Wishard health services enhances Wheelchair cleanliness With the aid by xyd32971


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Wishard health services enhances Wheelchair cleanliness
With the aid of touchless cleaning technology
ICS 8900 improves the cleanliness of often-neglected patient-mobility equipment
By Bill Taylor

By trade, Penny Handshaw is a certified Doctor
of Physical Therapy employed as Director of
Rehabilitation Services at Wishard Health Services
in Indianapolis, IN, where she oversees the
facility’s physical, occupational and speech therapy
departments. That’s enough to keep her busy on
a day-to-day basis, but last fall she unwittingly
added a second title to her job description—“agent
of change.”

“I made the mistake of complaining about the
poor condition of the wheelchairs at the hospital
and they put me in charge of finding a solution,”
she chuckled.

As they say, the squeaky wheel—or wheels—gets            With that in mind, Handshaw rounded up 220
the grease. And as they also say, the rest is history.   of the hospital’s 250 wheelchairs last fall and gave
                                                         them a thorough cleaning, for many the first deep
Simply put, on closer inspection Handshaw didn’t         cleaning they had received in who knows how
think the wheelchairs were clean enough, especially      many months.
for use in a health-care environment. And after
doing some digging around, she came to the               “We were using pressure washes, we were using
conclusion that there was no system in place at          scrub brushes, we rented a Hub Scrub wheelchair
Wishard that addressed their level of cleanliness, or    washing machine,” Handshaw said. “Over a
spelled out a regular wheelchair cleaning schedule.      two-day period we cleaned 220 of them. It was a
                                                         massive project involving dozens of people.”
“Given the fact that we have patients and visitors
using our wheelchairs on an ongoing basis, you           The Next Step
don’t always know who’s been in them last,”              Now that the wheelchairs had received a thorough
she explained, “and given what’s going on in             cleaning and sanitizing, Handshaw knew the next
the country today (with the spread of MRSA               step was developing a regimen that would allow
and swine flu), it’s a good idea to sanitize the         them to be cleaned on a regular basis.
wheelchairs on a more regular basis.”

www.hydro-ics.com                                                  Hydro Systems ICS Series Case Study          1
“We looked at a number of different options,” she      protects cleaning surfaces from water damage, and
said. “Purchasing a Hub Scrub was too expensive        eliminates the spray-back of bacteria-contaminated
and it wasn’t particularly mobile; we have a rather    water. All of which may occur with high-pressure
large campus with a number of different buildings      (500+ psi) cleaning systems.
and it wasn’t practical to move around.”
                                                       The ICS unit is also kind to the environment,
Talking to JoAnn Pardue, Wishard’s Director of         with 50% less water and chemicals used when
Environmental Services, Handshaw learned about         compared with many other automated cleaning
the ICS 8900 touchless cleaning system from            systems. Operation is as simple as filling the
Cincinnati, OH-based Hydro Systems.                    unit’s 12-gallon water tank, using the selector
“The folks from Hydro Systems loaned me the            valve to choose any of up to four different
equipment for a month and we really liked it,”         chemicals to be dispensed (or any four dilution
Handshaw said. “It was a much easier way to keep       ratios when cleaning with single product cleaning
the wheelchairs clean and sanitized.”                  chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide), and
                                                       applying the cleaning solution with the low-flow/

                                                       low-pressure spray nozzle. An optional foaming
     (The ICS is) pretty intuitive equipment.          nozzle is available to clean surfaces
     The staff likes the interchangeable               where chemicals need longer dwell time to
     nozzles and when they push the unit               deliver maximum cleaning effectiveness.
     through the halls, other people say
     it’s ‘cute,’ and they’re happy to see             The compact design and simple operation of

     my people coming.                                 the ICS also eliminates complicated and time-
                                 Penny Handshaw        consuming setup and breakdown, while the
                 Director of Rehabilitation Services   amount of time needed for the actual cleaning
                           Wishard Health Services     process is also greatly reduced. It is also completely
                                                       portable and easy to maneuver, ideal for the
                                                       applications that Handshaw had in mind for the
The ICS unit was perfect for Handshaw’s needs          wheelchairs at Wishard Health Services.
because it is a portable cleaning system that uses
cleaning chemicals applied by spray nozzle using
low-flow/low-pressure technology. This unique
low-flow design uses only half-a-gallon of cleaning
solution per minute, eliminating the need for wet/
dry-vac recovery and the handling of contaminated
water, while at the same time reducing the slip-
and-fall risk.

With the ICS, the chemicals do the cleaning, not
high pressure. Utilizing Hydro Systems’ select-
valve technology, cleaning and sanitizing chemicals
are correctly dosed every time, effectively and
consistently killing germs and toxins, particularly
in difficult-to-clean equipment and areas, such        Reaping The Benefits
as wheelchairs and patient rooms, to name a            After only a few short months of use, Handshaw is
few. The ICS generates less than 100 psi, which        convinced that the ICS 8900 is the perfect solution

2         Hydro Systems ICS Series Case Study                                              www.hydro-ics.com
to the challenge of keeping the wheelchairs clean,
with a long list of ancillary benefits, as well.      Independent Lab Tests Show ICS
First and foremost, Handshaw conducted ATP            36-40 Times More Effective Than
testing on a number of the wheelchairs and            Mop-and-Bucket
                                                      Penny Handshaw, Director of Rehabilitation Services at
found that using the ICS to clean them reduced
                                                      Wishard Health Services in Indianapolis, IN, admits that the
the bioload on them by an average of 82%.             hospital’s wheelchairs never got cleaned “until somebody
ATP testing detects the presence of adenosine         noticed they were dirty.” Realizing this wasn’t acceptable
triphosphate, which is present in all organic         behavior for a health-care facility, she went about establishing
material. A high level of ATP on a surface may        a routine that would get the wheelchairs cleaned more often
                                                      and more thoroughly.
indicate elevated levels of bacteria. The reduction
in ATP levels after using the ICS shows that the      But with traditional cleaning methods utilizing spray bottles
unit is helping get the wheelchairs cleaner than      and sponges, mops and buckets, how do you know that you’re
traditional cleaning methods would.                   really getting things clean, not just moving the dirt around,
                                                      or even reaching those hard-to-clean spaces? Proactive by
                                                      nature, Handshaw eschewed the more traditional cleaning
“The ATP testing clearly indicates that the ICS       methods and chose an ICS 8900 mobile touchless cleaning
cleaning process reduced the                          system from Hydro Systems, Inc., Cincinnati, OH, as the
biologic material on the                              fulcrum of Wishard’s new wheelchair-cleaning regimen.
wheelchairs significantly, a
                                                      And a new study, which was conducted by Advanced Testing
good indicator of general                             Laboratory, an independent laboratory based in Cincinnati,
hygiene,” said Handshaw.                              shows that Handshaw made the right choice in selecting
“The ICS system was just as                           the ICS over traditional cleaning methods. Titled “Cleaning
effective at this as using larger                     Effectiveness of the Spray-and-Squeegee Touchless Cleaning
                                                      Systems Versus Conventional Mopping,” the results of the
commercial wheelchair washers,                        study revealed that the cleaning method offered by the ICS
which we tried in the fall of                         was 36 to 40 times more effective than mop-and-bucket
2008. However, ATP testing is not                     cleaning methods.
necessarily indicative of microbial
                                                      Specific key results showed that using ICS touchless cleaning
load and is not a substitute for                      technology reduces the amount of microbial residue or
culturing. It would be interesting                    simulated-urine residue from standard tile floors found in
to do before and after culturing on                   restrooms by as much as 99.9%, compared to as little as
the wheelchairs, but this would be an                 21.6% when using a flat mop.
expensive and time-consuming process.”
                                                      “The benefits of time-savings and the
                                                      reduction in physical stress when using
In addition to the proven elevation in cleanliness    spray-and-squeegee technology such
levels, cleaning the wheelchairs has also become      as our ICS 8900 Mobile Cleaning Unit
much more efficient with the ICS.                     are plain to see and document,” said
                                                      Bradley Drury, Product Manager at
“Compared to the Hub Scrub, we can clean              Hydro Systems. “Now, with the results
twice as many wheelchairs in the same amount          of this study, there can be no question
of time,” she said. “Another benefit of it is that    that cleaning your facilities and
we can use hospital-approved disinfectants in         equipment like wheelchairs with an ICS
                                                      8900 unit will result in a much, much
the equipment, rather than having to buy the          cleaner and more sanitary facility when compared
chemicals the manufacturer recommends for the         with traditional mop-and-bucket cleaning methods.”
other equipment.”
                                                      For the complete report, go to www.hydro-ics.com/report.asp
Handshaw also said her staff took to the operation
of the ICS units in no time at all.

www.hydro-ics.com                                               Hydro Systems ICS Series Case Study                      3
“It’s pretty intuitive equipment,” she said.           In addition to properly diluted chemicals and
“The staff likes the interchangeable nozzles and       a reduction in water usage, other green benefits
when they push the unit through the halls, other       offered by the ICS include a reduction in noise
people say it’s ‘cute,’ and they’re happy to see my    pollution due to its near-silent operation; reduced
people coming.”                                        energy consumption due to its rechargeable
                                                       battery; a reduction in air-borne particulates; and a
The ICS unit’s ease-of-use has also increased the      reduction in physical stress on workers.
efficiency of the cleaning staff since no one person
needs to be dedicated solely to wheelchair cleaning.   Conclusion
                                                       The goal of any hospital is to provide the best care
“They try to squeeze out an hour or two a day          in the best atmosphere possible. That not only
to clean the wheelchairs,” she said. “With the         includes the cleanliness of patient and operating
ICS they can do eight to 10 wheelchairs a day,         rooms, but in the ancillary ways that patients
depending on where they’re going, where the chairs     interact with the facility—such as when they use
are located and what other tasks they have.”           a wheelchair.

                                                       Since implementing a regular wheelchair-cleaning
                                                       regime, which not only includes use of the ICS
                                                       unit, but also the regular cleaning of the seats and
                                                       armrests with sanitizing wipes between patient use,
                                                       Handshaw has not only received positive feedback
                                                       from the patients—“Some of the old-time patients
                                                       have noticed that our chairs look better,” she
                                                       said—but she has helped create peace of mind in
                                                       knowing that not only do the chairs look better,
                                                       they actually are cleaner because of the use of the
                                                       ICS touchless cleaning unit.

                                                       “Prior to my involvement, the wheelchairs didn’t
                                                       get cleaned until somebody noticed they were
                                                       dirty,” she said. “Now, we have a system where at
These days, most facilities are also paying greater    least once a month they get sanitized with the ICS
attention to their cleaning regimens as they relate    equipment. The wheels and the underside and
to “green” cleaning, namely cleaning that takes        everything that doesn’t normally get wiped down
the needs of the environment as a whole into           gets sanitized at least once a month.”
consideration, as well as how the cleaning practices
and chemicals used affect the population that          So, by simply doing what’s right—with the help of
comes into contact with them. Not surprisingly,        the ICS Mobile Cleaning Unit—Penny Handshaw
the ICS has benefited Wishard Health Services in       has made Wishard Health Services a better place
its green-cleaning initiatives, as well.               for its patients, visitors and staff.

“I know that we are concerned about waste and          For more information contact:
the product really helps us not to overutilize the     Bill Taylor, ICS Sales Manager, at (513) 271-8800
sanitizing agents,” said Handshaw. “It’s properly      or visit www.hydro-ics.com
diluted and doesn’t use a lot of water.”

4          Hydro Systems ICS Series Case Study                                             www.hydro-ics.com

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