New position open! High school dropout

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					        T  ED
H        High school dropout
       New position open!

APPLY NOW!!!        Salary: $100,000 a year NEW! Guaranteed below
                               $100,000 year
                    the pover ty line!
                                                 Guaranteed below

                                        street corner,     you’re lucky,
                    Housing: A cozy street corner, or if you’re lucky, a
                    one room “lof t” with roaches as live-in pets.
                        room “loft”        roaches     live-in pets.

                    Healthcare plan includes: A Winnie the Pooh
                                    co-pay How cute.
                    band aid and no co-pay. How cute.

                                            we           Hey
                    Benefits: None that we can think of. Hey, at least
                              hav to     to
                    you don’t have to go to school.