Refuge volunteers, volunteer coordinator applauded at luncheon

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					  Refuge volunteers, volunteer coordinator applauded at

  Jeff Combs (in back) received a standing ovation and
 proclamation, held by Refuge Manager Paul Tritaik, from
                  volunteer Edith Rood.

Every year, the Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon, hosted by
the "Ding" Darling Wildlife Society and refuge, honors
volunteers for their incredible contributions. This year, the
volunteers honored Jeff Combs, longtime refuge employee
and volunteer coordinator, for his kindness and patience.

"This process is basically unfair because year in and year out
Jeff is up here patiently giving out awards to everyone, but no
one ever gives him an award," volunteer Edith Rood told a
roomful of volunteers at the recent luncheon.

"We want to put that right," she continued. "We wanted to give
you something suitable like a big gold bar, but the government
said we couldn't. So we decided to make a proclamation."

Rood presented Combs with a scrolled proclamation signed by
most of the refuge's 200-some volunteers. Vice-mayor Kevin
Ruane was on hand to read a letter of thanks to Combs from
Mayor Mick Denham, who was unable to attend, but has also
been a refuge volunteer.

Combs and Refuge Manager Paul Tritaik handed out 80
awards for hours and years served. Marilyn Kloosterman
received a Lucas Century-engraved roseate spoonbill wine
glass for 7,000 hours of service.

For their 20 years of service, George Hadwen and Bettie and
Don Heidorn received engraved glass trophies. Combs also
presented a special award to Latham Morris for substituting an
extra 291 hours above his normal shifts last fiscal year.

The following hour and year milestone awards were handed
out during the program:

20 years
George Hadwen
Bettie Heidorn
Don Heidorn

10 years
Sally Barsley
Barbara Baumecker
William Cramer
Bill Currise
Malcolm Harpham
Susan Harpham
Joanne Heroy-Giller
Audrey Holman
Gerald Holman
Carol Johnstone
Harold Johnstone
Frank Kik
Joyce Krivenko
John Masuka
Esther Pokedoff
Martin Pokedoff
Maureen Schiller
Penny Wilbur

7000 hours
Marilyn Kloosterman

5500 hours
Frank Fallert

3500 hours
Tim Gardner
Norm Honest

3000 hours
Dan Davis
Judy Davis
Ann Wollschlager

2000 hours
Arthur Cramer
Mary Cramer
Mike Cuscaden
John Masuka
1500 hours
Bart Cuderman
Susan Harpham
Ken Poulson

1000 hours
Edward Combs
Joanne Heroy-Giller
Latham Morris
Helen Richmond
Joan Tinson

500 hours
Susan Cassell
Sally Divenere
Bill Jacobson
Allan Marcus
Fred Monick
Emily Morse-Palmer
Marge Poole
Helen Schweizer
Jurg Schweizer
Judith Wood
Billy R. Wood

250 hours
Doug Albert
Paula Albert
Reg Bowden
Alan Gast
Maggie Hanson
Millicent Heeney
Walt McNairy
Brian Mishell
Dolores Mishell
Bill Porter
Irene Raber
Edith Rood
Elaine Swank
John Thornton
Judith Wood
Billy R. Wood
Bill Zack

150 hours
Donna Adams
Ken Bergstrom
Barbara Broadhurst
Chris Glancy
Millicent Heeney
Polly Huntington
Darst McNairy
Edith Rood
Kathy Williams
Pam Windust
Judith Wood
Billy R Wood