Garvey School District 2730 N Del Mar Avenue Rosemead, by xyd32971


									                               Garvey School District
                               2730 N Del Mar Avenue
                              Rosemead, California 91770

10 Elementary Schools
2 Intermediate Schools
K-12 Enrollment:     6,093

Mission Statement
The students of the Garvey School District will learn academic skills, moral, and ethical
values and a respect for diversity that will enable them to be life-long learners and
productive members of a global society.

The Garvey School District is situated at the western end of the San Gabriel Valley, about
10 miles from the city of Los Angeles. The District serves four square-mile portions of
Monterey Park, San Gabriel, Rosemead, and Los Angeles County unincorporated
territory. It is the second oldest elementary school district in Los Angeles County.

The Garvey School District has traditions dating back to 1892 when a prominent
landowner, Richard Garvey, founded the first school on his property to provide for the
education of his son. It has expanded from a one-room school to its current twelve
schools, ten of which are elementary schools (K-6) and two are intermediate schools
(Grades 7-8).

The District is a leader in instructional practices and community relations encouraging
parental participation at every level. Garvey reaches out to the community by placing a
high priority on the translation of materials and oral presentations in a variety of

The over 6,100 students from preschool to eighth grade belong to a community that has a
rich multicultural heritage. The students represent a wide range of Latin American and
Asian nationalities as well as a cross section of old California families.

Statewide and National Recognition

•   We have one Blue Ribbon School - the highest honor given to schools in the Nation.
•   We have three California Distinguished Schools, with a fourth nominated as part of
    the 2006 award program.
•   We have four Title I Achieving Schools - another national award.
•   One of our science teachers, Anthony Quan, was named a 2005-06 Los Angeles
    County Teacher of the Year - one of 13 to receive such a prestigious honor.

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