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									  Cedar Ridge Express
           A Newsletter Serving The Residents Of Cedar Ridge Health Campus • July 2010

  The Hot Summer

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                                                                                                 Protect Your Eyes

                                                                                                 Sunglasses and a wide-brimmed
                                                                                                 hat are the best defenses for your
Skin Care Advice and                           Stay Out of Direct Sunlight
                                                                                                 eyes against sunlight and harmful
Protection for Seniors
                                                                                                 UV rays. To be effective, both must
                                               Beware of exposing your skin to direct
With summer now in full swing, it can          sunlight for prolonged periods of time. The       be worn every time you’re outside
be tempting to step outside and enjoy the      sun is strongest during the middle of the day,    for prolonged periods of time,
warm weather without first putting on          between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. During these           even when it’s overcast.
sunscreen. However, without the proper         hours, the sun can be the most harmful.
skin and eye protection, the sun’s harmful
                                                                                                 But what type of sunglasses should
ultraviolet (UV) rays can lead to melanoma     Always Use Sunscreen
or other types of skin cancer, and                                                               you use? The ability to block UV light
permanent eye damage.                          Use a sunscreen or sunblock with a sun            is not dependent on the darkness
                                               protection factor (SPF) of at least 15, even      of the lens. UV protection can come
As we embrace our Campus in Color              on cloudy days. Use a lot of sunscreen and        from adding chemicals to the lens
contest, maintain and pinch our fresh herbs    rub it in well. It is most effective if applied
                                                                                                 material during manufacturing or
from our gardens, attend campus and family     30 minutes before you go into the sun.
cookouts in our courtyards, and plan our                                                         from a chemical coating applied to
community integrated outings which include     Apply sunscreen everywhere the sun’s rays         the lens surface.
our fishing trips, use the following tips to   might touch you, even on your ears and the
protect yourself, especially during these      back of your neck. Men should also apply          In addition to the damage caused by
summer months.                                 to any balding areas on their head.
                                                                                                                     continued on page 4
Activity/Community News                            Resident Birthdays                                Staff Birthdays
                                                   7/4       Charlie Bailey                          7/4       Gary Schwatcher
Happy summer time, everyone!! It’s that
time of the year to get out your bathing           7/4       Edna McIntosh                           7/4       Tanya Blake
suits, sand pails and shovels, sunglasses          7/5       Sue Brock                               7/11      Nicole Tarter
and the suntan lotion. It will be a busy           7/5       Clarice Dowd                            7/12      Ashley Rose
summer for Cedar Ridge this year. We               7/13      Mary Drake                              7/23      Violet Howard
have planned several different activities          7/20      Beulah Dennis                           7/26      Maria Kuster-Collins
and events this month such as the family                                                             7/30      Mary Roberts
brunch and the motorcycle show. The
brunch will be on Sunday, July 25th from
11:30-1:00. We inviting the families            July Birthday Photos
to come out and have brunch on us.
It is free for everyone. Please RSVP is
you plan on attending the motorcycle
show will be held on July 31, 2010 from
1:00-4:00pm. We will are inviting
everyone to come out to this event. We
will be grilling out on the grill. If you are
                                                   Charlie         Edna           Sue Brock         Clarice           Mary            Beulah
interested in bringing your motorcycle             Bailey         McIntosh          July 5          Dowd             Drake            Dennis
and participating, please call Cedar                July 4         July 4                           July 5           July 13          July 20
Ridge for details at 234-2702.

We are still recruiting for volunteers to
                                                Featured Resident ~ Edna McIntosh
                                                Edna has been a resident at Cedar Ridge          After her
come out and volunteer for just 1 hour
                                                since May of 2006. Edna was born in              husband
a month. If you are interested please
                                                Breathitt County on July 4, 1920. She            died in 1993,
contact Maria Kuster-Collins for detail.        attended school in Breathitt County where        Edna bought
                                                she met and married Reed McIntosh. They          a house in
Have a happy and safe summer!!!!                moved from Breathitt County to Scott             Cynthiana
                                                County in 1944 and they had four children,       and attended
                                                followed by several grandchildren and many       the Senior
Activity Highlights                             great grandchildren.                             Citizen’s
                                                                                                 Center five
7/7    Mennonite Singers
                                                Edna and Reed bought their farm in Scott         days a week
7/12 Indian Creek Bible hour                    County when they moved from Breathitt            until moving
                                                County. They then bought and ran the             to Cedar Ridge in May of 2006. She enjoys
7/22 Faith Baptist
                                                country store in Hinton for two years before     visits from her church family and friends,
7/25 Brunch for all three                       she went to work at the Hinton Post office,      sitting outside and watching television.
     Neighborhoods                              where she worked until it closed.                Bingo is her all time favorite activity.
7/27 Red, White & Blue Family Night

7/31 Motorcycle Show                            Employee of the Month
                                                                  Todd Davis, Therapy – Todd is always very helpful, dependable, and very
                                                                  willing to lend a helping hand. Todd takes his time with the residents letting
                                                                  them know they are important to him. Todd is married to Amy and they have
                                                                  three children; Andrew, Collin, and Emily. They live in Williamstown. In his
                                                                  spare time, Todd enjoys watching movies, listening to music, and watches his
                                                                  children play sports. Great job, Todd!!!!!
Executive Director’s Corner                                                                                        Smile of the Month
Happy Independence!! I thought this                       would be happy to try and assist by                       ~ Shelby Tucker
month I would once again entertain you                    offering our activity room and private
with a little bit of Independence History.                dining rooms. Please speak with a member
Did you know that Independence Day was                    of the management team if you have any
declared a legal holiday in 1941? Also, the               questions. As we continue through the
first two versions of the Liberty Bell were               summer months, we love to take road
defective and had to be melted down and                   trips. If you or your loved one has an idea
recast. The third version rang every Fourth               for a special road trip, please speak with
of July from 1778 to 1835, when, according                Melissa Larmour, Executive Director or
to tradition, it cracked as it was being toiled           Maria Kuster-Collins, RAD. We love to
for the death of Chief Justice                            use our bus!!
John Marshall.
                                                          Happy summer!!!
I hope that you have a fun and enjoyable
Holiday this month. If you need a larger                  Melissa Larmour
space for a family gathering, Cedar Ridge                 Executive Director

Flying & Good Friends!
                                                                                                                                                 Betty and Betty
                                                                                                                                                 sharing a laugh
                                                                                                                                                 and a smile.

  Liz Talbot chatting before take off.               Dottie Gimpel
                                                                                                                                                 Edna Lang and
                                                Silver Eagle Participant
                                                                                                                                                 Margaret Rose at
                                                                                                                                                 the Silver eagles.

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 continued from page 1                   Word Search
                                         BEACH         PROTECTION   SUNBURN      TANNING
repeated sun exposure overtime, you
                                         BRIMMED HAT   SKIN CARE    SUNGLASSES   ULTRAVIOLET
need to protect your eyes from acute     EYE CARE      SUMMER       SUNSCREEN    WARM WEATHER
damage caused by a single day in the     OUTSIDE       SUN BEAMS    SUNSHINE     WRINKLES

sun. Excessive exposure to ultraviolet
light reflected off pavement can burn
the eye’s surface.

Similar to sunburns, eye surface
burns usually disappear within a
couple of days, but may lead to
further complications later in life.

Information taken from www.aao.org
and www.familydoctor.org.

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