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					                                Table 2. Tests under consideration

                                                                       Author’s stated purpose                                        Comments                                                  Action required
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       SSC Proceedings

                                  The Assisting Hand          Intended to measure the effectiveness        Potentially will be more useful as a research tool rather than    Consider in future. Depending on results of validity
                                    Assessment (AHA)             with which the child makes use of           a clinical tool (costly, time consuming, etc). In process of      study, will be able to be used.
                                                                 his/her affected hand in bimanual           being validated for prosthetic users in both adults and
                                                                 performance.                                children.
                                  Box and Blocks              Measure of gross manual                      This test could be useful to show differences in prehension       More standardization of instructions for prosthetic
                                                                 dexterity/prevocational test for            function, change in control, and quality of movement.             users. Reliability/validity need to be retested with
                                                                 handicapped people.                                                                                           changes to instructions. Concurrent validity

Number 9 • Proceedings • 2009
                                                                                                                                                                               needs to be tested with other instruments (i.e.,
                                  Child Amputee               Designed to assess the degree of parents’    Intrarater reliability has not been established.                  Requires intra-rater reliability testing to confirm
                                     Prosthetics Project-       satisfaction with their child’s                                                                                reliability.
                                     Prosthesis                 prosthetic device in regards to fit,
                                     Satisfaction               function, appearance, and service.
                                     Inventory (CAPP-PSI)
                                  Disability of the Arm,      Evaluates disability and symptoms in         Multiple questions are not appropriate for unilateral             Requires modification to instructions to be
                                     Shoulder, and Hand          single or multiple disorders of the         prosthetic users. More are appropriate for those with             applicable to upper limb prosthetic users and
                                     Measure (DASH)              upper limb.                                 bilateral limb loss.                                              further validation studies.
                                  Jebsen Standardized         Intended to assess disability and            Can be used to compare one terminal device with another or        Requires validity testing for prosthetic users.
                                     Test of Hand                effectiveness of treatment related to       for controls training.
                                     Function                    hand function.
                                  OPUS (UEFS section)         Assesses functional status, QoL, and         New study and recommendations based on study in Slovenia          Evaluate UEFS with different samples (bilateral,
                                                                 satisfaction with devices and services.     with good recommendations, but caution due to limited             using myo, varied levels of amputation).
                                                                 Initially, primarily for LE needs, UEFS     size, isolated clinic, and language. UEFS section of OPUS:        Currently promising measure of manual
                                                                 module revised and modified.                 the client rates the activity based on how they do it (with       functioning following unilateral amputation. If
                                                                                                             our without prosthesis) and this can lead to diversity with       this OM is used the client should state if they are
                                                                                                             responses. Should be compared with/followed up with the           using a prosthesis or not using a prosthesis.
                                                                                                             upcoming adult PUFI to see if it stands up or gives as
                                                                                                             much information (more clinically useful information).
                                  Sollerman Hand              Objective measure of hand function.          Recent upgrade of the kit to make it more portable. Not           Needs validation studies with prosthetic users
                                     Function Test                                                           validated with prosthetic users. Currently being used by
                                                                                                             group in Göteborg in research and clinical areas.
                                  Southampton Hand            Objective measure of hand function.          Developed for upper limb prosthetics, inter and intrarater is     Publication of validation tests with prostheses.
                                     Assessment                                                              complete, currently, insufficient data on use with
                                     Procedure (SHAP)                                                        prostheses.
                                  Trinity Amputation and      Multidimensional assessment to facilitate    Has not been tested on all populations of UE amputees,            Could potentially use TAPES sections that deal with
                                     Prosthetic                  examination of the psychosocial             report is valid, but it should be retested with other             pain and perceived social reaction to prosthesis in
                                     Experience Scales           process involved in adjusting to an         populations. Needs more items relating to upper limb to be        conjunction with OPUS. Needs additional items
                                     (TAPES)                     artificial limb, the specific demands of      clinically useful.                                                and validity testing.
                                                                 wearing prosthesis, and potential
                                                                 sources of maladjustment.
                                  Unilateral Below Elbow      Intended to determine whether the type       Revision of subtests (outdated and culturally specific).           Validity testing is required.
                                    Test (UBET)                  of prosthesis used affects the child’s      Different tasks are treated as equally difficult, but this has
                                                                 ability to accomplish functional tasks.     not been established.
                                  UNB Test of Prosthetic      Intended to determine the progress of an     Subtests are somewhat outdated and culturally specific.            Revision of subtests and validity testing necessary.
                                    Function                     individual child during the stage of        Different tasks are treated as equally difficult, but this has
                                                                 functional training.                        not been established. Penalized for passive use. Could be
                                                                                                             useful for adults and children if tasks are changed/refined.

                                  ACMC, Assessment of Capacity for Myoelectric Control; TAPES, Trinity Amputation and Prosthetic Experience Scales; UEFS, Upper Extremity Functional Status Module; OPUS, Orthotics and
                                  Prosthetics user survey; OM, outcome; LE, lower extremity.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Upper Limb Prosthetic Outcome Measures Group