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									                                                                              May 2007
POSITION TITLE: Head Start/Early Head Start Home Base Teacher

AUTHORITY:             Supervised by Home Base Coordinator

NATURE OF WORK: The employee recruits, enrolls, plans and implements an
enriched program for pregnant women, parents and children in their homes according to
the standards and regulations of Head Start/Early Head Start and other governing
organizations/agencies. The employee makes weekly educational visits in enrollees’
homes and works with the parent to arrange transportation, when needed, to enrollees’
health screenings, parent meetings, and socialization experiences.


Recruits and enrolls eligible home based applicants and maintains a waiting list of
potential enrollees. Has full enrollment of caseload on September 1st of each new
program year and fills vacancies within 30 calendar days.

Provides documentation to the Family Services Coordinator of income verification in
order for her to determine eligibility for enrollment.

Involves the parent in scheduling and planning the content of weekly educational visits in
the home setting, assuring that lesson activities and parent information are relevant to the
age of the child and the needs of the family.

Uses curricular and materials that are reflective of the families’ language and culture.

Manages the visit in order that interaction moves primarily from the home based teacher
to parent and then from parent to child, i.e., uses a parent-focused approach rather than a
passive parent approach.

Provides information to parents or soon-to-be parents about ages and stages of
development, health and nutrition.

Sees that a variety of activities occur during educational home visits that foster cognitive,
gross motor, fine motor development and literacy.

Integrates all components into the home visit; health/mental health, safety, nutrition, and
dental education.

Assesses the strengths and needs of each family served and works with family in creating
goals that can be obtained over the course of the program year. Makes referrals and/or
provides direct services designed to meet family needs and goals. Monitors follow-up to
assure that goals are addressed. Keeps records of same.

Creates and maintains an education folder for each enrollee in caseload; Assures written
documentation about home visits on lesson plans.

Assures that EHS pregnant mothers receive prenatal check-ups; assures that follow-up of
her identified health needs occurs as recommended; makes available to Home Base
Coordinator or Home Base Center Manager written evidence and results of those health

Assures that each enrollee in caseload participates in health/developmental screenings
within 45 days of enrollment; assures treatment is received as indicated by providers in a
timely manner.

Assures that each enrollee in caseload has a dental exam within 90 days of enrollment
and that treatment as indicated by the dental provider is received in a timely manner.

Assures that each enrollee in caseload has received or is in the process of receiving
required immunizations.

Works with parent/guardian to access transportation, if needed, to health and social
service appointments as well as socialization experiences.

Solicits in-kind donations to be used as a local match for Early Head Start funds; follows
through with inkind record keeping.

Participates in in-service and career development training.

Performs related duties as assigned.


Head Start/Early Head Start Home Base teachers must have knowledge and experience in
early childhood development and education, adult learning principles and family
dynamics. They must be skilled in communicating with and motivating people. In
addition, they must have knowledge of community resources and the skills to link
families with appropriate agencies and services.

Because of the nature of the job, teachers need to be self-directed and possess good
organizational and time management skills. Flexibility to work with unexpected changes
in schedule is a must.

Bi-lingual in Spanish is strongly encouraged.

Ability to visually supervise children

Ability to hear a child’s communications, including crying and pre-language

Ability to effectively communicate verbally with children.

Ability to lift children weighing up to approximately 40 lbs.

Ability to physically interact with young children through running, chasing, bending,
stooping, lifting, climbing, standing.

Ability to take corrective actions to prevent harm of young children: anticipating
dangerous situations and, then responding quickly.

Physical stamina and emotional maturity to work with infants, active
toddlers/preschoolers and adults.


Associate, Baccalaureate, or advanced degree in early childhood education, human
development/social work, or CDA/Credential I and II in early childhood, including
education and experience in social services and adult education

Current certification in Standard First Aid and Infant/Child CPR

Ability to speak Spanish and English.


At least 21 years of age.

Must have valid North Carolina driver’s license and use of car

Must participate in WCCA Drug Pool

Pass North Carolina’s criminal history check for child care workers.

Physician’s statement of good health and negative results of TB test before beginning
work and as requested by HS Coordinator, Health Advisory Committee, or NC Child
Care Licensing. Personal statement of good health annually.

Participation in annual training required by NC Division of Child Development’s center
licensing standards and the NC Child and Adult Nutrition Program’s standard for
programs receiving nutrition funds.


Grades 29, 31, or 33 (HB Teacher I, II or III) depending upon education and or


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