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                              2007                  2012                   2017                 10-Year Growth

Estimated Population          620,492               707,402                831,392              33.9%

Estimated Households          205,280               230,108                265,225              29.2%

Average Household Income      $66,462               $71,298                $76,377              14.9%


Project                      The selected 163-acre site will be home to The Summit in Henry
                             County, anchored by two department stores. The lifestyle center will
                             feature a cinema, bookstore, restaurants and specialty retail shops.

Location                     Situated at I-75 and Jodeco Road in Henry County, The Summit will
                             serve a large, growing regional trade area. This southeast quadrant
                             of Atlanta is the only suburb of the city lacking a stable, regional
                             shopping center.

Trade Area                   Population growth expectations are based on several variables,
                             including the area’s appeal to youthful families with children, with
                             median age at 32 years old, and the development of a 1000-home
                             swim & tennis community at Eagle’s Landing Golf and Country Club,
                             which hosts an LPGA tournament each year.

                             Henry County is a high income location, with over 45% of households
                             in a 5 mile radius earning over $75,000, and over 28% earning
                             greater than $100,000.

                             Within the trade area, 38.3% of households exceed $75,000.

               c r e a t i v i t y         v i s i o n                a g i l i t y

                               Our Development Philosophy
 Our commitment is to creating community environments that are crafted for long term growth. We recognize that the
 consumer is choice driven with a desire for entertainment, dining and quality merchandise all in one convenient location.
 Therefore, we envision multi-use developments where retail, recreation and business flow together, maximizing the
 synergies between the lifestyle components, to combine them as a cohesive development and a destination center.

 Central to our design philosophy is the desire to innovate and shape a development of substance responsive to the mar-
 ket’s needs. Our passion is for creating high-quality, architecturally pleasing projects that are designed to respect the
 styles of a local community. Our goal is to achieve solid customer satisfaction through these design and construction
 standards, substantial landscaping respectful of the surrounding environment and efficient property management.

                                               t h e      s u m m i t
c r e a t i v i t y   v i s i o n   a g i l i t y
                                                                              It makes you feel like shopping

The Summit Marketing Philosophy:
There are two distinct benefits that position The Summit as the customer preferred shopping destination in each of its markets.*
First is the special mix of high quality retailers and restaurants; second is the unique shopping atmosphere created by careful attention
to architectural and landscaping detail. These principles are the focus of an integrated brand marketing campaign which communicates
this message to consumers everyday.

While some may believe “build it and they will come”, we choose to be certain and drive consumer traffic by telling them about it
as well. And to us, that means investing the necessary resources to ensure our retail partners are successful, and more importantly, that our
shared customer is happy as well.

* 2007: Best Place to Shop and Best Place for Ladies’ Fashion Apparel, Birmingham Alabama; Best Place to Shop, Best Open Air Shopping Center, Reno Nevada;
  Preferred Place for a Shopping Spree, Louisville Kentucky.

                     Print and Billboard Advertising:
                     Millions of customers each month are reminded of The Summit’s fantastic assortment of retailers, seasonal fashion, and special
                     events. Store opening messages are often integrated into the mix, helping to ensure the success of new stores.

                                                             It makes you feel like putting a little spring in your wardrobe

                                                                                                                                                                                           A UNIQUE LIFESTYLE CENTER FEATURING OVER 100 FINE SHOPPES AND RESTAURANTS, INCLUDING:
                                                                                                                                                                                           PARISIAN | OLD NAVY | URBAN OUTFITTERS | APPLE | CLAIRE’S | ABERCROMBIE & FITCH | ABERCROMBIE
                                                                                                                                                                                           GAP | GAP KIDS | LUCKY BRAND JEANS | THE LEVI’S STORE | TALBOT’S KIDS | THE CHILDREN’S PLACE
                                                                                                                                                                                           SAKS FIFTH AVENUE | ANTHROPOLOGIE | MOUNTAIN HIGH OUTFITTERS | JANIE & JACK | GYMBOREE


                                           D I L L A R D’ S | B A N A N A R E P U B L I C | SEPHORA | W H I T E H O U S E | B L ACK MARKET | TANGERINE AVEDA
                                           CACHÉ | J. JILL | CHICO’S | GESTURE | COACH | APPLE | ALDO | POTTERY BARN | J. CREW | BEBE

                                           JOS. A . BANK | PATRICK JAMES | M•A•C COSMETICS | CHARLOTTE RUSSE | WILLIAMS - SONOMA

                                                                                                                                                                  BMAG.indd 1                                                                                                              7/5/07 4:38:14 PM

                            SPRING FASHION                                                                                                                                      BACK TO SCHOOL

                              FALL FASHION                                                                                                                                      WINTER | HOLIDAY

                                                                                                                     t h e                                     s u m m i t
Radio Advertising:
Radio communications provide additional rationale for
shopping, store suggestions and event details to further
entice the customer to visit stores at The Summit.

Television Advertising:
TV advertising seeks to further generate awareness and
drive store traffic with a market-wide reach during key sell-
ing periods. Each spot highlights an insight about shopping,
and as with the print advertising, retailers are paramount
in the ad communication hierarchy.

The Summit web site provides messaging to drive consumers
to the retail locations. Though it lives graphically in the same
campaign with print and TV, it serves as a critical source of
consumer information about store mix and location, while
providing a link to retailer web sites. E-mail is also utilized to
communicate special events, new store openings, and other
happenings at The Summit.

We recognize that the demographics and shopping behaviors
of our customers are dynamic and ever changing. Research is
an integral part of our marketing effort, allowing us to ensure
advertising effectiveness and formulate insightful marketing
strategies which are relevant to the consumer. We believe
there is no substitute for genuinely knowing your customer.

                                                                        FOCUS GROUPS                       MYSTERY SHOPPER

Signature Events:
Signature Events are key to solidifying the role of The Summit in all aspects of shoppers’ lives. These events
remind customers that The Summit isn’t just about shopping – it’s about family get-togethers, meals, entertainment,
and celebrations that benchmark the year.

                                                   EVENT ADVERTISING

Public Relations:
“There is always something new going on at The Summit.”
It is this premise that drives our public relations effort.
Whether it’s an event like Holiday Lights Up, a new store
opening, or the appearance of a new fashion trend,
we are always talking to media and customers about
what’s going on at The Summit.

     c r e a t i v i t y                                v i s i o n                 a g i l i t y
  2222 arlington avenue

   Birmingham, al 35205

    Phone 800.89.Bayer

     Fax 205.795.4163


 1170 Peachtree street ne

        suite 2350

    atlanta, ga 30309

    Phone 404.591.6700

     Fax 404.591.6722


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