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					                                              Church Athletic League - Kingston                           613-542-1362
                                             42 Church St. Kingston ON K7M 1H3        

                                     Welcome To the 2010-2011 CAL On-Line Registration

The Registration Website has undergone significant upgrades since last year, most notably a “Shopping Cart” has been
added, and you will be able to choose multiple “Packages”, and register all of your children at one time.

First time users will need to “Create an Account” which consists of your e-mail address, a password you create, and the
parents name/address/etc. This account is a “family” account; you only need ONE account to register as many family
members as you wish. Once you have created an account, you will be taken to the page to “Register a New Member”
(your son or daughter). Fill in your child’s name and birthday and Click on “Register a New Member”.

If you registered online last season, simply sign-in on the “Login Page” with your e-mail address and your password, your
child’s prior history will appear. Your account is a “family” account; you only need ONE account to register as many
family members as you wish.

Click “Register Now” on your child’s profile and follow the registration steps to “Registration Package Selection” and
Select the “House League Hockey Package”. This selection will allow you to choose any of the other Programs (Pre-
Season, PD, Etc.) that are available a little further along in the Registration Process. Once you have completed your
selections, Click “Add To Cart.” From your “Shopping Cart”, you will be able to view/edit/change your selections.
Additionally, from this page you will be able to register a 2nd and subsequent children. Final step is the “Checkout”.

Registering subsequent children, Click on “Register New Member”, you will be returned to the registration page. If your
child’s profile does not appear, Click on “Register a New Member” again, fill in your child’s name and birthday to add
Him/Her to your Profile. You will now be able to follow the same steps to register your additional children. The HCR is
unable to process the discounts for 3rd & 4th Registrations, once Registered, contact the CAL Office for reimbursement.

When “Registering a New Member”, the child’s name must match exactly (not case sensitive) the name in the HCR
Database. If your child has played in the CAL and you are unable to locate the profile, send an e-mail to Ron Taylor (Subj. Line: Last Name - Online Registration), and the information will be forthcoming (please
include the child’s name, birthday, along with the parent’s name, address & phone number in your message). New to
the CAL, but registered with another Minor Hockey Association?... please complete a Registration Form and drop it off
or mail to the CAL to initiate a “Member Transfer”. Never played hockey before?... please submit a Registration Form
along with a photocopy of the child’s birth certificate.

*Mandatory Fields: There are mandatory fields marked by an asterisk (*) that must be filled in through-out the
registration process. Not marked as clearly as they could be. These are set by the HCR System, repetitive but necessary!

Forgot Something ?
        Should you only register your child for “House League Hockey,” you may return to the on-line registration at a
        later date to enroll in the other pre-season programs. Simply select only the package that you would like to add,
        and follow the same steps through to the end of the registration process.

Payment By Cheque
       When you complete your On-Line Registration you may choose to pay by Cheque on the “Checkout Page”. If
       you choose this option, please download and complete the Paying By Cheque Control Form from the CAL
       Website and enclose it with your cheque. If you are paying by Cheque via Installments, you will need to
       download and submit the same form and enclose it with your initial payment and your post-dated cheques (the
       amount your first cheque must cover at least $100.00 of your House League Fees plus full payment for any
       additional packages).
       Once you have processed all of your transactions through “The Shopping Cart”, Click “Order History” (one of
       the 7 Buttons along the top of the On-Line Registration Page), which will take you to your “Order History” page
       where you can view your order and you can choose to Print or E-Mail your receipt.
           Log In Screen

   Registering Your Children &
Adding Your Children to Your Profile

                                Cannot Register Message

              If you receive the “Member Cannot Register Message”,
              please contact the CAL Office in order to Initiate a Transfer
              from your previous Minor Hockey Association.
                                  Sample Fee Packages Page (Illustration Only)

                                                    Select Add To Cart, where you will be able to edit, change,
                                                    review your order. From the Shopping Cart, you will be able
                                                    to Register a 2nd and/or additional children.

                                            Sample Shopping Cart

                   Register New Member
Click on Register New Member in order to Register a 2nd
and subsequent children for their House League Hockey