CONTRA COSTA WINTER NIGHTS PROGRAM Winter Protection by benbenzhou


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          For Homeless Families and Seniors

                 BUSINESS PLAN
                      2007 - 2008

     A Project of the Social Justice Alliance of the
      Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County

                      TABLE OF CONTENTS

Introduction …………………………………………………………………...                           3

Executive Summary ………………………………………………… ………… 3

Mission and Objective ……………………………………………………….… 4

History of the Program …………………………………………………………. 4

Organizational Structure ………………………………………………………… 5

Program Authority and Responsibility……………………………………………5

Shelter Facilities..………………………………………………………………… 6

The Program ……………………………………………………………………... 7

Program Monitoring and Quality Assurance ……………………………………...9

Eligibility Criteria ………………………………………………………………                        9

Screening Procedures …………………………………………………………… 10

Safety and Security ……………………………………………………………… 11

Staffing ………………………………………………………………………….. 12

Communication Strategies ………………………………………………………. 17

Budget …………………………………………………………………………… 18

How you can help ………………………………………………………………                            19

Appendix A Interfaith Council Executive Committee and Membership ……… 20


This handbook outlines the business plan to be implemented by the Homeless Summit, a
working committee of the Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County, for the Winter
Nights Program, 2006. It provides basic information about the Program mission and
objective, history, organizational structure, facility, monitoring, eligibility criteria,
screening procedures, safety and security, staffing, communication strategies, and budget.

                                EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

The Winter Nights Program is a volunteer effort under the auspices of the Interfaith
Council of Contra Costa County funded by contributions from faith congregations,
foundations, and individuals in Contra Costa County.

This effort grows out of a belief in the basic dignity of all. We believe that all who live
in a society are connected to one another by our common humanity, and that a society
works best when all its members share in its resources. We believe that generously
sharing resources ensures that every member of a society has access to what is required to
meet basic human needs and to live in dignity.

We recognize that for some, difficult or even insurmountable barriers stand in the way of
this simple goal of a decent life. Thus, we believe that those of us who are privileged to
live in comfort and security have a responsibility to reach out to assist others in distress,
sharing our bounty. This Program strives to reach out to some of the most unfortunate
and desperate members of our communities.

The Program provides shelter for homeless families with children and ambulatory elders
capable of self-care. It operates from mid -October through the end of April. On a
rotating basis, congregational facilities serve as a shelter and are staffed by qualified paid
professionals and volunteers.

The Program’s goal is to provide protection from the elements for some of the county’s
most vulnerable homeless individuals, namely children and elders. Additionally, it is
anticipated that support for basic needs will assist these individuals and families to make
progress toward their goal of permanent housing. The Program facility hours of operation
are 5:30 pm to 6:30 am weekdays and 24 hours on Saturday and Sunday. The Program
offers participants with a hot evening meal and a cold breakfast provided by the host
congregation. Case management services may be available.

On weekdays, participants may participate in the daytime oasis program at the St.
Vincent DePaul offices in Pittsburg. It provides resources to support job and permanent
housing searches. Equipment for the care of small children by their parents will be
available. Some congregations may provide weekend activities on-site or in the
community for residents who wish to participate.

All participating clients are screened as described in the section: Screening Procedures.
Applicants who have not undergone Screening Procedures will not be permitted to
participate in the Program. All clients are informed of and required to abide by the Client
Participation Guidelines, contained in an accompanying document. The Council has
established these guidelines to ensure a safe and orderly environment for all. Continued
participation in the Program is dependent on the client’s acceptance and compliance with
these guidelines. Health and safety considerations in the operation and maintenance of
the facilities are a primary concern.

The Council has developed qualifications and job descriptions for the paid professional
staff and volunteer staff as set forth in the section: Staffing. All staff and clients are
instructed with regard to Program policies and procedures, including safety and
emergency plans. Volunteers are instructed in their responsibilities and the boundaries of
their role, and clients are informed fully about the Client Participation Guidelines.

Records of operation are maintained, and ongoing and final evaluations are conducted to
ensure prompt and effective problem-solving and identification of opportunities to
improve the Program.

The Council will maintain open communications regarding the Program with interested
parties, including local government officials, the local community, professional and
volunteer staff, congregations, and partner organizations. A variety of mechanisms have
been developed to facilitate these communications. See Communications section.

Program fundraising and financial matters are managed by the Interfaith Council.


To protect homeless families and seniors from winter weather by providing shelter in a
clean, safe and warm environment.


To organize, fund, and operate a program that will provide temporary nighttime shelter
from mid October to late April for families with children and ambulatory elders in Contra
Costa County who are experiencing homelessness.

                           HISTORY OF THE PROGRAM

The Winter Nights Program began operation in November, 2004 and has built upon the
experience gained by faith communities in the past in another effort to house those
experiencing homelessness. Preceded by the Family Employment Resources Service
Together Emergency Shelter Program (FERST), many of the same congregations came
together to implement the Winter Nights Program.

As the waiting list for shelter beds grew longer, members of the faith community joined
with homeless service providers to form the Homeless Summit, under the sponsorship of
the Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County, to raise funds and once again develop a
program to address the issue of homelessness in our community.

As we enter our fourth year of operation, we continue building and enriching the program
to improve our services and more fully address unmet needs of our homeless families and
                        ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE

Under the sponsorship of the Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County, the Homeless
Summit operates the Winter Nights Program. The Homeless Summit is a coalition of
interested businesses, community organizations, congregations, individuals and
government representatives. Leadership for the Summit and the Program is provided by
the Steering Committee of the Winter Nights Program.


The Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County (I4C) is an autonomous local
organization solely governed by its own Executive Committee, elected by the
membership at the Council’s annual meeting. The Executive Committee of the Interfaith
Council meets monthly. Other program areas include Health and Faith in Action, Social
Justice, Finance, Spirituality, Youth and Education. The Rev. Brian Stein-Webber serves
as Executive Director. There are more than 102 congregations and organizations holding
membership and affiliation from a wide range of faith traditions. See Appendix A for
members and officers of the Executive Committee and a list of members of the Council.

The Interfaith Council:
       Sponsors the Homeless Summit
       Holds fiduciary responsibility for the Winter Nights Program
           Accounts for receipt of donations and disbursement of funds
           Acknowledges donations
           Approves the budget and guidelines for distribution of funds, in
              consultation with the Homeless Summit, through the Winter Nights
              Executive Committee.
       Provides insurance coverage for the program
       Facilitates communication between the Homeless Summit and Interfaith
          Council congregations

Homeless Summit
  The Homeless Summit includes 25 congregations and other faith organizations,
  Loaves & Fishes, St. Vincent DePaul, government agency staff, the League of
  Women Voters of Diablo Valley, Shelter Inc., businesses, and some 200 volunteers.
  Morrison & Foerster provides pro bono legal services.

   The Homeless Summit:
       Advocates for services for the homeless
       Establishes the Executive Committee of the Winter Nights Program and
         identifies an Executive Director for the Program
       Develops the Program Business Plan
       Administers the Winter Nights Program through the Executive Director in
         conjunction with the Winter Nights Executive Committee

   The Winter Nights Steering Committee:

          Identifies a Program Manager for the Winter Nights Program
          Approves job descriptions for the Program Manager, and other paid
           professional and volunteer staff (See Staffing section for duties)
          Recruits, employs, and coordinates professional staff
          Establishes operational policies and procedures for management of the
          Establishes eligibility criteria and client application and screening procedures
          Recruits volunteer congregations to house the program on a rotating basis
          Prepares the annual budget.
          Coordinates operations with other community organizations and local
          Reviews records of operations and evaluates the program
          Secures funding for the Program
          Communicates with local government, the media and members of the
           community (See Communications section for more information)

                                SHELTER FACILITIES

The Program will be housed in the facilities of volunteer faith congregations in central
and east Contra Costa County. Each facility will provide a space that can accommodate
up to 30 persons and permits effective supervision by professional and volunteer staff. It
will include sufficient rest rooms to serve the number of clients admitted. If sufficient
shower facilities do not exist on site, arrangements will be made with a nearby,
convenient organization, such as a recreational facility, to provide them. The facilities
will have simple cooking facilities to permit serving meals prepared elsewhere, warming
baby food, and preparing warm beverages. Some congregations may prepare meals on
site, if they possess the necessary equipment and space. Each facility must comply with
health and safety regulations, fire code and other regulatory requirements of the
jurisdiction in which it exists. A primary consideration is that the facility will provide a
clean, safe, and warm environment.

The program will be in operation at such facilities from approximately mid October
through late Apr. Operating hours during this period will be from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 a.m.
Monday through Friday, and 24 hours on Saturday and Sunday. Some congregations
may provide daytime weekend activities for clients requiring them. No clients will
remain in the facility during non-operating hours.

                                    THE PROGRAM

The Winter Nights Program will provide a clean, safe, and warm facility at night during
winter for homeless families with children and for homeless seniors. The Program will
serve up to 30 persons at any given time during the operating season. Initially, entrance
into the program will be staged, in order to ensure an orderly entry process and
orientation. No more than15 people will be admitted at any one time.

Clients are referred to the Program by social service agencies in the county.

All residents of the shelter must adhere to strict rules regarding their behavior as outlined
in the Client Participation Guidelines. Failure to meet these behavioral standards can
result in removal from the program as determined by the Program Manager on
recommendation of the professional staff. Some violations result in immediate dismissal;
others will result in a written warning. Decisions regarding removal from the program
may be appealed in writing to the Executive Director. For details regarding procedures
for determining rule violation, removal from facility, and appeals process, please see
Appendix A, Client Participation Guidelines.

Length of stay in the Program will vary depending on the needs of the individual or
family. It is anticipated that not all clients will require program services for the full
duration of operations. Some will achieve their goal of permanent housing in shorter
periods of time.

Adults, including seniors, are required to work their way towards self-sufficiency and
housing. Resources available include program case management, participation in
daytime multi-service programs, and the resources of the program daytime oasis site.
Some clients are employed. All adults, including seniors will be referred to appropriate
agencies and programs to assist them to achieve safe and stable housing.

On entrance into the Program clients will be asked to verify in a signed statement that
they will comply with the Client Participation Guidelines and that they will use available
resources to work toward self-sufficiency and permanent housing. After a client has
participated in the program for 30 days, progress toward that goal will be reviewed, and if
the client is making progress, and commits to continue his efforts, another 30 days in the
program will be authorized.

Children continue to attend the schools where they have been registered prior to
participating in the Program. Parents are responsible for the care and supervision of their
children at all times, including during daytime hours.

Transportation to and from the facility will be the responsibility of the clients. It is
anticipated that some clients will have their own vehicles. For those who do not,
transportation to the nearest public transportation will be provided. If further assistance
is required, Program staff will refer clients to existing programs that provide BART and
bus tickets. Transportation will be provided to assist parents in getting their children to
the schools where they are registered. All vehicles parked at the rotating shelter facilities
must be registered with the State and with the Program. The Program will maintain
records of the registration information of all client vehicles. Ample parking is available
at all sites, and no spillover parking onto adjacent streets is anticipated.

Clients will receive a warm evening meal and a cold breakfast provided by the hosting
congregations. Congregations will provide supplies for bag lunches that will be prepared
by clients. Staff members will assist clients during mealtimes at the facility. No cooking
by clients will be permitted. Volunteer staff will warm baby food and prepare coffee and
other warm beverages for meals. Parents will be expected to provide food for babies.

The Program provides clients with sleeping and restroom facilities. Shower
accommodations will be on-site or provided at other nearby facilities through prior
arrangements. The Program will supply air mattresses, bedding, towels, and basic
toiletries. Female residents will provide their own feminine hygiene products and families
will provide diapers for their children. Clients may participate, on a volunteer basis, in
clean-up activities of the facility, including cleaning of restroom facilities. They will be
expected to maintain their own space and belongings in good order. Only limited
amounts of personal belongings can be accommodated at the shelter sites.

Residents who are ill will be placed in motels until they have recovered or, if necessary,
will be hospitalized. In some instances, the Program may issue motel vouchers in the
event a client becomes ill and cannot remain in the facility. Otherwise, costs of care are
the responsibility of the client. Program staff will refer the client to public services and
programs as the staff member deems appropriate.

During the hours the shelter is not in operation, a daytime oasis site will be made
available at another location to clients who are not employed, or do not have other
planned activities. Resources for job search activities and care of small children will be

Professional case management services will be provided by the Program.

Clients will be invited to complete an exit survey when they leave the program to provide
data to assess program performance, identify opportunities for quality improvement, and
additional service needs of the clients. See Appendix B, Client Participation Guidelines
for survey and Client Participation Guidelines for additional information.


To ensure that the Winter Nights program fulfills its mission and meets the needs of the
clients according to the standards that have been set, the Program will engage in a
continual process of monitoring operations. In addition, a Summary Program Evaluation
will be conducted by the Executive Director and the Steering Committee. The Summary
Evaluation will be reported to the Interfaith Council

The Winter Nights Program will provide opportunities for clients of the facility,
professional and volunteer staff, local government officials and local residents to register
any complaints or problems that may arise with the operation of the Program. Records
will be maintained of concerns expressed and actions taken in response. Such
information will be included in the process of evaluating the program. (See
communications section for more information).

The Site Supervisor will maintain a record of daily operations, including number of
clients served by category, professional staff on duty, number and names of volunteers
present, information regarding referrals made, and any unusual events, such as illnesses
identified, arrival of unscreened applicants, safety issues, disruptive events, etc.

Clients will be encouraged to make suggestions and raise issues of concern with the Site
Supervisor, the Program Manager, or the Executive Director. Any problems identified
will be noted and corrected to ensure proper operation of the Program. Professional and
volunteer staff will take immediate action to manage problems as they arise.

Throughout the months of operation, regular staff meetings will be held to review
Program operations and conduct future planning. It will be conducted by the Program
Manager in conjunction with the Executive Director and representatives of the Steering
Committee, professional staff and representatives of hosting faith congregations.

Faith congregations will be asked to submit an evaluation following completion of the
week(s) in which they provide volunteer staff to the facility. The report should include a
summary of the experience from the point of view of the volunteers, suggestions for
improvement of operations, and any problems experienced. The information so obtained
will be used on a continual basis to improve operations, and will be included in the
summary evaluation of the Program.

A voluntary exit survey will be conducted when clients leave the Program to assess
Program success, opportunities for improvement, and further services required. Results
will be included in the Summary Program Evaluation.

                              ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA

The Winter Nights Program serves families with children and ambulatory individuals
over the age of 65 who are capable of self-care. All clients must be clean and sober and
adults must commit in writing for themselves and their family (See Appendix A, Client
participation Guidelines) to comply with the behavioral standards of the facility as
outlined in the Client Participation Guidelines. Continued participation in the program
requires such ongoing compliance.

In order to be determined eligible for participation in the Winter Nights Program, the
applicant must meet the following basic criteria:
             Be a family with dependent children. Such a family is defined as one or
                two parents, with minor children present. The definition may be extended
                to include a grandparent or a guardian with children. Or,
             Be a senior who is ambulatory and capable of self-care, aged 65 or older
             Be deemed homeless. Homelessness is defined as no access to traditional
                or permanent housing. The homeless may be finding temporary or
                occasional shelter in cars, on the street, in places not meant for human
                habitation, or staying on a rotating basis with friends or relatives. They
                may be living in severely overcrowded units (more than one family per
             Willing to commit in writing to comply with the Client Participation
             Willing to work toward self-sufficiency and permanent housing

In order to ensure that the Winter Nights Program is an appropriate placement for an
applicant, all who apply will be asked to supply the following information. Those whose
needs would be better met by another program or service will be referred during the
screening process. Every application will be carefully evaluated on an individual basis.
See Screening Section for more information regarding the screening process.

Screening Information:
            Name, gender, age, date of birth, SSI number, and race/ethnicity of
              applicant, and all family members included in the application
            Family income source and amount

              Emergency contact information
              Previous address
               Source of referral to program
              Medical status and immediate medical needs of all family members
              Current medications of all family members
              History of drug or alcohol addiction in any family member
              Schools in which school age children are enrolled
              Employment, if any
              Enrollment in social programs, especially those assisting return to
               permanent housing
              Veterans status
              Probation status
              Health insurance type, if any
              Willing to work toward self-sufficiency and permanent housing while in
               the Program

                             SCREENING PROCEDURES

Clients participating in the Winter Nights Program are screened prior to participation to
ensure that they meet the Eligibility Criteria described above. The ultimate purpose of
the screening procedure is to ensure that the needs of the clients accepted can be safely
met within the limited resources of the Winter Nights Program. Screening procedures are
described below. During the screening process, potential clients will be assured of their
right of confidentiality, will be treated in a respectful manner with awareness of the great
stress the clients are experiencing.

Winter Nights Program Referrals:
Families and individuals who meet the definitions of the clients to be served by the
Winter Night Program are referred for evaluation by the Mountain View Family Shelters
operated by Shelter, Inc., and other social service agencies.

Initial screening:
An initial screening will be conducted by phone to determine likely eligibility for the
program, and avoid undue inconvenience to individuals already under great stress.
Families and individuals who have special needs, such as disabilities or medical needs,
that cannot be accommodated safely within the capabilities and resources of the Winter
Nights, or who otherwise do not meet admission criteria will be referred to appropriate
service providers and public programs for assistance.

In-Person Screening:
To determine acceptance into the Program, clients will be interviewed in person by the
Program Manager to verify information obtained in the telephone screening and gather
other information listed above under eligibility. If the applicant is denied admission to
the Program they will be referred to other more appropriate services for assistance.
Clients will be required to provide picture identification, or Drivers License, and vehicle
registration documentation, which will be copied and placed in the client file. Applicants
will be fully informed about the Client Participation Guidelines. The client will be
expected to sign the Client Participation Guidelines Acceptance Form (See Appendix A
Client Participation Guidelines). Active drug or alcohol abuse, as determined by
behavioral observation by the staff, presence of a disability that cannot be safely
accommodated, or non-homelessness would result in disqualification.
In the event admission is denied an appeal can be made in writing to the Executive
Director, who will make the final determination.

Intake Process:
On first entry into the Shelter, all clients will meet with the Site Supervisor and screening
information will be reviewed. Any medications in their possession will be recorded and
stored for safety reasons. Staff will ensure that prohibited items, such as weapons or
drugs are not brought into the facility. Clients will be fully oriented to shelter operations,
layout of the facility, and emergency procedures. Any remaining questions regarding the
Client Participation Guidelines will be answered. All individuals entering the facility
will sign in and out on a daily basis. Parents will sign in for children.

Health Considerations:
Applicants to the Winter Nights program will provide initial information about the
medical status of all family members during the screening process as described above.
On entry into the shelter a health screening, including a test for tuberculosis, will be
conducted. Appropriate follow up will be provided in the event of a positive
tuberculosis test result. Tuberculosis screening will be conducted by the Health Care for
the Homeless Program of the Contra Costa Health Department at the shelter sites.
Individuals who require medical care will be referred to County clinics or for emergency
care at the county hospital as appropriate.

Individuals with obvious signs or symptoms of active communicable illness that are
deemed contagious or detrimental to the health of the client or others would result in the
client not being admitted to the shelter, but given a motel voucher and referred to the
appropriate medical facility for treatment. Clients accepted into the Program will be
carefully observed for communicable illnesses, such as cold and flu, on a continual basis
by the professional staff during their stay at the facility. Mental or addictive illness
controlled by treatment is not a disqualifiying condition. Untreated mental and addictive
illness, or symptoms raising safety concerns would constitute a special need requiring
referral to treatment services and other programs during the screening process.

Appeals Process:
Applicants denied admission to the program may appeal the decision in writing to the
Executive Director. Appeals will be granted if the applicant can demonstrate eligibility
as stated in the Program Criteria. The Executive Director will make a final determination
on the merits of the appeal. A decision will be made and communicated within 48 hours
of receipt of the written appeal by the Program staff.

                               SAFETY AND SECURITY

In order to ensure the safety and security of the participants, staff and volunteers of the
Winter Nights Program, as well as the safety and security of the surrounding community,
the following actions will be taken and policies will be in force.

Professional and volunteer staff and clients will be instructed in health and fire safety and
plans for emergency evacuations. Appropriate signs, including exit signs, will be posted.
A fire extinguisher will be placed by every exit door. First aid supplies, and other
emergency supplies for disaster preparedness will be on hand. Orientation to safety
procedures and physical particulars will be provided to all clients at each new site.

Client Participation Guidelines are designed to ensure the safety of all. Below are some
of the standards the Program will implement and expect clients to follow (for a full
discussion, see the Client Participation Guidelines handbook):

                  Absolutely no alcohol or illegal drugs will be permitted.
                  No weapons will be permitted.
                  The facility will be smoke free.
                  No open flame devices will be permitted.
                  No visitors to the clients of the shelter will be permitted.
                  Clients will be expected to remain in the shelter for the night once they
                   have entered.
                  No loitering or panhandling in the adjacent neighborhoods is

The following policies and procedures will be maintained at the facility in order to ensure
appropriate actions by the staff:
            Commitment to a safe and healthy workplace
            Responding to an Emergency
                   o When to call the Program Director
                   o Medical and psychiatric emergencies
                   o Fire or explosion, including fire escape plan and fire extinguishers
                   o Violent Situations and Civil Disturbances
                   o Evacuation
            Recording and reporting of incidents

All professional and volunteer staff will receive training in these policies and procedures.
(See Appendix A)

First Aid supplies will include: oral digital thermometer, assorted bandaids and sterile
gauze bandages and pads, cold pack, gloves, tweezers.

The following emergency supplies will be maintained in the facility: Flashlights and
battery operated lanterns, batteries, radio and batteries, bottled water.


Program operations will be led and supervised by paid professional staff assisted by
volunteer members of host congregations. One Site supervisor will be on duty during all
hours of operation. The Program Manager will be on duty on a variable schedule, usually
afternoon and early evening hours. All remaining staff will be volunteers. Job
descriptions for professional and volunteer staff are included below.

Congregations will volunteer to host the program for a specific week(s) during the
months of operation, beginning on Monday. The congregation will be responsible for
providing a designated volunteer coordinator, and other volunteer staff, including
substitutes, when needed to conduct daily program operations. (See host congregation
manual for details). The hosting congregation will provide a minimum of two volunteer
staff at all times. During night hours, it is preferred that at least one person of each
gender is present. During evening hours it is recommended that 6 to 8 volunteers be on
duty on various schedules to provide adequate personnel to welcome arriving
participants, serve dinner and clean up, and supervise activities such as hygiene,
homework, and recreation. If showers are provided off site additional volunteers may be
required. No more volunteers than necessary should be scheduled to avoid overwhelming
clients, who will require as restful an environment as possible.

In addition, the congregations will provide volunteers to set up the shelter operation on
the Monday of their assigned week, and to prepare equipment and supplies for transport
to the next congregation on the following Monday. Volunteers will also be required to
launder linens and transport them to the next host congregation.

Volunteers will be instructed regarding their duties, emergency and safety procedures,
and Client Participation Guidelines. See Appendix A.

Job descriptions for professional and volunteer staff follow.

Winter Nights Executive Director
      Executive Director Qualifications:
       Extensive experience in community organizations and communication with
         community and governmental officials
       Knowledge of homelessness and experience in programs advocating for the
       Baccalaureate degree

       Executive Director Duties:
           Secures funding for the program
           Serves as the primary communication channel between the program and
              local officials and communities
           Recruits volunteer host congregations
           Prepares and presents reports on operations to the Executive Committee of
              the Interfaith Council, funding sources, and local government officials
           Acts on any appeals of disciplinary actions per policy
           Supervises the Program Manager
           Participates in weekly staff meetings
           Conducts long range planning for the program

       The Executive Director will be available during business hours.

Winter Nights Program Manager:
      Program Manager Qualifications:
              Baccalaureate degree in Social Work or other related field is preferred.
              2 years of experience in programs for the homeless or residential
                treatment programs and college level work in Social Work or related
                field may be substituted for the baccalaureate degree
              Knowledge of substance abuse and mental health issues
              A combination of extensive relevant experience and related academic
                work may be substituted for a degree

                 Bilingual ability desirable
                 Employment contingent on completion of TB test and fingerprint

       Program Manager Duties:
              Supervises Site Supervisors
              Provides training to Volunteer Coordinators
              Coordinates all activities with hosting congregations through the
                volunteer coordinator designated by each congregation
              Visits each site in advance of operations to ensure that preparations are
                thorough and appropriate
                     Ensures that sufficient volunteers are recruited
                     Coordinates facility needs, repairs, and resources
                     Coordinates delivery and storage of donations
                     Ensures that supplies and equipment are maintained and
                        transported to scheduled shelter sites in a timely manner
              Conducts off site screening interviews with potential clients and
                orients to the Client Participation Guidelines
              Maintains client files
              Maintains client confidentiality at all times
              Establishes and maintains healthy and positive shelter environment
              Ensures health screens are conducted per policy. Coordinates with
                County officials as needed.
              Assists with making client referrals as needed
              Informs Executive Director on a regular basis of status of shelter
              Receives and acts on any appeals of admission decisions or
                disciplinary actions taken
              Maintains payroll records and submits to the Interfaith Council
              Reports to Steering Committee on operations; prepares summary

Site Supervisor:
       Site Supervisor Qualifications:
               Demonstrated ability to manage operations of the shelter, based on at
                  least two years paid, professional experience working with the
                  homeless and/or in drug and alcohol programs
               College level academic work in Social work or related field is
               Bilingual ability is desirable
               Employment is contingent on completion of TB test and a fingerprint

       Site Supervisor Duties:
               Maintains clean, safe, healthy and positive shelter environment
               Conducts a house meeting for all clients at each new site to review
                  client participation guidelines, safety procedures, and emergency
                  procedures specific to that site.
               Maintains client confidentiality at all times

                  Orients new clients to the facility and reviews Client Participation
                  Maintains client data collection system and daily record of operations
                  Maintains client and volunteer sign in records
                  Reports on a regular basis to Program Manager regarding status of
                   shelter operation
                  Reports repair and supply needs to the Program Manager
                  Supervises and directs volunteers
                  Orients volunteers to duties, the facility, health, safety and emergency
                   plans, appropriate interactions with clients, and confidentiality
                   requirements, as needed
                  Manages any contingency situations, notifying the Program Manager
                   and the Executive Director as indicated.
                  Provides supervision of shelter participants. Deals with disputes
                   between clients in a positive manner and diffuses potential
                   stressful/hostile situations prior to occurrence whenever possible.
                   Contacts Program Manager and police as needed
                  Completes exit interviews with clients
                  Manages storage of client medications
                  Closes and locks facility at the end of operations daily

A Site Supervisor with a cellular phone will be on hand to oversee operations whenever
the Shelter is open. The professional staff will be awake at all times during night hours.

Volunteer Staff: Each congregation will provide volunteers to staff the shelter under the
direction of the Site Supervisors and the Program Manager. Each congregation will
designate one volunteer to serve as the Volunteer Coordinator for the time period in
which the congregation hosts the Program.
        Volunteer Staff Qualifications:
             Willingness to work in a respectful and supportive manner with homeless
             Willing to participate in training regarding shelter operations, health and
                safety plans, and Client Participation Guidelines
             Ability to understand and maintain appropriate professional boundaries
                with clients

       Volunteer Coordinator Qualifications:
           Availability to work closely with the Program manager and the Site
             Supervisor on duty
           Able to coordinate shelter requirements with other congregational
             activities and personnel.
           Able to coordinate and manage scheduling of congregation volunteers.

       Volunteer Coordinator Duties:
          o Works with Program Manager and Shelter supervisors to coordinate
             shelter operations with the needs of the congregation
          o Ensures that sufficient volunteers are recruited and substitutes are
             provided when necessary
          o Coordinates on site preparation of meals

           o Arranges for daily cleaning of the shelter facilities after departure of the
           o Schedules volunteers to transport shelter equipment and supplies to the
             next hosting site.
           o Schedules volunteers to launder linens and transport to the next site.

       Other Volunteer Staff Duties under the direction of the professional staff:
           Assist with admission and daily sign in procedures
           Assist clients to settle into assigned space. Interact with clients to
              establish a welcoming and trusting environment.
           Maintain client confidentiality at all times.
           During the evening hours volunteers will serve dinner and supervise
              activities, including hygiene, homework, and children’s leisure activities.
           Assist clients to prepare for lights out at 9:30 PM
           Overnight volunteers will be awakened as needed by the Site Supervisor
              to assist in supervision of the environment, ensure that safety is
              maintained and that client needs are met.
           Morning volunteers will serve a cold breakfast, and assist the clients to
              prepare for the day and leave the facility.
           Volunteers will clean the facility each morning after the clients have left.
                  o Sleeping areas, offices, and children’s corner will be vacuumed,
                       mopped and dusted on a regular basis
                  o Kitchen and bathrooms will be cleaned and restocked with supplies
                       each day
                  o Sheets and towels will be laundered as needed.

Staff and Volunteer Orientation and Training Plans

The Program Manager will ensure that training is provided to all professional and
volunteer staff appropriate to the duties they will assume. The Program Manager will
conduct initial training at each congregational site in advance of operations. Daily review
of important issues will be conducted to ensure that all volunteers are fully informed.
Content will be based on plans and materials used by Contra Costa County in providing
training to county staff serving in programs for the homeless. The following topics are
             Client confidentiality
             Supportive and respectful interactions with clients
             Appropriate client/volunteer boundaries
                    o Professional relationships
                    o Sharing personal information
                    o Use of Cell Phones
             Facility Orientation including safety provisions and location of all exits.
             Program operation
             Manual contents and location
             Duties
             Safety and security plans
             Location of First Aid Kit
             Location and cooperation of fire extinguishers
             Universal Precautions
              Client Participation Guidelines
              Handling Client Medications

                         COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES

The Executive Director or the Program Manager may also be contacted at any time
during business hours, and the professional staff on duty may be contacted during hours
of operation. (See How You Can Help section for contact information).

Program documents can be reviewed at

All inquiries and concerns from whatever source will be addressed in a thorough and
expeditious manner. Immediate response will be made to concerns whenever possible,
and, when necessary, matters will be referred to the Executive Committee for action.
Those who raise concerns will be informed of action taken in response within 48 hours of
completion of investigation and action. Records of concerns and actions taken will be
maintained (See Program Monitoring section).

The Program will communicate with all members of the Homeless Summit through
periodic meetings, and regular email updates distributed to all.

The Program will communicate with faith congregations in the County through channels
established by the Interfaith Council, including conveying information regarding
contribution of funds and supplies and recruitment of Program volunteers.

Communications with professional and volunteer staff will include training in regard to
safety and emergency procedures, their responsibilities, and Client Participation
Guidelines. (See Staffing Section). During the time they are in the facility, volunteer
staff will be instructed and supervised by the Site Supervisor, and duties will be assigned
as appropriate.

Clients will be informed of the guidelines for participation, safety and emergency plans,
consequences for inability to comply, and any information needed regarding the current
status of Shelter operations.

A voluntary exit survey will be conducted when clients leave the Program. See Client
Participation Guidelines. The results of the survey will be included in the Summary
Program Evaluation.

                                  Mid-October 2007 through April 30 2008
                                         Time Period: 6 1/2 Months


Beginning Balance                                                           11,000.00
Contributions & Grants                                                     121,500.00

TOTAL FUNDING                                                                           132,500.00


Program Personnel:
      Program Manager                                          16,300.00
      Site Supervisors (3)                                     50,000.00
      Daytime Oasis Supervisor                                 15,600.00
      Transportation Driver                                    11,800.00
   Subtotal                                                                 93,700.00

Program Operations:
   Insurance                                                    4,000.00
   Transportation Expense:
       Gas & Maintenance                                        3,000.00
       Bus & BART Tickets                                       7,000.00
       Moving Day Expenses                                        300.00
   Office Expense                                               1,000.00
   Workers Compensation                                           800.00    16,100.00
   Replacement Mattresses                                       2,000.00
   Individual Duffel Bags                                       2,000.00
   Lap Top Computer                                             1,000.00
   Vacuum Cleaner                                                 300.00
   Artificial Christmas Tree                                      150.00     5,450.00
   Field Trips to Movies &
     Cultural Events; Picnics                                   1,000.00     1,000.00
Miscellaneous Expenses
   Motel Vouchers                                               1,000.00
   Showers                                                      1,000.00     2,000.00
Subtotal of Expenses                                                                    118,250.00

Administrative Overhead (12%)                                                            14,250.00
Interfaith Council for Service Rendered

TOTAL EXPENSES:                                                                         132,500.00

                              HOW YOU CAN HELP

Contributions should be sent to the Interfaith Council of Contra Costa, 1543
Sunnyvale Avenue, Walnut Creek, CA 94597-1903.

In-Kind Contributions Are Sought

For more information, to assist as a volunteer, to provide in-kind contributions, or
to raise issues of concern contact Gwen Watson, Executive Director, at 925-930-
For more information visit:

                                                                APPENDIX A

                                     Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County

            President                        Rabbi Raphael Asher                        (925) 933-5397
                                        (Congregation B’nai Tikvah, W.C.) 
                                          25 Hillcroft Way, W.C. 94597

          Vice President                     The Rev. Will McGarvey                      (925) 439-9361
                                    (Community Presbyterian Church, Pittsburg)
                                       200 East Leland Rd., Pittsburg 94565

            Secretary                  Gail Rodens (Mt. Diablo UUC, W.C.)               (925) 229-1277
                                        798 Center Ave., Martinez 94553    

            Treasurer                          The Rev. Hal Foster                  (925) 938-4123 (home)
                                        (Grace Presbyterian Church, W.C.)            (925) 946-9401 (fax)
                                         109 Vallecito Lane, W. C. 94596    

         Jaleh Kilpatrick                                                                (925) 360-0448
      (Baha'i Community)                                                
 1420 Creekside Dr., W.C. 94596

     Ms. Mary Lou Laubscher                                                            (925) 685-2332
   (First Presbyterian, Concord)                                        
  1122 Lovell Ct., Concord 94520

       Dr. Harmesh Kumar                                                                (925) 356-0122
     (Sikh Temple, Pittsburg)                                          
3582 Dumbarton St., Concord 94520

         Francis Wang                                                                  (925) 934--2411
    (Buddha Gate Monastery)                                               

3254 Gloria Terrace, Lafayette 94549

            Dr. Amer Araim                                             (925) 934-1794
   (Dar-ul-Islam Mosque, Concord)                          
    31 Midvale Court, W.C. 94596

             Gwen Watson                                            (925) 930-9965 (home)
(Christ the King Catholic Church, P.H.)                              (925) 519-5882 (cell)
  306 Maverick Ct., Lafayette 94549                        

            Linda Doran                                                (925) 254-5608
       (Church Women United)                             
    P. O. Box 1047, Orinda 94563

          Susan Randall                                                (925) 374-7778
                      (P.H. 2nd Ward, Ch. Of Jesus Christ, LDS)
  827 Sage Drive, Martinez 94553

             Sandy Vance                                               (510) 336-2455
(First Ch. Of Christ, Scientist, Orinda)                               (415) 341-4453
    22 Orinda Way, Orinda 94563                         

    The Rev. Margaretmary Staller                                     (925) 682-3921
  (St. Paul Episcopal Church, W.C.)                      
   4821 Wolf Way, Concord 94521

        Jennifer Irvine Goto                                       (925) 934-4208 (church)
                         (Walnut Creek United Methodist Church)     (925) 934-7472 (home)
  1543 Sunnyvale Ave., W.C. 94597                        

       The Rev. Tom Bonacci                                         (925) 778-0768 (church)
   (St. Ignatius Catholic Church)                       
  3351 Contra Loma Blvd., Antioch
                94509                                                (925) 787-9279 (cell)

Org                               Pastor                        address                  city,st         zip      phone
San Ramon Valley UMC              Rev. Ron Dunn, Rev. Heather   902 Danville Blvd        Alamo, CA        94507   925-837-
                                  Leslie Hammer                                                                   5243
First Baptist Church              Rev. Patricia Ciupek          1800 Woodland Drive      Antioch, CA     94509    925-757-
First Congregational Church       Rev. Christy Parks-Ramage     620 E. Tregallas Rd      Antioch, CA     94509    925-757-
St. George's Episcopal Church     Interim                       301 E. 13th Street       Antioch, CA     94509    925-757-
St. Ignatius of Antioch Church    Rev. Thomas Bonacci           3351 Contra Loma Blvd.   Antioch, CA     94509    925-778-
St. John's Lutheran Church        Rev. Linda Vogelgesang        1360 E. Tregallas Rd.    Antioch, CA     94509    925-757-
Brentwood Community UMC           The Rev.Alexis Easton         809 Second St.           Brentwood, CA   94513
Awakening                         Ron Valle, Mary Mohs          9701 Deer Valley Rd      Brentwood, CA   94513    925-389-
St. Alban's Episcopal Church      Interim                       P.O. Box 101             Brentwood, CA   94513    925-634-
Clayton Baha'i Community          Theresa Slezak, Sec.          P. O. Box 1042           Clayton, CA     94517
Clayton Valley Presbyterian       Rev. Patricia Stout           1578 Kirker Pass         Clayton, CA     94517    925-672-
St. John's Episcopal Church       Interim                       5555 Clayton Road        Clayton, CA     94517    925-672-
Chestnut Avenue Community         Rev. France Marcott           3525 Chestnut Ave        Concord, CA     94519    925-686-
Church                                                                                                            1400
Concord Baha'i Community                                        P. O. Box 21453          Concord, CA     94521    925-672-
Concord United Methodist Church   Dr. Robert Kirk               1645 West Street         Concord, CA     94521    925-685-
Dar-ul-Islam Mosque               Dr. Amer Araim                4115 Concord Blvd.       Concord, CA     94519    925-798-
First Christian Church            Rev. Russ Peterman            3039 Willow Pass Road    Concord, CA     94519    925-685-
Contra Costa Religious Science    Rev. Carole Anderson          186 Clayton Way          Concord, CA     94519    925-363-
First Lutheran Church             Rev. James Mueller            4000 Concord Blvd        Concord, CA     94519    925-671-

First Presbyterian Church           Revs. Bill and Pat Alexander     1965 Colfax              Concord, CA      94520   925-676-
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church       Rev. Eric Strom                  4000 Clayton Road        Concord, CA      94521   925-682-
St. Agnes Catholic Church           Fr. Jan Rudzewicz                3966 Chestnut Avenue     Concord, CA      94519   925-689-
St. Bonaventure Catholic Church     Fr. Richard Mangini, Christa     5562 Clayton Road        Concord, CA      94521   925-672-
                                    Fairfield                                                                          5800
St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox        Fr. Marin State                  1955 Kirker Pass Rd      Concord, CA      94521   925-676-
St. Michael & All Angels            Interim Maurice Turner           2900 Bonifacio St        Concord, CA      94519   925-685-
Episcopal                                                                                                              8859
Ygnacio Valley Presbyterian         The Rev. Matt Prinz              2140 Minert Road         Concord, CA      94518   925-682-
Church                                                                                                                 8254
Baha'i of Danville                  Tamara Hawkins, Secretary        P.O. Box 1124            Danville, CA     94526   925-837-
Community Presbyterian Church       Rev. Scott Farmer                222 W. El Pintado Road   Danville, CA     94526   925-837-
Congregation Beth Chaim             Rabbi Dan Goldblatt              1800 Holbrook Drive      Danville, CA     94506   925-736-
Danville Congregational Church      Rev. Alan Kelchner, Rev. Laura   989 San Ramon Valley     Danville, CA     94526   925-837-
                                    Barnes                           Blvd                                              6944
Danville Stake, Church of Jesus     Bishop Steve Edgren              15 Elizabeth Lane        Danville, CA     94526   925-831-
Christ LDS                                                                                                             1949
First Church of Christ, Scientist   Trinka Wasik                     650 Danville Blvd.       Danville, CA     94526   925-837-
Peace Lutheran Church               Rev. Steve Harms                 3201 Camino Tassajara    Danville, CA     94506   925-648-
San Damiano Retreat Center                                           PO Box 767               Danville, CA     94526   925-837-
St. Timothy's Episcopal Church      Rev. Steven R. Strane, Rev.      1550 Diablo Road         Danville, CA     94526   925-837-
                                    Kathy Trapani                                                                      4993
Ik Onkar Peace Foundation           Dr. Meji Singh                   5570 Newfields Ln        Dublin, CA       94538
El Cerrito United Methodist         Rev. Dr. Hubert Ivery            6830 Stockton Ave.       El Cerrito, CA   94530   510-525-
Church                                                                                                                 3500
Buddha Gate Monastery               Ven. Jian Sheng, Abbess          3254 Gloria Terrace      Lafayette, CA    94549   925-934-

Lafayette Christian Church          Rev. Faye Orton-Matthews, Rev.   584 Glenside Dr.        Lafayette, CA   94549   925-283-
                                    Steven Heinerman                                                                 8304
Lafayette United Methodist          Rev. Laurie Sawdon               955 Moraga Road         Lafayette, CA   94549   925-284-
Church                                                                                                               4765
Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian       Rev. Peter E. Whitelock          49 Knox Drive           Lafayette, CA   94549   925-283-
Our Savior's Lutheran Church        Rev. Dan Senter                  1035 Carol Lane         Lafayette, CA   94549   925-283-
St. Anselm's Episcopal Church       Rev. John Sutton                 682 Michael Lane        Lafayette, CA   94549   925-284-
Temple Isaiah of Lafayette          Rabbi Roberto Graetz, Rabbi      3800 Mt. Diablo Blvd.   Lafayette, CA   94549   925-283-
                                    Judy Shanks                                                                      8575
Baha’i of Martinez                                                   P. O. Box 2093          Martinez, CA    94553
First Baptist Church                Rev. Jim Anderson                1802 Alhambra Avenue    Martinez, CA    94553   925-228-
First Congregational Church         Rev. Norman Luecke               1229 Court Street       Martinez, CA    94553   925-228-
(UCC)                                                                                                                0549
First United Methodist Church       Rev. Winston Cruz                100 Church Street       Martinez, CA    94553   925-228-
Grace Episcopal Church              Rev. Jill Honodel                P. O. Box 2338          Martinez, CA    94553   925-228-
Moraga Valley Presbyterian          Rev. James Rueb                  10 Moraga Valley Lane   Moraga, CA      94556   925-376-
St. Giles' Episcopal Church         Rev. Duane Sisson                P.O. Box 187            Moraga, CA      94556   925-376-
St. Monica's Catholic Church        Rev. Paul Minnahan               1001 Camino Pablo       Moraga, CA      94556   925-376-
Baha'i Assembly of Orinda           Pamela Carr, Secretary           P. O. Box 64            Orinda, CA      94563
Church of Santa Maria               Rev. Theodore Krause             40 Santa Maria Way      Orinda, CA      94563   925-254-
First Church of Christ, Scientist   Greg Arthur                      22 Orinda Way           Orinda, CA      94563
Holy Shepherd Lutheran Church       Rev. John Valentine              433 Moraga Way          Orinda, CA      94563   925-254-
Orinda Community Church (UCC)       Rev. Frank Baldwin, Rev. Bryn    10 Irwin Way            Orinda, CA      94563   925-254-
                                    Smallwood-Garcia                                                                 4906
St. Mark's United Methodist         Rev. Mark Zier                   451 Moraga Way          Orinda, CA      94563   925-254-
Church                                                                                                               5965

St. Stephen's Episcopal Church     Rev. Larry Hunter, Rev. Jeff   66 St. Stephen's Drive   Orinda, CA          94563   925-254-
                                   Littlefield                                                                         3770
St. Joseph Catholic Church         Rev. Paul Schmidt              2100 Pear St             Pinole, CA          94564   510-741-
Baha'I of Pittsburg                Diana Hudson                   217 Heron Dr.            Pittsburg, CA       94565
Community Presbyterian Church      Rev.Will McGarvey              200 E. Leland Road       Pittsburg, CA       94565   925-439-
Pittsburg United Methodist         Rev. Roger Kimble              153 W. Leland Road       Pittsburg, CA       94565   925-432-
Church                                                                                                                 7614
St. Peter Martyr Catholic Church   Fr. Ricardo Chaves, Carolyn    740 Black Diamond St     Pittsburg, CA       94565   925-432-
                                   Krantz                                                                              4771
Shri Guru Ravidass Sabha Sikh      Dr. Harmesh Kumar              2150 Crestview Dr.       Pittsburg, CA       94565
Stewart Memorial CME               Lorie Hearn                    580 Front Street         Pittsburg, CA       94565   925-432-
Baha'i Spiritual Assembly                                                                  Walnut Creek, CA    94597
Christ the King Catholic Church    Rev. Brian Joyce, Rev. Aidan   199 Brandon Road         Pleasant Hill, CA   94523   925-682-
                                   McIntyre                                                                            2486
Episcopal Church of the            Rev. Bruce Smith, Rev. Doug    399 Gregory Lane         Pleasant Hill, CA   94523   925-685-
Resurrection                       Bachman                                                                             2288
Faith Lutheran Church              Rev. Thomas Norris             50 Woodsworth Lane       Pleasant Hill, CA   94523   925-685-
Hillcrest Congregational Church    Rev. William G. Holliday       404 Gregory Lane         Pleasant Hill, CA   94523   925-689-
(UCC)                                                                                                                  8260
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church   Rev. Sheldon R. White, Rev.    1601 Mary Drive          Pleasant Hill, CA   94523   925-685-
                                   Gail Doering                                                                        4720
St. Mark's Lutheran Church         Rev. Kerstin Barnes            3051 Putnam Blvd         Pleasant Hill, CA   94523   925-934-
Church of the Good Shepherd        Rev. Jane Schlager             6226 Arlington Blvd.     Richmond, CA        94805   510-232-
UMC                                                                                                                    4043
First Baptist Church               Rev. Gary Cooper               777 Sonoma Ave.          Richmond, CA        94805   510-234-
First Presbyterian Church          Rev. Jim Wheeler               3415 Barrett Avenue      Richmond, CA        94805   510-234-
Greater Richmond Interfaith        Mr. Arthur J. Hatchett         3113 MacDonald Ave.      Richmond, CA        94804   510-233-
Program                                                                                                                2141

Sojourner Truth Presbyterian        Rev. James Noel                2621 Shane Drive           Richmond, CA       94806   510-222-
Church                                                                                                                   2020
American Baptist Church of the      Rev. Bill Harrison             19001 San Ramon Valley     San Ramon, CA      94583   925-829-
Valley                                                             Blvd.                                                 3366
Baha'i Spiritual Assembly                                          P. O. Box 2791             San Ramon, CA      94583
Islamic Center of San Ramon         Nasira Sharieff                2232 Camino Ramon          San Ramon, CA      94583   925-833-
St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church     Fr. Fred Riccio, Rev. Glenn    2601 San Ramon Valley      San Ramon, CA      94583   925-830-
                                    Natuit                         Blvd.                                                 0600
Congregation B’nai Shalom           Rabbi Michelle Fisher          74 Eckley Lane             Walnut Creek, CA   94596   925-934-
Congregation B'nai Tikvah           Rabbi Raphael Asher, Cantor    25 Hillcroft Way           Walnut Creek, CA   94596   925-933-
                                    Jennie Chabon                                                                        5402
Grace Presbyterian Church           Rev. Roger Reaber, Rev.        2100 Tice Valley Blvd      Walnut Creek, CA   94595   925-935-
                                    Cherie Reid                                                                          2100
Hope Lutheran Church                                               P. O. Box 2297             Walnut Creek, CA   94595   925-937-
Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist   Rev. Diane Miller, Interim     55 Eckley Lane             Walnut Creek, CA   94596   925-934-
Church                                                                                                                   3135
Rossmoor Pilgrim Congregational     Rev. Robert Howell             2301 Pine Knoll Drive #2   Walnut Creek, CA   94595   925-287-
Church                                                                                                                   1300
Rossmoor Interfaith Council         Joseph Clevenger               1201 Fairlawn Ct. Apt. 6   Walnut Creek, CA   94595
Shell Ridge Community Church        Rev. Greg Ledbetter            200 La Casa Via            Walnut Creek, CA   94598   925-935-
St. Luke's Episcopal Church         Rev. Gary W. D. Ost            P.O. Box 2088              Walnut Creek, CA   94595   925-937-
St. Luke's Lutheran Church          Rev. Glenda J. Wilson          2491 San Miguel Drive      Walnut Creek, CA   94596   925-935-
Saint Matthew Lutheran Church       Rev. Kevin Murphy, Rev. Jeff   399 Wiget Lane             Walnut Creek, CA   94598   925-932-
                                    Thiemann                                                                             1955
St. Paul's Episcopal Church         Rev. Sylvia Vasquez            1924 Trinity Avenue        Walnut Creek, CA   94596   925-934-
St. Stephen's Catholic Church       Rev. Denis Des Rosiers         525 Madonna Lane           Walnut Creek, CA   94597   925-939-
Tice Valley United Methodist        Rev. Donna Morrow DeCamp       P. O. Box 2007             Walnut Creek, CA   94595   925-937-
Church                                                                                                                   4535

Trinity Lutheran Church          Interim                      2317 Buena Vista Avenue   Walnut Creek, CA   94596   925-935-
Unity Center of Walnut Creek     Rev. David McArthur          1871 Geary Road           Walnut Creek, CA   94596   925-937-
Church                                                                                                             2191
Walnut Avenue United Methodist   Rev. Joanne Peterson         260 Walnut Ave            Walnut Creek, CA   94598   925-933-
Walnut Creek Presbyterian                                     1801 Lacassie Ave.        Walnut Creek, CA   94596   925-935-
Church                                                                                                             1574
Walnut Creek Stake - Church of                                1786 2nd Ave.             Walnut Creek, CA   94596   925-939-
JC/LDS                                                                                                             3595
Walnut Creek United Methodist    Rev. Eileen Lindsay - Rev.   1543 Sunnyvale            Walnut Creek, CA   94596   925-934-
Church                           Jennifer Irvine-Goto                                                              4208
Church Women United              Linda Doran                  3 Stein Way               Orinda, CA         94563   925-254-


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