                                    Q-Cells is the world’s most important            electronic components and devices and it has
Due to the growth of the US market, Mexico            manufacturer of solar cells, even supplying          189 distribution companies in Asia, Europe,
has become an important location for manu-            independent units to other manufactur-               Oceania and the Americas. Last year the com-
facturers of photovoltaic cells.                      ers in strategic markets. The company also           pany’s sales reached 12.1 billion usd. Since 1975,
   In mid- 2008, German company Q-Cells               researches and develops new technologies             Kyocera has created autonomous energy sys-
announced it would invest 3.5 billion usd over        with a team of more than 100 technologists,          tems for schools and hospitals and it continues
the next five years to open a plant in Mexicali,      scientists and engineers. It collaborates with       with its mission of supplying alternative ener-
Baja California (along the US-Mexico border)          universities and institutes like the Hahn Meit-      gies and reducing the use of fossil fuels as part
to produce photovoltaic cells mainly for the          ner Institute, the Energy Research Centre of         of its effort to contribute to the planet’s well-
North American market.                                the Netherlands, the Fraunhofer Institute for        being. n
             aRticle solAr energy

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                        01 inside the Kyocera laboratory.
                                        02 q-cells Balm.
              03 pResident Felipe Calderón at Kyocera.
                04 q-cells is one of the most important
                                 manufacturers of solar cells.
                05 the panels that produce the energy
                                           at a Q-Cells facility.
    06 the pRoduction plant of the Japenese company
               Kyocera in the city of Tijuana, Baja California.
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           solaR cells A very effective way to diminish
                                 deterioration of ecosystems.

The world of solar cells

Made mostly of silicon, solar panels
have been on the market since the
second half of the 1950s. however,
research on solar energy goes back
to 1839 when French scientist henri
becquerel discovered an electric
current could be produced by making
a light shine over certain chemical
substances. albert Einstein and
Walter schottky in 1930 and 1950
respectively, continued with this
research and in 1954, researchers
daryl Chapin, Gerald pearson and
Calvin Fuller developed a silicon solar
cell that converted 6% of the solar
light that fell upon it into electricity.
Four years later, those cells were used
in orbital satellites.
    in the 1980s, the market for solar
cells was limited to being power
supply	sources	for	places	difficult	to	
access and for products like watches,
toys and calculators. it wasn’t until
the mid-1990s that the use of solar
panels for electricity production was
better known, when the construction
of new buildings equipped with this
technology became more frequent. in
the last few years, this alternative form
of energy has received an important
boost. Japan has a program with the
goal of building 70,000 homes that
will be fed by solar energy.
    Europe has supported various
parliamentary initiatives for the use
of photovoltaic systems and during
the bill Clinton presidency, the united
states began a program with the goal
of installing solar panels in 1 million
homes before 2010.
30 Negocios

intelligent Trade solutions
trAde BetWeen mexico And AsiA hAs Become A secure, FAst And cost
comPetitive Process. thAnKs to comPAnies liKe intertrAFFic, A mexicAn
Firm thAt tAKes cAre oF everything so thAt merchAndise Arrives At its
destinAtion Without Any ProBlems.

By AleJAndrA AtilAno

Mexico is an important player in interna-         plied with import rules and legal regulations.       “This would create delays and excessive
tional trade. The country’s large network             On more than one occasion, Venegas said,     storage costs because maintaining merchan-
of trade agreements, geographic location,         they would face some unpleasant surprises        dise at the port is expensive,” Venegas said.
logistics infrastructure and strengthening                                                         “What we wanted to do was save time.”
as one of the main manufacturing centers                                                               Sometimes, the problems were more se-
in the Americas have contributed during                            CliEnTs                         rious. “We found out that in the cargo ports
the last decade to an exponential increase of                                                      they would mark the containers to identify
merchandise flow. Imports and exports have                         Electronics                     those that were transporting valuable mer-
increased as well and with them the need                  philips, disney Electronics,             chandise and during the journey those con-
for specialized services that facilitate com-                batman Electronics,                   tainers were robbed,” Venegas said.
panies’ import-export processes, reducing                       Trane, audiovox                        The most robbed containers had mer-
costs, time and risks.                                                                             chandise easy to move and sell like televi-
    In 2007, the Mexico City-based Intertraf-                     Technology                       sions, cell phones and clothing. A container
fic Group ( be-                Comisión Federal de Electricidad            with this type of merchandise is valued at
gan offering different services to make it eas-        (Federal Electricity Commission),           around 20,000 to 25,000 usd. Venegas said
ier to export from Asia to Mexico. The idea                 Robert bosch, Waters,                  there were some clients who had one con-
came about after its customs services clients                      Red uno                         tainer robbed for every 100 they imported
in the Orient faced long processes that were                                                       with merchandise from Asia, mainly China.
slow, expensive and insecure.                                   Clothing                           “We had clients that were getting hit hard by
    “What we do is increase the efficiency of           Tommy hilfiger, dkny, Coach,               robberies and we began to think about what
the supply chain, make the import process                 Guess, Gap, Carlo Giovanni               solutions we had to stop these problems
much more efficient, reduce costs and time                                                         with lost time, costs and security.”
and guarantee the security and integrity of                           Food                             Venegas traveled to China to analyze how
merchandise,” said Mario Venegas, presi-                   krispy kreme, Tetra pak,                to make the entire import process more ef-
dent of Intertraffic.                                       Entelquium, ameurop                    ficient and see where it was possible to speed
    It was common for some of their clients to                                                     it up. An analysis of flows, processes and
wait at the cargo port, mainly in Manzanillo                                                       operations as well as various tests allowed
in the western state of Colima on the Pacific     upon opening the containers: the models          them to establish a working model that has
coast, for five to six days for a customs agent   weren’t the ones they waited for; they were      produced good results.
to review the containers and make sure they       mislabeled; or it simply wasn’t the merchan-         The model consists of speeding up the
had the requested merchandise and com-            dise that had been bought.                       import process from the port of origin and
                                                                                                                aRticle intertrAFFic

checking the containers before they arrive at      In China it has corporate offices in Hong       the central part of the country); Mérida (in
their port of destination. This guarantees the     Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Yiwu. This         the southern state of Yucatán); and Guada-
product arrives as expected and if there is an     year it waits to enter the markets in Russia,   lajara (in Jalisco).
error it’s resolved before it is imported.         Argentina and Germany, where there are              Considering the experience it’s gained
    “We make sure everything corresponds           companies interested in its services.           during the last two years, Intertraffic has
completely to what the documents say, com-             Currently, it has around 25 clients, with   achieved an important role in Mexican busi-
plies with all regulations and that we don’t       most of them being auto parts stores, toys      ness relations. The service it offers allows
have to wait at the port to get our merchan-       and electronics firms and companies that        established Mexican companies to dedicate
dise, a process that could take up to five         sell clothing, shoes, food, chemical products   themselves to doing business, without wor-
days,” Venegas said.                               and construction materials. Its clients in      rying about the transportation and process-
    And most important is that the export-im-      Mexico are in Monterrey (in Nuevo León);        ing of exports and imports. For that, they
port process is totally secure. After checking     Chihuahua (northern Mexico); Puebla (in         count on the help of an expert. n
the containers at the port of origin, Intertraf-
fic closes them “with certain security devices
that guarantee the merchandise will arrive                                            no surprises
as it was left, without anybody taking or leav-
ing anything during the trip,” Venegas said.
When the container arrives in Mexico, it goes
directly to customs, without delays and with
the security the merchandise is complete.                         Grupo intertraffic has successfully made more efficient
    “Robberies have stopped for us,” Venegas                             the importation of products to Mexico.
    Intertraffic is one of the first Mexican                                    These are some of the results:
companies that offers this type of service
and it’s been successful.                                        Merchandise isn’t detained at cargo ports. The container
    “At first it was very difficult. We couldn’t                              arrives directly at customs.
find a way to make this economically viable
or to have it function on time or coincide                    The export-import process is totally secure. The company has
with everything and be simple. We made                      eliminated the risk of having merchandise robbed during the trip
several attempts but they weren’t adequate.                         from the port of origin to the port of destination.
Finally, after trial and error, we figured out
how to do it ... Today the percentage of er-                      There are clients who have reduced their costs by 20%.
ror is minimum and we haven’t had any in-
cidents with the authorities,” Venegas said.                               in 2008, it managed 2,000 containers.
If the client asks for it, products can arrive
in Mexico ready to be distributed and sold:                             in 2009, it expects to increase its operations
labeled, separated by size or model, with                                            to 2,500 containers.
instructions in Spanish, publicity for promo-
tion or prices, with everything ready.                                The company estimates that in 2010, it will
    The company began in China and has                            manage 5,000 containers with a total value of between
expanded its operations to India, Singapore,                                  4 million and 5 million usd.
Vietnam and soon to Europe and America.
32 Negocios                                                                                                                  illustration olDemar

the FriendshiP
                                                                                                     Mitsui, Hitachi, Toshiba, Suntory, Mitsubishi,
                                                                                                     Matsushita, NEC, Ajinumoto, Citizen and Ja-
                                                                                                     pan Airlines.

thAt PloWed                                                                                          The strengthening of a relationship

through the
                                                                                                     As much in Mexico as in Japan there exists
                                                                                                     a series of governmental and private insti-
                                                                                                     tutions that for decades have directed their

                                                                                                     resources to strengthening the relationship
                                                                                                     between both countries in all areas.
                                                                                                         In 1958, JETRO (the Japan External
                                                                                                     Trade Organization) was founded. It is a
                                                                                                     government-related group that promotes
This year, four centuries of bilateral relations between Mexico                                      trade as well as investment, technological
and Japan are being celebrated through the strengthening of a bond                                   and cultural exchanges. The organization es-
that began with a shipwreck. Mexico was the first Western country                                    tablished an office in Mexico the same year
that recognized Japan’s autonomy. Today, Japan is the seventh                                        it was created.
biggest foreign investor on Mexican soil.                                                                Under JETRO’s sponsorship, a commit-
                                                                                                     tee to strengthen relations between Mexico
                                                                                                     and Japan was founded in 1999. A year later,
By KArlA BAñuelos sAenZ                                                                              it published a report on the reasons and
                                                                                                     resulting effects of a free trade agreement
                                                                                                     between both countries. After a series of ne-
                                                                                                     gotiations, the Economic Partnership Agree-
Mexico and Japan seem very far away from               It was in 1888, during Porfirio Díaz’s gov-   ment was signed in September 2004. Since
each other, separated by the vast Pacific Ocean.   ernment and after the restoration of Japan’s
However, both nations have maintained a            imperial system with Emperor Mutsuhito,
friendship that has lasted four centuries.         when diplomatic relations between the two                      Japan in Mexico
    This long and fruitful relationship be-        countries were formally established with the
gan the way others end: with a shipwreck.          signing of the Friendship, Trade and Naviga-                   Japan External
In 1609, the sailing ship San Francisco,           tion Treaty. It was the first such agreement                Trade organization
originating from New Spain (now Mexico),           Mexico signed with an Asian country and it                    (JETRo) México
shipwrecked off the coast of what is today         turned it into the first Western nation to rec-  
Onjuku, Japan. The ship had a crew of more         ognize Japan’s autonomy.                                    + 52 (55) 5202 7900
than 300 onboard, including Don Rodrigo de             Diplomatic and trade relations between                  + 52 (55) 5202 8003
Vivero, governor of the Philippines.               both countries were interrupted by World
    During his stay in the Asian country, Don      War II. They were renewed in the post-war                   Japanese Embassy
Rodrigo talked to Japanese authorities about       years when Mexico began exporting various                        in Mexico
trade and navigation. A year later, on Octo-       products to Japan, mainly husk rice, hen-       
ber 17, 1610, the crew headed by Don Rodrigo       equen, pita and zapupe (varieties of agave),                + 52 (55) 5211 0028
ran aground on the coast of Acapulco, on           jute (a plant fiber) and cotton. After 1951,
board of San Buena Ventura. With them was          Japanese imports increased as a result of the               The Japan Foundation
a group of 23 Japanese traders who wanted          country’s economic expansion.                         
to establish trade relations between the               In the second half of the 1950s, Japan           
Asian continent and the New Spain.                 imported manufactured goods from Mexico                      + 52 (55) 5254 8506
    That was the first time both countries         and it exported textiles, medicines, plastics,
came together and today they have a solid          machinery, radios and automobiles. Between                  Japanese Chamber of
bilateral relationship marked by mutual re-        1960 and 1965, Japan’s economy enjoyed a                   Commerce and industry
spect, trade and technical cooperation and         stage of tremendous growth this period is                        in Mexico
cultural exchange.                                 actually known as the “Japanese miracle.”          
                                                   Japanese companies began an international-
                                                   ization process by establishing themselves in               Japan international
Japan is the seventh largest                       other countries. In Mexico it was mainly in              Cooperation agency (JiCa)
foreign investor in Mexico                         the manufacturing industry, with a total of 27      
                                                   companies setting up shop, including Nissan,
                                                                                                                        RepoRt mexico-JAPAn

2005, this has allowed Mexico to consolidate
itself as a production base for North, Central                               EXPORTS FROM
and South America, as it did in Europe. This
is thanks to different trade agreements the
                                                                             MEXICO TO JAPAN
country has signed with these regions.                                       IN MILLIONS OF DOLLARS
    In October 2008, the fourth meeting of
the committee was held. During this re-
union, various topics were discussed includ-
ing access of Mexican agricultural products
to Japan; improvement of public security;
immigration procedures; tourism; as well as
other bilateral and trade topics.
    Another of the institutions that promotes
bilateral relations is the Mexican Society of
Japanese Studies (Someja), which supports                          2000                                                      930.54
understanding between both countries and
                                                                   2001                                                      620.56
provides information on related cultural,
educational and trade activities.                                  2002                                                      1,194.21
     There is also the Mexico Japanese As-                         2003                                                      1,172.59
sociation (AMJ), which brings together the
                                                                   2004                                                      1,190.50
Japanese community living in Mexico, as
well as Mexicans interested in learning in                         2005                                                      1,470.02
depth about the Nippon culture. Its mission                        2006                                                      1,594.04
is to be a symbol of the Japanese community
in the country.
                                                                   2007                                                      1,912.64
                                                                   2008                                                      2,046.04
                                                                   2009*                                                     491.88
             Mexico in Japan
                                                                * January to April                           SOURCE: BANK OF MEXICO
     Ministry of External Relations
                                                    Finally, the Mexico Japanese Cultural                 exports increased by 21.6% from the previous
       Mexican Embassy in Japan                  Institute, a nonprofit community group, sup-             year, reaching a total of 757 million usd. Of                     ports cultural exchange and understanding                these products, meats represent 50% of ex-
                                                 between both countries.                                  ports, making Mexico Japan’s fourth biggest
          Mexico’s Ministry                                                                               trade partner in beef and pork products.
             of Economy                          bilateral relations                                         Other Mexican products that have in-                     In the last few years, Latin America has                 creased their presence in Japan are fruits like
                                                 turned into the region with the biggest in-              avocado, melons, and bananas.
      ProMéxico’s	Office	in	Tokyo                crease in exports to Japan. The Asian coun-                 According to figures from Mexico’s Minis-
            (813) 35 80 08 11                    try has a free trade agreement with Chile and            try of Economy, Japan is the seventh largest                  maintains important trade relations with Ar-             foreign investor in Mexico, with more than
                                                 gentina and Brazil. However, Mexico remains              4 billion usd between 1994 and 2008, which
              Mexican society                    its main trading partner in the region.                  represent around 3% of all FDI in the country
            of Japanese studies                      Japan is at the top of the list of Asian countries   during that period.
            + 52 (55) 5536 4024                  that buy Mexican products. In 2008, Mexican ex-             Most of Japanese investment in Mexico
                                                 ports to Asia increased to nearly 8.7 billion usd.       can be found in the electronic, automotive,
          Mexico Japanese                        Close to 2.1 billion usd of this total were from Ja-     aeronautic, clean technologies and informa-
         Cultural institute                      pan, whereas 2 billion usd were received from            tion technology industries.                China; 1.7 billion usd was the sum from South               In 2008, nearly a dozen Japanese pro-
                                                 Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore; and              duction plants connected to the automotive,
             Mexico Japanese                     1.5 billion usd proceeded from India.                    electronics and computer sectors, and run
            association (aMJ)                        Among Mexican exports to Japan that have             by such companies as Isuzu Motors, Hino
                      experienced the biggest increase, the main in-           Motors, Toyota, Sumimoto and Casio Com-
                                                 dustry is agricultural products. In 2008, their          puter Co., were opened in Mexico. n
34 Negocios                                                                                                                        Photo Bago stuDio

Strategic                                                 “In April we established a strategic alli-
                                                      ance with one of the most important con-
                                                                                                        popular lineup of all digital television chan-
                                                                                                        nels at an attractive price,” said Charlie Er-

Alliances,                                            struction companies of Portugal, Soares
                                                      da Costa, which was looking for a partner
                                                                                                        gen, CEO and chairman of EchoStar.
                                                                                                            “The opportunity to partner with MVS

a Two-Way
                                                      here in Mexico,” he said. “Now together we        for a variety of services created an exciting
                                                      are taking part in a tender to construct the      opportunity for EchoStar as we entered the
                                                      Ciudad Valles to Tamuin road in San Luis          Mexican market,” he said.
Street                                                Potosí. At the moment this is an administra-
                                                      tion agreement, but it is only the first and we
                                                                                                            The basic service includes 25 Spanish
                                                                                                        and English-language channels for around
                                                      hope to take part in many more. A synergy         10 usd per month.
Strategic alliances with foreign                      with them will allow us to undertake bigger           The basic package includes children’s
companies have become an                              and more important projects.”                     programming, general entertainment, edu-
important part of the business                            The aim of the strategic alliance with        cational channels, sports programming and
landscape in Mexico. This is a                        Soares da Costa was to allow Grupo Indi           music channels.
two way street with multiple                          access to construction projects worth more            Moreover, Dish offers premium movie
benefits for companies embarking                      than 100 million usd.                             packages with no commercials at an afford-
along such partnerships.                                  This year, because of the world financial     able monthly price.
                                                      crisis, Mexican construction companies have           “The alliance of MVS with EchoStar for
                                                      struggled to participate and compete in bids      the launch of a direct-to-home satellite TV
By grAeme steWArt                                     for jobs. Some have solved this problem           service generated an innovative and avant-
                                                      through strategic alliances with foreign com-     garde product,” said Ernesto Vargas, CEO of
                                                      panies, others by going to banks.                 MVS Comunicaciones. “Both companies are
Business worldwide has suffered over the                  In return, foreign companies can benefit      benefiting from our partnership and I would
past year due to the economic downturn but            from our experience, access to established        expect strategic partnerships to become
many companies have found creating a stra-            distribution networks, reduced investment         more common.”
tegic alliance with a foreign firm has helped         costs and our familiarity with conducting             Vargas believes with Dish, the best pay
soften the blow of the credit crunch.                 business in the Mexican market, he said.          TV channels now reach most homes in the
   Grupo Indi is a Mexican consortium with                 “We believe Mexico is a country of op-       country at an affordable price. It broadcasts
more than 30 years of experience which has            portunities and now is a very good time to        the most popular channels among Mexican
found that forming a strategic alliance with a for-   invest here because our country has great         families while offering a monthly cost lower
eign company has real benefits for both parties.      growth potential,” Muñoz said.                    than any other comparable pay TV service
   The consortium is made up of several                   MVS Comunicaciones, one of the largest        in the market.
companies that offer different services in the        Mexican media and telecommunications                  “We’re confident Mexican families enjoy
construction business such as technology, en-         conglomerates, and US-based EchoStar              our well-rounded programming lineup, in-
gineering, real estate and tourism. Its commit-       Corp. have formed a joint venture, Dish           cluding children’s programming, education-
ment and solid performance has allowed it to          Mexico, to launch Dish, a satellite TV service    al content, sports and music channels and
become one of the 10 principal companies in           in Mexico.                                        premium movies,” he added. “This is a result
the Mexican construction industry.                        EchoStar provides equipment, digital          of our strategic partnership with EchoStar. It
   “Our wide experience includes contracts            broadcast operations and satellite services       has been very successful.”
in infrastructure, deep drilling foundation,          worldwide. It has 25 years of experience              The United Kingdom is a good example
building construction and maritime works,”            designing, developing and distributing ad-        of how partnerships can benefit both Mexi-
said Manuel Muñoz Cano, president of Gru-             vanced set-top boxes and related products         can and foreign businesses. Often packag-
po Indi. “Among the most important are the            for pay television providers.                     ing a product in a way that will appeal to
second level of Mexico City’s main highway                The new direct-to-home (DTH) satellite        European consumers can increase export
“Periférico,” the construction of the multi-          TV service, which has a wide variety of digi-     numbers to that continent. The UK offers
modal containers terminal in Lázaro Cárde-            tal audio and video channels, is delivered via    marketing and packaging advice to various
nas’ port in Michoacán and the turnkey                an EchoStar-provided high powered direct
contract construction of the new Senators’            broadcast satellite that allows the service to
Chambers Building, currently in progress.”            reach every corner of the country.                                 “We believe Mexico is a
   Muñoz said his company has also suc-                   Initially, the service was launched in the               country of opportunities and
cessfully participated in the construction            cities of Puebla and León but is now avail-                     now is a very good time to
and operation of hotel developments in sev-           able across Mexico.                                       invest here because our country
eral Mexican tourist destinations and most                “This joint venture between MVS and                       has great growth potential,”
recently in administration agreements and             EchoStar makes it possible for a large sector                                 Muñoz said.
public-private partnerships.                          of Mexico’s growing population to receive a
                                                                                                              RepoRt strAtegic AlliAnces

companies looking to export their products            worldwide scale and helps modernize and re-          Other Mexican companies that enjoy strate-
to Europe.                                            fresh the brand’s image.                             gic alliances with foreign companies include:
    Design Bridge, for example, creates and de-           “FEMSA first approached us to reposition Sol
velops brands for many prestigious companies.         beer because of our international approach to             •     Xignux, the Mexican industrial
Thanks to its experience with alcoholic bever-        creative consumer branding,” said John Morris,            consortium that makes cables, trans-
age producers such as Tiger Beer, Heineken,           Design Bridge’s managing director. “The world-            formers and food with the Japanese-
Carlsberg, Pernod Ricard and Moet Hennessy,           wide success of Sol has helped cement our rela-           based Yazaki Corporation.
the firm was approached by FEMSA (Latin               tionship with FEMSA; we are working on some               •     Silanes, the consortium that pro-
America’s largest beverage company) to revamp         very exciting projects for them at the moment.”           duces and sells medical and pharma-
the secondary packaging of its Sol beer brand.            For companies that are working in research            ceutical products, such as Metformin
FEMSA believed the packaging failed to reflect        and development, UK Trade and Investment (the             and Lidocaine, with the French com-
the brand’s core values, lacked consistency from      British homologue of ProMéxico) has a Global              pany Sanofi-aventis.
country to country and failed to compete in an        Partnerships Programme to help Mexican com-               •     Grupo Bal, the mining and finan-
aggressive market with a growing number of            panies find suitable partners in the United King-         cial services company, with France-
competitors. Design Bridge was hired to create        dom. And in more traditional ways, partnerships           based Ondeo. Mining company Grupo
an eye-catching design for the secondary packag-      between British and Mexican companies con-                Ferrominero with Singapore Technolo-
ing to reaffirm Sol’s brand values to consumers       tinue to supply products that neither one could           gies Kinetics.
and boost its position in the international market.   provide alone. For this reason, in February, the          •     URBI, the homebuilder, with US-
    The result captured the spirit of Sol in a re-    joint Mexican - UK consortium DMGP, which in-             based Prudential Real Estate Investors.
freshing way, playing on the brand’s provenance       cludes the British Penspen Group, was awarded             •     Tire manufacturer Corporación
and “summer party” values. The design stands          a 1.3 billion usd contract to upgrade Mexico’s oil        de Occidente with US-based Cooper
out in a competitive environment, aligns it on a      infrastructure in the Gulf. n                             Tires.
36 Negocios

 mexico And chinA,                         Due to its advantageous geographic posi-
                                           tion that puts it next to the United States

 A groWing FinAnciAl                       and nearly at the center of the Americas,
                                           Mexico is one of the main receivers of goods

                                           in Latin America, according to the country’s
                                           National Institute of Statistics and Geog-
                                           raphy (INEGI). The Mexican news agency
                                           Notimex adds that during the final three
 A trade specialist asserts Mexico has     quarters of 2008 exports from China to
 much to offer to Asia. A blossoming and   Latin America grew to 111.5 billion usd, with
 necessary trade relationship between      Mexico, Brazil and Chile being its three
 Mexico and China involves several         main business partners.
 benefits for both countries, which            The same source said China is Mexico’s
 include exchange of a large variety       second biggest trade partner. In 2008, Mex-
 of products and extensive markets         ico imported nearly 35 billion usd in Chi-
 where the two nations have found          nese products, more than the rest of Latin
 success in selling their goods.           America altogether. At the same time, the
                                           country exported more than 2 billion usd
                                           worth of products.
                                               In the last few years, Mexico has diver-
                                           sified its imports from China. This is not
                                           a surprise. Mexico has become one of the
                                           main manufacturing centers in the Ameri-
                                           cas and it has included Chinese companies

 “My father’s life has
 been chameleonic,
 from when i was a child
 until today. Every day
 he speaks English,
 Chinese and spanish,”
 liu Jr. said.
                                                                                                            Mexico’s paRtneR otm

in different high value sectors like electron-                                                  wan. During his adolescence he moved to
ics or Information Technology. These sec-                oTM is a young company                 Italy, where he went to high school and re-
tors have been established in the country            but essential to trade between             christened himself with his Latin name. In
with one objective in mind: to meet the                 Mexico and China. it has an             Spain, he completed a bachelor’s degree in
growing demand of North and Latin Amer-             important advantage: its founder            liberal arts and then in Canada he studied
ican markets.                                          Martino liu Chow was born                business. There he got to know Mercedes,
    As a result, Mexico is buying raw materi-         in China and after journeying             the Mexican woman who would later be-
als for traditional sectors. For example, Mex-         through various countries in             come his wife. In 1981, the family moved to
ico’s shoe industry imports large volumes of          Europe and the americas, he               Mexico. Martino Liu Chow worked for a
synthetic soles from China. Mexico is also            established himself in Mexico             trading company. Later, he founded a plas-
buying more electronics, computers, auto-                   in the early 1980s.                 tics factory, which he closed in 1994.
mobile accessories and toy parts to meet the                                                        After traveling so much from continent
needs of a growing specialized industry.                             to continent and through his firsthand ex-
    The Mexican product most in demand                                                          perience, Martino Liu Chow knows very
in China is beer. But Mexico has much                OTM emerged after its predecessor was      well what China and Mexico need from
more to offer the Asian country, said Mar-       well established and its founder moved to      each other. “We have sent containers with
tino Liu Jr., head of business development       Beijing. It buys products from both coun-      several tons of processed juice; two (40 ton)
for the Mexican company Outsourcing &            tries and sends them at the request of their   containers with giant squid that have been
Trade Magnum (OTM).                              clients.                                       so successful we are sending a third; soap
    Since 2004, OTM, with offices in Guada-          Contrary to what one might think, the      for restrooms; and samples of whole-grain
lajara, Mexico City and Beijing, China, has      exchange of goods is easy. Mexico and Chi-     cookies,” said Liu Jr.
dedicated itself to the purchase of Mexican      na have signed one treaty that offers pre-         It should also be added to the mix the
and Chinese products for their export and        ferred interest rates to import and export     fact that China and Mexico are excellent
import through its predecessor, Orbicargo,       loans and another that avoids double pay-      trade partners. An example: in the Asian
an international cargo and logistics agency      ment of taxes in both countries.               country they favor eating organic foods and
born in 1994. Both were funded by their              “My father’s life has been chameleonic,    healthy products. Mexico has centuries of
founder, Martino Liu Chow, Liu Jr.’s father.     from when I was a child until today. Every     experience in the production of these goods.
    Orbicargo was born from an unprece-          day he speaks English, Chinese and Span-       The Chinese and Mexican economies com-
dented vision of the future. “The company’s      ish,” Liu Jr. said.                            plement each other. Each one has much of
objective was to offer consulting services to        Martino Liu Chow (whose proper             what the other needs and that is the founda-
Mexican firms so they could begin trade re-      Chinese name is Shin Jen Liu Chow) was         tion of a solid trade relationship that has yet
lationships with China,” Liu Jr. said.           born in the 1950s and was raised in Tai-       to say everything it needs to. n
38 Negocios                                                                                              inFograPhicolDemar

                                                              TERAL AND CHINA
                                                         BILA MEXICOTRADE
          Electrical and electronic equipment            BETWEEN
          Nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery etc.

          Ores, slag and ash

          Vehicles other than rail and tram cars

          Organic chemicals

          Copper and goods derived from it

          Optical, photo, technical,
          medical and other equipment

          Plastics and goods derived from it

          Iron and steel


          Rawhides and skins
          (other than furs) and leather

          Aluminum and goods derived from it

          Rubber and goods derived from it

          Tanning and dyeing extracts,
          tannins, pigments

          Other base metals, cermets
          and good derived from them

          Salt, sulfur earth, stone,
          plaster lime and cement

          Fish, crustaceans, mollusks,
          aquatic invertebrates

          Beverages, spirits and vinegar

     EXPORTS FROM                                                                                                 653.91
     MEXICO TO CHINA                                                                                              2009*
     Millions of dollars

    203.60         281.79         653.91           974.38    986.31   1,135.55   1,688.11   1,895.34   2,044.76
     2000             2001             2002           2003    2004     2005       2006       2007        2008

   *January – April
                                                                                                    Mexico’s paRtneR otm

                               MAIN CHINESE PRODUCTS
                               IMPORTED BY MEXICO

                                 Electrical, electronic equipment

                                 Nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery etc.

                                 T games, sports equipment

                                 Optical, photo, technical,
                                 medical and other equipment

                                 Plastics and goods derived from it

                                 Vehicles other than rail or tram cars

                                 Furniture, lighting, signs,
                                 prefabricated buildings

                                 Organic chemicals

                                 Miscellaneous articles of base metal

                                 Rubber and goods derived from it

                                 Leather and animal goods

                                 Fertilizers                                               EXPORTS FROM
                                                                                         CHINA TO MEXICO
                                 Iron and steel                                                             Millions of dollars

                                 Aluminum and goods derived from it

                                 Mineral fuels, oils, distilled products

                                 Knitted or crocheted fabrics
                                 Ceramic products                                                2008


                                  9,400.60                                                                        9,209.50
                                      2003                                                                          2009*
2,876.62   4,027.26   6,274.39
 2000        2001       2002

                                                                                 Sources: Bank of Mexico/World Trade Atlas, 2009
                      40 Negocios

                      Negocios figures
                                                                                                         The Asian Invasion
                                                                                                        Imports and Exports
                                                                                                                                                                                         Main locations in Mexico
                        Investment by Selected APEC Countries in Mexico                                                                                                                  FOR INVESTMENT BY APEC

                                                                                                                                                          Source: Ministry of Economy.
                        Millions of dollars                                                                                                                                              COUNTRIES DURING THE FIRST
                                                                                                                                                                                         QUARTER OF 2009

                        Year      Australia       China        Hong Kong       Japan         Korea      New Zealand Singapore                Taiwan                                      Mexico City                   805.9
                        2009**      0.8          0.4                0         11.6           1.8            0.6            18.8               1.8                                        Estado de México                  549.8
                        2007       134.9          8.3              2.3        376.1          40.4            0.3           101.2               9.6                                       Nuevo León                         211.4
                        2005         24.2          4.6             2.0        123.6          96.3            0.2              12.0            25.4                                       Baja California                    195.7
                        2000          7.5          10.7            4.0         419.1          30.2            0.0             80.9             11.5                                      Chihuahua                         120.5
                        It does not include estimated external investment amounts that were undertaken but have not                      **Figures from the                              Tamaulipas                            88.7
                        been registered at the Ministry of Economy’s General Direction of Foreign Investment.                         first quarter of 2009                              Sonora                                82.6
                                                                                                                                                                                         Puebla                                18.4
                        INVESTMENTS BY APEC COUNTRIES IN MEXICO BY SECTOR                                                                                                                Coahuila                               17.6
                                                                                                                                                                                         Durango                               13.2
                                                                                                                                                                                         Guanajuato                             11.2
                                                                                                                                                                                         Zacatecas                                   8.6
                                                                                                                                                                                         Michoacán                                   5.3
                           1,103.00            546.5            392.5         39.6            36.9                       18                    0.3                                       Querétaro                                   3.8
                         Manufacturing          Trade         Community       Mining         Financial          Transport and              Agriculture,                                  San Luis Potosí                             2.5
                          (Industries,                          and social    and oil      management          communications                livestock,                                  Sinaloa                                     1.9
                           including                             services     drilling       services,                                        hunting,
                         maquiladoras or                       (Hotels and                property rental                                  forestry and                                  Veracruz                                    0.6
                            factories)                        restaurants,                and real estate                                      fishing
                                                              professional,                                                                                                              Morelos                                     0.4
                                                                personnel)                                                                                                               Nayarit                                     0.4
                                                                                                                                                                                         Baja California Sur                         0.1
                                                                                                                       Source: Ministry of Economy                                                Source: Ministry of Economy

                                                                                                                           Mexican Exports to Asia by Country
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Millions of dollars

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       % increase
                                                      2000            2001        2002          2003           2004            2005           2006                  2007                         2008         2009*    ‘00 to ’08
                               Total exports       2,158.38        2,222.65    3,309.86      3,683.09       3,941.53       4,779.00        6,385.55              7,612.85                     8,625.70      1,626.23       299.64
                               China          203.59               281.78      653.92         974.37      986.31          1,135.55        1,688.11     1,895.35                            2,044.76        502.38          904.35
                               Hong Kong       187.26               119.78      151.20       144.34       173.49           192.08           281.66       327.89                              395.94         101.36         111.44
                               India            59.66               160.31      328.41        487.36      446.21           560.77          680.30      1,045.62                              1559.11       249.36         2513.33
                               Indonesia        12.06                 13.71      16.95          25.31       26.54            66.28           46.33         42.81                               63.26         10.86         424.54
                               Israel           54.64                39.42       55.63         61.37        61.55            87.28           90.62       129.54                               221.85         37.80         306.02
                               Japan          930.54               620.56     1,194.21      1,172.59     1190.50         1,470.02         1594.04      1,912.64                            2,046.04        372.23          119.87
                               Korea          188.89               309.76       181.77        188.39      226.57           249.86          463.82        683.67                              540.67          67.02         186.24
                               Malaysia         57.04                67.23       85.87         67.97        57.37            53.57         100.10        122.82                               113.82         20.05          99.54
                               Philippines       11.37               16.39       19.94         20.29         17.77           40.71            57.53        74.61                               65.98           7.63       480.30
                               Singapore      196.40               242.24       198.55        189.37       311.96          326.66          254.09        336.01                              426.50          68.25          117.16
inFograPhic olDemar

                               Taiwan         143.63                171.89     208.24         147.98      205.90            199.63         441.45         271.81                              307.15         20.24         113.85
                               Thailand         45.57                62.85       54.28         53.70        51.22            97.57          118.33        167.06                             129.08          14.20         183.26
                               Other countries 67.74                116.73     160.89         150.05       186.14          299.02           569.15       603.02                               711.53       154.86          950.38

                      *January – March                                                                                                                                                                   Source: Bank of Mexico
                                                                                                    The lifestyle
                                                                                                                                                           The Tattoo of
                                                                                                    T h e Complete Guide of the Mexican Way of L i fe .             Art
                                                                                                                                                                     p. 60


                                                                                                      De niz
                                                            A Mexican photojournalist
                                                                    in China
                                                                                                                    O p. 42
photo: Bernardo de niz at Jiagedaqi ski resort, heilongjiang Province, china, by oak taylor-smith
42 Negocios i The Lifestyle                                                                                                  Photo BernarDo De niz

                                                                                                    the world that are very good and very

doesn’t looK                                                                                        —besides Gansitos, what do they
                                                                                                    know in China about Mexico?
                                                                                                    —They know us through soccer and boxing.

liKe Anything,                                                                                      They might not know the names of soccer
                                                                                                    players or boxers, but they know we stand
                                                                                                    out for some reason. They know very

not even                                                                                            well that we are close to the United States.

                                                                                                    —how is life as a Mexican

mexico”                                                                                             photographer in China?
                                                                                                    —Before the Summer 2008 Olympic Games,
                                                                                                    it was rare that the population found itself
                                                                                                    being photographed. At the start of 2006,
An interview with Bernardo De Niz, a Mexican                                                        when I arrived in the country, people in
photojournalist in China                                                                            the city would stop me so they could take
                                                                                                    photographs with me. It was rare for them
                                                                                                    to find a foreigner. Even today, if you leave
“China is much more diverse and complex          —do you think there are similarities               the large cities and go to small towns, there
than what Mexico imagines,” asserts Ber-         in the flavors and spices of the                   are people who have never seen a foreigner.
nardo De Niz, a photographer who is origi-       Chinese and Mexican gastronomies?
nally from Jalisco. He says so with authority.   —No and what is even more curious is that          —your job is difficult then? how do
As a freelancer, he has captured the general     the Chinese food that is sold in Mexico has        you explain to people what you are
outlines and the details of the Asian country    nothing to do with food in China. Over there,      doing?
during the last three and a half years.          nothing has avocado nor chili nor creamy           —Sometimes I communicate in my basic
    “China doesn’t look like anything, not       cheese. Bittersweet dishes don’t exist there       Chinese, which more or less sounds like
even Mexico,” he says in another of his ob-      and Chinese restaurants here offer it as           this: “Wuo shi panyou, wuo shi sheyingzhi,
servations. That is probably true, starting      authentic cuisine. In general, China doesn’t       ni hen piaoling.” It means: “I am a friend,
with its population. About 1.3 billion human     look like anything, not even Mexico.               I am a photographer and everything that
beings live in the world’s biggest country.                                                         I am seeing is beautiful.” In reality, I don’t
    In his camera, De Niz has trapped, what      —and Mexican food? how authentic is                know the language, except for the basics
is for him, the essence of what thousands of     it in China?                                       like asking for a taxi and things like that.
years ago was a key piece of human civili-       —One of the restaurants where the small            In those instances, people always ask me
zation and today is one of the world’s most      “foreign community” I have contact with            where I’m from, what do I do and how
powerful economies.                              gets together was owned by some Mexicans.          much do I make. The discussion of money
    His work has been published on five con-     On Fridays and Saturdays they would serve          is very open in China, which is different
tinents, in The Times of London and The          tacos al pastor in a stand on Guang jua            from Mexico. In China, everyone asks
London Daily Telegraph (United Kingdom),         lou Street. At first, the Chinese would eat        each other how much they earn, without
Terra (France), Metro (New Zealand), El          there. But it wasn’t many. The stand shut          problems.
País (Spain) and South China Morning Post,       down. Those same Mexican owners today
among other journals.                            make tortillas and enchiladas and started          —What is the difference between China
    In this interview, granted in the city of    a home delivery service. It seems they are         and Mexico as far as your job as a
Guadalajara, the photographer gives his im-      doing better. What has done well is the            photographer and your everyday life?
pressions of living and working in China.        Bimbo brand. They introduced el Gansito            —It is the hardest working country
                                                 (a Mexican snack cake) about two months            I have ever known. It’s amazing. I believe
—do you find something similar                   ago. Delicious! I thought: if there’s Gansito,     that is something the world should learn
between the Chinese and Mexican                  we can have everything. In Beijing you can         about the Chinese: they are always
cultures?                                        also find packaged tortillas at a couple of        working, even when resting. A friend
—They, like us, very much enjoy eating           stores. El Fogoncito, a famous taquería in         hired an ayí (a term that means aunt but
and drinking beer and each region of             Mexico City also opened a location there. In       in China is used to refer to domestic
the country offers a distinct gastronomic        reality, Beijing is a very cosmopolitan city, of   workers) to work Monday through
variety. For them, family is also very           16 million inhabitants, where you can find         Sunday because that is how the woman
important.                                       restaurants with gastronomy from around            wanted it, so she could earn money
                                                                                                inteRview BernArdo de niZ

every day. My friend, feeling a bit              of the world, there are streets                a chinese woMan, member of the new generation
regretful about the arrangement,                 for bicycles with lanes for cars. Another            of Wealthy chinese, in her luxurious apartment in
decided to pay her for Saturdays and             thing we could learn from is the network of                                          Soho, in Beijing.
Sundays but to let her rest on those             ring roads in Beijing, that permit you to
days. After some time, he asked his              get to almost any location.
ayí how she felt. She thanked him and
said, very emotionally, that thanks to her       —sometimes differences are
days off she had started a company.              opportunities. What do you think
She found various homes that needed              would interest China from the
domestic services and hired an army              Mexican market?
of ayí to take care of the demand.               —Tequila is very famous in China
From Monday through Sunday,                      and so is Mexican beer. You find Corona
the elderly get up very early to exercise.       everywhere. It’s about an emerging
The people are very disciplined, but,            economy of consumers. People look for
in contrast to Latin Americans,                  brands and well-made things.
this isn’t very good for improvisation.          Mexico has an opportunity to develop
                                                 quality brands and sell them in China.
—Can one also assume that urban                  Tourism could also be a very extensive area.
spaces in Mexico and China can’t be              The Chinese have more and more buying
compared...                                      power and Chinese tourism is growing
—No. The cities look futuristic, with            around the world, just as it once
hundreds of avenues populated by                 did with the Japanese.
very tall buildings. Even so, many people
ride bicycles. Automobiles are a kind of         — have your pictures captured the
a novelty because they came in about 20          essence of what you believe is China ?
years ago and today there are a lot of them.     —Yes. n
But it’s fascinating that compared to the rest
44 Negocios i The Lifestyle                                     Photos BernarDo De niz

                              on this page
                              chinese couple surrounded by Chinese flags in a
                              park in Beijing, during the national day.
                              a tiBetan woMan holds her son inside of her home
                              in the Tibetan country side.
                              on the next page
                              a young chinese athlete training in the prestigious
                              Beijing Shicahai Sports School.
                              chinese salsa enthusiastic getting ready for
                              the world Salsa Championship in Beijing.
                              on the next spread
                              two little giRls at the Beijing Shichahai Sports
                              School, one of the main training centers for young Chinese
                              sports talents.
inteRview BernArdo de niZ
46 Negocios i The Lifestyle   Photos BernarDo De niz
inteRview BernArdo de niZ
48 Negocios i The Lifestyle                                 Photos BernarDo De niz

on this page
Ma shao Feng teaches in a small courtyard in the
Dujia Tan Mosque in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.
Islam is considered the second largest religion in China.
a chinese Man burns incense during the Chinese
new year celebration in a Taoist temple in Beijing.
a young athlete practices weightlifting in southern
Chinese town of Xilong, where this sport is very popular.
on the next page
a tiBetan Monk in the Potala Palace, in the Tibetan
capital of Lhasa.
inteRview BernArdo de niZ
50 Negocios i The Lifestyle                                 Photos BernarDo De niz

chinese MusliMs in the Dujia Tan Mosque in
northwest China’s Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. There
are between 20 and 30 million muslims in the country.
ice swiMMeRs, better known as “Polar bears”, in the
Chinese border with Russia. They dive into -25ºC waters.
chinese woMen watch television while they wait for
customers in a beauty shop in Beijing.
peRFoRMance of the Young National Choir in the
National Center for performing Arts, in downtown Beijing.
a young chinese watching the snow landscape
from the inside of the brand new Beijing-Lhasa train,
which runs at 5200 meters above the sea level.
                                                                                 RepoRt 4oo yeArs oF relAtions mexico-JAPAn

Through its history, Japan has learned to understand and adapt aspects of
Western culture while also sharing its millennial heritage with the rest of
the world. Mexico has not been the exception.
By KArlA BAñuelos sAenZ

Mexico and Japan share many cultural simi-             In order to recognize the friendship between
larities: the spirit of teamwork, the role and     both countries, the Executive Committee of the
importance of family and group identity. For       400 Year Anniversary of Relations Between
400 years both nations have held a strong          Mexico and Japan was created. Since March
and fruitful friendship.                           2009, this group has sponsored commemora-
    The first official academic and cultural       tive activities including seminars, exhibits and
exchanges between the two countries began          book presentations.
in 1971. Although, many Japanese commu-                One of these most recent activities was
nities were established in the country after       the visit by the training ship Cuauhtémoc
World War II, in places such as Mazatlán, Mo-      to the Japanese ports of Yokohama, Harumi
relia, San Luis Potosí, Aguascalientes, Guadala-   (Tokyo) and Onjuku (where in 1609 the sail-
jara, Tijuana, Ensenada, Tuxtla Gutiérrez and      ing ship San Francisco shipwrecked after
Mexico City, and have carried out an everyday      traveling from New Spain, initiating the cen-
exchange with Mexican culture.                     tennial friendship between both nations).
    Nowadays, there are various institutions           Keizo Tanaka, President of the Execu-
promoting Japanese culture in Mexico, such         tive Committee, said this celebration looks
as the Japan Foundation, which supports            to “deepen the mutual comprehension be-
language teaching programs, artistic and           tween both nations and the promotion of bi-
cultural exchange programs and finances            lateral exchange in multiple sectors with an
artistic expressions.                              eye to the future.” n

                                                                                                                              Photo courtesy oF the japan FounDation
                          52 Negocios i The Lifestyle                         Photos courtesy oF photoespaña


                          At FestivAl
                          Mexican photographer Alejandra Laviada
                          has won PHotoEspaña’s Descubrimientos
                          PHE Epson 2009 prize, the award by the in-
                          ternational photography and visual arts fes-
                          tival that is given to new, young talent.
                              Laviada, born in 1980, won the award for a
                          series in which she photographed sculptures
                          made with objects that had been thrown
                          away in buildings and random places to be
                          demolished or remodeled.
                              Another young talented Mexican pho-
                          tographer who participated in the Descu-
                          brimientos project was Óscar Fernando
                          Gómez, a 38-year-old taxi driver whose work

                                                                                                                Photo AleJAndrA lAviAdA
                          was part of the Resiliencia (Resilience) exhibit,
                          comprised of 145 photographs by 10 Latin
                          American young artists who are trying to re-
                          flect the realities in which they live through
                          their work.


                                                                                                                Photo AleJAndrA lAviAdA
Photo AleJAndrA lAviAdA

                                                                                                               Photo óscAr gómeZ
                                                                                            The Lifestyle briefs

Montebello,                                          For UNESCO, the national park’s impor-
                                                 tance is found in its location: a hydrographic
Global Network                                   basin of great biodiversity that unites Chiapas’
                                                 Central High Plateau with the Gulf of Mexico’s
of Natural                                       coastal plain. Everything found in this area,

Reserves                                         from the lakes to the landscape, turn Monte-
                                                 bello into a zone essential for the conservation
                                                 of hydric resources and climate regulation. Also,
Lagunas de Montebello National Park in           local communities take part in agricultural ac-
Chiapas is now part of the United Nations        tivities that help take care of the environment.
Educational, Scientific and Cultural Orga-           Some of the 36 natural areas in Mexico
nization’s (UNESCO) global network of bio-       already in the global network of biosphere re-
sphere reserves.                                 serves include: Montes Azules, in Chiapas; Is-
   Mexico is the country in Latin America        las del Golfo de California (also known as the
and the Caribbean with the largest number        Sea of Cortes, located between the Baja Cali-
of protected areas registered by UNESCO          fornia peninsula and Sonora and Sinaloa); El
(37 total) and it is fourth on the list world-   Cielo, in Tamaulipas; Sierra de Manantlán, in
wide, only behind the United States, Russia      Jalisco; and Cuatrociénegas, in Coahuila.
and Spain. To date, the global network has
553 reserves registered in 106 countries.

                                                                                                                   Photos courtesy oF isrAel cÁrdenAs
54 Negocios i The Lifestyle                                                                        Photo courtesy oF cinéPolis


                              Mexican movie theater chain Cinépolis has         wood produces– and because its residents are
                              plans to take advantage of the booming In-        big cinema fanatics: on average, Indian citizens
                              dian film industry by opening new movie           go to the movies four times a year while Mexi-
                              theaters in the Asian country in 2010.            cans go 1.7 times, according to a report by El

more                             For Cinépolis, going into a country with
                              more than 1 billion people and an economy
                                                                                Universal newspaper.
                                                                                    Cinépolis is the fifth largest operator of

                              that grows at an annual rate of 8% repre-         movie theaters in the world, with more than
                              sents a great opportunity. At an initial phase,   2,000 screens in six countries. Founded in
                              the company will build several complexes          1947 and based in Morelia, Michoacán, in

theAters                      with more than 14 screens.
                                 The company became interested in India
                                                                                the last five years it has built more than 200
                                                                                movie theaters per year.

For indiA                     because of its cinematic production –nearly
                              1,000 movies each year, more than what Holly-
                                                                                                                            The Lifestyle briefs
                            aRquiTECTuRE                                           aRT                                               and other restorations of pieces found at the
                            Mexicans                                               restoring                                            The German government made this do-
                                                                                                                                     nation for several reasons: to help honor
                            Build in China                                         FridA                                             Mexico’s Bicentennial celebration of its inde-
                                                                                                                                     pendence; and to help celebrate the 20 year
                            Nine Mexican architectural firms will par-             KAhlo’s                                           anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.
                            ticipate in Ordos, a project for a new city
                            within the territory of Inner Mongolian Au-            WorK                                                 Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) is one of the
                                                                                                                                     most famous Mexican painters in the world.
                            tonomous Region of the People´s Republic of
                            China.                                                 A significant part of Frida Kahlo’s work

                                                                                   will be restored with help from the Ger-
                                                                                   man government.
                                                                                      The Mexico City museum that bears                              suMMER in GERMany
                                                                                   her name will receive a grant of about                 For summer 2010, Mexico will send
                                                                                   70,000 usd to be used for restoring 40%               to berlin a Frida kahlo retrospective
                                                                                   of the artist’s work: around 14 oil paint-                    made up of around 80 pieces.
                                                                                   ings, 100 photographs, 13 textile pieces
Photo roJKind Arquitectos


                                                                                   Jorge Volpi’s                                     utes to the comprehension of the American
                                                                                                                                     continent.” The honor includes a prize of about
                                                                                   Scarce Dream                                      50,000 usd and publication of the book in Span-
                                                                                                                                     ish language countries.
                                                                                   El insomnio de Bolívar (Bolivar’s Insomnia) has       Volpi is author of En busca de Klingsor (In
                                                                                   won Mexican writer Jorge Volpi the Debate-        Search of Klingsor, 1999), that won him the
                                      From Mexico to China
                                                                                   Casa de América nonfiction prize.                 Spanish literary prize Biblioteca Breve and the
                                    Mexican	firms	collaborating	
                                          on the project:                              According to the jury of the prize, awarded   French Deux Oceans-Grizane Cavour prize,
                                                                                   by Casa de América and publisher Random           and has been translated into 25 languages. In
                                     •	 dellekamp arquitectura                     House Mondadori through its Debate imprint,       2008, he published El Jardín devastado (The
                                     •	 productora                                 Volpi’s book is “thoroughly documented,           Devastated Garden).
                                     •	 at103                                      avoids an academic tone and with humor, iro-
                                     •	 Tatiana bilbao
                                                                                   ny and great literary accomplishment contrib-
                                     •	 Frida Escobedo
                                     •	 FREnTE arquitectura
                                     •	 Rojkind arquitectos
                                     •	 Taller Territorial de México

                                This project, from Chinese magnate Cai Ji-
                            ang, began in 2008. It will be a city built in about
                            10 years and is meant to have a population of
                            around 200,000 people. Besides residences,
                            Ordos’ urban landscape will be comprised of
                            cultural and commercial complexes.
                               During the first stage, 100 firms from 27
                            countries were chosen to build homes mea-
                                                                                                                                                                                       Photo dAniel mordZinsKi

                            suring 1,000 square meters. Mexico has the
                            third largest number of participants in the
                            Ordos projects, behind the United States and
                            Switzerland. Each firm received more than
                            41,000 usd.

56 Negocios i The Lifestyle                                                                                             Photo courtesy oF kurimanzuto

                                                                                                          Kurimanzutto from before and they invited

dr. lAKrA,                                                                                                me. In reality, I was very fortunate.

the tAttoo oF                                                                                             —Why do you continue tattooing?
                                                                                                          —Tattooing and painting are distinct

contemPorAry Art
                                                                                                          mediums of expression; they look
                                                                                                          alike but can’t be compared. They
                                                                                                          combine various arts. I go to tattooing
                                                                                                          conventions and everything. On the other
Jerónimo López Ramírez, who is better known as Dr. Lakra, has                                             hand, making a living from art is difficult
combined the worlds of tattooing and painting into a new art form.                                        in Mexico or in any part of the world.
By superimposing provocative tattoos of demons and erotic shapes                                          For a long time, I made a living from
on magazine images from the 1950s, Dr. Lakra has inked a unique                                           tattooing because I couldn’t solely do
place in contemporary Mexican art.                                                                        it from painting. Now, I combine them
                                                                                                          without a problem. In my work, I am
                                                                                                          a boat without direction. I go where the
A collection of magazines and posters from           cy (editorial RM, Mexico City, 2009). It is a        air guides and takes me because in life
the 1950s, ink and his uniquely creative con-        series that was partly inspired in a handful         one thing (tattooing) took me to another
cept have turned Jerónimo López Ramírez              of old magazines about nudist camps that Dr.         (painting) and brought me back. Today,
–better known as Dr. Lakra– into one of the          Lakra bought one rainy Sunday in a market            I make more specialized tattoos. I never
most important exponents of contemporary             on Brick Lane in London. With Chinese ink,           stopped working on different things.
Mexican art.                                         tattooing needles, pencils, vinyl paint and
    With the mind of a surgeon and the hands         white gouache (an opaque watercolor), the            —The tattoos you paint in your
of a tattoo artist (his original job), López (born   artist created demons to conquer the bod-            artistic work, are they preconceived
in 1972 in Mexico City) has created work             ies of the women who were photographed in            like those of your “patients” or do
that intervenes itself among old images –the         the 1950s for those magazines.                       they emerge while you are working?
majority of which are charged with eroti-                 In addition, the artist’s work can be found     —I have painted many pictures in which
cism that seemed incendiary when he was              on human skin. Born in Mexico City but having        I knew what I was going to create; for
just beginning and is still very provocative         lived in the city of Oaxaca for several years now,   example, sometimes I want the pieces to
nowadays. On the bodies of nude or semi-             López is recognized for his work as a tattoo art-    only have tattoos that are used in Russian
nude women who were eager to exhibit their           ist. It was what opened the door to the world of     prisons. Other times, they are random,
roundness, the painter creates posthumous            painting. Without a doubt, he assures that tat-      picked by chance.
tattoos, drawing demons, sexual organs and           tooing and painting are distinct disciplines.
false teeth. It is an exercise many passersby                                                             —Tattoos are seen negatively in
have mischievously done on images found on           —how did Jerónimo lópez                              some sectors. do you think your
the streets.                                         Ramírez become dr. lakra?                            paintings have the same effect?
    “As pertinent as graffiti, the relative inno-    —At the end of the 1980s, between 1988               —Times have changed. Today, most
cence of the other is politicized and the imag-      and 1989, I would frequently go with my              people accept tattoos. There is also
es are seasoned with a diabolical condiment.         friends to the Chopo flea market (in Mexico          a very conservative sector for which my
Embellishment or social identification, the          City). I decided between 1991 and 1992 to            paintings can be very provocative. n
works are a carnival of the grotesque. The           become a tattoo artist and draw on human
erotic firecrackers, the ancient ritual and the      skin at my house or at the homes of my
hallucinogenic visions are established in a          friends. Of course, I was already tattooed.
collage of ideologies,” asserts the presenta-        To do my job,I always carried a medical
tion text of an exhibition by López at The           bag where I would store my needles,
Saatchi Gallery in London.                           gloves and surgical masks. Everyone told
    As the resident artist at Kurimanzutto,          me I looked like a doctor.
the prestigious Mexican contemporary art
gallery, Dr. Lakra’s works have traveled from        —and how was it that
England –The Saatchi Gallery, Tate Modern            dr. lakra became an artist?
Kate MacGarry– to Japan, having passed               —I was already painting and drawing before
through the cities of Vienna, Madrid, Castilla,      I was tattooing. I was doing what I always
Lisbon, San Francisco and New York.                  did: I never stopped painting. The good
    The last crop of iconographic interven-          thing was I never had to look for space
tions resulted in the book Health & Efficien-        to do my work. I knew the people at
aRt dr. lAKrA
58 Negocios i The Lifestyle                                                                                       inFograPhic olDemar

 Mexican authors have been
 translated and published in      1973              1979                       1987          1988                             1994
 China. They include:             Mexico,           Engravings               Chucho          Lola Álvarez                  The great
                                  splendor of       By José                   Reyes          Bravo and 10             photographic
           Juan Rulfo             20 centuries:                                              Mexican              exhibit of Manuel
           Pedro Paramo           Beijing,                                                   photographers           Álvarez Bravo
                                  Nanjing and
           The Burning Plain                                                                                         Engravings of
                                                                                                                      Jane Hendrix
           Carlos Fuentes
           The Most
           Transparent Region
           The Death of
           Artemio Cruz
           Old Gringo
           The Years With
           Laura Diaz
           Mariano Azuela
           The Underdogs

           Miguel León
           Vision of the
           del Paso                                                          1976                     2000-2001
           News of                                                           Chinese Archaeology Terracotta warriors and
           the Empire                                                        National Museum     horses from the Qin Dynasty
                                                                             of Anthropology and      Mexico City
           Octavio Paz                                                       History in Mexico City   and Monterrey
           Assorted anthologies
           of poetry and essays
                                                           MEXICO IN CHINESE, CHINA IN SPANISH
           Sergio Pitol           Another notable
           Married Life          exchange has been
           The Art of Flight
                              in the area of television
                              entertainment. During
           Elena                the 1980s, Mexican
           Poniatowska          television company
           The Sky’s Skin     Televisa sold to Chinese
                             state television the rights
           Ángeles Mastretta to transmit a variety of
           Women With          Mexican soap operas.
           Large Eyes

                                                           IN 2008, CLOSE    THE STUDY OF THE CHINESE LANGUAGE IS GROWING
                                                           TO 350 MEXICANS   IN MEXICO. STARTING IN 2006, WITH THE OPENING OF
                                                           STUDIED IN        CONFUCIUS INSTITUTE LOCATIONS AT THE NATIONAL
                                                           CHINA,            AUTONOMOUS UNIVERSITY OF MEXICO, THE AUTONO-
                                                           COMPARED TO       MOUS UNIVERSITIES OF NUEVO LEON, YUCATAN AND
                                                           2000 WHEN THE     CHIHUAHUA, MEXICO BECAME THE IBERO-AMERICAN
                                                           NUMBER DIDN’T     COUNTRY WITH THE LARGEST NUMBER OF SUCH
                                                           EXCEED 20.        INSTITUTIONS.
                                                                                      RepoRt mexico-chinA culturAl exchAnge

                                                                                                                                Third Beijing
                                  2002                                                                                          Art Biennial
                                                                                                                                with the
                            of Juan
                                                                                                                                of various
                            Shanghai       2002-2003
1996                                                                                                                            Mexican
                            Biennial       Individual
Engraving                                                                                                      2005             artists.
                            Sculptors      exhibit of
                                                                                                               Participation    By Gustavo
collection                  By Pedro Reyes Alebrijes de 2003-2004                                                               Aceves, Arturo
Mexican                     and Francis                     The Mexican                                        in the Second
                                           Madera                                                                               Rivera, Ray Smith,
stamps.                     Alys           (wooden,         mask                  2004           2004-2005 Beijing              Gerardo
By José Luis                Beijing’s      brightly-colored from the              The            Great         International    Azcunaga, Paloma
Cuevas, Rufino   2000-2001 Sculpture       Mexican folk     collection of         Shanghai       retrospective Art Biennial,    Torres, Germán
Tamayo,          The Mayans Park           art sculptures)  Mexican               Biennial       exhibit of
                                                                                                               with works by    Venegas, Marco
Francisco        Beijing,         By Sebastián   by artisan       ethnologist     By Rafael                    Daniel Lezama,   Arce, Irma
Toledo and       Shanghai, Xian                  Manuel Jiménez   Georgina Luna   Lozano
                                                                                                 José Luis     Gustavo Aceves   Palacios and
                                  and Javier
Leonora          and Guangzhou    Santiago       from Oaxaca      Parra           and Maruch     Cuevas        and Arturo       Javier Marín, who
Carrington                                                                        Sántiz Gómez                 Rivera           won this important
Engravings                                                                                                                      festival
By José

                                                                                                                                                Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Mexican Embassy in China

60 Negocios i The Lifestyle                                                                                              Photos courtesy oF unam

unAm, AWArded
For its inFluence
in iBero-AmericA
The National Autonomous University of Mex-        democratic thought in America and it has         more than 34,000 professors and research-
ico (UNAM) has received the 2009 Prince of        extended its decisive influence to create an     ers. From its classrooms have come Mexico’s
Asturias Award for Communication and Hu-          extraordinary variety of institutions that en-   three Nobel Prize winners - Mario Molina, in
manities in recognition of its influence on the   large the academic world and link it to the      Chemistry (1995); Octavio Paz, for Literature
Ibero-American culture and environment.           society they serve,” the jury said.              (1990); and Alfonso García Robles; Peace
    The jury for the award, given since 1981          UNAM was founded in 1910 as an institu-      Nobel Prize (1982). Also, six of the eight who
by the Prince of Asturias Foundation of           tion of superior teaching that was the heir to   have received the Prince of Asturias prize
Spain, judged UNAM to be “the academic            the Royal and Pontifical University of Mexi-     have graduated from this university.
and formative model for many generations          co, created in 1551. In 1929, Mexico’s govern-       In the area of humanities, UNAM has
of students from diverse countries. It has        ment granted it autonomous status and the        been recognized for its openness to Ibero-
nourished the Ibero-American environment          institution adopted its current name.            American thoughts and ideologies and also
of very valuable intellectuals and scientists.”       It is Mexico’s most important public uni-    as a home for distinguished thinkers and
    The largest public university in Mexico       versity and one of Ibero-America’s most          professors from around the world. Its hu-
and Ibero-America “has promoted pow-              important research and education centers.        manities research centers, such as its institu-
erful currents of humanistic, liberal and         It has approximately 300,000 students and        tions of historical, philosophical, philological
                                                                                                   and aesthetic investigation, have generated
                                                                                                   more than 2,700 books. Also, 16 specialized
                                     pRiZE WinnERs                                                 periodicals are edited in its schools.
Mexican institutions and individuals who have winned the prince of asturias award:                     UNAM is in charge of administering the
                                                                                                   National Library and the National News-
           •	   unaM                                                                               paper Archive, as well as a network of 141
                Communication and humanities, 2009                                                 university libraries. It’s also in charge of one
           •	   El Colegio de México                                                               philharmonic orchestra and a symphonic
                social sciences, 2001                                                              one; radio and television stations; Mexico’s
           •	   Ricardo Miledi (neurobiologist)*                                                   most important film library, at the Univer-
                Scientific	and	Technical	Research,	1999	                                           sity Center of Film Studies (Latin America’s
           •	   Carlos Fuentes (writer)*                                                           oldest film school); and a network of univer-
                Writing, 1994                                                                      sity museums.
           •	   Francisco bolívar Zapata (molecular biologist)*                                        In 2007, UNAM’s main campus in Mexico
                Scientific	and	Technical	Research,	1991                                            City, was declared Cultural Patrimony of Hu-
           •	   Fondo de Cultura Económica (Editorial fund)                                        manity by UNESCO for being a monumen-
                Communication and humanities, 1989                                                 tal collection of 20th century modernism.
           •	   Marcos Moshinsky (physicist)*                                                      Also, the university has several buildings in
                Scientific	and	Technical	Research,	1988                                            Mexico City’s historic center that have also
           •	   pablo Rudomin (neuroscientist)                                                     been considered cultural patrimonies of hu-
                Scientific	and	Technical	Research,	1987                                            manity.
           •	   Emilio Rosenblueth (seismic engineer)*                                                 The Prince of Asturias prize is awarded
                Scientific	and	Technical	Research,	1985                                            each year to eight people or institutions in
           •	   Juan Rulfo (writer)                                                                the areas of art, international cooperation,
                Writing, 1983                                                                      harmony, social sciences, communication and
           •	   José lópez portillo (politician)*                                                  humanities, sports, scientific and technical re-
                international Cooperation,1981                                                     search and writing. n

source: prince of asturias foundation                                 *   graduated from unam
                    aRticle unAm

Founded in 1910,
universidad nacional autónoma
de México (unaM) is one of
ibero-america’s most important
public learning centers

•	   18 departments
•	   4 university schools
•	   46 research institutes
     and centers
•	   nearly 300,000 students
•	   34,000 professors
     and researchers
62 Negocios i The Lifestyle                                                                           Photo courtesy oF instituto carso De la saluD

Commited                                           and institutions whose work helps improve
                                                   the health conditions of people in the region.
                                                                                                      2008, the Carso Health Institute gave awards to
                                                                                                      100 community groups that specialize in AIDS

to Health
                                                       One of this prize’s objectives is to stimu-    so they could participate in the event.
                                                   late the creation of leaders whose investiga-
                                                   tions, innovations and developments in the         Working together
                                                   areas of health, nutrition and the environ-        ICS is part of the Mesoamerican System of
Instituto Carso de la Salud                        ment promote the well being of the popula-         Public Health, an initiative of the govern-
an initiative of the Carlos Slim                   tion. Each prize includes 100,000 usd.             ments of Mexico, Central America and Co-
Foundation, is investing resources                     In its first edition, prizes were awarded in   lombia that is working in coordination with
and talent to help improve the                     three categories: innovations in health sys-       the Carlos Slim Foundation.
lives of the population in Latin                   tems; individual research; and exceptional             “We are participating inside this system
America and the Caribbean.                         institution. In total, 84 nominations from 12      in the creation of the Mesoamerican Insti-
                                                   countries in Latin America and the Carib-          tute of Public Health, a virtual education
                                                   bean were received and the winners were            platform,” said Tapia-Conyer.
By AleJAndrA AtilAno                               Guillermo Soberón Acevedo, from Mexico;                The objective of this project is to strengthen
                                                   Cesar Gomes Victoria, from Brazil; and the         the health systems of Central American coun-
                                                   community group Socios en Salud (Partners          tries in areas like malaria, dengue fever, immu-
To increase the number of people living lon-       in Health), from Peru.                             nizations, prenatal care and nutrition, among
ger and better is the main goal of the Instituto       In 2009, the honors were awarded to            others.
Carso de la Salud (ICS, the Carso Health In-       Guillermo Ruiz-Palacios y Santos, from Mex-            The association also helps students from
stitute), a community group begun in 2007 by       ico, for his remarkable research, and to CIS-      Mesoamerican countries with scholarships
the Carlos Slim Foundation. It was created to      ALVA of Colombia as best institution.              to study for a master’s degree or a doctorate
improve the health conditions of thousands             ICS also has a scholarship program             at the National Institute of Public Health in
of people in Latin America through programs        which offers economic and technological as-        Mexico. The Carso Institute and the Carlos
that aim, among other goals, to reduce breast      sistance to young students and researchers.        Slim Foundation help pay for tuition, air
cancer deaths; promote the early detection         Between 2007 and 2008, 1,318 scholarships          travel and a monthly stipend of between 650
of health risks in pregnant women and their        were awarded and projections for 2009 look         and 700 usd.
newborns; and timely treat chronic degen-          to increase that total to 1,659.                       Another of the association’s initiatives is
erative illnesses like diabetes. “What we do           In addition, during the 17th International     the Health Observatory, which is made up
is look for solutions to problems in a direct      AIDS Conference, held in Mexico City in August     of a network of Latin American research-
way...We could say we are an organization                                                             ers who are working to reach a consensus
with human feelings in search of innovative                                                           on what are the most important and com-
solutions so that more people can live longer                    help for many                        mon health issues. The observatory devel-
and better,” said Roberto Tapia-Conyer, the                                                           ops knowledge, guidelines and help for the
institute’s general director.                            iCs has an annual operating                  health systems of participating countries.
    To achieve this, ICS has designed and                  budget of 25 million usd.                      On research matters, ICS looks to align itself
implemented diverse strategies. It encour-                                                            with other community groups to develop dili-
ages the creation of human resources and              it has donated medical equipment                gent investigative projects. For example, a cur-
financial rewards for individuals and insti-          to hospitals and clinics, benefiting            rent project with autistic children is developing
tutions that have distinguished themselves               36,250 pregnant women and                    diagnostic methods to detect the disease.
for their efforts to improve the health of                     their newborns.                            What the project does is educate teach-
people, not only in Mexico but also in all of                                                         ers, parents and personnel from schools and
Latin America and the Caribbean. It has 10            it has awarded 1,318 scholarships               day care centers on how to identify signs of
programs, each one designed to impact a                  to students and researchers.                 autism among children so they can receive
distinct health area. Its annual budget is 25                                                         attention and treatment on time.
million usd, which mostly comes from the               it has awarded 500,000 usd in                      Other investigations under way look to
Carlos Slim Foundation.                               prizes to support health research               help the detection of chronic kidney failure,
                                                               and innovation.                        deafness, blindness and degenerative chron-
stimulus for the                                                                                      ic illnesses. Projects to improve nutrition in
development of talent                                 in 2008, it financed a total of 15              adults and children are also being developed.
As part of its strategy to encourage and rec-        research projects in coordination                    In the two years since its creation, ICS has
ognize actions that increase the well being of       with other community groups. The                 helped thousands of people. Its work is now
the populations of Mexico, Latin America and            results of these projects have                an important piece in the search for solu-
the Caribbean, ICS has since 2008 awarded                benefited 122,000 people.                    tions to health problems that currently exist
the Carlos Slim Health Prize to individuals                                                           in Latin America and the world. n
FeedBack instituto cArso de lA sAlud

              instituto Carso de la salud
                  works also in a project
                with autistic children to
             develop diagnostic methods
                     to detect the disease
                      64 Negocios i The Lifestyle


                                                             Tómatelo a Pecho
                                                             (Take it to Heart)
                                                             OFFERS INFORMATION ON BREAST       Comunicación
                                                             CANCER, ONE OF THE MAIN CAUSES
                          Amanece                                                               Educativa
                                                             OF DEATH AMONG WOMEN, AS WELL
                          (Awaken)                           AS AWARD SUPPORT TO RESEARCH       (Educational
                          ITS OBJECTIVE IS TO HELP REDUCE    PROJECTS AND INSTITUTIONS          Communication)
                          THE USE OF STATE OF THE ART        FOR THE POOR AND THOSE WHO         AND ADHERENCE TO
                          TECHNOLOGY.                        MOVE AROUND.                       PRESCRIBED TREATMENTS

                                                             Longevidad saludable
                                                             (Long-term Health)                 Telecomunicación
                                                             IT TRIES TO ANTICIPATE AND         para la salud
                          Hogar saludable                    CONFRONT THE GREAT CHALLENGES
                          (A Healthy Home)                   FROM NON-COMMUNICABLE
                                                                                                for Health)
                          DEFORESTATION.                     QUALITY OF THEIR LIVES.            CHRONIC ILLNESSES.

                          Salud sin fronteras                                                   de la salud
                          (Health Without                    Inversión social                   (Health Observatory)
                          Borders)                           (Social Investment)
inFograPhic olDemar

                                                                                                ITS PURPOSE IS TO GENERATE
                          THE 21ST CENTURY.                  POSITIVE SOCIAL IMPACT.            AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN

Description: 1838 Investments document sample