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June 18, 2009

• VeriFone not only offers hardware (i.e. Terminals and Pin Pads)
  but also a wide variety of Software Solutions for POS, ECRs and
  PCs to manage the credit card functionality of those systems
    – PCCharge PRO
    – PCCharge Payment Server
    – PAYware PC
    – PAYware Transact (formerly know as RITA)
    – PAYware Managed (formerly known as IP Charge)
    – PAYware SIM
    – PAYware SDKs
    – VeriShield Protect
    What is PCCharge Pro?

     Credit card software that
    resides on a PC
     User keys data directly into
    PC-Charge data entry screens,
    or uses card reader / Debit PIN
    pad / Check Reader
     Eliminates need for stand-
    beside credit card terminal

                      WHY sell PCCharge…
 If you need payment processing software that is EASY to Sell, Install,
  Deploy and Configure – Choose PCCharge PROto sell PCCharge…
 Easy to Sell
      $ wise - It’s competitive - Your Merchant probably already has the most
      powerful processing device “A Computer” or a “Laptop”.
      It is PCI PA-DSS Compliant! Version 5.8 and above is recommended for
      new deployments by the PCI council.
 Easy to Install
     Installation wizard on the CD walks the merchant through setup
 Easy to Register and Configure (setup) for your merchant
     Our technical help desk can assist your merchant; you can fill out an
      online request for a Configuration desk or an ftp link to be sent to your
      merchant via the Reseller’s Den on the Zone; or you can provide them
      with a “tear” sheet with the merchant specific information they need to
      enter into their PC Charge Setup and you or our help desk can help them
      do it!

                  To whom do I sell PCCharge PRO?

The opportunities are endless and growing every day as PCI
Compliance requires new software or new terminals:

    PCCharge software has been successfully installed in over
    300,000 different merchant locations using a PC instead of a
    credit card terminal and is certified with EVERY major credit
    card processor/host. It is supported by the most trusted name
    in Payments: VeriFone!

       Retail merchant using dial, IP or wireless/Wi-Fi connectivity
       Swiped Credit and Pin Based Debit with a PP1000SE
       Service, Professional Industries
       MO/TO – for Keyed transactions with AVS, CVV
       Recurring billing or customer database billing
       E-Commerce – Keyed transactions
       Restaurants (check with your processor)
       Home-based businesses (definitely growing)
       Businesses with LAN (local area network) connections
       Purchasing Card level II merchants
              A Sampling of VeriFone Software Customers

                                   The Lodge at The Grand Canyon

AND in your regular mom and pop business:
Joe’s Pizza , Sal’s Cleaners
Louise’s Café and your local chiropractor
    Graphical User Interface (GUI) = Easy to use

                    Graphical User Interface (GUI) = Easy to use

Can I process my gift cards through PCCharge PRO?

• Yes, definitely! Wrap your arms around your merchants! Lessen
  your attrition rates!
• Many Value Added Partners have incorporated their solutions with
  PCCharge and your setup is easy.
• The drop-down box under SETUP in the PCCharge screen allows one
  to see and setup the companies that are certified:
    Chase Paymentech           Secure Payment Systems
    Datamark                   Smart Transaction Systems
    Fifth Third St Pete        Stored Value Systems
    First Data/Atlanta         TSYS
    Givex                      ValueLink
    Mellenia                   Valutec
    RBS World Pay (Lynk)       World Gift
       Check Companies Certified to Process through PCCharge

Authorization and or Guarantee (check with the check company)
    Alliance Data Systems              National Check Network
    Certegy                            Secure Payment Systems
    Chase Paymentech Tampa             Telecheck
    First Data North

ECA: Secure Payment Systems

Which check readers, card readers and printers work with PCCharge?
See our list at our Corporate website:
    Software, Card Acceptance, PC Charge

PCCharge Pro Version 5.8 System Reqs
     Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003
     Enterprise or Standard Editions, Windows Vista
     Business Edition (32-bit)
     256 MB RAM (512 MB Preferred)
     50 MB free space on hard drive (100 MB Preferred)
     Internet connection or Hayes compatible modem
     capable of 1200 baud or less with phone line
     CD-ROM drive
     600 MHz or higher processor
     MS Internet Explorer Ver. 6 or higher
     Latest MS service packs installed
     We do not support Windows 98, Vista Home or Mac
Where can I buy and what If my merchant needs support?

  Many larger acquirers have direct purchasing agreements with VFI or
   you can purchase from one of our Terminal Distributors and get
   great pricing for copies as you need them:
   POS Portal, TASQ, The Phoenix Group or JR’s POS among others

  All copies of PCCharge are sold with one year of help desk support
    which starts at time of registration of the software.
  We recommend that merchants renew their support annually. If a
   merchant’s support is up to date, they can call the help desk and
   receive assistance 7 days a week, 9AM to 9PM EST.

       Renewed support may be purchased by calling 1-800-725-9264,
                 option 1 or at our
          Our PCCharge technical support line is 1-877-659-8984
               What about Integrated Solutions?

• My customer uses a dry
  cleaning software
• a jewelry store software
• a car wash software
• a restaurant application
• etc.
 They tell me their Software is
 integrated to PCCharge on the
 backend to run the credit card

 What do I sell to my merchant?

                        PC Charge Payment Server

PCCharge Payment Server Software has been the credit card
  Software of choice for “integrated” solutions for years.

Many front end software solutions for specific industries use
 PCCharge Payment Server on the “backend” to be the PCI-PA-DSS
 credit card engine to send the card transactions to the host.

PCCharge Payment Server is based on PCChargePRO, but does not
  contain the customer database or recurring billing functionality
  (that would be written into the customer’s front end software).

Both PCChargePRO Software and PCCharge Payment Server Software
  come on the same CD, so, don’t worry, if you find out you need
  Payment Server at the time of install, you’ll be all set!

                                     Regarding Integration

• While there are many front-end solutions integrated to PCCharge
  Payment Server, we don’t have every software integrated.

• If they don’t mention PCCharge Payment Server – don’t walk away!

     We can provide Software Solutions to integrate into. We will
     provide the SDK/API at low costs to developers that want to
     partner with you, and with VeriFone!

   PCCharge – Additional Users

Merchant POS Equipment or Work Stations                Merchant Server, w/ PC-Charge

         PCCharge PRO or Payment Server installed on LAN or
        Integrated in POS
        Merchant POS software or PCCharge Client gets transaction
        data and routes to server
         PCCharge runs on server and processes transactions, reports,
        archival / retrieval, etc.
           Shares the dial line or in most cases today, the IP Connection
 Can I run Multiple Merchants on one Copy of PCCharge PRO?

                                     Yes, with additional
                                     Merchant licenses, you can
                                     process for approximately
                                     20 to 30 merchants in one copy
                                     of PCCharge PRO.

                                     Think of Doctors, Lawyers,
                                     Flea Markets…

Does PCCharge PRO and PAYware PC process FSA/HSA cards?

• Both PCCharge Version 5.8.1 and PayWare PC have incorporated
  the capability (BIN ranges) for merchants to accept FSA/HAS cards

• Visit for details on what your Pharmacy merchants
  are required to do to accept FSA/HSA cards

     Traditional Integrated Retail Merchant Scenario

• Louis runs a liquor store with 3 checkout lanes. He has IP
  connectivity (e.g. cable access) at each lane.
• He is using a specialty software in his POS system that keeps track
  of the liquor and wine purchases at checkout.
• The company that wrote Louis’ software wants assistance in being
  able to mitigate their risk for PCI PA-DSS compliance, so they’ve
  partnered with VeriFone and use PCCharge Payment Server
  software to help ensure the security and compliance of the credit
  card transactions. To Louis, the transaction is seamless – it flows
  from his software and back again without having to leave one
  program to open the other.
• Louis’ liquor software sits on a Server in his office. He needs
  PCCharge Payment Server software on his Server, and 2 or 3
  additional Payment Server User Licenses for the other PCs at the
  lanes. When he adds another lane, he just needs to purchase an
  additional user license (not another copy of the Payment Server)

                The New Retail Merchant Scenario #1

• Alice opens a small bakery. She sells retail, over-the-counter
  baked goods, but also takes orders for wedding cakes and needs to
  take deposits. She also has tables for customers to relax, have a
  sip of coffee with a muffin and watch the news in the morning.
• Alice purchased a PC and made room for just that and her printer
  on the counter space dedicated to payment functionality. She
  didn’t think to get an analog telephone line and jack for her credit
  card terminal – She bought one of the package deals from her local
  cable company for Internet, TV and VOIP, which as we know, can
  be problematic for dial terminals.
• Sell Alice PCChargePRO for her PC. She can use the IP connectivity
  in her PC to run the transactions; she can use the database to keep
  track of her customers for marketing; keep track of those
  customers that have given her deposits and use the customer
  database for those customers who are steady purchasers – like the
  corporate office down the street.
                 The New Retail Merchant Scenario #2
• Joe, cool dude, 30 years old, opens a bike shop.
• To cut costs and to be able to conduct business wherever he is –
  whether it be in the repair shop – on the sales floor – in the storage
  area - he decides not to get a landline telephone – he only uses a
  cell phone for his business. He’s grown up with and is used to
  cellular/wireless technology!
• In fact, he doesn’t even get cable or DSL in the store. He uses a
  laptop PC to access the internet and he uses a Wireless Card from
  his cellular provider to get internet access.
• So how does Joe process credit cards? Joe can’t use a traditional
  VFI dial terminal, he can’t use a VFI IP terminal because he has no
  cable or DSL modem or router, but he can use his PCCharge PRO!
  Because he has access to the internet through his Wireless Card, he
  can process credit and debit transactions in 3 seconds through his
  PCCharge PRO software. And he can attend shows and sell his
  goods anywhere he takes his laptop!

                                Multi-Merchant Scenarios

• Tom has two businesses and wants to keep track of the income
  from each separately. He doesn’t want to use a terminal as he
  likes the feel and look of using a PC.
• Tom purchases one copy of PCChargePRO with an additional
  merchant number license.

• Julie is the office manager for a large doctor’s office. Each doctor
  has his own merchant number and bank account. Julie has 2
  assistants who also need access to process credit cards.
• Julie purchases PCChargePRO with an additional merchant number
  license for each doctor, and 2 additional user licenses for the other
  two PCs being used in her office, in a LAN scenario.

What’s next from VeriFone’s Software Solutions?

It’s already here!

PAYware PC System Requirements
     Windows XP, Pro, or Windows 2003 Server Edition, Vista
     Business Edition (32-bit), Vista Home Premium or Vista Home Basic
     512 MB RAM (1 Gb Preferred)
     500 MB free space on hard drive (1 Gb Preferred)
     Internet connection or Hayes compatible modem
     capable of 1200 baud or less with phone line
     CD-ROM drive
     1GHz or higher processor (2 GHz preferred)
     MS Internet Explorer Ver. 6 or higher
     Latest MS service packs installed
     Does not support Windows 98, Windows 2000 or MAC

PAYware PC Client – GUI based on Microsoft Office 2007 Look

PAYware Management Client makes SETUP of Processor easy

                 What is PAYware PC and why should I sell it?

                                      PAYware PC, the next generation of PCCharge,
                                   turns any PC-based POS system or computer into
                                     a powerful, secure, payment-accepting payment
                                      device without interfering with other programs.

• Windows.NET Framework - Built for today’s more robust and faster PCs;
  more in sync with knowledge base of current developers who wish to
  integrate their “front-end” software
• Windows Service – Better for users – if Windows or the server reboots,
  PAYware PC automatically restarts - no need to sign back in – helps to
  prevent loss of transaction information from additional client users
• MS SQL 2005 Express Database – Uses a more robust, more stable and
  larger Database for the Customer Recurring billing information than PC
  Charge; notifies merchants of expired cards in database, for uninterrupted
  sales; notifies merchant if they have scheduled transactions to process
• Additional User License capability – Updating of customer database and
  ability to view transactions by other users in the network helps with daily
  management of transaction flow. (not available in PC Charge)
     Customer Database for Recurring or Rebilling transactions

             The $ amount of the transaction can be changed for each submission

                 What is PAYware PC and why should I sell it?

                                   PAYware PC, the next generation of PCCharge,
                                turns any PC-based POS system or computer into
                                     a secure, payment-accepting payment device
                                          without interfering with other programs.

• Smart Settlement management with Manual or Auto close based on
  merchant’s needs – no need to download a separate auto close
  utility for host based processors as in PC Charge.
• Automatically sends an email at settlement to up to 3 email
  addresses designated by user.
• Like PC Charge, it can be used in a Client-Server scenario or can be
  written into an Integrated solution. Additional users have more
  accessability to information formerly reserved to the main license.
• More expandable Cashier permissions and/or limitations
• FSA/HSA card acceptance (check with your processor)
• Purchasing Card Level III certified for BtoB and Government cards
  on TSYS; Chase Paymentech scheduled 10/2009
     Settlement Management

                 What is PAYware PC and why should I sell it?

                                     PAYware PC, the next generation of PCCharge,
                                  turns any PC-based POS system or computer into
                                       a secure, payment-accepting payment device
                                            without interfering with other programs.

• Reporting Features are Customizable by the User
• If one previously used the Customer Database in PCCharge – the Import
  function easily provides importing of the PCCharge customer database into
  PAYware PC
• Automatic Update Requests – no need to purchase interim updates of
  current versions of PAYware PC. e.g. 1.3 to 1.4.
• PAYware PC automatically checks for updates on a daily basis at a time
  designated by the user, similar to what is done with Windows update
• Helps to guard against PCI PA-DSS non-compliance.

     Update Manager

                  What is PAYware PC and why should I sell it?

                                     PAYware PC, the next generation of PCCharge,
                                  turns any PC-based POS system or computer into
                                       a secure, payment-accepting payment device
                                            without interfering with other programs.

• Pin Based Debit with the PP1000SE or the “Mx line with Debit Encouragement”
• SIGNATURE CAPTURE built – in – at no extra charge in conjunction with the use
  of VeriFone’s Mx Pin Pad line no development needed; already done through the
  use of our PAYware SIM (Secure Integration Method) Software!

     Device Manager

               PAYware PC – Target Markets and Sales Channels

• Target Markets:
     – Tier 3 and Tier 4 merchants i.e. small to medium businesses
     – Distributed processing for multiple locations – i.e. Works well in either
       a LAN or WAN scenario
     – Swiped or Card-not-present – eCommerce, Mail Order, Direct
       Marketing, Call Centers
     – Windows based Developers/Integrators who need a payment engine for
       their POS, Accounting, or ERP application - Developers appreciate the
       ease of integration to this Software!
     – Low cost SDKs to Developers
     – Take Advantage of VeriFone’s commitment to work with Software
       Developers – it can mean a larger merchant base for you with loyal
       customers – working with VeriFone oriented Integrators shows that you
       are knowledgeable in our industry and committed to offering the best
       solutions to your merchants!

                               PAYware PC Development Kit

     Sample source code included with the PAYware PC Development Kit

             Secure Integration Method (SIM) Control

• The SIM controls the flow of all sensitive cardholder data (mag-
  stripe, KSN, Pin Block) without the integrated application ever
  having to handle it, or even see it
• In essence, the integrator need only pass the amount and the
  transaction type, and the SIM will handle terminal prompting and
  gathering of information
• All transaction message building is done by the SIM, eliminating the
  need for an integrator to build an XML string manually
• When you come across Integration Possibilities – let us know!
• Remember that PCI PA-DSS compliance is a reality and a hassle for
  many software developers. Integrating to PAYware PC solves their
  recurring PCI certification problems which costs thousands of
  dollars every time a version change is made.
• Let VeriFone maintain the PCI PA-DSS responsibility for them!

     Processor Certifications as of June, 2009 – updated on

                           Where can I find more information?

• Sales Sheet, Developer Sheet, White Paper, Overview Slide Show
• For more information as an acquirer, please contact our PAYware
  Sales Department at (800) 725-9264, option 2 or via e-mail at, direct line 203-226-1323.
• Request to sign up for the Reseller Den via the Zone
• Our Corporate Website:
• You will find marketing materials to download, comparisons of
  PCCharge to PAYware PC, certified processors and VAPs for each
  product, forms to request merchant number changes, etc.
• Download the free “DEMO” of PC Charge from the same site – learn
  how to use and you’ll understand how to sell.

                             Benefits & Features Comparison
                Merchant Benefits                                     Feature/Technology                   PAYware PC    PCCharge
                                                     Results-inspired User Interface based on Office
Harness all the functionality the solution offers                                                             YES           NO
Perform any task with fewer mouse clicks and
                                                     Streamlined navigation and dynamic menus                 YES           NO
Superior speed and reliability; can handle a         Modern SQL 2005 Express Database and .NET
                                                                                                              YES           NO
large amount of customer data                        Framework
Automatically schedule and perform time-
consuming or redundant tasks quickly and             Scheduled Task Management                                YES           NO
Easily edit, schedule and perform settlements
                                                     Smart Settlement Management                              YES           NO
Encourages PIN debit acceptance for lower
                                                     BIN Management                                           YES           NO
transaction fees
                                                     End-to-end Device Management, Configuration and
Reduces burden and liability                                                                                  YES           NO

Easily remain current and compliant                  Automatic updates                                        YES           NO

Prevents misuse and restricts access to customer     Administrator-level user access controls and role-
                                                                                                              YES           NO
records                                              based permission rights
Process contracts and create e-mail
                                                     Customer Database Automation                             YES           NO
notifications automatically
Conveniently process all payments from one           Full authorization and settlement functionality for
                                                                                                              YES           YES
interface                                            Credit, Debit, Gift, Checks, and EBT
                                                     Full support for Retail and MOTO business types
Reduce fraud and lowers the risk of chargebacks                                                               YES           YES
                                                     including AVS and CVV2/CVC2
Create new revenue streams by accepting B2B
                                                     Purchase Card II & III support for B2B transactions      YES       Level II only
Efficient intelligence gathering of all processing
                                                     Powerful, real-time reporting functionality              YES           YES
and user activity
Shields and protects cardholder data; meets the
                                                     PABP Validated                                           YES           YES
latest PCI security guidelines
                                                     Use in conjunction with many financial software
Aligns with business needs                                                                                    YES           YES
     Marketing Materials

       Join us for our next Webinar on our
             Internet Gateway solution
               “PAYware Managed”
             (Formerly known as IP Charge)
      Featuring our VeriShield Protect Encryption Solution
      with our Vx terminals managed by PAYware Managed

 Details to follow in future email announcements.
      Look for us at the Innovators Hall at the
     Midwest Acquirers Association Meeting in
          Lombard, IL July 22 to 24, 2009

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