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What a wonderful site! Having summered in Avalon for the last 50+
years, the photos bring back lots of memories.

My earliest memory of Avalon must have been from around 1960.
As you mention on the site, there were pony rides at 30th and the
boardwalk, at what is now the Community Hall. The ponies were led
around in a circle by teenagers as the little kids held on tight. I had
completely forgotten the ground-level trampolines that were later
installed right across the street.

We saw many a movie at the Avalon Pier. Dances were held in the
ballroom upstairs and the music and the footsteps could be heard
during quiet scenes in the theater.

Much, much later, we spent nights at the Rock Room in the
Princeton. The headline band in the late 70's was Egdon Heath.

Here's a couple names from the past: Stan at the Avalon Anchorage;
Vince McAneney, bartender at the Princeton and Pennsauken
football coach; Dave of Kohler's Bakery, circa 1972; Sam of Sam's
Market at 31st and Dune.

Keep up the good work!

David Wright

Avalonspast.com – David, thanks for your kind comments and
thanks especially for your memories. This is probably going to be an
answer that’s a work in progress for a couple of months while we
track everyone down that you’ve mentioned. So many people have
mentioned the ponies. Hopefully there’s someone out there who
has a picture of them that we can add to the site. So first things
first…Do we remember Sam? Of course we remember Sam Ascolese
of Sam’s Market – located at the corner of 30th Street and Dune
Drive. According to family members Sam and his family had only
visited Avalon several times. Then, on one trip in August of 1952
they stopped at what was then known as Highfield’s Variety Store to
purchase some suntan lotion. Sam lived in North Philadelphia with
his wife Jennie and their three children. Sam was a huckster in
Philadelphia – he had his own route where he sold fruit and produce
from a truck to many regular customers. In any case, on this one
trip, the Highfields had just placed a “For Sale” sign in the window.
As fate would have it, they needed some suntan lotion. That was it.
The Ascoleses bought the store. They moved to Avalon in October
and opened Sam’s Market on October 14, 1952. The family lived
behind the market and eventually expanded the store as time went
on. Sam often kept the store open until 10:00 or 11:00 PM in the
winter in order to make ends meet. It’s probably safe to assume that
Sam didn’t realize initially how slow it would be during the off
season. In addition to operating his store, Sam was also a volunteer
fireman. His daughter remembers seeing him dash out the front
door at the sound of the alarm – to help direct traffic as the fire
engines left the fire house. Sam’s wife passed away in 1976. He
continued to operate the store until about 1984 when the property
was sold to Bob Sheston. Sam moved to North Wildwood where he
lived until his death in 1998. Stan Penska – That’s Stan of Avalon
Anchorage was very happy to hear that he’s remembered.
Remembered? How could we ever forget Stan – in his hat, with his
pipe, looking from behind his sunglasses? And do you remember his
t-shirts? There was a character of Stan on the front with his trade
mark saying: You wannarentaboat?

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