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					Agency Name: The Ruth Lilly Hospice of Clarian
Address: I-65 @ 21st Street
City: Indianapolis               Zip: 46206
Contact Name: Pat Darden         Title: Hospice Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 317-962-0277              E-mail: pdarden@clarian.org

To provide support and compassionate care to patients and their loved ones in the final
phase of a terminal illness with the desire that they live those final days as fully and
comfortable as possible, with a focus on quality of life.

Volunteer Opportunities (please list positions, duties, areas, ect. as applicable to your agency)
   • Home care volunteers-providing short periods of respite for the family, running
      errands, listening, and providing support.
   • Bereavement volunteers- stay in touch with families after the patient's death.
      Facilitate grief support groups for children and adults
   • Administrative Volunteers-assist in the hospice office with clerical duties,
      typing, and special projects
   • Inpatient Unit Volunteers- Help by providing assistance to staff with personal
      care of the patient and emotional support to the families and patients on the
      Yellow Rose Unit.

Is training necessary? If so when are trainings held? If not, what skills do you
Yes, you are required to go to six consecutive Tuesdays from April 11- May 16 with a
choice of two times of 1-4pm or 6-9pm

Average Time Commitment ????                              hours per week/month

Do you require your volunteers to pay a fee? If so can, this fee be waived?

Do you have opportunities for groups of 15 or more for a one time occasion?

Are internship opportunities available? If so are the paid or unpaid?

Does you agency provide transportation to your facility?
Is your agency handicap-accessible?
Your approximate distance from Butler University       ???                minutes and/or
miles ???
Other important information/comments

Categories that your organization specializes in: