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									                                    Finance Questions to Consider: A Checklist

                                    CHECKLIST                                            PARTIES INVOLVED   ACTION/STATUS
   Understand Your Balance Sheet
    What is your asset composition-- Cash? Receivables? Investments?

    Will it be necessary to take on debt or renegotiate existing debt?

    Do you currently have board-designated reserves? Will you need to dip into these

    If you have a facility, how will you address maintenance issues?

    What is your investment strategy and how are current investments withstanding this

   Assess Your Liquidity
    How many months of cash and months of liquid net assets does your organization
    have? What's your working capital?

    Do you project and monitor cash flow on a monthly basis?

    Will there be less cash on hand for operations? If so, what strategies will you
    implement to cope?
                                    CHECKLIST                                              PARTIES INVOLVED   ACTION/STATUS
   Quantify the Challenge Ahead
    Which revenue streams are most at risk in this recession?

    How might changes in revenue affect operating results?

    Have you incorporated contingency plans into your budgets and/or reforecast?

    Does your organization consider best case, probable case and worst case

   Communicate with Stakeholders
    Can you articulate the economics of your programs?

    Is your Board regularly reviewing your financial condition and encouraging action in
    response to this recession?

    Does your fundraising message reflect the strongest case for your impact and

   Develop an Organizational Response
    Will the recession lead to increased demand for services and, if so, how will you

    Can you rely on your Board to compensate for any other funding losses?

    Have you considered collaboration as a cost-saving strategy?

    What is the long-term capital need?

    Will growth and capital campaign plans need to be phased or delayed?

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