I am the Volunteer Coordinator for The BreezePlay Championships

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					I am the Volunteer Coordinator for The BreezePlay Championships @ The Palisades Tennis
Tournament to be held at The Palisades Tennis Center on September 24-27, 2009. Please click
the following link for tournament information

I am looking for 100 Volunteers to fill all Volunteer positions. Attached are the following
4 documents:
Volunteer Details, Volunteer Job Descriptions, Volunteer Information Sheet, and Waiver Form. If
you are interested in volunteering for the tennis tournament, please fill out the attached Volunteer
Information Sheet and Waiver/Release Form. Please e-mail the filled out 2 documents to
Squali@aol.com or fax the 2 filled out documents to Bryan Paschal at 704-643-3148. Volunteer
positions are limited this year and will be filled on a first come first serve basis.

I look forward to working with everyone again this year.

If you have any additional questions, please free to contact me at my office at 704-643-3038.

Best Regards,
Bryan Paschal
The BreezePlay Championships at The Palisades
2009 Volunteer Coordinator
                           Volunteer Details

                   Volunteers needed for all sessions!

Volunteers needed for the following positions:
      - Ushers                          - Program Booth
      - Ticket Takers                   - ISE Booth
      - Will Call                       -Tournament Office
      - Champions Club
      - Drivers
      - Traffic Controllers

Venue Information
      o The Palisades - Tim Wilkison Signature Tennis and Sports Complex
                 13417 Grand Palisades Parkway, Charlotte NC 28278

Volunteer Responsibilities and Tasks
      o Volunteers should report 2½ hours prior to the session and stay until the
          session’s end.
      o Volunteers are provided with meals and apparel.
      o Volunteers are encouraged to stay and watch great tennis before or after
          their shift on the same day.
      o Volunteers must sign up for a minimum of three sessions.

       o Bryan Paschal (704-643-3038) or squali@aol.com

                          Sign up today!
        Please visit www.championsseriestennis.com for complete details.
                     Volunteer Job Description Sheet
USHERS : Ushers are to meet at Center Court half an hour before gates open. Ushers
will be responsible for seating attendees and directing traffic. All ushers will be assigned
to an entrance or main walkway.

TICKET TAKERS: Please report to the main entrance gates. You are responsible for
ripping ticket stubs for people coming in to the tournament. You are also responsible for
stamping the hands of all people leaving the premises if they would like to return for the

WILL CALL: Please report to the Will Call booth located next to the Ticket Booth at
the entrance. You are responsible for distributing envelopes containing pre-reserved
tickets. All tickets should be in alphabetical order. You may receive envelopes from
guests to add into the mix for that day. Please keep all other session drop-offs in a
separate box to be organized later.

CHAMPIONS CLUB: Please report to Center Court half an hour before gates open.
This area is strictly for Sponsors and VIPs of the tournament. Guests will be granted
access in to the Club if they are wearing the appropriate colored bracelets. You will
ensure that ONLY those wearing the correct wristbands will enter.

PROGRAM BOOTH : You are responsible for letting all the guests know that you
have “PROGRAMS FOR SALE….$4.00” Be LOUD….be LOUD! You are the only
person selling programs so we’re counting on you! You will be stationed in the vendor
village. The programs will be in the vendor village and Bryan will meet you in the
vendor village with you “bank”.

TOURNAMENT OFFICE (1): You are responsible for answering phones and directing
people to the correct ISE contacts for assistance. You are responsible for only allowing
those who carry an AA credential to enter the Office. You will also be asked to run some
ISE BOOTH: Please report to the Vendor Village. There you will be assigned a booth
where you will inform guests about Inside Out Entertainment’s Fantasy Camp. If people
are interested in receiving more information, please have them fill out the sign up sheet
and assure them that they will be contacted soon. Also, if they sign up today they will
receive a 5% discount! Beth will meet you in the Village to give you additional

DRIVERS : You are the first point of contact for players, guests & VIPs of the
tournament. Please arrive to your destination on time and greet your guest in a friendly
manner. Some of your guests will be conversational and others will enjoy the quite time,
please respect their needs. You will pick up and drop off your keys in the Tournament
Office. Please sign out the key and sign in upon your return.

TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS (5): You will be responsible for directing traffic flow to
and from the venue.
               BreezePlay Championships at The Palisades
                         September 24 - 27, 2009
            Tim Wilkison Signature Tennis and Sports Complex
                      13417 Grand Palisades Parkway
                            Charlotte, NC 28278




HOME PHONE # _______________________WORK PHONE #__________________
CELL PHONE # ________________________

EMAIL ADDRESS________________________________________________________


September 23, 2009:      WEDNESDAY (Flexible) Drivers Needed
September 24, 2009:      THURSDAY: 4:30-11pm
September 25, 2009:      FRIDAY:   4:30-11pm
September 26, 2009:      SATURDAY: 11am-5pm
                         SATURDAY: 4-10pm
September 27, 2009:      SUNDAY:   11am-5pm

Volunteer Position Requested:
1st Choice_________________________________
2nd Choice_________________________________
3rd Choice_________________________________
                        Breezeplay Championships at The Palisades
                                  September 24 - 27, 2009
                     Tim Wilkison Signature Tennis and Sports Complex
                               13417 Grand Palisades Parkway
                                     Charlotte, NC 28278

                       2009 VOLUNTEER WAIVER AND RELEASE FORM
VOLUNTEER WAIVER AND RELEASE – For participants 18 years and older. I acknowledge
that volunteering at a tennis event or any other sporting event is an extreme test of a
person's physical and mental limits and carries with it the potential for death, serious injury
permission to participate in the Event, and other adequate and sufficient consideration, I
hereby take the following action for myself, my executors, administrators, heirs, next of
kin, successors and assigns: a) I WAIVE, RELEASE AND DISCHARGE from any and all claims,
costs or liabilities, death, personal injury or damages/expenses of any kind, which arise
out of or relate to my participation in, or my traveling to and from the Event, THE
FOLLOWING PERSONS OR ENTITIES: InsideOut Sports & Entertainment, The Palisades, The
State of North Carolina and any sponsor, celebrity, official or other entity or individual
associated with the Event, including, without limitation, the officers, employees and
representatives of any of the foregoing (collectively, the "Event Entities"); b) I AGREE NOT
TO SUE any of the Event Entities from any claims made or Liabilities assessed against them
as a result of my actions except for those resulting from willful acts of gross negligence of
any such Event Entity; and c) I HEREBY WAIVE ANY RIGHT I HAVE TO TRIAL BY JURY in any
litigation arising from my participation in the Event. I HEREBY AFFIRM THAT I AM EIGHTEEN

PRINTED NAME: _______________________ DATE: _____ / _____ / _______

SIGNATURE: _______________________________________________________
If Volunteer is under 18. Parental (or guardian) consent is required:

PARENT/ GUARDIAN PRINTED NAME:_________________________________

PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE:______________________________________