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					                 Curriculum Vitae

                                      725 Florida Street #5                    Citizenship: US Citizen
                                      San Francisco, CA. 94110 USA             Website:
                                      (415) 685-4233                           E-Mail:

                 Mick Knutson
                  Full length resume/CV available here. There is a detailed "MS Comment" here with all the details about
                  viewing and printing shot and long versions of this document.

Objective          Mr. Knutson is extremely senior Enterprise Java consultant with extensive hands-on development
                  experience, as well as formal design and architecture background on many successful projects. Mr.
                  Knutson is a seasoned mentor and instructor for advanced SDLC practices. Mr. Knutson works well
                  in peer-to-peer as well as team leading roles.

Range of          [rework]:
Experience        Mr. Knutson is a professional internet technology consultant, Java Architect, Java project leader,
                  Engineer, Designer and Developer and has been working in the IT industry for over 19 years. Mr.
                  Knutson has a vast array of experience working on J2EE, Web Services and E-Business services.
                  Mr. Knutson has extensive experience in a variety of industries with a strong focus on Health Care,
                  Financial, Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Utilities, Product Distribution,
                  Industrial and Electronics. Mr. Knutson has extensive full software life cycle experience with many
                  industry standard methodologies including the Rational Unified Process (RUP), AGILE Unified Process
                  (AUP) and Extreme Programming (XP). Mr. Knutson is also well versed in Test Driven Design (TDD)
                  and Domain Driven Design (DDD). Mr. Knutson can adapt to any phase of an existing project from
                  Business Modeling to Production Support. Mr. Knutson’s technical strengths include OOA/OOD, Java,
                  J2EE, Internet, Oracle, Enterprise Integration and Message Oriented Middleware. Mr. Knutson is
                  exceptional at team building and motivating either at a peer-to-peer level, or in a leadership role. Mr.
                  Knutson has excellent communications skills, and adapts to all environments and cultures with

Professional      BASE Logic, Inc.:
Experience        Architect, Designer, Team Leader,                       January 1987 to Present
                  HP Consulting and Integration (C&I):
                  J2EE Solution Consultant,                               May 2005 to December 2005
                  IBM Global Services:
                  Lead Principal Consultant,                                       April 2000 to October 2001
                  E-Business Lead Consultant,                             August 1998 to April 1999
                  Oracle Government Consulting Services (OGS):
                  Lead Principal Consultant,                                       January 1997 to March 1998

Core              Overview:                                     Yrs:                                                       Yrs:
Competencies      Java, J2SE, J2EE, EJB, JEE                    10+       Servlets, JSP, Struts, JSF, JMS                  10+
                  WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss, Tomcat            10+       SEAM, Webflow, iceFaces, ZK                       5
                  Apache, iPlanet                               10+       Spring, Aspect-J                                  7
                  Web Services, Axis, CXF, REST, SOAP            7        XML, XSLT, XHTML                                 10+
                  Oracle, DB2, Hibernate, iBatis, SQL            7        Ant, XDoclet, Maven 1, 2, 3                      10+
                  Unix, Linux, Windows                          10+       Junit, Mock, Cactus, TestNG, DBUnit              10+
                  WDSC, Eclipse, IntelliJ, JDeveloper           10+       HTML, JavaScript, DHTML, Ajax                    10+
                  Rational XDE, Together                        10+       RUP, XP, Agile                                   10+
                                                                          SDLC, Patterns, OOA/D/P, UML                     10+
                  NOTE: Full listing of skills are available at:

Project Titles    Sr. Designer / Developer / Programmer:                  19 years
                  Team Leader:                                            15+ years
                  Mentor:                                                 15+ years
                  Architect:                                              15+ years
                        Resume Updates:
                           Skills Updates:


October-2008 to   BASE Logic Inc.
November-2009     Client: FedEx Ground; Coraopolis, Pennsylvania.
                  Position: J2EE Solutions Consultant
                  FedEx provides customers and businesses worldwide with a broad portfolio of transportation, e-
                  commerce and business services. We offer integrated business applications through operating
                  companies competing collectively and managed collaboratively, under the respected FedEx brand.
                  Consistently ranked among the world's most admired and trusted employers, FedEx inspires its more
                  than 290,000 employees and contractors to remain absolutely, positively focused on safety, the
                  highest ethical and professional standards and the needs of their customers and communities.

                  Project Summary:
                  Mr. Knutson was assigned to the FedEx Ground Software Configuration Management team. The team
                  was responsible for build, release management, production support, application tuning and security for
                  200+ production applications.

                  Scope of Duties:
                  Mr. Knutson was tasked with helping to support development deployment efforts. These efforts
                  included training and mentoring development teams on test driven development, Maven and
                  configuration management best practices. Mr. Knutson was also tasked with security auditing for
                  projects requesting production releases. Mick was also tasked with helping to optimize build
                  management best practiced spanning 450 production projects. These optimizations included
                  mentoring and training sessions for application developers and configuration management. As well as
                  authoring a FedEx Ground corporate Maven build infrastructure and template system for al projects.
                  Mr. Knutson was also responsible for Production support and application tuning for systems running
                  >4MIL JMS messages per hour, clustered among 32+ servers per application, nationwide. Mr. Knutson
                  was also responsible for training, as well as support on YourKit application profiling.

                  Java 5/6 (1.5/1.6), Spring Framework, Tomcat 5.5 / 6, Weblogic 7 / 8 / 9 / 10, WebSphere 6, Message
                  Broker 6, TIBCO, TIVOLI, MS SqlServer, MySql, XML, iBatis, Hibernate, JPA, CXF, SOAP, JUnit,
                  DBUnit, Easy Mock, Selenium, Maven 2, MQ Series, SEAM, ZK, OpenFaces, iceFaces, Archiva,
                  Nexus, Hudson, YourKit, IBM iSeries, PHP, LAMP.

December-2008     BASE Logic Inc.
  to Present      Client: JC Penney’s; Dallas, Texas.
                  Client: Motorola; Boston, Massachusetts.
                  Position: Lead J2EE Instructor
                  Partnered with Global Knowledge: Global Knowledge is the worldwide leader in IT and business
                  training. We deliver via training centers, private facilities, and the Internet, enabling our customers to
                  choose when, where, and how they want to receive training programs and learning services.

                  Scope of Duties:
                  Mick was responsible for coarse development, as well as leading many advanced J2EE Classes for
                  Global Knowledge clients. The classes included Test Driven Development (TDD), Continuous
                  Integrations, Build Management with Maven, Build Management with Ant, Advanced profiling
                  techniques with YourKit and coarse on Spring framework. Duties included breaking out smaller
                  mentoring sessions with clients on project specific topics of the material offerings.

                  Java 5/6 (1.5/1.6), Spring Framework, Yourkit, Cruise Control, Hudson, Archiva, Nexus, Eclipse,
                  MyEclipse, Virtual PC, VM Ware,

 February-2008    BASE Logic Inc.
to October-2008   Client: ServePath; San Francisco, California.

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                       Resume Updates:
                          Skills Updates:

                 Position: Lead Architect
                 ServePath has its origins in the success of its co-founders, who originally started the largest profitable
                 Internet service provider on the West Coast—InReach Internet—in 1994. ServePath was started in
                 early 2001 to solve a key critical demand in the marketplace for custom, dedicated server solutions
                 and managed services for businesses of all sizes looking for a powerful internet hosting platform.

                 GoGrid is a division of ServePath, a company with extensive expertise and experience in web hosting
                 infrastructure. The ServePath team wanted to develop a new kind of hosting solution to address the
                 scaling needs of today’s businesses. Over the years, we have seen some of the limitations with
                 dedicated servers and managed hosting. Virtual servers have been around for awhile and always
                 seemed like a good idea, but somehow they always seemed to be not good enough. Through our
                 experience in the dedicated server hosting market, extensive R&D in Xen-based grid technology, and
                 needs of the many rapidly growing companies we serve, the answer became. (

                 *** GoGrid won “Best In Show” at Linux World 2008 ***
                 ServePath Portal: The goal of the project was to rewrite the Customer Portal originally written in PHP.

                 Scope of Duties: Mr. Knutson was tasked with architecting, designing and co-leading and onshore/off-
                 shore team of 8 developers. Initially tasked with setting up a robust Maven build system to integrate a
                 complex iBatis multi-database integration along with new role based security in ACEGI using
                 JSF/Facelets for the user interface. Later mentored the team in these new technologies. Also setup
                 test driven development best practices for both unit and functional testing. Also aided in an Ant to
                 Maven conversion for all of servepath. This included setting up a robust continuous integration system
                 with Hudson and Archiva running on Tomcat 6.

        The goal of the project was to create a next generation virtual grid computing platform.
                 Initially this allowed for server virtualization, but second round included Cloud Storage where virtual
                 server storage could be provisioned and de-provisioned instantly.

                 Scope of Duties: Mr. Knutson was tasked with designing and architecting the messaging infrastructure
                 for communicating with the various systems involved. The system clients where written in PHP,
                 Python, JavaScript/AJAX and Java. The messages where sent as JSON, and supported SOAP
                 messages. Utilizing Camel, Spring and Active MQ, a very robust command message design was
                 implemented on time. Also implemented a robust test driven development suite where 96% of all
                 messaging code was successfully tested.

                 Java 5/6 (1.5/1.6), Spring framework, Tomcat 5/6, Jetty, MS SqlServer, MySql, XML, XSLT, iBatis,
                 Hibernate, JPA, CXF, XFire, Axis, SOAP, JSON, Salesforce, TestNG, DBUnit, Selenium, Maven,
                 Camel, ActiveMQ, Visual Paradigm UML/Business Architect.

September-2006   BASE Logic Inc.
  to February-   Client: Delta Dental; San Francisco, California.
                 Position: J2EE Integration Lead
                 Delta Dental is America’s largest, most experienced dental benefits carrier. Made up of independent,
                 affiliated member companies, Delta Dental Plans Association is a not-for-profit organization with some
                 for-profit affiliates. We offer a nationwide package of dental health benefits for a wide range of
                 employers both large and small. (

                 Project Summary:
                 The goal of the Enterprise Streamlining Project (ESP) is to create a vision and strategy that will move
                 the enterprise to a single delivery system with common business processes.

                 Scope of Duties:
                 Mick was the Integration Lead for the Data Acquisition and Pre-Processing (DAP) team within the ESP
                 Project working on both Crossplane and Frontplane. Mick was tasked with centralizing the distributed
                 development and delivery effort for the entire DAP team which consisted of over 30 developers. Mick
                 was responsible for creating and maintaining a fully integrated Continuous Integration System for the
                 DAP team. This included hourly build and deployments with a full suite of automated report, Unit

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                        Resume Updates:
                           Skills Updates:

                  Tests, Functional Tests, code coverage and project documentation. This system was an integral part
                  of our on-time deliveries, and reduced the overall number of code defects by using Test Driven
                  Development practices.

                  Java 5 (1.5), J2EE 1.3/1.4, EJB 3.0, Oracle 10g, BPEL, jBPM, Sun SeeBeyond, EDIFECS, Mule,
                  FUSE, JCAPS, UML, XML, XDoclet, Spring, Maven 2, JUnit, TestNG, DBUnit, Together Enterprise.

 May-2005 to      BASE Logic Inc.
December-2005     Client: Hewlett Packard Consulting Services; Pleasanton, California.
                  Client: Safeway Inc; Walnut Creek, California.
                  Position: J2EE Solutions Consultant, Team Leader
                  Hewlett Packard. (
                  Safeway Corporation. (

                  Project Summary:
                  Safeway’s current Base24 system will be modified by ACI (the vendor of Base24) to process
                  fastforward ™ enrollments and ACH payments via fastforward ™ card. Payments data will be
                  maintained in a separate environment to be known as the Blackhawk Payments Database outside of
                  the Base24 application. The Base24 application package will serve as the primary source for input
                  data to the Blackhawk Payments Database. Concurrent with the modification of Base24 to support
                  fastforward ™, Safeway and Blackhawk will deploy ACH processing alternative to Concord EFS. The
                  use of Concord EFS as a payments processor for ACH transactions will be replaced mainly with the
                  new Base24 functionality, but some Customer Service and Reporting functionality will need to be
                  developed. The new system was rolled out to 2,000 Safeway stores successfully.

                  Scope of Duties:
                  Mr. Knutson was solely responsible for the entire software lifecycle of the WebSphere and User
                  Interface portion of fastforward ™. This included analysis of problem space, create of use-case
                  documents and diagrams, design artifacts, build system, programming, QA, and testing of solution.
                  Mick had full autonomy to employ various solutions to allow for a more robust application that would
                  reduce maintenance, and allow easy adaptation to new and emerging business requirements.

                  Java 2 (1.4.2), J2EE 1.3/1.4, EJB 2.1, Rational Unified Process (RUP), Rational XDE, Websphere
                  5.1.1, WSAD, UML, JTA, XML, JaxRPC, XDoclet, Spring, Maven, Struts 1.2, JSF, DB2/UDB, SOAP,
                  Axis 1.2, UDDI, WSDL.

October-2003 to   BASE Logic Inc.
  May-2005        Client: Wells Fargo Bank; San Francisco, California.
                  Position: J2EE Solutions Consultant, Team Leader
                  BBG provide the capital and the financial resources to help our small business customers grow and
                  prosper. ( although application was Intranet based.)

                  Purple Sage II: The goal of the project was to determine the completeness, stability, and scalability of
                  a loan decision and customer service application built by BBG. The application was called Purple
                  Sage II and was in development for almost 4 years prior to Mr. Knutson’s evaluation. The application
                  went into production for a short period, and was then pulled out due to performance issues.
                  Scope of Duties: Mr. Knutson was tasked with running quality assurance and performance tests on the
                  existing code base to determine the quality and completeness of the code. Mr. Knutson was also
                  tasked with examining the overall development process and methodology to determine if the
                  development staff and process could support the application in a production environment.

                  Internet Commerce Environment (ICE): The goal of the ICE project was to re-architect the Purple Sage
                  II framework for a new methodology platform to port and create new financial products within Business
                  Direct. The new architecture needed to provide reduced maintenance costs, added flexibility for
                  market, and compliance changes, and expandability to move into additional business channels. The
                  architecture also needed to be internationalized into English, Spanish and French. Agent Banking,
                  One Hour Loan, and Business Customized Capitol where the most high profile applications migrated
                  to the new architecture. This new architecture allowed for a 70% increase in applications in the 1

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                         Resume Updates:
                            Skills Updates:

                   month alone.

                   Scope of Duties: Mr. Knutson was tasked with architecting and designing the new struts based ICE
                   platform. During the design phase, Mick was leading and mentoring the additional 5-team members in
                   the new architecture. Mick was also tasked with designing and developing the EJB, and Hibernate
                   layers. This included Hibernate and Application Server configuration, as well as designing and coding
                   the interfaces. After the design phase of this project, 75% of Mick’s time was spent hands-on coding,
                   and the other 25% was spent hands-on mentoring other team members in coding best practices.

                   WebLogic migration and Re-factoring: The goal of this project was to port existing applications from
                   WebLogic 5.1 and 7.1 to WebLogic 8.1. The main goal of this project was to phase out non-supported
                   application servers such as WLS 5.1. Another goal of this project was to migrate existing applications
                   to an EJB 2.0 compliant architecture, and allowing easier migration to utilize shared enterprise web
                   services. It was advantageous, during the migration; to make the applications more maintainable by
                   consolidating shared services, and re-factoring.

                   Scope of Duties: Mr. Knutson was tasked with analysis, design and lead implementation of the
                   application server ports. This included server configuration, build plan, re-design, re-factoring,
                   development, testing, and deployment of existing applications. Mr. Knutson was able to perform
                   extensive re-factoring of existing applications to utilize shared web services, as well as increase
                   overall application performance by up to 70%.

                   Java 2 (1.3.1, 1.4, 1.5), Struts 1.1/1.2, JSF, XDoclet, Intelli-J, UML, EJB 2.0, JTA, XML, JSP, MySql,
                   WebLogic 5.1/7.1/8.1, JBoss 4.0, iPlanet, Spring, Ant, Maven, Hibernate, JMeter, QALoad, QARun,
                   OptimizeIT, JProbe.

  May-2002 to      BASE Logic Inc.
   June 2003       Client: UBS Warburg, Global Compensation Benefits division; Zurich, Switzerland.
                   Position: J2EE Solutions Consultant, Team Leader
                   UBS Warburg is the Hedge fund division of UBS Payne Webber. UBS Warburg Global Compensation
                   Benefits division manages all corporate awards and award management throughout UBS for 80,000
                   employees’ world-wide, managing 2.2 Billion CHF per year. (

                   Project Summary:
                   The goal of this project was to create an application for managing global compensation awards and
                   liabilities. The project cost 200 Million CHF, and was delivered to the business on time with great
                   success. This would include integrating with an existing compensation application. We first had to
                   intercept the liabilities (stock, cash, FX, etc.), then process audit trails, profit and loss, and write to the
                   Global General Ledger. At this point, the liabilities were then sent to group treasury or the market for
                   execution. After liability execution, this application would have to distribute the assets with the
                   appropriate settlement instructions. Security and secure audits were of high priority on this project.

                   Scope of Duties:
                   Mr. Knutson was tasked with managing requirements and business modeling artifact delivery from
                   BA’s team and the client. This included clarifying use cases, business object models and other
                   pertinent artifacts and formalized review of such artifacts. Mr. Knutson was then tasked with leading
                   the elaboration and design efforts with a team of 10 designer/developers. This included modeling
                   artifacts in Rational Rose, refinement of use cases, and generation of skeleton code. Mr. Knutson was
                   then tasked with leading the development effort and managing the construction of the software design.
                   Mick spent approximately 70% of his time with hands-on coding, and 30% with team leading activities.

                   Java 2 (1.3.1, 1.4), Rational Unified Process (RUP), Rational Rose, WSAD, UML, EJB 1.1, JTA, XML,
                   JAXP, Bean Shell, Struts 1.1, JSF, Oracle 9i, WebSphere 4.0/5.0, MQ Series, SOAP, UDDI, WSDL.

Jan-2001 to Oct-   BASE Logic Inc.
     2001          Client: IBM Global Consulting Services; Tucson, Arizona; London, England.
Apr-2000 to Jul-
     2000          Position: J2EE Solutions Consultant, Team Leader
                   Clients: University of Michigan Healthcare, Thompson Travel Group, and British Airways.
                   The UofM Medical school graduates about 170 physicians annually and is consistently ranked as one

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                 of the top institutions in the nation. Research expenditures by Medical School scientists totaled $202
                 million in fiscal year 2000. (
                 Thomson Travel Group (TTG) is one of Europe's leading holiday and leisure travel groups. The Group
                 has operations in 8 countries (UK, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany and Poland)
                 and its principal activities are “travel retailing” and “holiday property lettings”.
                 ( (
                 British Airways (BA) remains the world's largest international passenger airline.

                 Goal of UofM Project:
                 IBM was contracted to design and develop a clinical information system. The system was to aid
                 doctors and nurses with their daily tasks. Doctors could review history of a patient that included
                 actions performed by any doctor or nurse. The history would include medication and therapy rendered.
                 There was a 2-way pharmacy interface into the Lexicon system. This would give real-time drug-to-
                 drug alerts for doctors prescribing medications. There was a great deal of security logic, as this
                 application was required to be HIIPA compliant. There was also a fairly complex UI workflow logic
                 involved to correctly and efficiently display information to the user such as schedules, charts and

                 Goal of TTG Project:
                 The goal of the TTG project was to create web-based access to a data warehouse system for travel
                 related services. The application would allow internal and external agents to access. Some of the
                 system that needed to be accessed would require asynchronous communications so MQSI was used

                 Goal of BA Project:
                 British Airways wanted to expand their current scheduling and reservation system to support WAP
                 devices and adhere to a more robust J2EE compliant architecture.

                 Scope of Duties:
                 Mr. Knutson was a member of the architectural review board and a team leader for 7-15 developers
                 and analysts. As an architect, Mr. Knutson was recommending, and refining the overall architecture to
                 be implemented in an iterative. Mr. Knutson delivered RUP design artifacts, including runtime
                 architecture, deployment model, software architecture documents, technical object/component model,
                 and system use cases. Other design deliverables include prototype charter documents, sequence
                 diagrams, collaboration diagrams, EJB designs, development standards and best practice documents.
                 Collaborate with testing team to develop testing strategy and model. Extensive experience on
                 design/development of software patterns including façade, factories and singleton patterns. Mr.
                 Knutson duties also included systems management, System administration, project scheduling and
                 project costing.

                 Java 2 (1.2.2/1.3), Rational Unified Process (RUP), Rational Enterprise 2001, Visual Age for Java,
                 WebGain Studio, TopLink, JBuilder, UML, EJB 1.0-2.0, JMS, XML, XSL, JSP, Servlets, Oracle 8i,
                 WebSphere 3.5/4.0, WebLogic 5.1/6.0, ATG Dynamo, HIS, iPlanet, MQ Series System Integrator
                 (MQSI), Lexicon, Cyber Plus LE, HL7, Cocoon.

Education        Master of Science (CS), Alameda College. 1997
                 Oracle Internal Education, Oracle Corporation, SF, CA.
                 CS Studies, Colorado University, Boulder, CO.
                 CS Studies, Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill, CA.
                 Business, Los Positas College, Livermore, CA.
                 BS Engineering, Automation and Controls, San Jacinto College, Deer Park, TX. 1990.

Certifications   Java Black Belt: Orange Belt (6 tests completed)

                 BrainBench Certified: Transcript ID#7907470
                 SCJP 6: Prometric test PAID/scheduled for April 19 2010.

Training         Borland: Designing Java Applications with Together for Eclipse.

                 IBM Global Services: WebSphere Application Developer Studio (WSAD), Rational Unified Process

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                           Skills Updates:


                  PWC Global Consulting: Consulting Skills Training

                  Oracle: Patterns using Java, Objects for Oracle using JAVA, Objects Concepts, Object Oriented
                  Design, JAVA Applet design, Consulting Skills Training, Web Application Server Administration, Web
                  Application Server: Develop application with PL/SQL, Develop applications with PL/SQL, Database
                  design and data modeling.

Accreditation’s   GoGrid wins Linux World “Best In Show”:

                  Sun/Java Cover story:

                  OMG; CORBA Success story:

        ™ is the winner of the 1998 Computer World Smithsonian Award in the category of
                  Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate.

        ™ was recognized for its innovative application of Fannie Mae's® technology by being
                  the first and only site to provide online mortgage approvals.

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