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Outcome Indicators
 and Key Outcome

             March 2003
                                                       Priority 1
                       More jobs for Queensland - skills and innovation - The Smart State
Outcome 1 - A community of well skilled and knowledgeable people

Outcome Indicator        - educational status of the community                                       Primary Policy Agencies
Key Outcome Measures     - % population meeting national literacy and numeracy standards             Education Qld
                         - % of students who complete Year 12 or equivalent                          Employment & Training
                         - % of population satisÞed with educational opportunities
                         - % of population aged 15 to 64 years with post secondary qualiÞcations
                         - % of population aged 15-19 years in work and/or in education/training
Outcome Indicator        - life skills, social skills, knowledge
Key Outcome Measure      - % of population who believe they have acquired the social & life skills
                           and knowledge to adequately manage their own lives

Outcome 2 -    A strong diversiÞed economy

Outcome Indicator        - economic performance                                                      Primary Policy Agencies
Key Outcome Measures     - real growth in gross state product
                                                                                                     State Development
                         - employment growth
Outcome Indicator        - capacity building                                                         Industrial Relations
                                                                                                     Tourism Racing & Fair
Key Outcome Measures     - real growth in private business investment                                    Trading
                           (including intangible Þxed assets)                                        Main Roads
                         - % of labour force with skills relevant to business/industry demand        Primary Industries
                         - uptake of research and development                                        Natural Resources & Mines
Outcome Indicator        - business diversity                                                        Local Govt & Planning

Key Outcome Measure      - level of employment across key industry sectors

                                                       Priority 2
                                     Safer and more supportive communities
Outcome 3 -Safe and secure communities
                                                                                                     Primary Policy Agencies
Outcome Indicator        - safety and security                                                       Qld Police Service
                                                                                                     Corrective Services
Key Outcome Measures     - % of population who feel safe
                                                                                                     Emergency Services
                         - % of people in the community who are victims of crime                     Tourism Racing & Fair
                                 - personal                                                             Trading
                                 - property                                                          Families
                                                                                                     Natural Resources & Mines
                         - accidental and preventable death, injury and/or loss
                                                                                                     Main Roads

                                                       Priority 3
                               Community engagement and a better quality of life

Outcome 4 - Healthy, active individuals and community

Outcome Indicator        - longevity                                                                 Primary Policy Agencies
Key Outcome Measure      - life expectancy at birth
                                                                                                     Qld Health
Outcome Indicator        - health status                                                             DIIESRQ

Key Outcome Measures     - % of population affected by serious illness (includes cancer,
                           cardiovascular disease, diabetes, asthma, chronic obstructive
                           pulmonary disease, mental health disorders)
                         - % of population taking responsibility for their own health outcomes
Priority 3 - continued
Outcome 5 - A fair, socially cohesive and culturally vibrant society
Outcome Indicator        - sense of community                                                  Primary Policy Agencies
                                                                                               Arts Qld
Key Outcome Measure      - % of population who feel part of (valued within) their community
Outcome Indicator        - community support                                                   Disability Services
Key Outcome Measure      - % of population who consider their needs for support are            Housing
                           being adequately met                                                Justice
                                                                                               Natural Resources & Mines
Outcome Indicator        - fairness                                                            Transport
Key Outcome Measures     - % of population who consider they have adequate access to           Treasury
                           services and facilities                                             Main Roads
                         - % of the community who consider they are being treated fairly       Premiers

Outcome 6 - Improved standard of living for all Queenslanders
Outcome Indicator        - household income                                                    This Outcome linked
Key Outcome Measure      - gross household income per capita adjusted for cost of living       to Outcome 2

Outcome Indicator        - unemployment
Key Outcome Measure      - unemployment rate

                                                       Priority 4
                                               Valuing the environment
Outcome 7 - A clean, livable and healthy environment

Outcome Indicator        - air, water and land quality                                         Primary Policy Agency

Key Outcome Measures     - level of:                                                           Environmental Protection
                                  - ambient air contamination (Brisbane Air Quality Index)        Agency
                                  - ambient water contamination
                         - greenhouse gas emissions (Emission of C02 equivalent)
Outcome Indicator        - noise levels
Key Outcome Measures     - noise (community exposed to nuisance levels of noise)

Outcome 8 - Maintenance of the natural resource base

Outcome Indicator        - sustainable use of natural resources                                Primary Policy Agencies
Key Outcome Measures     - volume of water available for use (major catchments)
                                                                                               Environmental Protection
                         - % of natural resource industries which are sustainable                 Agency
                                 - forests                                                     Natural Resources & Mines
                                 - Þsheries (Þsh stock by species)                             Primary Industries
                                 - energy
                                 - agriculture
Outcome Indicator        - maintenance of bio-diversity
Key Outcome Measure      - status of regional ecosystems (number of ecosystems within
                           each bio-region with endangered or of concern status)

                                                       Priority 5
                                           Building Queensland’s regions
                      Note: all relevant indicators will be reported from a Regional perspective

NB On 31st October 2002 CBRC approved the Outcomes and Outcome Indicators. The Key Outcome Measures will be reÞned
   over time in consultation with agencies.
                       Strategic Governance Principles and Indicators

Principle 1 - Strategic Direction
Indicators   - Social, Economic and Environmental Policy Advice               Primary Output Mapping
                                                                              Local Government & Planning
             - Whole of Government Policy Co-ordination                       Treasury
                                                                              Premier and Cabinet
             - Integrated Planning and Policy Frameworks                      Public Works

Principle 2 - Workforce Capability
                                                                              Primary Output Mapping
Indicators   - Workforce Planning
                                                                              OfÞce of Public Service Commissioner
                                                                              Treasury - QSuper
             - Skills Development and Workforce Flexibility

             - Corporate Health

Principle 3 - Fiscal, Regulatory and Administrative Frameworks
Indicators   - Financial Analysis and Policy Advice                           Primary Output Mapping
             - Administrative Systems, Policies and Procedures                Premiers and Cabinet
                                                                              Local Government and Planning
             - Legislative Frameworks, Guidelines and Regulations

Principle 4 - Accountability
Indicators   - Procedural Review                                              Primary Output Mapping
                                                                              Qld Audit OfÞce
             - Review, Evaluation and Reporting of Priorities and             Treasury

Principle 5 - Ethics
Indicators   - Access to Democratic Processes                                 Primary Output Mapping
                                                                              Electoral Commission of Qld
             - Community Complaints Resolution                                OfÞce of the Ombudsman and
                                                                                Information Commissioner
             - Public Sector Code of Practice                                 Crime and Misconduct Commission
                                                                              OfÞce of Pubic Service Commissioner
             - Freedom of Information

Principle 6 - Parliamentary and Government Process and Protocol
Indicators   - OfÞce of the Governor                                          Primary Output Mapping
                                                                              Legislative Assembly
             - Parliamentary Process                                          OfÞce of the Governor

NB The Indicators and Measures will be reÞned over time in consultation with agencies.

                  For further information, contact the Performance and Evaluation Policy Team,
                   Financial Management Branch, Queensland Treasury, phone 07 3224 4198,
                  fax 07 3221 2008, email -,

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