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									Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa &
       Chippewa Indians
 Head Start & Early Head Start

    How do we meet the
     requirements of
Eligibility--How do we meet this
• All information that is posted, published and
  mailed to families includes information on the age
  requirements for Head Start and Early Head Start,
  and clearly states that these programs are designed
  to first serve children from low-income families .
• Families are asked how old their children are upon
  picking up an application.
• Families are required to submit income
  verification with their application (preferably a tax
  form from the previous year, however families
  will be asked about their income for the previous
  12 months when a tax form is not available).
  Recruitment--How do we meet
          this Standard?
• We have a Recruitment Plan in place that has been
  approved by Policy Council. This plan will be
  updated this fall and re-submitted to Policy
  Council for their recommendations and approval.
• Recruitment for the upcoming school year begins
  in the end of February.
• A list of age-eligible Tribal Members living in the
  Service Area is obtained from the Membership
  Listing on the Network.
• Mailings are sent to those Tribal Members listed above, as
  well as income and age-eligible children whose names are
  provided by FIA. Mailings are also sent to families of
  returning students and siblings of past students, if
• All information that is mailed and/or posted includes a
  brief description of the services offered and clearly states
  that we provide services to children with disabilities.
• Flyers describing the programs and requirements are
  distributed and/or posted in Tribal buildings.
• Flyers describing the programs and requirements are
  posted in the community at locations families may
• Information regarding the Head Start and Early Head Start
  programs is sent to the Tribal Newsletter for publication
  on a monthly basis.
• Information regarding recruitment and
  openings in the programs is shared with
  community partners who may be able to
  make referrals.
• Policy Council members and current Head
  Start/Early Head Start parents are
  encouraged to spread the word about the
  programs to other families.
• Head Start and Early Head Start have
  information and applications available at the
  Health Fair, Family Fun Fair/Parenting
  Awareness Fair, and any other events that
  may take place.
• Staff is available daily to distribute and accept
  enrollment packets.
• Specific evenings (after traditional business hours)
  are designated to distribute and accept
  applications, and to answer questions that families
  may have regarding the program.
• Staff will walk through GTB Housing to distribute
  flyers about the Head Start/Early Head Start
  programs and distribute application packets as
• All staff will be encouraged to spread the word
  about the Head Start/Early Head Start program to
  families they know.
• Recruitment is an on-going process.
  What is the Selection Criteria?
• The selection criteria is the system used to screen
  all children for eligibility into Head Start or Early
  Head Start.
• The selection criteria that a program develops
  MUST include the following, at a minimum:
   –   Family Income
   –   Age of Child
   –   Other Factors
   –   Disability
• All criteria are equally important in selecting a
  child/family for the program.
• There cannot be more than 10 criteria because it
  reduces the enrollment opportunity for children
  with disabilities.
    What does our
Selection Criteria look
 A few notes about the Selection
• The only children who can get the total maximum
  points are children with disabilities, thus ensuring
  at least 10% of our enrollment opportunities are
  being made available to children with disabilities.
  (Currently with our criteria, children with
  disabilities are given 11% enrollment
• The selection criteria will be revised this fall to
  ensure that the most eligible children are able to
  receive services.
• A waiting list must be established and maintained
  before and throughout the school year.
       Enrollment--What does this
• All children must re-apply and be assigned new points
  based on the selection criteria every year. Children are
  NOT automatically accepted after they have been
  enrolled one year (starting next school year for us…)
  The selection criteria is the only way to determine if a
  new child has a greater need than a child who is
  already enrolled.
• Family Income Eligibility: If a family is income
  eligible one year, they are automatically income
  eligible the next year, regardless of the family income.
  We collect income every year for tracking purposes,
  and to ensure that those that are income eligible get
  noted as so.
    How do we meet this Standard?
• Each child is assigned a number of points based on
  the selection criteria. Children are selected at a
  management team meeting based on the points they
  received. Names of children are not revealed until
  AFTER the selection has been made.
• Accepted children are sent a letter identifying the
  requirements that must be met before entry into the
• Children who are not accepted are placed on the
  waiting list, and will be selected as vacancies occur,
  based on their eligibility from the selection criteria—
  regardless of when the application was submitted.
• Applies only to the Center Based setting.
• Children who are absent due to
  appointments (doctor—not for illness,
  dental, assessments, medical services,
  mental health) are considered to be present.
• All absences must be recorded, whether
  excused or unexcused
 # of children Present
Funded Enrollment (55)
What will be different next year?
• The Selection Criteria will be revised to include
  more details that may influence a family’s
• There will be a pre-application available to
  families rather than the entire enrollment packet.
  The remainder of the forms will be completed by
  parents with staff at the center.
• Recruitment will begin earlier in the year.

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