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               Circuit Rider
                          Asbury United Methodist Church Newsletter – Published Monthly
     MAY – 2010                    90 Church Avenue, Forestville, Connecticut 06010             Volume 17, Issue 5

Pastor                                                                                Custodian
 The Rev. Laura L. Galbraith                                                            Bruce Lauzier
Minister of Visitation                                                                Asbury Church Office: 860-584-0529
 The Rev. Vincent Watson                                                              Office FAX: 860-584-0520 (call first)
Music Director                                                                        Dial-A-Prayer: 860-582-1225
 Lauren Pouliot                                                                       Parsonage: 584-1106
Organist                                                                              Pastor e-mail:
 Jana Ros                                                                    
Secretary & Circuit Rider Editor                                                      Secretary email:
 Melissa Gray                                                                
Nursery Coordinator                                                                   Asbury Web Page:
 Linda Henry                                                                 

                                             from Ghana, Mozambique and               What about lunch?
          ANNUAL                             Cambodia. Travel the obstacle            Lunch boxes will be served at no
          CONFERENCE                         course on a PET, Personal                cost between 11:30am and
                                             Energy Transportation!                   12:30pm.
                                                          TENT 2:                     What happens 1:00 pm to 4:00
                                             Engage in Advocacy Ministries!           pm?
 Imagine 5,000 United                        Ever taken a privilege walk?             · Let’s gather in the Arena!
Methodists gathered in one place             How is your personal income              · We will begin with a Parade of
to celebrate the MOMENTUM                    ranked globally? Try the photo           church banners processing to the
OF MINISTRY in the New York                  opts with John Wesley or be a            Bishop’s Hymn sing!
Annual Conference!                           circuit rider on a horse!! What is       · We’ll recognize all our new
 Bishop Jeremiah J. Park extends             Permaculture and why is the              members!
a special invitation to come to a            world so interested? Experience          · We’ll have a conversation
     “Parking Lot Festival”                  the shower of stoles or pray in a        about our local church
        Saturday, June 12                    prison cell.                             Momentum!
Hofstra University, Hempstead,                            TENT 3:                     · Bishop James Swanson will lift
  New York from 10:00 am to                  Youth & Children in Action!              and challenge us with his
             1:00 pm.                        Build a handicapped ramp with            preaching.
                                             UMARMY to be installed at a              · Let’s honor the work of our
        How does it work?                    local residence. Why do over 200         Volunteers in Mission in global
Three huge tents will host                   of our Youth give their time and         service.
exhibits, each one featuring                 energy to the Appalachian                · Let’s celebrate the five years of
interactive experiences and two              Service Project each summer?             VIM work in Biloxi – meet
stages of live music!                          What’s in it for the children?         owners of homes we have
             TENT 1:                         The Noah’s Ark inflatable is             renovated!!!
Experience Global Mission! In                back!!! Three other inflatables            For a small fee you may take a
the Mission Tent, taste cultural             plus a climbing wall. Take a turn        bus from Asbury’s parking lot at
tidbits from our global villages,            at the Learning Center Putt Putt         8:00 am. The bus will return to
enjoy dance from Ecuador,                    Golf Course. Children’s activites        Asbury around 6:00 pm. Call
Stretch out on the cot in the Haiti          are scattered throughout the             the church office to sign up and
clinic, shop for handmade items              festival!                                find out more details.
                                        Asbury United Methodist Church
 MAY – 2010                           The Circuit Rider                                     Page 2
                                                                         23.     Daria Avery
                                                                                 Harriet Donovan
                                                                                 Nathan Butler
                                                                                 Fred Dumond
                                                                                 Becky Hoge
          for MAY                                                        24.     Margaret Ruel
        Worship Leaders                            MAY                           Daniel Martin
 2nd.……….…...Lenny Cannon              1.     Jennifer Butler                    Christine Ripa
 9th………….…....Amy Majors                      Marion Mullins                     Jean Lunn
16th..…..……....…JoAnn Bacon            2.     Bruce Wazorko              26.     Theresa Spaulding
23rd………...…….Nick Roberts
                                                                         27.     Karen Fiorini
30th.….…...……Wayne Devino              3.     Camilla Martin
                                                                                 Raymond Pratt, Jr.
8:30 am service – Carl Aspland                                                   Mary Gagnon
                                       4.     Todd Hasler
            Greeters                          Christy Bolduc                     Ben Burrow
 2nd…..…….…...Joyce Cannon                    Stephanie Clark            28.     Elene Myers
 9th….....Lee & Karen Cranford                Kevin Fuller
16th..…….....…Carol Migneault                 Donna Adams                29.     Bill Cranford
                                              Dawn Hazzard                       Ernest Szydlo
23rd……………..…Anabelle &
                                                                                 Lynda Martin
                Megan Coloske          6.     Brian Hagan                        Kate Marques
30th.…..Edith & Wayne Devino                  Amy Majors
        Fellowship Hour                                                           80 Plus Club
                                       7.     Dan Fasci                            Bea Trafton
 2 .....The Jim Taylor Family                 Pamela Clark                        Camilla Martin
 9th…………....Kate Bechert &                                                         Mae McCabe
                   Josh Nicosia        9.     Erik Johnson
                                              Megan Kirschner
16th..……..…..…Mark Hultman                                                  I dreamed of sailing across the
                                              Virginia Jacobs
23rd….…….The Denski Family                    Bea Trafton
                                                                         sea to a wonderful, glorious land
30th.…….…………...……TBA                                                     Where the snow white waves
             Ushers                   10.     Jim Anthony                washed the beach of silver and
                                                                         golden sand.
 Wayne Fuller, Bonnie Emery,          11.     Deanne L. Keddy            Bright colored birds with gorgeous
 Chad Lockhart, Dennis Floyd,                 Ryan Corvo                 plumes flew swiftly to and fro
      and Roy DiYulio                         Alexander Corvo            While scented flowers blossomed
   Communion Stewards                         Mya Porrini                there as they began to grow
                                                                            A gem filled path of precious
       Treaty & Wayne Fuller          12.     Ron Keddy                  stones was quite a sight for me.
        May Altar Guild                       John Ingellis, II          It led me to a golden street just
                                              Aiden Lockhart             where I loved to be.
          Tricia Lockhart
                                                                         And then I saw an angel floating
    May Birthday Caller               13.     Mae McCabe
                                                                         high above
           Lucille Hamel              15.     Scott Colapietro           And knew within my beating heart,
                                              Jennifer Charette          I found a Place I love.
                                                                            But then the morning sun
                                      17.     Al Getchell                streamed in I woke up feeling fine.
                                              Lauren Kirschner           The dream was so delightful, just
                                                                         like a vintage wine,
                                      18.     Arthur Decker              Once more my dreams will take
The deadline for the June Circuit
Rider is May 16th. Please leave all   20.     Bruce Parsons              me to a place where I may trod
articles in the mailbox in the                Bradley Pinette            To that very lovely land I'm sure
church office or e-mail them to               Sharon Scott               was made by God.                                                                Allen Bingham
                                           Asbury United Methodist Church
     MAY – 2010                           The Circuit Rider                                            Page 3
                                                                               Dear Asbury Church Family,
FAMILY PAGE                                                                       Thank you everyone for all the
                                                                               cards, notes, phone calls, and
 Please keep these people                                                      support. It’s so comforting to have
   in your prayers……                                                           so many concerned and helpful
Arlene Chabot, Elsie Lyons,                                                    friends. I’ve had an extended
Rachel Manning, Jack Topalian,                                                 struggle, but I’m hoping to get
Sue Bromirski, Ellinor Archer,                                                 relief soon. Just keep praying for
Dorothy Zurawel, Mae McCabe,           Dear Asbury Members,                    me.
Anna Petit, Edward Coloske,               Thank you for all of your                               Thanks so much,
Norma Golnik, Douglas Henry,           prayers, cards and visits while I                           Rachel Manning
Vinnie Lewis, Vera Bough, Fred         was in the hospital. You are a very
                                                                               Dear Asbury,
Dumond, Bob Conrad, Shelly             special group of people. I’m very
                                                                                 I would like to send thanks to
Pierce, and others who have needs      grateful to have all of you in my
                                                                               Geri and Carli Beveridge, Joyce
of which we may not be aware.          life. I remember all of you in my
                                                                               Cannon, the Fosters and Amy
Serving Overseas                       daily prayers.
                                                                               Majors for the very nice cards sent
Scott Maskery, Todd Anderson                                 Lucille Hamel
                                                                               to me during the Easter Holidays.
                                       Dear Pastor Laura, Vinny, and           Especially the part “from your
                                       Asbury Church Family,                   Asbury Family”. It has been many
                                         During my 15 days in ICU, I was       moons since my brother Bob and I
                                       not aware of much except there          sat where the altar is now located
                                       was someone there holding my            when we were assigned the task of
        PRAYER CHAIN                   hand at times. For my time in the       being the ushers. The cards
If you wish to relate prayer needs     hospital and nursing home, I thank      brought back memories of more
to the chain, please call Phyllis      you all for your prayers, cards,        than 60 years ago.
Petit at 589-6059 or Dorothy           visits and flowers.                                               Love from,
Zurawel at 589-4079. Please keep         Then when I got home, Eula and                                Lee Cobb, Jr.
your call brief, and be aware of the   Cecil Foster came with food. The        My Dear Friends,
privacy rights of the person(s) for    Asbury church family is certainly         Thank you so much for your
whom you are requesting prayers.       one of a kind.                          thoughtfulness.
                                                    Thank you so much and                      Blanche Galbraith
                                                       God Bless You All,
                                                          Dorothy Zurawel                   Gratitude
                                                                                      For the many prayers
                                       Dear Members of Asbury,                         Offered up for me.
                                         Thank you for all your prayers
       NEW MEMBERS                     and gifts, especially the pies which          For the many cards sent
                                       we really enjoy, as well as the                   so thoughtfully,
   On April 4th, Easter Sunday Kate
Bechert and Josh Nicosia joined        oranges and cookies! We really           For the soup made with a loving
the Asbury family.                     appreciate you thinking of us.                        hand,
   Kate is the daughter of Jim and     Thank you again, and God Bless            None better in our great land.
Debbie Bechert. Both Kate and          all of you!                                  For all this I thank you,
Josh make their homes in Bristol,                                 Sincerely,     God’s people, loving and kind,
and both have become active in the                      Arlene Chabot and        Truer friends I will never find.
life of Asbury, joining a disciple                       Millie Suroweicki                       Blanche Galbraith
class and recently serving at          Dear Asbury Friends,
Fellowship Hour.                         I want to thank you for your
                                       cards, messages and especially
                                       your prayers during my illness.                        FORESTVILLE
                                       I’m home now and doing much                           MONDAY, MAY 31ST
                                       better. Hope to see you all soon.                       AT 12:00 PM
                                                        God Bless you all,
                                                              Joyce Pullen      MEMORIAL DAY PARADE
                                               Asbury United Methodist Church
     MAY – 2010                               The Circuit Rider                                              Page 4
Dear Friends,                                                                       who live here. Thank you for
  Just a note to tell you that we have                                              sharing in our mission to “Serve
moved again as we needed to get a                                                   Those Who Have Served.”
bigger place as my Mom,                                                               This is an important time for the
Vina Dudek is moving in with us.                                                    veterans we serve. In addition to the
She fell and fractured her hip in                                                   completion of the Sgt. John L.
December, and needs more care                                                       Levitow Veterans Health Center, we
than an assisted living can give her.                                               are upgrading the domicile and
She is legally blind and cannot walk                                                improving the grounds as we
anymore without a wheelchair. She         Dear Asbury Senior Fellowship,            prepare to support the new veterans
still has a pretty good memory for           From all the airmen, soldiers and      of the current War on Terror. Your
her age so we want her to be able to      civilians out here in Iraq, we            thoughts and generosity are
enjoy the rest of her life, and be able   appreciate all the goodies you send.      especially needed now.
to still get out and do things. We        It makes us smile every time we             Thank you for remembering our
have great help here with her every       know someone is thinking of us.           veterans and the sacrifices they have
day so it’s easier on all of us. God                               Thanks again,    made.
bless all of you and we miss you all.                                C.R. Hayes                                 Sincerely,
Keep us in your prayers.                                                                                 Catherine Cook
                                  Love,                                              CT Department of Veterans’ Affairs
                        Sharon Parsons
                                                                                    Dear Friends in Mission,
Our new address is: Lake View
                                                                                      A massive earthquake on January
Oaks, 14209 Cyber Place, Apt 104,
                                                                                    12th devastated Haiti, taking
Tampa, Fl 33613. Our phone
                                                                                    thousands of lives and leaving more
numbers are the same.
                                                                                    than a million in need of water,
                                                                                    food, shelter and medical care.
Dear Asbury Church Family,                                                          Within hours, United Methodist
  I’d like to thank all of you who        Dear Friends,
                                                                                    Committee on Relief (UMCOR)
take the time to recognize my father        On behalf of all of us at St.
                                                                                    friends like you responded with
with visits, cards and flowers            Vincent DePaul Mission of Bristol,
                                                                                    prayers and gifts.
thoughout the year, especially Rev.       Inc. I would like to thank you for
                                                                                      Thank you for your gift of
Watson, Mernie Whitcomb and               your donations to the Women with
                                                                                    $2,351.25 through The Advance, the
Phyllis Petit, and those of you who       Children program of: toilet paper,
                                                                                    designated giving channel of The
faithfully deliver all the holiday        paper towels, tissues, baby wipes,
                                                                                    United Methodist Church. Thank
flowers. It means so much to me,          coffee and shampoo received on
                                                                                    you also for your thoughts and
my sisters and of course my Dad.          March 31, 2010.
                                                                                    prayers during this time. 100
  My father is now the oldest living        It is only with the support of
                                                                                    percent of your gift is helping our
member of Asbury. He joined the           individuals and groups such as
                                                                                    neighbors in need in Haiti.
church in high school and has many        yourselves that we are able to
                                                                                      You can find out more about
wonderful memories of the Epworth         continue to help the less fortunate
                                                                                    UMCORs work by visiting our
League (youth group), especially the      among us.
                                                                                    website at We
basketball team and all his many                                     Thank you,
                                                                                    also welcome the opportunity to
friends.                                                        Phillip J. Lysiak
                                                                                    speak with you if you have
  We are so lucky he is sharing a                             Executive Director
                                                                                    questions and/or concerns. The Gift
room with Bob Conrad at Sheriden                                                    Processing Unit can be reached at
Woods, and it’s comforting to know        Dear Joan Tilley, Pat Sallstrom and
                                                                                    212-870-3611. To learn more about
Marian visits every day and that          the members of the Tuesday
                                                                                    The Advance please visit
they both look out for each other.        morning crochet group,
Thanks again for your                       On behalf of Commissioner Linda
                                                                                                        Grace and Peace,
thoughtfulness and caring ways.           S. Schwartz and the over 500
                                                                                                       Roland Fernandes
                                 Love,    veterans who live here at the CT
                                                                                              General Treasurer UMCOR
                        Karen Cranford    Veterans’ Home in Rocky Hill, I
                                                                                                            Shawn Bakker
                                          want to thank you for your recent
                                                                                             Associate General Secretary
                                          donation of two bags of crocheted
                                                                                                             The Advance
                                          lap blankets for the needy veterans
                                            Asbury United Methodist Church
     MAY – 2010                              The Circuit Rider                                          Page 5

                                                                                 Scrip Cards for Mission Work at
                                                                                           Asbury UMC
                                                                                100% of the proceeds go towards
                                                                                Mission Work here at Asbury UMC.
                                                                                Thank you to all who have begun
                                                                                and continue to use this program in
A big thank you to the Trustees and                                             support of the Mission work here at
Mark Hultman for the purchase of                                                Asbury UMC. It’s very easy to
the new folding machine. The                                                    participate: Simply drop off your
bulletins look good again (no more                   May 2010                   Scrip Order Form with your
crinkled paper!) and the machine is                                             payment to the Scrip Table in
                                              Holiday Food Collection
easier to use, quicker than the old                                             Wesley Hall each Sunday and stop
                                         Thank you to all who donated food
one and is saving lots of time.                                                 by the following Sunday to pick up
                                         items for the Asbury UMC Easter
Thank you again!                                                                your Cards. If every family in the
                                         Food Basket collection. Our
                                         families in need were especially       congregation were to use these cards
                                         appreciative. And thank you to the     to do their weekly groceries, Asbury
                                         volunteers who help to package and     would have over $15,000 next year.
                                         deliver the food boxes each season.    So please, stop by to do your every
                                                                                day shopping.
                                                      Soup Kitchen
                                         Thank you to the Men’s Club who            Cosmetic Bags for Prudence
                                         served the meal at the Zion Lutheran       Crandall Women’s Shelter
  April was a very busy month for        Soup Kitchen on April 13th. The        If you are traveling in this upcoming
us! We worked on crafts for the          Christian Outreach Committee has       season and have no use for the small
Fall Fair with Pat Sallstrom, held a     volunteered to serve the meal on       soaps, shampoos and toiletries
Teacup Auction to raise money for        May 11th. If you would like to         offered by hotels and motels, please
our treasury, helped to set up and       volunteer in this very rewarding       save them for Christian Outreach.
price items for the Tag Sale in          outreach, please see Amy Majors.       We put together bags of various
addition to working on Tag Sale          Again, thank you to everyone who       items and donate them to Prudence
Day and helping to clean up after.       assists in this extremely worthwhile   Crandall Women’s Shelter. Please
  We also sent out and hand              community outreach service.            see Amy Majors with your
delivered many Easter cards that our                                            donations.
cheer person, Lucille Hamel had             Food Bank at Salvation Army
made for friends and homebounds.               And Zion Soup Kitchen            The next Christian Outreach
The Senior Group also made an            We are continuing to accept            Meeting is scheduled for May 2nd in
extra donation to the “Budget            donations for the two Food Banks in    the Library starting at 11:30 AM.
Shortfall”.                              Bristol. There is a box on the stage   All are welcome to join us. Our
                           Eula Foster   in Wesley Hall for these items.        meetings are held on the 1st Sunday
                                         Thank you to all who donate food       of each month.
     SENIOR FELLOWSHIP                   items for this very worthy and needy
         ACTIVITIES                      cause.
          FOR MAY                          Paper Goods for the Women’s
                                            Shelter at St. Vincent De Paul
  6th – Movie – Lunch in                 Thank you for the continuous
 13th – Miniature Golf – Lunch at        donations of paper goods for the
        Kizls.                           folks at St. Vincent De Paul. They     Jim Taylor with help from the
20th – Luncheon at Asbury with           are very appreciative! This is an      Men’s Group and the Senior
       Prospect UMC Speaker:             ongoing Christian Outreach project     Fellowship is continuing Earl
       Pastor Laura                      for donations of all paper goods:      Struble’s mission to send packages
27th – Birthday Celebrations and         paper towels, toilet paper, paper      to our service men and women
        activities. Bring a brown        plates, napkins, etc. The donation     overseas. There is a donation box
                                         box is located on the stage in         on the stage in Wesley Hall for
        bag lunch.
                                         Wesley Hall.                           items, or contact Jim Taylor for a
                                                                                list of what is needed.
                                        Asbury United Methodist Church
     MAY – 2010                          The Circuit Rider                                          Page 6
                                                                              would work best for you to come
                                                                              to the parsonage, and have
                                                                              fellowship and discussion about
                                           NEED MORE MUSIC?                   this book that is starting a
                                                                              movement in the world.
                                            GOSPEL NIGHT
                                        Beulah AME Zion Church
  Mother/Daughter Dinner                138 Circle St., Forestville
   Friday May 14, 2010                   May 15, 2010 at 4:00 pm
        at 6:00 pm                         A Free Will Offering
       Tickets on sale now!                    will be taken
    See Lori Schaffrick, Heidi                                                Ann Pearson from the New York
                                      Archie Thomas & the Harmony              Annual Conference is holding a
 Borkowski or contact the church        Angels of New Haven and
              office                                                             district wide Vacation Bible
                                       Soul Lifters along with New             School Workshop at Asbury on
           Ticket Price:
         $6.00 for Adults,              Marvaneers of Waterbury                        Saturday, May 1st
   $3.00 for children under 10         will be performing as well as                from 9:00 to 11:00 am
  Menu: Baked Chicken, Rice,                    many more!                    If you work with youth, or have a
       Vegetable and Salad              EVERYONE IS WELCOME!                  desire to work with youth, this is
      provided by Gnazzo’s.                                                         the workshop for you!
 Dessert & Beverage provided by                                                Please call Pat Sallstrom at 860-
           Ruth Circle                                                         261-4148 for more information
 The theme this year is weddings                                                 and to register for this event.
  and Ruth Circle would like to
   borrow your wedding gown,            Come, share your passion to
   picture and/or mementos to         raise the status of women and help
 display. If you can help, please     end global poverty. One way to
 contact Heidi Borkowski or Lori      start is to read "Half the Sky:
         Schaffrick asap.             Turning Oppression into                    Asbury’s MYF is scheduled to
                                      Opportunity for Women                   participate in Bristol’s Relay for
                                      Worldwide." It is a new book by         Life on June 4th to 5th. Michelle
                                      Pulitzer Prize-winning authors          and Casey Voisine are Captains of
                                      Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl             the team "B. E.lievers"(Bristol
                                      WuDunn, and it will move you,           Eastern believers). But you don't
                                      just as it horrifies you. But don't     have to go to BEHS to participate
                                      take just my word for it. Let me        or help this team. Our MYF will
                                      tell you what others have said of it.   be holding a bake sale on May
                                        Melinda Gates called it: "Both a      23rd for this cause, and you can
                                      brutal awakening and an                 donate to our team or a specific
                                      unmistakable call to action, this       individual then or log onto
           June 11th                  book should be read by all."  <http
            7:00 pm                     Angelina Jolie said: "For female      ://>
           at Asbury                  readers it gives a new sense of         Just put in our team or our names
          Cost: $10.00                what it is to be a woman. For           and it will lead you to the correct
  Ruth Circle is sponsoring this      husbands, sons and fathers, it will     area to donate. Anyone who wants
event and will be providing           infuriate and astound you. You          to participate can join our team as
desserts and coffee.                  will not want to put it down."          well on that same website.
  Come for an evening of great fun      Many others also gave praise,            You can also leave donations at
and fellowship. The group             but I hope you will want to see for     the church. Just label them for
performed here 3 years ago, and       yourself. We would like to have a       MYF or Relay for Life. Check
donated half of their proceeds back   study with this book. If you are        donations should be made out to
to Asbury to help pay off the         interested, please contact Pastor       the American Cancer Society.
stained glass windows.                Laura or Melissa Gray, and let          Any questions please contact
                                      them know what day of the week          Michelle Voisine at 860-589-0167.
                                   Asbury United Methodist Church
    MAY – 2010                      The Circuit Rider                                         Page 7
                                                                        office. Camperships are for
                                                                        Methodist camps and are to
                                                                        support campers and are paid
                                                                        directly to the camps. Academic
                                                                        scholarships and campership
                                                                        applications should be into the
                                                                        church office by the end of May.
   Here’s an update on our               THANKS TO ALL
        financial giving:             THE CLEAN UP CREW
                                 On Palm Saturday, March 27th we
  As of the end of March, our
                                 had the best clean up day ever!
weekly envelope offering total   We almost spread all 25 cubic
was at $37,731.                  yards of mulch! I think all will       THANKS to everyone who
This compares with $35,514       agree that it was not only a time of   contributed to our Lent and Easter
                                                                        programs. You made soup and
for the same period last year.   work, but also a time of great
                                 fellowship. The grounds looked         sandwiches; you sang for worship
  Also, as of Easter Sunday,                                            or for a program on Wednesday
                                 great for Easter Sunday, and thank
our Special Lent and Easter      you to all of the trustees and the     night; you purchased, arranged
envelope offerings for both      many others who came out to help.      and/or delivered flowers; you did
years compare as follows:        A special thanks to Geri and all her   your regular jobs of ushering,
                                 Girl Scouts too!                       singing, leading, setting up
                                                                        Communion, teaching Sunday
           2010        2009              MORE THANKS
                                                                        School, that you do each Sunday;
                                       TO THE PAINTERS
Lenten                           Beginning the week after Easter,
                                                                        you cleaned the grounds and
                                                                        scooped mulch; you cleaned and/or
Envelopes $2,333      $1,730     Wayne Bacon, Jim Doncet, Lee
                                                                        decorated the sanctuary and
                                 Cranford, and Dave Barry began
                                                                        narthex for the Easter celebration;
                                 painting the woodwork in the
Easter                                                                  and you did, as always, so much
                                 sanctuary around the stained glass
Envelopes 2,903        2,024     windows. Great job as always!
                                                                        more! Thank you and God bless!

                                   NEW LOCATION FOR THE                  CT DISTRICT CONFERENCE
Easter                                     GRAND PIANO                       SUNDAY, MAY 2, 2010
Flowers      820       1,156     Most of you have noticed that the               3 P.M. --- 5 P.M.
                                 grand piano is now on the same           Join with Methodists throughout
Totals     6,056       4,910     side of the church as the organ.       the CT District for District
                                 Thanks again to the trustees and       Conference on Sunday, May 2,
  While there are increases in   others who helped move things          hosted by North UMC, Hartford
giving in the 2010 amounts,      around a bit to make Jana’s            when we will celebrate our shared
                                 movements to play all three            ministries and work in mission.
there are increases in some                                               Our preacher this day will be
                                 instruments a bit easier and to
of our expenses also,            prevent our need to remove a front     someone who spent 18 years in
particularly the $3,000 in       pew (we needed that pew on Easter      prison for a crime he didn't
Conference Apportionment         Morning, wasn’t that great?) The       commit. Can you imagine? How
                                                                        bitter would you be? How deep
increases. There just never      electric piano, has been relocated
                                 to directly next to the organ to       would your rage against your
seems to be enough as it                                                government and your God run?
                                 make it easier for Jana during
already appears we will see      transitions to that instrument.         And how unkindly would you
another very significant year          CAMPERSHIPS AND
                                                                        regard the eyewitness whose false
end shortfall this year.          ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP
                                                                        testimony took away the best years
                                                                        of your life? James Calvin
  Many thanks for your                    APPLICATIONS
                                                                        Tillman's words will surely amaze
continued support of our         Application forms for camperships
                                                                        and inspire. We will meet in
                                 and academic scholarships can be
special offering requests.                                              Asbury’s parking lot at 2:30 and
                                 found on a table in the narthex and
    Your Committee on Finance    are also available from the church
                                                                        carpool to North UMC for this
                                                                        exciting afternoon.

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