Letter of Offer Sample (Submit 2 originals and eight by robpearson


									   Faculty Letter of Offer Sample (Submit 2 originals and eight copies to the
                               Dean’s Office)
                             Refer to Provost Samples for Guidance
November 7, 2008

Mr. Chris Barnes
1234 Olney St. SE
Salem, OR 97301

Dear Mr. Barnes,

The Department of Natural Resource Sciences and the College of Agricultural, Human, and
Natural Resource Sciences are pleased to offer you a full-time, tenure-track position. The terms
of the offer are as follows:

Title:                        Assistant Professor

Appointment:                  50% Academic Programs, 35% Agricultural Research Center, 17%
                              WSU Extension

Salary:                       $50,000 on an annual year basis

Effective Date:               August 16, 2009

Location:                     Pullman, WA or other location as assigned.

Tenure:                       Under current policy, you will be eligible for tenure no later than
                              your sixth full year of employment in 2014-2015. However, if
                              your record warrants promotion to the associate rank before the
                              probationary period has been completed, you may apply early. If
                              promotion is awarded early, tenure will be granted at the same
                              time. (Tenure can only be awarded after you have received
                              permanent immigrant status.) Progress toward tenure is evaluated
                              (and faculty are given feedback) annually with a more intensive
                              review in the third year. Your third-year progress review will be
                              completed in 2012.

                              The Department of Natural Resource Sciences promotion and
                              tenure guidelines are enclosed or can be found at:

                              You can find the Policies, Procedures, and Criteria for Promotion
                              and Tenure in the College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural
                              Resource Sciences on the web at:
                              http://www.cahe.wsu.edu/fs/annual-review.htm. Please refer to
                              these documents during your probationary period as you prepare
                              for promotion.
Start-up Support:           Allocation of $4,000 for computer and technology equipment.
                            These funds must be expended by (one year from appointment
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Relocation Expenses:        The College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource
                            Sciences will pay relocation expenses of household goods and
                            professional materials from Salem, Oregon to Puyallup, WA, up to
                            16,000 pounds not to exceed $4,166.67.

                            A State of Washington authorized mover will be assigned to move
                            you. You will receive a moving packet from the WSU Purchasing
                            Office concerning moving regulations. Please Do Not Initiate
                            Your Own Move.

New Faculty Orientation:    New faculty orientation will be held on the Washington State
                            University Pullman campus as follows: Washington State
                            University orientation – Sunday, August 16, 2009 – Tuesday,
                            August 18, 2009. College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural
                            Resource Sciences orientation – Tuesday, August 18, 2009 –
                            Thursday, August 20, 2009.

Faculty Manual:             The current Faculty Manual, (and its revisions by the WSU Board
                            of Regents) is the official guide to policies and procedures, and its
                            provisions are conditions of employment. The Faculty Manual
                            should be consulted and followed where applicable in resolving
                            questions regarding your appointment. You may access the
                            Faculty Manual at the following website: http://facsen.wsu.edu/

                            The WSU Intellectual Property policy, which is included in the
                            Faculty Manual and is a condition of your employment, provides
                            that certain intellectual properties developed within the scope of
                            your employment or association, or developed with substantial use
                            of university facilities, or developed under third party funding
                            agreements are considered to be the property of the University.
                            For any intellectual property in which the University has an
                            interest, you are hereby agreeing to execute promptly all
                            assignments, waivers and other legal documents necessary to vest
                            in the University or its assignee any and all rights to the intellectual
                            property developed during this employment. You may access this
                            Intellectual Property policy in the Business Policies and
                            Procedures Manual: http://www.wsu.edu/~forms/PDF/BPPM/35-

Washington State University employs only U.S. citizens and lawfully authorized non-U.S.
citizens. All new employees must show employment eligibility verification as required by the
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to comply with the Immigration Reform and Control
Act. You will need to show this documentation to your department office within three business
days after duties begin. Failure to do so will result in employment termination.

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We look forward to having you on our faculty and we trust these conditions are faithful to our
discussions. Please sign and return one letter with the enclosed, completed Biographical Data
Sheet by March 11, 2009 to Fran McSweeney, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, Washington
State University, PO Box 641046, Pullman, WA 99164-1046.

                                                     Department Chair

_____________________________                        ____________________________
Daniel J. Bernardo                                   Warwick M. Bayly
Dean                                                 Provost and Executive Vice President
College of Agricultural, Human, and
Natural Resource Sciences

(IF this position has an Extension appointment, please include the following signature line)

Linda Kirk Fox
Associate Vice President and Dean
WSU Extension



I        accept       decline the terms of this offer.

____________________________                         ___________________
New Hire Name Here                                   Date
cc:   Center Director (when appropriate)
      Regional Campus Dean (when appropriate)
      Human Resource Services

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