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									2007 EFT: Rataplan Ghost Rides the WWI Ambulance Packet 10
Packet by: Eric Mukherjee

1. This man published an editorial excoriating Edwin Killroe, for which he was charged with libel. He declared the
East St. Louis riots “one of the bloodiest outrages against mankind” in a 1917 speech in Lafayette Hall. J. Edgar
Hoover succeeded in charging this man with mail fraud, leading to a five-year jail sentence, where he published
“First Message to the Negroes of the World from Atlanta Prison”. He presented the Petition of the Negro Race to a
1928 meeting of the League of Nations, and also created the Black Star Line. FTP, name this president of the United
Negro Improvement Association and proponent of the “Back to Africa” movement.
ANSWER: Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jr.

2. Unlike similar procedures, a parallel version of this algorithm requires no synchronization, and requires big-O of
n time given big-theta of n processors. Combining this algorithm, which was originally developed by C.A.R Hoare,
with heapsort gives introsort, which is faster on average because heapsort has a better worst-case runtime. Its second
step is referred to as the partition function, which divides the original list into elements that are higher or lower than
a given pivot value. FTP, name this algorithm that runs in big-O of n log n time, that sorts a list by repeatedly
creating two sub-lists and resorting, named for its speed.
ANSWER: Quicksort

3. Its epigraph is taken from Shakespeare’s Sonnet 17, and reads “The stretched metre of an antique song”. Its first
section takes place in a forest around Latmos, during a celebration of Pan, and during a trip to the underworld, the
protagonist encounters Venus and Adonis. He relates the contents of a dream to his sister Peonia, and in the end he
meets the Indian maid he has dreamed about, who is revealed to by the goddess Cynthia. Consisting of four books
and beginning with the line “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”, FTP, name this poem about a handsome shepherd
loved by the goddess of the moon, written by John Keats.
ANSWER: “Endymion: A Poetic Romance”

4. His portrayal of Virgil Renchler in Man in the Shadow was quite similar to a more famous role in which he plays
the corrupt, overweight sheriff of a US/Mexico border town. In addition to his role as Hank Quinlan in Touch of
Evil, he also directed a film centered around Sir John Falstaff, entitled Chimes at Midnight. He played Harry Lime in
a movie centering on the pulp author Holly Martins, The Third Man, and first gained notoriety for a series that
convinced listeners that an alien invasion was occurring. FTP, name this actor/director who starred in a 1938 radio
serial adaptation of War of the Worlds, and also played a newspaper mogul who called for his sled on his deathbed
in Citizen Kane.
ANSWER: Orson Welles

5. Orlin once created one of these devices using several capacitors and a toaster, and the Mark IX tactical nuclear
weapon was specifically designed to destroy them. They normally can only remain active for 38 minutes, and are
composed of the superconductor naquadah. A second, slightly more advanced group of these objects was recently
discovered in the Pegasus Galaxy. Their inner tracks contain 39 symbols, 7 of which are used in a given address.
The first of these objects seen was uncovered at an archaeological dig in Giza, and was decoded by Daniel Jackson.
FTP, name these fictional wormhole-creating devices, one of which is used by a Cheyenne Mountain facility whose
flagship team is SG-1.
ANSWER: Stargate or Ring of the Gods or Circle of Standing Water or Ancestral Ring or Stone Ring or
Annulus or Chappa’ai or The Ol’ Orifice (FYI: The Mark IX is the “Gatebuster”, so its uniquely identifying)

6. One of this man’s earliest works was a chronicle of his time as a reporter during the Lebanese Civil War, entitled
From Beirut to Jerusalem. The title objects of one of his later works represent the struggle between modernization
and tradition. In that work, The Lexus and the Olive Tree, he presented his theory that no two countries with
McDonald’s franchises have gone to war with each other, the “Golden Arches Theory of Conflict Resolution”. His
most recent work analyzes globalization in terms of the “triple convergence”, and refers to things like outsourcing
and the internet as “flatteners”. FTP, name this New York Times contributor and author of “A Brief History of the
21st century” entitled The World is Flat.
ANSWER: Thomas Lauren Friedman
7. One character in this work suffers from a “nebulous mass” in his chest which shows up in an X-ray, and this work
ends by describing a supermarket whose isles have been rearranged, leading to much confusion. The protagonists’
boss is Alphon Stompanato, and his colleague Murray Siskind is an expert on Elvis Presley. The protagonists’ wife
is revealed to have given sexual favors to Willie Mink in exchange for the drug Dylar, and much of the latter part of
this book deals with the consequences of an “Airborne Toxic Event”. Focusing on a professor of Hitler Studies,
FTP, name this novel about Jack Gladney and his family, by Don DeLillo.
ANSWER: White Noise

8. This nations lowest point is Lake Kulul, which is located in the Denakil depression. The Dahlak Archipelago is a
part of this nation, and it shares several of the Hanish Islands with Yemen. The port town of Asseb lies in the far east
of this nation, which is mostly inhabited by the Tigrinya and Tigre peoples. The town of Badme was granted to this
nation by the EEBC in 2002, after a dispute with its neighbor. It was annexed by Haile Selassie I in 1961, leading to
a 30-year war between this nation and Ethiopia. Also bordered by Djibouti and Sudan, FTP, name this small African
nation with capital at Asmara.
ANSWER: Eritrea or Hagere Ertra

9. Early in his career, this man became head of the Cercles of Stanleyville, and distributed literature for the Liberal
Party of his country. His movement would later break into two factions, one headed by this man, and another headed
by Albert Kalonji. His time in office saw the rise of secessionist movement under Moise Tshombe of the
CONAKAT party, leading to UN intervention. After his removal from office, his successor sent him to Katanga
province, where he was tortured and executed by those same rebels. FTP, name this leader of the MNC who was
overthrown by a CIA-backed coup lead by Joseph Mobutu, the first prime minister of the Congo.
ANSWER: Patrice Lumumba

10. One method of trapping these molecules uses a molecular tweezer made of two bent corannulene units, and they
can be purified by using DBU and trimethylbenzene. They undergo 1,3 dipolar addition with azomethine ylides in
the Prato reaction, and one method of synthesizing them is named for Huffman and Kratschmer. The endohedral
type has another molecule trapped inside, and they were first isolated from soot using a laser by Kroto, Smalley and
Curl. The most well-known of these compounds has the shape of a truncated icosahedron. FTP, name this most
recently discovered allotrope of carbon, named after the creator of the geodesic dome.
ANSWER: Buckminsterfullerene or Buckyballs

11. One work attributed to this man was taken to a shrine created by Pompey the Great in the Circus Maximus, and
another work by this man was a depiction of Apollo created for Ephesus. One of his lost works was a heifer, which
according to one account was decorated with 36 epigrams, and according to Livy, he was a student of Agelades. A
copy of one of this man’s works is found in the Copenhagen gardens, and he’s also famous for a depiction of the
satyr Marsyas with Athena. FTP, name this 5th-century BC Athenian sculptor, whose most famous work features an
athlete throwing a discus, titled Discobolos.

12. She placed one of her sons in the heavens as the constellation Bootes, and she also turned Lyncus of Scythia into
a lynx after he tried to kill her student Triptolemus. Her liaison with the titan Iasion in a thrice-plowed field resulted
in the birth of Plutus. In one story, she disguises herself as the old woman Doso, and is taken in by King Celeus of
Elusis. She plans to reward him by making his son Demophon immortal, but she was interrupted by Metanira when
she was about to put him in a fire. She came upon this family while traveling the world searching for her kidnapped
child. FTP, name this Greek agricultural goddess whose daughter Persephone was kidnapped by Hades.
ANSWER: Demeter

13. A satirical sequel to this work was published in 1982 by T. Coraghessan Boyle. The main character foresaw his
eventual profession when he made a grimace upon being baptized. He becomes agitated when he is asked to change
the wording of a report from the first to the third person, leading to his being appointed as a copier. He attempts to
enlist the aid of the Very Important Person after he is robbed of the title possession, which was created by Petrovich
from cat hair. He returns as a ghost at the end of the work, and retaliates against the VIP by robbing him of a similar
object. FTP, name this work about Akaky Akakievich, written by Nikolai Gogol.
ANSWER: “The Overcoat” or “The Cloak” or “Shinel”
14. With Piola, this man lends his name to a two-point tensor which relates the stress of a material to a certain
reference configuration, and with Clebsch, he names an equation used to characterize rigid bodies in irrotational,
inviscid, incompressible fluids. He worked with Bunsen to develop his three laws of spectroscopy, and his namesake
law of thermal radiation equates the absorptivity and emmissivity of an object in thermal equilibrium. He coined the
term “Blackbody” in 1860, but he’s more famous for two laws he derived from Ohm's law. FTP, name this
physicist, whose namesake “junction” and “loop” rules are useful in characterizing circuits.
ANSWER: Gustav Robert Kirchhoff

15. The figures in the painting were identified by Mary Hervey in 1900. At the extreme top left of this painting is a
black-and-white representation of Jesus on the cross, and the floor design is based on Westminster Abbey. The
lower table in the center contains two books, one propped open by a bookmark, next to a lute, while the upper table
contains a globe and astrolabe; all of this occurs in front of a green curtain. However, most notable is a distorted
object in front of the two title figures. FTP, name this painting featuring an anamorphic skull hovering in front of
Georges de Selve and Jean de Dentville, by Hans Holbein the Younger.
ANSWER: The French Ambassadors or The Two Ambassadors

16. The monument to this battle is known as the “twin sisters”, and consists of two artillery pieces originally used by
Major George Hockley during it. It began immediately after the burning of Vince’s Bridge, and Mirabeau Lamar
commanded a cavalry unit of 61 men that circled the opposing force. It quickly devolved into hand-to-hand combat
between the American forces and some 400 men commanded by Juan Almonte. Leading to the capture of Santa
Anna by Sam Houston’s forces, FTP, name this 18-minute battle that began with the immortal yell “Remember the
Alamo!”, the final battle of the Texan Revolution.
ANSWER: Battle of San Jacinto

17. The agent that causes this disease can be transported in the Cary-Blair medium, and it is often diagnosed by
plating it onto TCBS medium and looking for yellow colonies. Its namesake enterotoxin ADP-ribosylates a G-
protein linked to adenylate cyclase, causing a massive increase in cAMP concentration and opening of chloride
channels. Epidemiologist John Snow traced the origin of one outbreak in Westminster, and its causative agent was
isolated by Filippo Pacini. Cystic fibrosis is thought to confer a heterozygote advantage against, FTP, this disease,
caused by a gram negative vibrio bacterium, which leads to massive dehydration and diarrhea and is transmitted
through contaminated water.
ANSWER: Cholera

18. The exordium of this work contains four different retellings of the central story, and the first of these is believed
to reflect the author’s failed engagement. This work was published alongside a tract about a Young Man who wishes
to break off his engagement, entitled Repetition. The author contrasts the “Knight of Infinite Resignation” and the
“Knight of Faith” in one section of this work, and concludes that the path of the former is much easier. Its third
problema asks whether there exists a teleological suspension of the ethical, and it was published under the name
Johannes de Silentio. FTP, name this Soren Kirkegaard work whose title describes emotions felt during Abraham’s
sacrifice of Isaac.
ANSWER: Fear and Trembling or Frygt og Baeven

19. It is analogous to May’s theorem, which replaces one of the conditions with anonymity and considers only the
case of two options. The Gibbert-Satterthwaite theorem is a special case of this result, and Amartya Sen extended
upon it to create the Liberal Paradox. One of its conditions is an independence of irrelevant alternatives, which
states that the social welfare function must provide the same set of rankings in a subset of choices as it would for the
whole set. First stated in 1951’s Social Choice and Individual Values, FTP, name this theorem that says that no non-
dictatorial voting system based on ranked preferences of three options can take everyone’s choices into account.
ANSWER: Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem

20. One of this man’s short stories centers on Belacquah Shah, who picks up the title creature while going to an
Italian lesson. In addition to Dante and the Lobster, this man wrote a play concerning the solipsist Henry, entitled
Embers, and another play centered around the old couple Mr. and Mrs. Rooney, called All that Fall. One of his
better-known works consists of an old writer listening to Spool number 5. He is probably best known a work
features Nagg and Hamm, and another has Pozzo and his servant Lucky, as well as Vladimir and Estragon. FTP,
name this absurdist playwright of Krapp’s Last Tape, Endgame, and Waiting For Godot.
ANSWER: Samuel Beckett

21. This government legalized a system of alternate attendance among feudal lords, where they were required to
spend one year within their domains and one in the capital. One challenge to it came from disgruntled ronin lead by
Yui Shotetsu, who attempted a coup called the Keian Uprising. Its downfall came during the Bakamatsu, during
which popular sentiment called for “expelling the barbarians”, leading to the Boshin War and resignation of
Yoshinobu. It was founded after its namesake’s victory over Ishida Mitsunari at Sekigahara, and it also signed of the
Treaty of Kanagawa with Matthew Perry. Immediately followed by the Meiji restoration, FTP, name this Shogunate,
founded by Ieyasu, that ruled Japan from 1600 to 1868.
ANSWER: Tokugawa Shogunate

1. Answer some questions about the pancreas, FTPE:
[10] This cluster of cells, named for a German pathologist, makes up the endocrine portion of the pancreas. Its
epsilon cells have recently been discovered to secrete ghrelin.
ANSWER: Islets of Langerhans
[10] The alpha cells of the Islets of the Langerhans secrete this peptide hormone that is released in response to low
blood glucose levels.
ANSWER: Glucagon
[10] These cells in the exocrine portion of the pancreas secrete bicarbonate ions in response to rising secretin levels
in the intestine.
ANSWER: Centroacinar cells

2. Identify some paintings by Eugene Delacroix, FTPE:
[10] This work commemorates the July revolution. A boy holding two pistols stands next to the title figure, who’s
holding a tricolor flag and has one breast exposed.
ANSWER: Liberty Leading the People or La Liberte Guidant le Peuple
[10] This work shows the mass killing of some Greek islanders by Ottoman Turks. A turban-wearing mounted
soldier is depicted in the right foreground, and a group of dying civilians lie on the left.
ANSWER: Massacre at Chios or Massacre at Scio or Scenes de Massacres de Scio
[10] This work, based on a Byron play, depicts the killing of the title characters concubines and destruction of all of
his worldly possessions. He reclines on a pink bed while the chaos occurs in front of him.
ANSWER: Death of Sardanapalus or La Mort de Sardanapale

3. Answer some things about Valhalla, the Norse hall of the dead, FTPE:
[10] These shield maidens and “choosers of the slain” carry fallen warriors to Valhalla. Notable ones include
Brunhilde and Hrist.
ANSWER: Valkyrie
[10] The warriors of Valhalla are given this collective name. They will fight with Odin at Ragnarok against the
forces of the giants.
ANSWER: Einherjar
[10] The Einherjar battle each other to death on the plain Idavoll, after being awakened every morning by this
golden-combed rooster.
ANSWER: Gullinkambi

4. The first round of the 2007 NFL Draft was the longest in its history. Answer the following questions concerning
it, FTPE:
[10] It was no surprise that JaMarcus Russell was selected first overall by the Raiders, but the big news on draft day
was the slide of this Notre Dame quarterback, who was eventually selected by the Cleveland Browns with the 22nd
ANSWER: Brady Quinn
[10] The Miami Dolphins, expected by many to take Brady Quinn, instead went with this Ohio State wideout,
drawing many jeers from the crowd.
ANSWER: Ted Ginn, Jr.
[10] After playing three years at the University of California, this running back was selected by the 12 th overall by
the Buffalo Bills.
ANSWER: Marshawn Lynch

5. His Vrindiban concerns a Hindu holy man called the “saddhu”, and his other works include A Draft of Shadows,
and San Ildefonso Nocture. FTPE:
[10] Name this Mexican poet and 1990 Nobel Prizewinner.
ANSWER: Octavio Paz Lozano
[10] This famous work by Octavio Paz analyzes the intersection between US and Mexican culture, and concludes
that the machismo and apathy of Mexican society has created the title construct.
ANSWER: The Labyrinth of Solitude or El Laberinto de la soledad
[10] This 584-line surrealist poem by Paz is written in a circular structure reminiscent of the Aztec calendar. At the
end, the speaker is granted entry into a watery paradise.
ANSWER: Sunstone or Piedra del Sol

6. He was originally the Grand Duke of Muscovy and conquered Siberia during his reign. FTPE:
[10] Name this son of Vasili III and first Czar of Russia. He received his nickname partially because he ordered the
Novgorod massacre, and also for beating his pregnant daughter-in-law until she miscarried.
ANSWER: Ivan the Terrible or Ivan IV Vasilyevich or Ivan Grozny
[10] Ivan the Terrible was the second-to-last member of this Dynasty. It ended with the death of Ivan’s son Feodor,
leading to the Time of Troubles.
ANSWER: Rurikid
[10] Ivan the Terrible created this secret police and death squad, which was responsible for the Novgorod massacre.
They wore black cloaks and had an insignia shaped like a dog’s head.
ANSWER: Oprichniki

7. It follows the story of Catherine Morland’s visit to the title castle, where her imagination and love of Gothic
novels leads her into trouble. FTPE:
[10] Name this novel that also features Isabella Thorpe and Henry Tilney.
ANSWER: Northanger Abbey
[10] Northanger Abbey was written by this author of Persuasion, Lady Susan, and Mansfield Park.
ANSWER: Jane Austen
[10] Catherine is a huge fan of this Gothic novel by Ann Radcliffe that features Emily St. Aubert.
ANSWER: The Mysteries of Udolpho

8. It applies in Euclidean, inner product, and L-p spaces. FTPE:
[10] Name this inequality that states that the sum of the lengths of two sides of a certain figure cannot be less than
the length of the third side.
ANSWER: Triangle inequality
[10] The Triangle inequality can be derived from this other inequality, which states that the dot product of two
vectors is equal to or less than the product of their magnitudes.
ANSWER: Cauchy-Schwarz-Bunyakovsky inequality (accept in any order)
[10] Cauchy-Schwarz, in turn, is derived from this more general inequality by setting p and q equal to two.
ANSWER: Holder’s Inequality

9. It begins with the speaker saying that he sees “trees of green, and red roses too”. FTPE:
[10] Name this 1967 song, whose title completes the line “and I think to myself…”. It was notably played during a
scene in “Bowling For Columbine” detailing US involvement in various world conflicts.
ANSWER: “What a Wonderful World”
[10] “What a Wonderful World” was first recorded by this Jazz singer, who also recorded many songs with Ella
ANSWER: Louis Armstrong or Satchmo or Pops
[10] What a Wonderful World” was written by George Weiss and this man. He was the head of Impulse! Records
from 1961-9.
ANSWER: Bob Thiele

10. One of its early proponents was George Herbert Mead, and was popularized in recent times by the work of
Richard Rorty. FTPE:
[10] Name this philosophical school that emphasizes practical concerns in the search for truth and value.
ANSWER: Pragmatism
[10] Pragmatism was first used in print by this philosopher, who called it “A New Name for Some Old Ways of
Thinking”. His other notable works include The Varieties of Religious Experience and The Principles of Psychology.
ANSWER: William James
[10] The pragmatic maxim is thought to originate with this thinker, whose own works include “The Fixation of
Belief” and “How to Make Our Ideas Clear”.
ANSWER: Charles Sanders Pierce
11. Its title comes from the seventh month of the Revolutionary calendar, and characters include the protagonists’
love interest Catherine. FTPE:
[10] Name this 1885 novel, the thirteenth in a series of twenty, which takes place in the mining town of Montsou.
ANSWER: Germinal
[10] Germinal was a novel in this author’s Rougon-Macquart cycle. Other notable works include Nana and the open
letter J’accuse.
ANSWER: Emile Zola
[10] This main character of Germinal first appeared in Zola’s L’Assomoir. Sovarine traps him in the bottom of a
mineshaft along with Catherine and Chaval.
ANSWER: Etienne Lantier (accept either answer)

12. His early work was on vowels in Indo-European Languages. FTPE:
[10] Name this Swiss linguist.
ANSWER: Ferdinand de Saussure
[10] Compiled by his students Charles Balley and Albert Sechehaye, this series of lectures by Saussure describes
language as a system of signs.
ANSWER: Course in General Linguistics
[10] Saussure’s work influenced the Prague School of linguistics, including this member who wrote Principles of
ANSWER: Nikolai Trubetskoy

13. One of the first victims was Frederick Heinde, who landed with a force 5 miles from Pittsburgh off of a Barge.
[10] Name this strike at a Carnegie steel facility in the namesake town.
ANSWER: Homestead Strike
[10] This leader of operations for Carnegie Steel locked the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel works out
of the plant.
ANSWER: Henry Clay Frick
[10] Frick hired this agency for plant security. A force of them attempted to land twice, but they surrendered after
they were attacked by the townspeople. They're also notable for infiltrating the Molly Maguires.
ANSWER: Pinkerton National Detective Agency (accept Pinkertons)

14. Answer some questions about phase transition diagrams, FTPE:
[10] At this point on a phase diagram, a substance can exist as a solid, liquid, and gas, all at the same time.
ANSWER: Triple point
[10] Beyond this point, the liquid state of matter can no longer exist. Instead, the resulting substance has some
gaseous and some liquid properties.
ANSWER: Critical point
[10] This rule states that the number of degrees of freedom present in an equilibrium closed system is equal to the
number of chemical components minus the number of phases plus 2.
ANSWER: Gibbs’ Phase Rule

15. She translated the epic Shui hu zhuan with the title All Men are Brothers. FTPE:
[10] Name this author of Mandala, The Patriot, and East Wind: West Wind.
ANSWER: Pearl Sydenstricker Buck or Pearl Comfort Sydenstricker
[10] This Pearl Buck work begins with the wedding of Wang Lung, and traces his time as a rickshaw driver in the
city and his return to his farm at the end of the novel.
ANSWER: The Good Earth
[10] This final work of the House of Earth trilogy sees Wang Yuan coming home during a peasant uprising, in
which his cousin is in the revolutionary army and his father is a warlord.
ANSWER: A House Divided
16. It centers around a feud between the Ashtons and the Ravenswoods, and after the protagonist kills her
bridegroom, she sings the aria “Il dolce suono”. FTPE:
[10] Name this opera.
ANSWER: Lucia di Lammermoor
[10] This oprettist of Don Pasquale and The Elixir of Love wrote Lucia di Lammermoor.
ANSWER: Domenico Gaetano Maria Donizetti
[10] The protagonist of this other Donizetti opera is Marie, who ends up marrying Tonio, a member of the titular
military outfit.
ANSWER: La fille du regiment or Daughter of the Regiment

17. Answer some questions about the Gallic Wars, FTPE:
[10] This Roman leader wrote a notable Commentary on the Gallic War, in which he was a commander. He was
later assassinated on the Ides of March.
ANSWER: Julius Caeser
[10] This Arverni chieftan led the Gauls against the Roman Republic. He was captured by Caesar and executed after
his triumph.
ANSWER: Vercingetorix
[10] Vercingetorix was captured after this decisive 52BC final battle of the Gallic war. Caesar’s forces vastly
outnumbered the Gauls and managed to starve them out of the fortress.
ANSWER: Alesia

18. They can all be derived from Coulomb’s law using the principles of special relativity, as long as you assume
invariance of charge. FTPE:
[10] Name this set of four equations that includes Gauss’ Law, Faraday’s Law, and Ampere’s Law.
ANSWER: Maxwell’s Equations
[10] Maxwell modified Ampere’s Law by adding this term. Denoted by J, it is the time derivative of the electric
ANSWER: Displacement current
[10] Gauss’ Law for magnetism implies that all magnetic fields must originate and terminate somewhere. Thus, it
implies that these entities don’t exist.
ANSWER: Magnetic monopole or magnetic charge

19. Identify some works by E.M. Forster, FTPE:
[10] This work centers around the relationship of Lucy Honeychurch and George Emerson, and it begins with Lucy
and Charlotte Bartlett disappointed with their lodgings in the Pension Bertolini.
ANSWER: A Room With a View
[10] In this work, Dr. Aziz is falsely accuses of attacking Adela in the Maribar caves. When Mrs. Moore asserts that
Aziz is innocent, her son ships her back to England.
ANSWER: A Passage to India
[10] Lilia Herriton runs off it Italy and gets married in this work. She eventually regrets leaving her daughter Irma in
England, and dies in childbirth.
ANSWER: Where Angels Fear to Tread

20. Identify some cases dealing with the freedom of speech, FTPE:
[10] This 1986 case ruled that flag burning was protected under the First Amendment as a form of Free Speech. This
lead to the 1989 Flag Protection Act, which was subsequently struck down too.
ANSWER: Texas v. Johnson
[10] In this 1964 case, a theater owner was charged with obscenity after showing the French film The Lovers. It
features Potter Stewart’s famous take on obscenity, that he knows it when he sees it.
ANSWER: Jacobellis v. Ohio
[10] This man was charged with seditious libel in 1735 for publishing an article about Governor Bill Cosby in the
New York Weekly Journal. His acquittal established that the truth is not libel.
ANSWER: John Peter Zenger

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