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       Your Patio Furniture Reference Guide

     Our “Shop Assured” Guarantee
     How to protect your Furniture Investment
     Simple Maintenance Instructions
     Important Policies and Procedures

  Proper care of your outdoor furniture will
  give you years of patio enjoyment!
    General Information

Congratulations on your purchase...
.....and thank you for selecting Pool Patio and More as
your casual furnishings store! Since 1968, our company
has worked hard to insure the complete satisfaction of
each and every customer. Having now served thousands
of pleased patrons and been recognized as one of the
“Top-Ten” casual furnishers in the country, we can proudly
admit that our way of conducting business is, in fact, a cut
above the rest!

You see, when we are not selling furniture, we too are
consumers, just like you. We strive to provide you with a
shopping experience that is no less than we would expect
or demand. To Pool Patio and More, value means
providing our customers with the finest possible product
at the best possible price, the most complete selection
with a decorator’s flare that will excite the very
discriminating buyer, with a level of service that is both
attentive and informative from start to finish. As you have
seen, this is not only our commitment, but also our

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                              About your Furniture

Our “Shop Assured” Guarantee

  Best Prices
We buy right, to make sure that you buy right! Plus, we
check out the “other guy” regularly to insure that our
prices are always in line.
◊ However, should you find any exact item at a lesser
price, we will make up the difference and then

 Best Quality
Only the finest manufacturers make it through our doors.
Designed for living and built for life, our products are hand
made by skilled craftsmen and back ed by long term
warranties that insure a prudent investment. Because our
reputation is on the line, we know that there is no
substitute for quality!

  Best Selection
From classic to contemporary, glitzy to simple, we believe
that Pool Patio and More offers the most tasteful and
complete selection of casual furnishings in the area. But
what about your personal selection? It has to look as
good at your home as it does in our stores.
◊ That’s why we have the most liberal return policy in the
industry, because when you look your best, we look our

                                                   Best Prices
                                                  Best Prices
                                                  Best Service
                                                  Best Service
                                                 Best Selection
                                                 Best Selection
                                                  Best Quality
                                                  Best Quality


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      General Information

Add years of beauty to your patio furniture investment
with simple“do-it-yourself” care and maintenance
Anyone who has invested in fine casual furniture wants it to appear its
best...year after year. This brochure is intended to help you take care of
problems like scratches, scrapes or damaged straps - minor, but inescapable
results of seasonal storage and extended use.

While this booklet deals primarily with maintenance, it also explains the
special design and assembly techniques that make your furniture worth

The Frame
All metal furniture at Pool Patio and More with the exception of some dining
tables, feature full circumference, fully welded frame construction. In
addition, our cast aluminum collections are all solid castings containing no
nuts or bolts. These methods provide the strongest way to join two pieces of

The Finish
Our metal furniture is prepared for a powder coated finish by passing through
a special pre-wash system which both cleans the frame and also applies a
special finish-bonding agent. This special agent ensures that the powder
coating will adhere uniformly and will not crack, peel or blister.

Powder Coating
The polyester powder coated finish used on quality outdoor furnishings is
three times thicker than paint. It is applied electrostatically as a powder, then
it is baked at temperatures exceeding 400 degrees. This causes the powder
to melt and flow evenly all around the frame. Because the powder coating
process follows the frame construction, the entire frame is actually sealed in
this powder coating.

The Strapping and Lacing
Our manufacturers use only the finest, heavy-gauge virgin vinyl with added
mildew inhibitors and ultra violet stabilizers. They require a specific vinyl
thickness and hardness durometer for durability and “memory”. (The
“memory” of the vinyl is its ability to return to the original shape after use.)
This vinyl strapping is formulated to provide many years of service.

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                                          About your Furniture

The Fabric and Fill
All of our manufacturer’s fabrics, whether for slings, cushions or umbrellas,
are designed and constructed for outdoor use and are formulated to
withstand the elements. All dry quickly, contain mildew inhibitors and are
stain resistant. (Please note that proper care will extend the life of your
All cushions feature the finest quality polyester fill. This fill is designed to dry
quickly and retain its loft for years. The fill is also flame retardant, meeting
fire rating code CA117.

The Table Tops
Most manufacturers offer a choice of table top materials: Acrylic, Glass, Faux
Stone, Slate Textured Fiberglass, Natural Stone, Marble, Travertine, Granite
and Expanded Metal Mesh. Most of these are available with holes to
accommodate the use of a Standard 1.5” umbrella.
          Acrylic tops are highly impact resistant.         The textured
          surface helps hide any scuffs or scratches.

          “Smooth-Rough” and “Clear” Glass tops are tempered for
          safety. Tempering ensures that should a top break, it will
          crumble into cubes, not shatter into sharp shards.

          Faux Stone tops combine dramatic looks with durable
          resin or fiberglass construction. They feature a full 1.5”
          thick soft radius edge with a rough textured, coral stone

          Fiberglass tops have a wood core and feature a “slate-like”

          Natural Stone, Marble, Travertine and Granite are naturally
          beautiful and timeless. These tops will require an annual
          application of stone sealer.

The Variety
Our manufacturers offer a wide variety of frame styles and finish colors.
Combined with an outstanding selection of coordinating fabrics, the result is
style, elegance and practical durability.....

The Pool Patio and More Difference.

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Cleaning and Protecting
Most stains can be removed with a mild soap or detergent. Avoid using
abrasive cleaners. For gloss finishes only, we recommend periodic waxing of
the frame with an automotive paste wax or the use of a commercially
available protectant to help restore the luster of your finish. At Pool Patio and
More, we offer a Patio Furniture Cleaner that will maintain the beauty of the
gloss finish when used regularly. For all textured finishes, a mild soap and
warm water wash is recommended.

Repairing Scratches and Scrapes in the Finish
Touch-up paint to match your frame color is available directly from our
                                factories. Before beginning any touch-up
                                procedure, always wash the marred area
                                first to remove any dirt or grease, and then
                                lightly sand the edges around the scratch so
                                that the touch-up paint will blend in easily.

                                   Touching Up Gloss Finishes
                                   Sand lightly with 400 to 600 grit wet or dry
                                   sandpaper and then clean the area with
                                   rubbing alcohol. Apply paint with short light
                                   sprays until covered. Be sure to avoid “over-
                                   spraying” onto adjacent areas.

                                   Touching Up Textured Finishes
                                    Our manufacturers offer low-gloss (matte
finish) spray paint, available in 6 once spray cans, for touching up textured
finishes. Hold spray can 8-10 inches away from the surface to be touched
up. Do not try to get full coverage with the first coat. Spray a thin coat and let
dry, then spray a second coat and let dry. Continue applying until desired
coverage is achieved. Trying to get full coverage in the first coat may result in
a glossy surface. Should this happen, dull with a light (thin) “dusting” coat
applied after the offending glossy coat has dried.

For Small Nicks:
Spray touch-up paint onto a flat plate or dish. Then use a small artist’s brush
to transfer the paint from the plate to the furniture. Texture can be enhanced
with a clean, dry brush after the paint becomes tacky.

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                                    FRAMES AND FINISHES

For Scratches:
Spray touch-up paint directly onto the furniture, heavy enough to cover the
blemish. Wait 3-5 minutes for the paint to become tacky. Pat with a damp
(not soaking) cloth to create texture. Note: A dry cloth will pick up too much
paint. Make sure your cloth is lint free.

For Scrapes Down to Bare Metal:
Spray touch-up paint directly onto the furniture heavy enough to cover the
blemish. Then, sprinkle fine grain silicone sand on the wet paint. Re-coat
with a light spray after the first coat dries.

Words to the Wise:
Its better to use many light coats, than just one heavy coat as the solvents in
the spray paint may cause the surrounding finish to loosen and wrinkle.

Storage Hint:
 Always store touch-up spray cans “upside down”, as the nozzles are less
likely to clog this way.
If a Frame Sits Unevenly….
For Tubular, Extruded and
Wrought Metal Furniture
First, check that the glides (nylon feet)
are properly seated and not worn. If
your chair or small table legs sit
unevenly on a flat floor, correct this by
determining the “long” leg. Then, place a small block of wood on the floor.
Now, lift the chair and firmly bring it down so that the “long” leg strikes the
wood. This should shorten the longer leg.

For Cast Metal Furniture
Cast chairs often come with adjustable feet (glides) to compensate for
unevenness. Make sure that your floor is level by switching chair locations. If
this does not correct the problem, contact your local Pool Patio and More so
we can have the manufacturer send a replacement chair.

Winter Storage
If you live in an area that experiences freezing conditions, store your furniture
right side up in a dry, protected place. Do not stack more that 10 pieces high.

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Cleaning and Protecting
Just like the frame, vinyl strapping should be cleaned frequently with mild
soap or detergent and water. In areas with high concentrations of acid rain,
fog and/or smog, vinyl should be cleaned monthly with a water and ammonia
mixture. (Use three parts water to one part ammonia.) If you own furniture
with woven straps or lacing, be sure to lift and clean beneath the strap or lace
intersections. Avoid abrasive cleaners. Pool Patio and More offers strap
cleaning products that will help maintain your furniture’s new appearance
when used regularly. We also recommend periodic waxing of the straps with
an automotive paste wax.

Caution: Certain suntan and sun block products contain “Paba”. Paba is
harmful to vinyl and can permanently discolor it, therefore, contact with vinyl
straps or lacing should be avoided. If contact is made, the possibility of
discoloration may be minimized by cleaning the vinyl immediately with a non-
abrasive, mild soap and water solution followed with a fresh water rinse.
Laying a beach towel over the vinyl straps whenever you are using the
furniture will prolong the vinyl’s life.

Replacing Straps and Lacing
Most of our furniture can be re-strapped at
home or at a recommended repair center. If
necessary, we can order you pre-cut straps for
your collection from the manufacturer direct.
There are two methods of attaching a single
strap: the first (“rivet style”) uses a nylon rivet
inserted through a hole in the strap and
pressed into a corresponding hole in the frame,
the second (“slot style”) utilizes a tab
configuration on the strap end which fits into a
slot punched in the frame.

To replace a strap, first heat the vinyl strap in hot (180-200 degrees) water
for 1-2 minutes. (Be sure to protect your hands with gloves when handling
hot straps.) Install the rivet or tab. Then, as shown in the sketch, attach one
end of the strap. Wrap the strap around the frame stretching it to the
opposite side. Now, wrap the other end of the strap around the frame off to
one side of the rivet hole or slot. Fasten this end to the frame and realign the
strap by shifting it back over the tab or rivet. For those items which have
“Vinyl Lacing”, if under warranty, the lacing can be replaced by the factory or
at an authorized repair center. Contact your manufacturer for more

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                                                     FABRIC CARE

General Information
The life of your fabric largely depends on its care and use. Any fabric may be
permanently discolored by certain suntan and sun block products. This
possibility can be minimized by immediately cleaning after contact. It is
important to clean your fabric regularly. In addition, storing your cushions
when not in use, or using furniture covers, will extend their life. Also, fabric
life can be extended by simply hosing down your furniture regularly with

Hint: Cushions dry faster if they are allowed to stand on their sides while

Vinyl Coated Polyester Weaves
    Soil, Suntan Oil and Lotions:
    Promptly remove with solution of 1 cup of liquid detergent and
    3 gallons of water.
    Occasionally add 1 cup of
    household bleach to the
    detergent/water solution.
    Oil and Grease: Use bleach
    and rubbing alcohol.
    Mildew: Treat with warm
    water, detergent and bleach
    mixture indicated above.
    Beer and Coffee: Add
    white vinegar to above
    cleaning solution.
    Berry Juices, Wine and
    Blood: Use strong liquid
    detergent, warm water and ammonia.

Polyester and Acrylic Prints
    Promptly remove soil (including suntan oils and lotions) with a
    solution consisting of two capfuls of mild liquid soap per gallon
    of water. Be liberal with solution and scrub with a soft brush.
    Rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove soap and air dry.


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Polyester/Olefin and Acrylic/Olefin Blends
 Clean spills as soon as possible. If a spot remains, use a mild detergent
 and water solution. Occasionally, add 1 cup of household bleach to the
 detergent/water solution. Rinse entire cushion or umbrella with water. Air
 Baby Oil, Beer, Orange Juice and Coffee: Apply hot water and
 detergent. Rinse the entire piece thoroughly. If necessary, apply a laundry
 pre-wash, leave on for 10 minutes, then reapply hot water and detergent.
 Rinse thoroughly.
 Blood Stains: Apply protein or enzyme spotter.
 Oil and Suntan Lotion: Apply a volative-type paint remover to stain or
 100% mineral spirits.
 Ink, Marker or Mascara: Apply Grain or Wood Alcohol to stain.

Acrylic/Polyester Blends and 100% Acrylic Fabrics
 Spot wash with a lukewarm (no warmer than 100 degrees) solution of mild
 liquid soap and water. Rub briskly with a rough cloth or soft bristle brush.
 Rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove soap. Allow to air dry. Do not
 use bleach, harsh detergents or stiff bristle brushes on acrylic
 For stubborn stains and suntan lotions, we recommend “Spic & Span” or a
 fine fabric cleaner. Use full strength and apply vigorously with a sponge or
 clean cloth. Sponge thoroughly with clean water. Allow to air dry.
 Note: 100% acrylic fabric is heat sensitive. Do not use heat, hot
 water or bleach.

Acrylic/PVC Blends
 Spot wash by sponging briskly with a lukewarm solution of mild liquid soap
 and water. Sponge thoroughly to remove soap and then air dry. For suntan
 lotions, use fine fabric cleaner.
 Do not use Pine Oil cleaners or abrasive household cleaners.

 Mildew often forms on dirty surfaces. However, regular cleaning will help
 to prevent its forming. If mildew stains should develop on non-printed
 vinyl coated polyester fabric, prepare a mild chlorine bleach and soapy
 water solution as follows: 1 cup bleach per gallon of water and 2 capfuls
 mild liquid detergent (Joy, Dawn, Ivory Liquid). Spray on the entire area and
 allow to soak in. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary. An alternative
 method to removing mildew would be to use either “X-14” or another
 household mildew remover. Follow directions on the label.

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                                     CUSHIONS AND SLINGS

Replacing Cushions
When the time comes, replacing worn and faded cushions will dramatically
enhance your outdoor furniture and beautify your garden living areas.

Our manufacturers offer replacement cushions to match all current and most
discontinued frame styles. Should the manufacturer no longer make the
cushion style available, Pool Patio and More has after market sources who do
nothing more than reproduce cushions for collections that are retired clas-
sics. You may select the cushion fabric from the corresponding manufactur-
ers extensive fabric offering, or you can use your own material. All cushions
feature the finest quality polyester fill. The fill is designed to dry quickly and
retain its loft for years.

Replacing Slings
While extremely durable, if necessary, the fabric sling seat can be replaced by
following these simple directions.

  (1) Choose a fabric and place your replacement sling order with the manu-
  facturer of your outdoor furniture.

  (2) After you have received your new slings, remove the nylon end caps
  from both the top and bottom of the sling rail channels.

  (3) Remove the metal stretcher bar from the upper back of the chair.

  (4) Loosen and remove the bolts under the seat and on the chair back.
  This step will loosen the sling fabric. On most sling chair models there are
  only two bolts; opposite sling rail sides are welded.

  (5) Slide the sling out from the sling rails. You may need to use pliers to
  grip the fabric. Pull first from one side and then from the other side.

  (6) Reverse the process. Begin by sliding the new sling (note the vinyl rod
  sewn in to the pocket along the sling fabric’s edge) into the sling rail chan-
  nel at the top of the chair. Pull first from one side and then from the other
  side. Use pliers as necessary, covering the fabric with a cloth to protect it
  from resultant plier marks. Hint: Vinyl coated polyester slings will
  slide easier in the channel groove if a small amount of petroleum
  jelly is applied to the fabric edge.

  (7) Tighten riv-nuts and reinstall metal stretcher bar. The assistance of
  another person, pulling on the opposite side of the sling rail, will aid in the
  reinstallation of the stretcher bar.

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General Maintenance
Always close and secure the umbrella in its stand when not in use or in windy
weather. This will protect it against damage from inclement weather or high

Caution: Flying umbrellas can be dangerous to people and can cause
severe damage to your furniture. We strongly recommend that you
purchase a minimum 50 lb. weighted base as an anchor for your
umbrella. Do not use umbrella base shells that you fill yourself, as
they will rarely exceed a 35 lb. capacity when full. Pool Patio and
More has a variety of umbrella bases available for both home and
commercial use.

If the umbrella becomes wet, open it for a complete airing and make certain
that it is thoroughly dry before closing again.

Always dry the umbrella completely before storing and fold carefully to avoid
wrinkling the fabric. Protect it with a cover and lay on a hard, flat surface in a
well-ventilated location.

Market Umbrella Wooden Pole and Frame
The Market umbrella’s simplicity of design requires little more than the
General Maintenance and Storage instructions above. Any accidental
scrapes or scratches on your
wooden pole may be touched up
with a matching wood stain and
covered with marine spar varnish.

Metal Umbrella Pole &
Occasional lubrication of the
moving parts, using WD-40 or a
similar product, is recommended.
For the ribs, use Petroleum Jelly or
a comparable lubricant. If
oxidation occurs, you may rub
down the affected area with steel
wool and follow up with a protective lubricant.

Umbrella Fabric
The “FABRIC CARE & CLEANING” section lists simple, easy-to-follow
instructions for keeping your umbrella fabric looking clean and bright.

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                                                       TABLE TOPS

Cleaning Table Tops
    Acrylic: Avoid build-up of grease and stains by washing periodically with
    a mild soap or detergent. Do not use window cleaners or products
    containing ammonia or solvents on acrylic tops. The use of a
    commercially available protectant will help remove and prevent
    oxidation. Never put plastic covers over acrylic table tops. The resulting
    heat accumulation may cause the acrylic to bow. Occasional use of an
    automotive paste was will help keep your acrylic table looking new.
    Glass: Use a glass cleaner with ammonia.
    Faux Stone: When needed, clean with a solution of mild detergent and
    water. Occasional use of mild abrasive cleaner will release embedded
    dirt. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
    Fiberglass: Use a glass cleaner with ammonia.

Replacing Acrylic or Glass Table Tops
Many table tops available through our manufacturers are secured with
“captured” rims. While the mechanisms may be slightly different, the
principal of attachment is the same.
   (1) Protect an area on the ground with a blanket or pad and lay the table
   upside down with the feet pointed up.
   (2) Remove the
   portion of the table
   from the rim by
   either applying
   pressure and
   pulling away from
   the rim, unscrewing
   the clips that hold
   the legs to the rim
   or turning the
   grommet inserts
   that attach the legs
   to the rim.
   (3) Put the new table top into the rim, and snap the supplied plastic clips
   into place-first, where the top lays in the rim, then under the “lip” around
   the edge of the rim. Position the clips evenly around the rim to hold the
   glass securely in place.
   (4) With the top and rim still upside down, reinstall the leg/pedestal
   portion of the table. Stand the table back on it’s legs.

  Note regarding Glass Tops: The smooth side should face up when
  the table is upright.

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Resin and Synthetic Wickers
Outdoor furniture made of poly-synthetic plastics (resin) feature economy,
durability, and ease in one great package. Our resin furniture is injected
molded, then sanded, finished and in some cases a
thousand details that guarantee it will remain smooth and shiny, summer or
winter, year after year.

To clean, simply sponge wash with a mixture of household detergent such as
Joy or Ivory liquid and warm water. Rinse with clear water and allow to dry in
the sun. For stubborn stains on non-lacquered products, you may use a small
amount of mild abrasive cleanser such as Soft Scrub. Pool Patio and More
has Resin Furniture Cleaner available for your convenience. When used
regularly, our cleaner will dissolve the accumulated dirt and keep your
furniture looking bright and new for years.

Teak Furniture
What makes our teak special
Teak is unique among woods and is the premier timber for outdoor use. Due
to its very high natural oil content, teak has great resistance to fungal attack
and is highly impervious to the elements and weathering, even if permanently
placed in a damp atmosphere.

During fabrication, our manufacturers use only kiln-dried lumber. Kiln drying
reduces the moisture content of the timber, a process which inhibits
checking, splitting and adds considerable strength to the finished product. All
pieces use the time honored joinery of mortise and tenon construction. A
mortise is a groove or slot cut into wood which a tenon or tongue fits into, to
form a joint. When used in conjunction with kiln dried timber, the wood when
exposed to the elements will absorb moisture and swell, creating a tight solid
fitting joint. Lastly, the components are secured with either solid teak dowels
which have also been kiln-dried and/or solid brass fittings that are resistant
to rust. Thus adding additional strength and ease of operation for years to
Caring For Your Teak Furniture
It is a misconception that teak furniture needs to be maintained with teak oil.
Teak oil does not increase the lifetime of the furniture. The only effect of
applying a thin film of oil to teak is to darken the original color of the wood
and maintain the color. Eventually the oil will have to be reapplied, and the
old oiled surface will need careful preparation.

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                           OTHER OUTDOOR PRODUCTS

If you elect to treat your furniture with teak oil, then your furniture must be
cleaned regularly with soap and water as dust and moss can collect on the
oiled surface. We do not recommend painting teak furniture.

If you leave your teak furniture “raw”, the appearance will after some months
take on a vintage patina and turn to a silver grey. This is purely the loss of
color in the exposed surface of the wood and is caused by the elements of
light, moisture and oxygen. Untreated teak can be cleaned simply with a
medium stiff bristle brush and soapy water. High pressure water hosing is
not necessary. Do not use wire wool and wire brushes because the tiny
pieces of metal left on the surface will rust and leave black spots.
Stubborn stains or deposits can be rubbed away with a fine grade sandpaper
in the direction of the grain only. The original teak brown color which appears
due to the use of sandpaper will soon become the same color as the rest of
the furniture.

If your teak will be used in humid enclosures such as indoor swimming and
spa facilities, the surface of the furniture could eventually feel less smooth
than when originally purchased. The reason for this is the natural “raising” of
the wood grain. A light sanding with fine grit sandpaper will smooth the

With very little care, your teak furniture will endure normal use without losing
its beauty and strength for many decades.

Shorea Wood
Shorea is a hardwood, similar to mahogany and much like teak, but does not
contain as tight a grain or as much natural oil. You will care for shorea in the
same manner as teak. If you desire, shorea wood can be painted.

Cedar, Redwood and Southern Yellow Pine
Outdoor furniture made of the soft woods listed above, blend nicely with any
garden setting at an affordable price but will require a bit more maintenance
to keep them looking attractive. When exposed to the elements, the nature
of these lumbers respond by both changing color and becoming rough and
very grainy. In most cases, the grains may become very dark and black as
they raise over time. We recommend annually, that you tighten all hardware,
sand, seal and finish each piece by applying an outdoor wood stain or
varnish. If you wish, these woods may be painted after sanding. Use only a
good quality, outdoor latex paint. This will restore the showroom appearance
of your furniture.

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Custom and Special Orders
One of the many advantages of purchasing quality outdoor furniture is the
opportunity to have it “your way”! Every manufacturer that we represent has
an extensive selection of styles, accessory pieces, fabrics and finish colors to
enhance your individual setting. Of course it would be impossible for any
dealer to stock every item in every color combination. Therefore, custom
orders represent almost 40% of our business nationwide.

We know that you are anxious to receive and begin using your outdoor
furniture. But please remember, your furniture is hand-made from scratch.
Each piece will be meticulously detailed to arrive at the look you expect and
the quality you demand. Manufacturing lead times can take anywhere from
four weeks to as long as sixteen weeks depending on the product and
manufacturer we are dealing with. However, 99% of our special and custom
orders will arrive within an eight week period, a very swift response when you
realize how many people and how much attention is involved in each and
every order.

At the time your order is being placed, our Sales Associate will provide you
with an approximation of your products arrival. Once your order is in
production, there can be no cancellations. Our Special Order Department will
do its best to keep you informed of the order status once it is in the
manufacturing process.

As soon as your product arrives, we will promptly call you to arrange for either
delivery or pick-up of the merchandise per the arrangements made at the
time of the sale.

Deliveries and Pick-Ups
For your convenience and at a nominal charge, Pool Patio and More does
provide full service delivery. During the delivery you can expect our drivers to
un-carton, un-wrap, assemble if necessary and place the furniture in the
location you desire. Only cushions and pads will be left in their protective
wrapping to insure that our employees do not soil the fabric. Upon
completion we will remove all cardboard and packaging debris leaving your
furniture ready to enjoy.

Our office will contact you to coordinate a delivery date for your product.
Both the scheduling and the delivery will usually take place within 7 to 10
days after your purchase is made.

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Due to the unpredictable traffic situations throughout the bay area, it is
impossible for us to pinpoint an exact delivery time. However, we will do our
best to accommodate our customers with either an A.M. or P.M. appointment
and a three hour delivery window.

We prefer to have you present during the delivery process. However, at your
request and providing there is easy access to your yard or patio, we will
perform an “absent” delivery . If this is the case, you will have to make
arrangements to clear any monies due prior to the delivery and we require
that you leave a note on your front door instructing our drivers of where to
leave your furniture. Your note will act as receipt of goods and insure that our
drivers have located the correct residence. If you do not leave a note, our
drivers will not leave your furniture. Re-delivery charges may apply if we
were unable to leave your goods because you were not home and failed to
arrange for an “absent delivery”.

If you prefer to save the expense of a delivery charge, you may pick your
merchandise up at our Menlo Park warehouse. You will have to make
arrangements to clear any monies due prior to the merchandise pick-up. So
that we may have your order ready for you upon arrival, we ask that you
coordinate a pick-up date with our Sales Associate at the time of your
purchase. For whatever reason, if you are unable to make a pick-up date at
the time of your purchase, we require at least a 72 hour notification to make
the necessary pick-up arrangements.

Whenever possible, merchandise for pick-up will be left in its original cartons.
Please make sure to bring any blankets and rope needed to secure and
protect your load for its journey home. Our warehouse personnel will assist
you in loading your furniture if need be, but you will be responsible for any
securing and tie downs. We cannot assume liability for the safety of your
merchandise, passengers or other motorists when you pick your merchandise
up. Please use good judgment in determining whether or not your
load is safe!

          Pool Patio and More Bay Area Warehouse
                    1200 Hamilton Court
                   Menlo Park, CA 94025

           Pick Up Hours are By Appointment Only!
         Fridays and Saturdays, 12:00p.m.—5:00 p.m.

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Furniture Products
Returns of new, stocked merchandise will be accepted for store credit only if
returned in original condition within three days from the date of purchase.
Any returns may be subject to handling, delivery, reconditioning or other
charges. Special or Custom orders are not subject to cancellation after 48
hours from the date the order was originally made unless agreed to by Pool
Patio and More. All Special or Custom Orders will require a minimum 50%
down payment at the time of order placement. This down payment will be
subject to full or partial forfeiture after the 48 hour cancellation period if Pool
Patio and More agrees to allow cancellation prior to delivery. Any order may
be cancelled by Pool Patio and More upon refund of any down payments.
Availability of merchandise is estimated according to information on hand at
the time the order is written. The date of actual availability may vary from this
estimate and Buyer agrees that changes in availability will not invalidate this
order. Pool Patio and More shall not be responsible for delays or defaults in
delivery of merchandise occasioned by manufacturer’s scheduling or delivery,
availability of raw materials, war, strike, acts of God or the public enemy, fire
labor or transportation difficulty, or any other cause beyond the control of
Pool Patio and More. Pool Patio and More is not responsible for fastness of
color variation in fabric dye lots or furniture finishes, or the quality of fabrics
not purchased from Pool Patio and More.

Pool Patio and More makes no warranties beyond the written description of
the merchandise on the sales receipt unless otherwise stated in writing. This
disclaimer does not affect manufacturer’s warranties. If any, this is a limited
warranty, the warranty provided and the obligation and liabilities of Pool Patio
and More thereunder are exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties.

If any term or condition of this sale conflicts with any law or regulation, such
term or condition shall be deemed to be inapplicable to this sale.

◊ Price Guarantee
If within 5 days after you have purchased your furniture from Pool Patio and
More you find the same exact item in the same exact finish and fabric at a
lesser price, simply present us with a written quotation on a competitors
printed form and we will refund the difference plus 5%. We reserve the right
to physically verify the competitor’s quotation prior to the “difference

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Your Manufacturer’s Product Warranty
In most cases, the manufacturer of your furniture has provided you with a
manufacturer’s warranty against defects in workmanship and construction for
a specified period of time. Please refer to the “hang tags” on your furniture or
the manufacturer’s consumer brochure for the details of your product’s
warranty. In order for you to exercise your warranty, you must have your
original sales receipt. Please store your paperwork in a safe place.

Should you have a warranty claim within the first twelve months of
ownership, please return to the Pool Patio and More store of your choice
and we will assist you through the warranty repair and/or replacement

Should you have a warranty claim after the first year of ownership, we ask
that you contact the manufacturer of your furniture direct at the number and
address listed below. The manufacturer will instruct you on how to have your
problem resolved.

Treasure Garden Umbrella            O.W.Lee                        Agio-USA
   13401 Brooks Drive        1822 E. Francis Street          1337 Taylor Farm Road
 Baldwin Park, CA 91706       Ontario, CA 91761             Virginia Beach, VA 23453
     686 814-0168               909 947-3771                      800 416-3511

Brown Jordan Furniture          Terra Furniture             Tropitone Furniture Co.
      9860 Gridley St.      14819 Salt Lake Avenue                   5 Marconi
   El Monte, CA 91731         Industry, CA 91748                Irvine, CA 92618
       626 443-8971              626 912-8523                     949 951-2010

     Cast Classics               Lane Venture               Woodard/Crown Leisure
1270 Valley Brook Avenue         PO Box 849                   210 S. Delaney Road
  Lyndhurst, NJ 07071         Conover, NC 28613                Owosso, MI 48867
     201 896-1515               828 328-2352                    517 725-4500

   Galtech Umbrella              Meadowcraft                     Kingsley Bate
 2580 Turquoise Circle      4700 Pinson Valley Parkway         7200 Gateway Court
Newbury Park, CA 91320      Birmingham, ALA 35215                Manassas, VA
    805 376-1060                 205 853-2220                    703 361-7000

      Gloster Teak             Olympia Lighting                 Mallin Furniture
    2195 Philpott Rd.        2215 N.W. 30th Place             1441 Peerless Way
 South Boston, VA 24592     Pompano Beach, FL 33069          Montebello, CA 90640
      804 575-1003               800 843-4569                   213 589-6591

Hanamint Furniture Co.       Rockwood Furniture                  Ebel Furniture
  8010 Thorndike Road      1273 North Service Road East,    8270 Arlington Expressway
 Greensboro, NC 27409       Unit 2 -Oakville, Ontario L6H    Jacksonville, FL 32211
    336 855-9141                     1A7 Canada                  904 399-2777
                                   905 842-6437

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           Pool Patio & More
            At the Franciscan Forge
               3295 El Camino Real
         650.568.9888   Fax 650.568.9892

Across from the Pruneyard Shopping Center
            1870 South Bascom Avenue
         408.377.8880   Fax 408.377.8882

       Next to the Holiday Inn Express
               6175 Dublin Boulevard
         925.560.1188    Fax 925.560.9896

         Bay Area Distribution Center
                1210 Hamilton Court
                    Menlo Park

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